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  1. I've always had good service at DSW, and I've never been treated badly. Even when I was with Bluejay, I was treated well! HA HA HA! Steve
  2. You might check out activskin.com. They have competitively priced items specifically for men. If you prefer women's hosiery, fine, but a lot of men prefer hosiery that's sized for men and designed for male anatomy. It's a lot more comfortable. Full disclosure: I own the company and have been operating it for 21 years. I don't normally promote my business on this web site, but you asked, and other readers might be interested in this optional resource. Steve
  3. SF, She was just hitting on you because you're so handsome! LOL Actually it goes further than that. She loved your confidence. Women find confidence in men to be very sexy. But I agree with her, those are seriously good looking heeled sandals. Steve
  4. I was in JC Penney the other day and I was looking for a red sweater. I was appalled to find all the colors are drab and boring earth colors this year. I went home empty-handed. It's easier and more productive to shop online! Steve
  5. You're right! Cowhide and faux leather are neither fish nor fowl! LOL There's your chuckle for the day! Steve
  6. Here's where you may have a problem. That last word above. If you believe deep down that it is still not "right" for you to wear heels (or women's shoes for that matter), then you're putting a barrier in your own way. Analyze the situation. You're not doing anything wrong. Get that thought out of your mind. You're being YOU. And that's RIGHT! You're making good progress! Keep up the good work. Steve
  7. Steve63130

    Cali World

    I noticed all the negativity, too. I suspect it's mostly jealousy from insecure guys who are scared to death to wear anything that would remotely be seen as female. They probably wear lacy undies, though! LOL If everyone were required to use their own legal name and be responsible for what they post, it would be a lot nicer world withough people hiding behind anonymity. Steve
  8. Steve63130


