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  1. @Shyheels, I bought them in Matches Fashion. You can find them in Net-a-Porter and other sites like those. @BootsOnly, what brand and model are those? They look incredibly awesome. I would'n mind having them in my closet. Maybe I'm still on time to buy them.
  2. Yes, The FM are really nice... and Hot.130mm, and a pointy toe. I don't know how high are they in 41 or 42, The So Kate and the Pigalle are 146mm in 42.
  3. Hi, I have some heels I've been able to buy before they went out of production. So some of the ones I had in my wishlist are already in my closet. I have: CL Pigalle in black patent. CL Décoletté 868 CL So Kate in black suede. Brian Atwood Nico (wooden heel). Beautiful shoe Casadei Blade 8593 black suede (130mm). Yes, the ones Cameron Diaz uses in Bad Teacher. Alexander Wang Constance booties -very high, and very hard to walk in- But the ones I would like to have, also, and I couldn't get hold of are: CL Brouge boots, any color. Amazing look. CL Iriza -well, I might go for them because they still are there- A pair of booties similar to the Brouge but short, I don't remember their name. Jimmy Choo's Anouk. Atwoods FM shoes. The Gucci d'orsay patent heels from the '90s with the squared metal heel. Unbelievably beautiful. Any Rene Caovila sandals Anything from Lesilla. And last but not least: Zanotti, Dsquared and Gianmarco Lorenzi... I can handle anything from them. Locally, Paruolo Bari -short boot, almost a shoeboot, gorgeous-. I tried them on, but I was overweight so they were pretty snug. I looked for them this year but I couldn't find them at the outlet. Paruolo Pincen -OTK boot, dark brown, chunky heel but the look was very slender-. Couldn't find them at the outlet either, I have a similar pair called Asia, below the knee and with fringes.
  4. Yes, I have been caught, but they didn't seem to care or, maybe, they just didn't realize. Any way I'm 183cm (5' 10") and with 10cm (4") heels I'm 183cm (6'). I occasionally go out in heels, so it was not an issue
  5. Majo

    Can feet shrink?

    Hi Mr X I have lost 21kg (46lb) and my shoe size, which had grown a little bit, has gone down maybe by one whole number. Maybe the weight loss is part of the answer.
  6. Down here in Argentina we also are lacking nice shoes or boots. Most of the heels are chunky or thicker stilettos than the ones we had two or three years ago. We even have thick platforms with no form whatsoever. For this SS season I'm having a hard time to find something nice. It also seems that the heel height in most of the brands have dropped, I used to find 115mm heels around in my size and now they are 100mm or less... maybe even 80mm. Maybe only Zara is carrying some nice models.
  7. I second mtnsofheels, maybe your secret didn't came out in the best way but now your folks know about your taste. Just enjoy using them. The good thing is you don't have to hide them anymore which is a big step.
  8. I never had a bad experience -to this date- trying heeled shoes in a store down here in Argentina. Most of the clerks I met were women, though. I don't know how males would put up with it.
  9. Yesterday I went shopping. I bought these two pairs. The pumps are 10.5cm (4") high and the sandals 11.5cm (4.5").
  10. Hi guys, I've been doing some shopping this week. I bought this pair of boots. They have a 10.7cm (4.2") heel with a pentagonal shape. Looks a bit chunky, though. They are from the local brand Prüne. The shaft is 37cm (14.6") high. They are very comfortable and a new choice for my street heeling. Regards. Majo.
  11. My answer to the question is no. But I was never driven to that dilema.
  12. Maybe, Rockup, you have to go to a Louboutin store for large sizes. In Neiman Marcus' internet store large sizes are available only in some models. We don't have a Louboutin store or a retailer that carries the brand down here so I bought mine at Net-A-Porter. I must say two things: a) its a drawback not being able to try them on at the store; and Louboutin's craftsmanship is nothing out of the world, quality does not reflect the price. I prefer brands like Brian Atwood, Casadei, Missoni, Jimmy Choo or Alexander Wang. It seems to me some of the local brands here can compete -in quality- neck to neck with Louboutin.
  13. I have a pair too. I posted pictures on the "Who has bought some new shoes" thread. They are black suede. Beautiful shoes; they run tight so half a size up would be a good choice. I bought them in Farfetch -they were shipped from Biondini- so I paid full price. But they are worth it. Craftsmanship is excellent. Much better than the Louboutins' I own and similar to Brian Atwoods'. Here, in Argentina, Prüne made a similar shoe but with a wider metal heel looking it from the back and more or less as thin as the blade from the side.
  14. Great experience, Estar. Thanks for sharing.
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