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  1. I so want a pair of these! Anyone know wher I can get them? I wouldn't mind a pair either.
  2. This is because it really is a non-issue for anyone else other than the wearer.
  3. A lawyer once pointed to all his hundreds of law books and said to me: "if everyone obeyed the ten commandments I wouldn't need any of these!" I'm not saying we should exercise religious laws but not stealing, murdering lying nor committing adultery are great foundations on which to build any society.
  4. Yes, he always got so far in front that he was able to set elaborate traps to stop the other racers...
  5. This would depend on who hired him and who he was "investigating". Who enjoyed caning schoolboys...
  6. I have no problem with religion or even religious people it's when religion is used as an excuse for wrong doing or they make demands that we should change our society to accommodate their views!
  7. Interestingly, in western culture we tend to associate moustaches with villians. This is because in the old silent movies the villain (the guy in the black hat) almost invariably had a moustache, especially in comedy (think laurel and hardy). The main reason why Charlie Chaplin had a toothbrush moustache was because he was a little bit bad... Even as late as the 1960s villians had moustches and the complete bounders had thin moustaches like Terry Thomas, the exception to this rule was David Niven who was actually asked to shave his off to play good guys but he refused because it hid a tiny
  8. Firstly, there is nothing in the K'ran that states that muslim women have to dress this way. She was just posing the police with obstacles to get away with driving without a licence. When I lived in Hackney they'd be happily chatting to their friends in english until they get arrested when suddenly they lose all command of the language. What the police would do though is to take to the police station and then hold them until they suddenly remembered how to speak english or they found an interpreter. They never rushed to find said interpreter... Then there was the school teacher in Luto
  9. Actually, the posts would suggest a male fetishist. On the internet it is easy to say you're a girl when you aren't just as it's easy to say you're male when you are in fact a certified female!
  10. It isn't and this is a common problem with Suedette, the surface layer wears away. That is a very good repair on something a professional would suggest throwing away. Well done! Using a contrasting colour is a fine idea too.
  11. Yes, nice. Well worth the wait I expect.
  12. It's a nice jumper but not at $900 let alone $1800.
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