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Who has bought some new shoes


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I just bought a pair of Donald Pliner boots online. I went to the Pliner store in Beverly Hills but they didn't have my size. Luckily, endlees.com had a couple of pairs left. Their some of the most comfortable boots I have (suede seems to stretch a little better than leather). I look forward to doing lots of street heeling in them.





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I just bought my first pair of boots. Not being a great fan of boots I was swayed by someone in here who bought a nice pair with a wedge heel. I saw these at Endless.com and really liked them, plus the were on sale for 79$ (originally 169$). How could I go wrong? The brand is Maxine of Canada. They are a bit tight in the instep but that is usual for me. They should stretch out fine. They are platforms so that was another plus.


If the shoe fits-buy it!!!!!!

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I saw the sandals on a girl in July and found them in a shop later at $39. By August they were $29 and by October $12. They are very feminine, more than I'd usually wear, but I did go for a long walk in downtown Toronto on one of those warm fall days. The lady in the shop said of course I could try them on without hesitation and offered me those little nylon sockettes to use. The other shoes are probably the least feminine, other than having the high heel. The sole is like a hiking boot and just about as heavy. I tried these on in the store and found 9 was a better fit than the usual 10. These were $9 in Wal-Mart. I had my camera with me and took a picture as soon as I was in the parking lot. Kris.





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They look really comfortable. Just got my order from Amazon. Everything was as describe. The boots from Tsubo (middle two) aren't very high but have an intresting pattern look great with a business suit The Seychelles (last) I ordered as an afterthought to travel in and I'm glad I did.






So what's all the fuss about?

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Finally, I've received my new shoes. I was so excited that I try them directly at work (closing my door :smile: )

Tell me what you think about...

I found on Internet @ italianheels.com 20 days to get them by post in my far country...

Hi Titou27,

Can you tell me please how the sizing of Italian Heels is?

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My wife bought these for me last week! Enzo Angiolini sports shoes with 4½" heels (¼" platform). Have worn them almost everywhere for the past week.


Being mentally comfortable in your own mind is the key to wearing heels in public.

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Last summer -January maybe- I was found this sandals. As my wife didn't like them I bought a pair for myself.



A week ago I found this version of them on another brand's outlet... Obviously, I bought them. What should I do with the first ones?




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