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  1. If you are driving the bus with your high heels, why not ?? :smile: Please don't refrain yourselves to share more pictures with us... For my point of view you are to much
  2. Absolutely marvelous and gorgeous !!!! Thanks for sharing with us... I'm booking right now my flight ticket to Spain Nylons are great too.. where did you find them ??
  3. I like the shoes a lot... thanks for the pics
  4. great looking avaitar.

  5. Gina : Absolutely gorgeous !!!!! Thanks to spike for sharing...
  6. Hi, Usually i'm not a fan of shoes with wedge sole, but here I found this model so gorgeous !!! And I totally agrees with Luxxyheels with my small 45... Titou
  7. Totally agree with all of you... those pics are beautiful. For me it will be the tird one (braun) with the light colour "couture" stockings ... too much. Thanks to share with us
  8. Thanks a lot spiker !!!! Yes indeed... if Gina can upload or make her own photo gallery on this website it should be more than great... Once again... thanks spiker... and if you want to upload the other ones, I will be more than happy. Titou
  9. Hi, I'm sure that those are very nice pics, but from my place the website of QOH is not accessible (blocked by my ISP)
  10. Very nice shoes !!! It will be great to have a picture of your lady with...
  11. Only one word : Congratulations !!!! Is there any chance to get a nice picture of you wearing those 7".... Is it you on your avatar ?
  12. I like those, but maybe not for me... for my wife certainly !!!
  13. The first pair (sandals) looks fabulous for me !!! But this kind of shoes will be for my wife and not for me...
  14. Driving with heels is exiting for me (tried only once with 5" stilettos). But my personal feeling is that's a little bit dangerous as you don't have the full "management" of your feet. Never tried with a manual gear car, but should be more inconvenient as you need to change your gear everytime (except on highways)...
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