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  1. Wow That was along time ago lol. My daughter now owns these.
  2. Just want to say hi. I'm Back and will be popping in from time to time. Everything is good. Cannot believe how many new members have joined. Awseome! Keep on heeling! johnieheel
  3. I told them it's simply freedom of choice. I just think mens shoes are ugly for the most part and I like the way heels look and feel. So they say "but they're womens shoes" and I say ," no, they're mine", and everybody has something or does something that somebody else doesn't agree with. It's simply freedom of choice.
  4. Thanks for that Dave. Good to hear from you. I've been kinda dealing with the same thoughts. Seem to be getting more negative thoughts from women than positive, although there are still enough positive to keep me going. Like you say, fact is I am what I am and to be completely happy within myself, I have found that the wardrobe has to be complete. I am NOT a cd, gay or whatever other labels there are for wearing heels. Simple fact is, I just like em! and they make me complete. Thanks John happy heeling bro...
  5. A lady friend and her mother was out shopping last weekend and her mother seen these in a store and actually bought it for me. LOL She brought it to my lady friends attention and told her that she, the mother, is going to get it for me.
  6. Then it is set! I'll do all the work and all you just show up. Please take note with no offence but this is a heel meet for men as men in heels and women that want to wear whatever they want as long as it is respectable. Sorry guys, no skirts, make-up or cross-dressing. Thank you in advance for understanding.
  7. Was jus kidding. If u like painted toenails then jus do it.
  8. I guess it's ok if thats what floats your boat but as for me? Shoes is as far as i have ever wanted to go. I have absoultly no interest in looking like a girl. Thats just me.
  9. Is anybody interested? U pick the time.
  10. Like many here, it was my moms lumps. I was only 3 or 4. She gave me a pair of red pumps to play with and laughed as I clipped clipped around the house. Lol I remember admiring all the shoes that girls wore as I went through school. Love them Mary James. when I reached about 12 or 13 I got into moms closet again and tried her white pumps. Fit like a glove. I was hooked.
  11. I can't vote on this because I have no one special preference. Although I will only buy leather boots. I just purchased a pair of 4" stacked knee high black leather boots with round toe that i wore out with date all day and half the night. I have everything from ankle boots with platform sole and 5" heel to zip/lace knee-high (avatar) to a 3" block heel zip Tommy Hill, which are the most comfy. and a few more. I love them all.
  12. Well back when I started this thread, tolerance was the word that just seemed right. Now that I have a lot more experience in street heeling where ever I go, whenever I want I think acceptance would be much more appropriate. Yes. I do believe times are changing and people are really not very shocked about seeing a man in heels in a lot of places around the globe and actually , once they have seen it, it's like anything else they haven't seen before and don't even bat an eye the next time they see it. No big deal any more and I think it's great!!! It's been a life long dream for me to be able to wear heels in public freely without being ridiculed and now it has finally come true. It can only get better with time as long as we all get out there and just be ourselves. Thank you all!!!
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