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  1. I agree with JeffB. I spent two of the past five days wandering around Baltimore wearing 6" heels and found that after just a couple of hours I had to take them off and change into shoes with 4" heels, which I wore for the remaining time that we were there.... Sore, tired feet can drain a lot of desire to participate in activities that require a lot of walking or standing. Sitting isn't much more comfortable until the pain diminishes.
  2. I also ordered a pair of the red T-straps and, even though the shoe fit was really comfortable, I had to send them back because the strap was to short. So, I swapped them for a pair of Pleaser Domina 423 in black patent with 6" heels that are comfortable and easy to walk in. Black Domina 423 w/6 inch heels
  3. TBG, some how that combination, in my opinion, just doesn't "do it" for you. It doesn't look as good as some of the outfits that you've worn in the bast.
  4. What more can be said? I believe the guy has gotten the message. If he's in the wrong place, and I believe he is aware that he might be, he's not going to hang around. If the powers here believe his behavior is so egregious, then they can ban him. It wouldn't be the first time. So, no big deal.......
  5. I agree that it's a great post. But I think Jeff can handle two "chichen salad sammiches" occasionally because he's already tall and thin.
  6. Welcome, Heels1947 Glad to have you here with us. When you say that "We are both into heels" does that mean that you also wear them? What is your gf's reaction to seeing you in heels?
  7. Why not take a few minutes to read the "introduction" that is available to all newly registered members. It explains everything and answers the questions that you're asking.
  8. How confusing. One passenger is arrested for wearing his trousers below his hips, exposing his underwear and another passenger is allowed to fly while he is dressed only in woman's underwear and high heels. Read Rest of the Story
  9. While I find your pictures very uninteresting (too hard to see what they are all about), if you are happy with them, knock yourself out.
  10. HighNHeels, a nice collection. They all look brand new....
  11. That's a question that should be posed to those on the "Wet and Messy" shoe site.........
  12. You have managed to ask the million dollar question. It's already been asked a couple of thousands times on this forum. Just search back through the archives and see how many times members have answered it. And, the specific advice that has been offered. Most of the answers to your problem that are posted in this tread, are way too complicated. Simple answer. You like to crossdress and wear high heels. Your prospective life mate. even though she is aware of your desire, doesn't/can't accept it. You can't stop and she wouldn't ever be able to change you. So, unless you can convince her to accept you with your shortcomings -- it is time to dissolve this relationship. Especially before you have children and they get caught in the middle of what could be a really messy situation not of their making. If you still insist upon getting married, your marriage is doomed to unravel at some point. Your heel wearing, crossdressing will be a constant source of irritation. So, the most honest answer to your dilemma is find someone else that can accept you with all of your desires to wear women's attire. Save yourself a whole lot of grief before it's way too late.
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