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  1. I really love bodysuits and jumpsuits. In fact, I just posted to my blog about bodysuits and some of my looks wearing them. I also love jumpsuits and will likely be writing about those in the near future as well.
  2. Anybody using Instagram? I just started and am fairly addicted. If you are an want to follow my heeling fun my login is @DeeThomasPGH I am just trying to figure out what its all about and have some fun.
  3. Heelster, a lot of dry cleaners also do alterations as well. Usually, the ones owned by owners, as opposed to the franchise cleaners will have somebody on staff. And no ... It isn't cheap, but worth it for the right garment.
  4. Thanks for all the complements! Yes, the nude are classic in every way. And I do love the pink a great deal to. As for what to wear with them, I was thinking of what bluejay suggested ... White crops or Capris and or skinny jeans for the pink for sure. And, don't worry Jeff, I have many skirt/dress options as well. The pink I think can range from a nice casual outfit to something more dressy, while I think the nude require something more on the dressy side. At least for now ... My mind is running amok with outfit options!
  5. For daily use, I keep a pressed powder compact for touch up and will typically carry a lipstick or two and a gloss. Nothing more than can be easily carried in a clutch or small bag. As for my makeup collection at home, that's another story entirely
  6. I conquer with Shafted about alterations, but I will take it one step further: All clothes that we buy off the rack can benefit from alterations. I once heard an interview with a fashion designer about how he would alter tee shirts for a better fit and actually how simple something like that can be. He went as far to say that his recommendation is for everybody to learn to sew. Easy for somebody who knows how to do it already to say. Anyway, I have trouble with fit in most things, but especially jackets and blazers. I have abnormally long arms. Also, I really like women's jackets but they are often short on my. Traditionally, they should cover the pockets on jeans, for example, and for me they come to just below the waist. So, if I love a jacket or blazer, I usually find a work around, such as a dress or higher waisted bottoms. Like everything else, try it on. If it works it works. And of course, a good tailor is worth their weight in gold.
  7. Over the last few years I have tended toward jeans sold in women's clothing stores: Ann Taylor, LOFT, The Limited, etc. and Banana Republic and JCrew. What attracts me to these brands is they are fairly high quality and can be inexpensive when found on clearance. I usually never pay more than $20 for jeans, Also, the come in a variety of cuts specific for body style, all the latest trends, and colors. I think I have a virtual rainbow of colored skinny jeans and even some patterns.
  8. I am not sure what your retail options are in Germany, but in the US we have close out and discount stores like TJMaxx, Ross, Marshall's, etc. You can google them to see of there is a German equivalent. Anyway, what I like about these stores is that they often carry a wide variety of brands, even designer labels from time to time. You can gather several different brands and try them on to see which ones you like the best. Though the styles are usually from a previous season, the prices a fairly deeply discounted, especially on the sale racks. Another bit of advice about jeans in general and skinny jeans in particular that I read in a magazine a while back is to find jeans you like with as much spandex in the fabric as possible. The article suggested at least 4% but most of mine are around 2% and it works well for me. When wearing skinny jeans, I tend to go for pumps, booties, and tall boots (over the jeans, of course.) Sandals can work as well, if the ankle strap isn't too high. Of course, flats and loafers work too. Good luck!
  9. Sorry to hear that your jumpsuit didn't fit properly, though I am not totally surprised. However, I have had the fit be for the opposite reason: usually it's too small in the crotch. I have tried on a few at various stores and found they they are too tight in the boy region and leads to some unsightly exposure. But, I am tall. Unless they come in a tall size, I would not recommend them for somebody over 6 feet tall.
  10. Yes, I have encountered a this recently with size 11's as well. The more and more I get out and have conversation with women and store personnel, it turns out that more women are wearing larger sizes, which is increasing the demand and manufactures are distributers are not increasing the supply. Also, there is an increasing trend of only selling extended sizes online. I know, Macy's has a large selection of extended sizes on their Web site. However, who wants to buy shoes without trying them on? I have had luck also just asking what a store has, if anything, in an 11 or 12. Usually they are very helpful, especially places where the clerks work on commission.
