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  1. David

    Have not heard anything from, or about, you for some time. I have great hopes that you are well and in good health.  I have been in a mood to travel lately. Going to England, Germany and Spain in Sept. 2016. Also,

    I have plans to go to the Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida on the end of Oct. 2016. Let me know what you are doing.





  2. Hi Ashley, Dealing with what is being thrown at us on a day by day basis. There is good and then there is bad Thank you for asking. David
  3. Hi Mike, Unfortunately the dates don't work for us as we are heading south at that time. For anyone considering the Folsom Street Fair it is "must see/attend" event! David
  4. Fabulous Boots, look great on you!
  5. Awesome!
  6. Couple of us are meeting on August 10th (evening), downtown Toronto. If anyone else is in the area and wants to join pumpcat and I you are more than welcome. PM eithe rof us or post a note here and we'll touch base with you. Plan is to get a bite to eat on Church Street, freestyle on Church and pop into a club or two. David
  7. SpikesMike, you've been peeking at my ensemble Great info Bernheels. You know you have me counted in David
  8. A steal! Great looking Boots.
  9. definitely one of the best celeb Boot Lady's! Dreamy! and Jennifer Lopez is also a top, top celeb Boot Lady! Great styles she has designed as well.
  10. same here. Lets plan for the 10th.
  11. sounds like fun! Planning now.
  12. I am there the week of Aug 10-17; possibly before that as well. Lets plan something. David
  13. well said !
  14. count me in Mike & Bern
  15. ditto however....I make them thigh highs! Great looking Boots and worn exactly as they should Yes hazleton Lanes is an awesome heeling location; Yorkville/Bloor area is terrific with so many great shoe shops to wander into; also Church Street is a great street to hit at night.