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  1. Hi!  Just wanted to say I really like those wedges you have in your avatar!

  2. I remember when Converse came out in the 60's. You had two choices; black or white and high or low. Then about 1972 they came out with 3 more colors; blue, red and green. I got a blue pair. I remember how hot the hippy chicks looked in the bell bottom jeans or cutoffs and their Converse without wearing socks. Now there is a whole rainbow of choices and they are popular as ever. Brings back some great memories!
  3. Happy in Heels--Those wedges are incredible. It,s great to find something on the clearance rack. c
  4. #1. Update your personal information.

    This is why people get banned, when their emails start bouncing, and they ignore requests to update it.

    #2. Don't post "I'm back" messages on threads that are completely different topics, telling everybody you were banned.

  5. docs41

    Hey Stan,

    I got your email and I replied.  Hope it goes through.  Good to hear from you...

  6. I've seen pictures of Springolators but have never actually seen a pair. Then there were the slides made by Polly's of California. They had a wood base with about a 3/4" platform and the heel was brass about halfway up. They were big with strippers in the 50's and 60's. They are available again through several companies. I think they are very hot!
  7. SF When I lived in CA almost 30 years ago, there would have been 2 of us. I'm back in PA now. Come to thinkof it, I didn't see any guys in heels out there either.
  8. docs41

    So Busted

    Wow, bet you went through some stressful time, like trying to de-fuse a bomb. It seems to be turning outwell. Good luck!
  9. Sounds like things are well in hand. You wear what you like, AND you have a supportive wife. Have fun...
  10. It's hard to give any more advice because you have been receiving some excellent input here. Just take things slow and be honest, especially with yourself. Once all this has passed it may be anywhere near as bad as what you feared. I know things that I dreaded frequently were not as bad as I thought they would be. Good luck!
  11. Hmmm, things seem to be getting a bit heavy in here.
  12. I like your flip flops, and I have many styles of them in wedges and platforms. Plus, I wear them most of the time, weather permitting here in the Northern US. We are a minority in hhp regarding flip flops, but I say wear 'em if you got 'em! I like your other sandals too.
  13. Cool sandals, yours and hers!
  14. Love 'em! Most of my sandals and shoes are wedges.
  15. There is nothing better than getting a compliment on your shoes. Thanks for sharing the experience.
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