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    High heels, 2.5 to 4 inches, with 0 to 3/4 inch platform; prefer clogs, sandals, pumps, boots, and loafers; usually wear with nylon hosiery in public, with long, bootcut jeans or slacks that cover the top part of the heel; always present myself as a confident, fashion forward male. My wife approves of my style and is very supportive.
  1. Congrats to Grey's Anatomy (see why inside)

    We have no shortage of them <sigh>. Steve
  2. Collection and pics from down under

    They look great on you! Steve
  3. Collection and pics from down under

    Yep, both. Definitely. Looking good! Steve
  4. And then there is the disappointment from a pair of Naturalizer "Vitality" pumps I've had for quite a while. I hadn't worn them since last winter, as they are too warm for summer wear. I put them on the other day and discovered to my horror that even though the uppers are genuine leather and in very good shape, the interior is vinyl coated fabric and the vinyl is flaking off in hundreds of tiny pieces, sticking to my feet and everything. What a mess! I bought those shoes new and paid $80 for them. So even though they were leather and well cared for, the interior was not leather and it has disintegrated. And in a lot of leather shoes it is the same way, so beware! A leather upper doesn't guarantee long-term bliss. Steve
  5. The trouble with polymers is that they often lose the plasticizer, the chemical that keeps them supple and flexible. The plastic gets hard and brittle, like old rubber bands. They lose their flexibility and disintegrate. If they are a patent leather surface like the first photo, they can peel off and leave a bare spot. Or if they're the sole material in the second photo, they can crack and fall apart. Going for more expensive shoes like leather usually improves durability, but at a cost of maintenance. You have to take care of leather so it doesn't crack and look bad. Some cheap leathers are worse than plastic. And some plastics are more durable than leather. Also, I'd much rather have a non-skid rubber sole than a slippery leather sole that will be treacherous on marble floors. I prefer leather uppers and a non-skid sole. Steve
  6. Broken zipper hack

    Looks like a great idea to me! Very well done as far as looks go. And if it functions appropriately, you have a great solution. Steve
  7. Heeling in Austin

    I was a goofy character there myself, back in the early 70s as a student. It was a wonderful place to be. Heels on guys were high back then! Steve
  8. My first public heel adventure

    Ok, you're hooked now! LOL Glad you got a compliment. That goes a long way to building confidence. Some people DO notice, but it's likely that comments will be positive (except for teenager in packs, but they don't count). Wear with pride. It's addicting! Steve
  9. Heeling in Austin

    Walk along the main shopping drag in the University area and you'll look better than most of the goofy characters you see there! Steve
  10. I did it! Kind of!

    Pointer, thanks for your story. I'm glad you survived, but I would have been very surprised if there were any negative reports. Most people honestly do not notice, but we are so focused on heels that we think the rest of the world is like us. They aren't. And if they do notice, they usually don't care. The main exception is that teenage girls in packs will giggle. It gets easier each time. You'll begin to wonder what your concern was all about, and probably kick yourself for not having the guts to do it sooner. I know I do. But I'm glad I wear publicly now, because someday I may be too old to do it! Keep pushing your personal envelope! Keep wearing heels! Practice outdoors so you become really confident and comfortable in heels. And keep on posting reports of your progress. Every successful outing is a small victory! Steve
  11. My first public heel adventure

    Good job! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. It gets easier each time, and pretty soon you'll be wondering why you're not getting noticed! Where are the compliments? Truth is, people don't notice or if they do, for the most part they don't care. There are a lot weirder things out there than a guy in heels. Keep on with the outings and post about your progress! And practice walking outdoors so you become proficient. It's not the same as walking around in your house. The more graceful you can present yourself, the more confident you'll become! Steve
  12. If he fell off the trail and died, he'd certainly win the coveted Darwin Award. Steve
  13. Do you ever wear sandals that are too tight!

    I have some sandals (and other shoes) that could be a little larger in length or width or both. Some could be stretched, but others probably won't. While I wear them for short periods of time, I'm finding that as I get older (and my feet have developed bunions and a hammertoe), I have less patience for shoes that are uncomfortable or painful. I'm more selective in what I keep and toss. I've learned that if I try on a shoe that doesn't feel good right away, it probably won't get better later, so I better move on and get something else. I call it the "WOW" factor. Ever had the experience where you try on a pair of shoes that fit perfectly, the arch is in the right place, the toe box is roomy enough, the heel feels great, and the shoe seems like it was custom made for you? You go "WOW!" That's a 10. On the other foot, surely you've all tried on shoes that are too small or too big and you say, "Aw, %&#*!" That's a zero. Everything else falls in between. I tend to keep the 8s, 9s, and 10s and let the others go. I have to confess, however, that I have some shoes that have low WOW factor numbers, and common sense says to get rid of them to make closet space for something better, but my emotions say aw, they're gorgeous, so keep them and maybe someday by magic they will fit better; keep trying. Of course, that's highly unlikely, but yes, there are some styles I just can't bear to part with. So, if you like them, keep them, wear them. But do listen to your feet. When they tell you they hurt, either fix the shoes (stretch, add arch support, etc.) or put them in the discard pile. Life is too short for shoes that hurt, and the pain is telling you that those shoes could damage your feet with too much wearing. Your foot bones get fragile with age, so don't risk it. Look for shoes that fit better. Besides, what's more fun than shoe shopping? Hope that advice helps. Steve
  14. The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    Ouch! At least you didn't break anything, I hope! Steve
  15. The Shopping Experience

    Sometimes guys can be the most insecure species on the planet! Glad you had a good outcome. Thanks for sharing your story. Steve