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Semantics again.   'Negligible to the point of non-existence' does not mean non-existent, only that (given the world population etc), men in heels are an extreme rarity - to the extent that, for all intents and purposes, they are never seen, as you have discovered from your valid but fruitless observation.   But my experience suggests rather less rare than you believe; I don't dismiss a sample of 10 in (say) 500,000 as totally without value, albeit indicative.   'Negligible' must be taken in context and may be considered either quantitatively or qualitatively.   

Perhaps we should get David Attenborough to mount a 'Zoo Quest for the Male Heeler'?   (Actually, I suspect he would be amused by that idea.)

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That would be funny. I can just hear it now, the whispering caution as he tip toes through St Pancras, approached the healer in the wild...

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