  11. Got busy since my last posts, but it seems a lot has happened since I was away...LOL I do want to reply to some of the comments, but choose not to quote them to avoid the "Wall of Text: effect, so I will address them generally in my reply. First of all, SandalFan, you are NOT an asshole and I appreciate your apology. Actually, I would love to go on What Not to Wear, if it existed and I had the opportunity... LOL I was really, taken by what ilikekicks posted. He hit the nail on the head for me. Even if nobody likes my outfits, and that is perfectly fine by me, I do try to push boundaries. Sometimes, something I think looks great in the mirror, does not look good in a picture or after I get out. The real challenge is to just keep trying...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. And yes, I liked the comment about the "70s hippy" look, because it was exactly what I was going for. In my mind I distinguish between fashion and style. Fashion is a science, whereas style is an art. Fashion is a reflexion and style is an expression. Fashion is about rules: What goes with what, what is age appropriate, what is currently "in," etc. Style may or may not incorporate fashion, but it is more about expression. Frankly, I could be out in a Chanel suit and Loubaton pumps and still attract negative reactions from people. In a way, I find it quite liberating, since if that is an issue, it frees me up to do whatever I want to do. Therefore using the rules of fashion as a guide, and nothing more, I try to develop a style. Style on the other hand reflect personality, intuition, and desire. Style is an evolving process and that's what I am always trying to do. I try to find interesting pieces and see how to make them work in a way that I am happy with. in summary, I believe a fashionable person dresses for others, while a stylish person dresses for themselves. Also, iklikekicks made another great point. I know that I can be outrageous to the vast majority of heel lovers who, for various reasons, are forced to keep their love of high heels secret. I too was in that position not long ago. However, I look at it this way, my tendency to be "out there" must make it easier for some guys in some way. In a perfect world, any guy who follows me wearing a pair of understated boots with jeans is far more likely to be accepted just because a less garish look would be almost "normal" at that point. As for my style, I am not one for hiding that I am a man. I do shave my legs and armpits, just because it makes the outfits better. And yes I do keep some facial hair, because it is part of who I am. It may not make sense to most, but it doesn't have to. I seldom had anybody assume that I am gay, believe it or not. And if they do, why should I care. I don't dress for sex, with anybody, regardless of gender. I like the comments about the size of my gonads, etc., because it does take some fortitude to be and accept who you are. And in my mind, what could be more masculine than bucking expectations and simply doing what you choose. I do have a set of weekend adventures to post, but will do so later since this reply is quite long. I can also say that reading the recent posts has been HHPlace at its best - some insightful discussion that can make you think!
  12. Nice outift and a good outing Jeff. I like the tank a lot, but they can be chilly in the AC. Fun, eventful outing as well!
  13. Out shopping on Saturday. Found a great sale at Nine West. Since I wear a size 11 and they don't carry many, they usually bring me out all of what they currently have in stock. Sometimes, they have shoes that aren't on the floor that are deeply discounted. This was ture for the neon pink "Love Fury" that I have loved for a long time, though I would have liked them in a different color, but the neon pink has some real possibilities. The second pair are nude Botique 9 "Sally", which are very high qulailty. They were also deeply discounted, but not nearly as much.
  14. SInce I am a shoe lover, I do own flats. However, no matter how stylish and fun they are, if I am crossing gender lines with footwear, I prefer heels.
  15. Glead to be back! And its great to hear from you. Thanks for the kudos and all, but why is it when somebody starts a sentence with “with respect,” a lack of respect is what follows? Just curious and all. See I am not opposed to criticism. Actually, I appreciate constructive criticism. I have leaned a lot from others on this site and have appreciated it. However, what follows is neither constructive nor respectful: My comments, and the discussion that followed, were about people's behavior was about the behavior, not the fact that I am doing what I do. I am well aware that I stand out. I know a lot of guys write about blending in, but I prefer to stand out. So, I am just amazed that people take special pleasure in passing judgment behind a whisper and think they are being all cool about it. It is just easier to experience when being out there. As for your comments on my fashion sense and style (or lack there of) I think the most wonderful thing about style is eliciting a strong response, either positive or negative. Even if you hate them, they caused you to post a response for the first time in a while to this board. Obviously, I have gotten that in your comment, which is well taken, believe it or not. You don't have to like it, and that's fine by me. But it did bring a response, so you prove the rule. My advice is to stay tuned. I am currently experimenting with some new things. If you followed my older stuff, I also do more conservative looks that you may find more appealing (or more appalling). I agree that JeffB is a true role model! We all owe him a lot for his outstanding efforts. On with today's outing! New Adventure #4 - Wednesday July 24, 2013 Today, I had lunch a friend who is starting her own salon and I am doing some computer work for her. We met at a local place for and had an extended conversation. People were all very nice. I did get a handfull of complements from other patrons and the waitress loved the skirt! I was more casual today, but I kept with the maxi skirt theme. My Outfit: Khaki and blue stripped Banana Republic tank, blue The Limited maxi with a nice slit, and Carlos Santana cork platform wedge sandals, snake pattered leather with a cool zipper detail. Usually I am not crazy about wedges and don't find them terribly flattering, but they do have a place in the wardrobe. Its funny, women seem to love them on me!
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