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  1. Hello to all after quite the long hiatus. Apologies I've not been here in some time. It's been quite the time over the past few years, and sadly, it's been it's share of downs as well as ups. Life has taken its toll on my heel wearing, and I'm not as thin as I once was, so unfortunately, my heel wearing has just about gone by the wayside. I haven't gotten to the point of doing "the purge" just yet, as I've invested quite a bit in my collection, although the taller stuff I doubt I'll be donning again anytime soon. Society has taken its toll as well, as I've had fewer and fewer chances to go out and about. I can't say it's an age thing, as I've seen many wonderful people here of all ages who enjoy heeling, and you're all beautiful people. As of late, I have taken to another of my passions - social media. I've developed pages on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Wordpress, and a YouTube channel. If you look up on any of these by my other handle - MidnightBanshi - you will see what I've been up to. This handle seems to suit my general tastes more these days, as let's face it.......I'm just not the shocker I used to be. I still love heels, and enjoy seeing them, but my back and I have had our words, and I think it's on the winning side.........at least until I shed some poundage. All the best! SQ
  2. The main thing, and I'm sure others have said this, is confidence. If you wear your shoes like nothing new and just go about like nothing is out of the ordinary, less people will notice. If you act and walk nervous, then it draws attention to your feet, and can defeat the purpose. Walk with a smile and your head held high! Go for it!
  3. Love the brown boots, but great finds altogether!
  4. That is one cool outfit, Jeff! You wear it well!
  5. ShockQueen


    Now that it's getting warmer out, I plan on getting a long denim skirt for wearing out, as well as having a custom-made kilt done up. Granted they are used a bit differently, but they are both stylish and I also may be working on embellishing the skirt with a custom bedazzler pattern that I'll be doing myself. Should be fun!
  6. I have never ever had a bad experience shopping at the Payless stores here in Montana, or when I went to the uber-huge Mecca store in Denver (2nd largest in the country!). The main store here is fun, and I chat with the employees and manager all the time. They are a hoot to be around, and they make it so welcoming! I just bought a new pair of ballet flats there this past week, and absolutely love them! I'll keep going back for sure!
  7. Come now......officially okay to wear white? Oh well....guess that's one more boundary shattered.
  8. I seem to have an easier time finding women's jeans/pants in my size than men's - plus I like the cut/ style way better. Haven't looked back since! Been always wearing hose with them too! Makes for easier shopping for heels, so there's an added bonus!
  9. Just ear piercings so far, but have flirted with the idea of getting a geisha tattoo on my arm. I may have finally found the right artist, but money has always been a roadblock. Perhaps someday though......
  10. Time of The Doctor to me was just not up to all the hype. It was just too much packed into a single episode. Day of The Doctor, however, was BRILLIANT!! Loved it thoroughly!
  11. Looking good, Jeff! Skirts and handbags are definitely the way to go! Soooooo much cooler, especially during the warmer months!
  12. Those look amazing! Would love to see you in an outfit with those once you get them in the mail.
  13. Saudade, those pants and boots SO rock, but I would do a black loose top to go with the look. Keep rocking your style!
  14. Sounds like a beautiful beginning to many more adventures! Glad to hear things went so well!
  15. Looks like your adventures are off to a great start! Glad to hear things are going so well!
  16. Hi all! I just got back from my vacation in Denver, and Oh My Lordy Becky! They have opened a Payless that is divine!! It's located just off of I-225 & Alameda, across from th Aurora Mall. Thi store is the 2nd largest in the country, and their size 13 section is about the size of most store's size 8 section! Yes, it's that big! I bought my tan Kosmik pumps in 13w right there off the rack, and coudn't be happier! The staff were awesome too, so if you ever get down there, it's worth the trip!
  17. I've noticed lately while window shopping on Payless.com that guys are posting reviews about shoes they have bought there and enjoy, and the amount is increasing, it seems! Of course the fact that they stock more 12's and 13's I'm sure doesn't hurt anything. Good sight to see!
  18. You have great taste, Lime! Sounds like you had an awesome.experience. Here's hoping you get to enjoy many more!
  19. Thanks Bluejay! I rather enjoy them! JeffB - the ones I attached are burgundy with black heels/sole. I call them my ruby slippers. :-)
  20. I don't know if I posted these already, but I do love embellishments on my heels, and these pumps from Avenue are very comfy and awesome! The shoe in my avatar is new too - from Torrid. Very comfy now that they're broken in a bit.
  21. I think the more often you wear heels, while at then same time, your parents not seeing any negative side-effects.....or perhaps even an indication you are coordinating your outfits so they go better with your choice of footwear may be enough to perhaps open their minds more. Small steps are key here.
  22. Love the latest jaunt, JeffB! Keep the spirit alive! I really like your sig line, by the way! Kitty....love the new heels! That combo works!
  23. Sounds like you had a GREAT time! Mad props to you! :-)
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