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  1. Tech

    Please fix your email ASAP

  2. HeelD

    Ballet Flats

    Oh stop it! You're flattering me!
  3. What's wrong with being called "honey"? It's a term of endearment.
  4. Props to "you know who" getting lots of positive comments under his picture! Hardly a "fashion fail".
  5. Don't put your foot in it!
  6. HeelD

    boots for work

    Both of those boots are fine IMO.
  7. Gosh those pictures were taken a long time ago! It's really interesting how my personal style has evolved from then. I don't think I even own those shoes anymore. Thanks for the compliment BTW.
  8. My first post in a while and of 2011. And I'm glad to see this outfit! It's a smart look, well co-ordinated and looks well......great! I suggest, if you have a flickr account, to share this with some fashion groups on there (Unisex and Wardrobe Remix are good ones). Keep at it and it will become second nature, I promise!
  9. After reading this thread, I switched on the radio and this song was on: Fitting. Hang in there dude! There's help and friends out there.
  10. Actually, there is some truth to that statement. Lots of stuff sold in outlet stores are specifically made for outlet stores. Mulberry bags sold are different to their proper lines. Most Clarks shoes sold in their outlets are not seconds but cheaper product lines (not much last season stuff ends up in their outlet stores).
  11. I'd wear the dress that Lenny Kravitz was wearing in an instant! Although I'd probably pair it with black skinny jeans and flat kneehigh boots or heeled ankle boots.
  12. HeelD

    Gok on tele.

    I thought the comment was pretty tongue in cheek. Everybody's entitled to their opinions. Anyway, what about the gay men who hate heels?!
  13. Months for me. Not really had much desire wear anything other than flats. That will begin to change now Autumn is knocking on the door.
  14. HeelD


    I wear 'em most of the time now.
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