    Hey, SF! You saw me in gal's shoes, back in February. Those were Clarks "Octavia" clogs/mules with a 3" stacked heel. They're about 10 years old, but intended for women. They're normal for me! Steve
  9. I'm fine with any idea that will generate more interest and activity on the forum. Let's give it a try. Steve PS. Hmmmm...I'm a "Steve with two dots." What's the message here? LOL
  10. I typically wear 3" block, stacked, or tapered heels, rarely stilettos. It's usually just my wife and I in the office, and it's important to be able to walk comfortably, so I'm not interested in achieving great heights. Hmmm...reminds me of a Henry Wadsworth Longfellow quote: "The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night." Sorry, I don't work well at night! LOL Steve
  11. As Bluejay mentioned above, we've met on several occasions, and each time we bring our new acquisitions for show and tell. He lets me try on his new shoes and I reciprocate. It's always an evening of great fun. We don't have exactly the same tastes, as he prefers thinner heels and I prefer block heels, and he prefers bold colors, while I'm more conservative with blacks, browns, and navy. Nevertheless there are several models of shoes we both own. It's fun to try them on and learn from the other person. I wouldn't let any stranger try on my shoes, but Bluejay isn't a stranger and I know he keeps his feet clean, and he knows I do the same. Steve
  12. Try to find a pair of Clarks "Adya Clara" heeled mary janes. They won't slip off and the heels are non-slip rubber; quite silent if you prefer that quality. Plenty of room in the toe box, and not overly feminine. I love mine! With boot cut jeans I wear them everywhere. Steve
  13. Most of Nine West's styles have this configuration, too. I agree that it looks uncomfortable. I don't own any heels like that. Steve
  14. Very similar indeed. Similar fears, similar breakthroughs and aha! moments, similar recognition that guys can wear whatever they want and nobody really cares; the demons are in our own heads! I wear ballet flats quite often. I still love wearing heels, but there are lots of times when I'm in the mood for flats. I've collected quite a few pairs over the past few years. That's a particularly good web site you cited above. Steve
  15. I can definitely attest to what Bluejay said above. He is amazingly fearless when it comes to wearing women's clothing and shoes, but clearly presenting himself as a man. Like JeffB, he has a good eye for matching colors and styles, observing what women wear, and he puts together some very natural but fashionable outfits. And he gets lots of compliments, mostly from women. Men are, by and large, too judgmental. I think many women who see a guy in skirt and heels, or even just the heels, or for that matter, just in ballet flats, figure that if a guy has the courage to wear in public what's traditionally worn by women, he must have a lot of confidence, and confidence is sexy and appealing to a lot of women. Happy Heeling, Bluejay! Steve,
  16. I agree with Shyheels. You've clearly pulled your wife too far out of her comfort zone, and she is probably fearful of "OMG, What's next?" In retrospect, you should have gone with something more conservative, as Shyheels suggests, and let your wife adapt and adjust to your "new normal" over time. However, since you didn't go that route, you would probably do well to show her extra special love and attention, and make it clear that she's the most important thing in your life, not the boots. Let her know how much you appreciate her tolerance, but you should realize and accept that she will probably never learn to love your stilettos. Here are some styles of more conservative boots from my closet, which are styles suggestive of what you might consider for next time, if they appeal to you. Good luck and let us know how things go. Steve
  17. Bluejay, that shows the power of reviews. People do look at them and sellers do care about them (or they'll be out of business, well deserved!). Glad your story had a happy ending. Now you'll have shoes for St. Patrick's Day next year! LOL Steve
  18. What??? No bonnet? No hat? C'mon, Jeff! Easter demands one! You gotta shop around for a cute one! Glad you had a great encounter and a fine outing. Steve
  19. We flew Qantas to and from (and within) Australia recently. The flight there was on a 787 and it was quite comfy; I actually slept fairly well, which I normally don't do. The flight back to LA was on a 380 and the seat was awfully uncomfortable for me (economy). I didn't get a wink of sleep. I'll be sure never to fly on a 380 again. I was NOT impressed. To keep on topic, I wore my Clarks "Octavia" clogs with 3" stacked heels, which I've featured in other posts. Clogs are easy to slip on and off. Steve
  20. SF, We had a great time as well. Look forward to getting together again in the future when our paths cross. Loved your sandals. Steve
  21. Shoeshow.com is an online retailer that has an enormous selection in size 12 and 13. I've done fairly well by them over the years. There are brick and mortar stores in central Ohio to which I can return items which don't fit, and so there's no shipping charge to return them. And with regard to the Nullarbor Plain in Australia, my wife and I were there just a couple of weeks ago, taking the Indian-Pacific train across the continent. It was 3 days and 3 nights. Quite an adventure. They announced over the PA system when we started and finished that straight stretch of track, 477 km, which took several hours. And it was fun to wear heels (and ballet flats, too) while on the train. Here are photos of the three pair of heels I took and wore in Australia: Born "Belinda" platform sandals in black with 3" heels, Born "Rutina" platform sandals in brown with 3" heels, and Clarks "Octavia" clogs/mules in black with 3" heels. We also had the chance to meet SF in person for drinks and dinner in Los Angeles before we flew over the Pacific. We had been emailing for a few years and narrowly missed an encounter in person in Vancouver a few years ago, so this time we were sure to make it happen. He is on the right in the photo, and I'm on the left, wearing the Clark's "Octavia." Steve
  22. Krystof, Good work, mate! You should be very proud of yourself. That first step out in public is the most difficult. It gets easier each time after that. If I were in your country, I would make a special trip to your store to buy shoes from you. You're doing the right thing, and you will be successful! Good luck! Steve
  23. Yep, I agree, too. What I meant to say was that my choice of platforms is because I can pick a wider range of styles that aren't as feminine as classic stilettos, strappy sandals, wild colors, and bling. I don't care if I'm noticed, but I don't want to wear clothing that's conspicuous and screams, "Look at ME!" I think I blend in pretty well, though. At least I'm comfortable with the image I present, and that's what counts. But I want to stress that I don't wear ONLY platforms. I have a lot of single sole heels (and flats) as well, and I like the variety of what's in my closet. Steve
  24. I like platforms precisely BECAUSE they don't look as feminine. Most of my clogs and a lot of my sandals have a 3/4 to 1 inch platform. I don't go for the fetish shoes that have 2-4" platforms. I find that a low platform is easy to walk in, looks more unisex, and I'm very comfortable wearing them in public. I have a lot of single-sole shoes, as well (in fact I have a lot of shoes period!). But I do like platforms - some examples below. Steve
  25. WD40. Steve (just kidding - don't try it!)
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