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    High heels, 2.5 to 4 inches, with 0 to 3/4 inch platform; prefer clogs, sandals, pumps, boots, and loafers; usually wear with nylon hosiery in public, with long, bootcut jeans or slacks that cover the top part of the heel; always present myself as a confident, fashion forward male. My wife approves of my style and is very supportive.
  1. Are you serious? You can't remember? I'm an advocate of hosiery for lots of reasons: wicking perspiration away for better foot health, minimizing bacteria and foot odor, more comfortespecially with non-leather shoes, easier to get shoes on and off, better blood circulation if the hosiery has spandex in it to provide some compression, and better appearance by covering up skin blemishes. The only disadvantage is that it can hide a nice looking pedi, but toe-less hosiery is available. And in light of full disclosure, my company, G. Lieberman & Sons, sells hosiery especially made for men. We have sheer and opaque, waist high, thigh high and knee high, bodystockings, and a broad selection of sexy loungewear. will get you there. Steve
  2. Luke, And? Is that all you're going to tell us? Brand and Style? Where you bought it? How it fits and feels? Approximate price? Photo of you wearing it? You've given us a teaser with no useful information! Steve
  3. Thanks for the compliments. I'd like to meet your tailor one of these days! The jeans' full retail price is $59, but I got the second pair half off and a 10% discount for joining the rewards program, so they ended up a little over $40 with tax. Still kinda pricey, but I love the fabric and the fit, so I'm ok with them. I take good care of jeans and usually get 4-5 years wear out of them (or $10 per year). I never put them in the dryer, as it can destroy the spandex in the fabric; I just hang them to dry. Steve
  4. You are so right about that. When skin gets wet, it gets very soft and is even more susceptible to blisters. To keep your feet in a "no blister" zone, wear sheer nylon hosiery to act as a barrier between your skin and the shoe you are trying to stretch. And if there is too much tightness, you may have to do the treatment more than once. The first time, just wear them sitting and doing some light walking around. The second time, you can do more aggressive walking and standing. If you start to feel any rubbing or blisters, take the time to pad the area with moleskin or something to cushion the skin. Once you feel pain, it's too late! Steve
  5. Hey, Mlroseplant! You're in the construction biz. You should know: If it doesn't move and should, use WD-40. If it moves and shouldn't, use duct tape! Steve
  6. Last weekend I went to Indianapolis and while my wife was in a meeting, I had time to do some shopping. I found a Clark's store, but didn't see any new styles I wanted. The sales staff was very helpful and welcoming. I was wearing a polo shirt, bootcut women's jeans, and a pair of Born sandals with a 3" heel. I then stopped in to a Torrid store, a brand I'd heard of but never explored. I didn't see any shoes that grabbed me there either, but I noticed that they had a good selection of plus size women's jeans and I needed some new pairs. I found my size, tried them on, and they fit very well, so I bought two pair. I sent in a review of them yesterday and they posted it on their web site today. The link is: However, since it will eventually disappear, here is the text: ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars. · 17 hours ago Perfect for me! "For years I've found that bootcut women's jeans are a great choice for me, as the fabrics are lighter weight, stretchy, and you just can't get the selection in men's jeans. My wife is ok with that. I came across the Torrid store in Indianapolis last week, and immediately found these jeans in 18R, tried them on, the fit was perfect, and I ended up buying a second pair! Lacy was very helpful in getting me registered as a customer and setting up my account. I'm 5'9" and have an inseam of 32". I love to wear heeled shoes (as a guy) and so I just ordered these jeans in an 18T. Thanks, Torrid, for making these terrific jeans. They're pricey but well worth it, and I'm enjoying my purchase very much!" I included a photo of me wearing the jeans, which they also posted. In that photo I am wearing Born sandals (sorry, I don't remember the style name) with a 3" heel, in "rust" color. The nail polish is Jessica's "Haute Hippie," which is a dusky reddish brown. Yesterday, Torrid sent me an email with a 30% off sale, so I bought a third pair, but in a longer length (18T) for wearing with higher heels. Steve
  7. Just be careful if you shower in heels like that. Soap will make the shower floor treacherous and you risk slipping. I would advise Mlroseplant's suggestion of a pan of water. Sit (don't stand) with your feet in the water so that the strap is totally submerged. When it is thoroughly soaked, take the shoes out of the water, dry them with a towel, dry your feet, and wear them until the leather dries, stretched to conform to your feet. Be very careful on shiny surfaces like polished marble! Good luck. Let us know how it goes. BTW, it's not really Steve's Method and I don't take any credit for it. It's an old army trick (back when soldiers wore leather combat boots) taught to me in boy scouts, and it's worked for me ever since. It works better on leather than man-made materials, but it does help with both. Steve
  8. <blush> Thanks, HiH! Steve
  9. Jura, Glad to know you had a good time. That's a cool pic of your old truck, but I hope you didn't drive on the left side of the road too often in the US! LOL Please include Ohio on your itinerary next time! We'd love to show you around. Steve
  10. No problem if you live in Ohio! Steve
  11. I'm with Mlroseplant on this question. Boots are ok only if it's below freezing out. They're too warm for me indoors, and when my feet get hot, I feel very uncomfortable and can't wait to take off my boots. I like to wear them outside, though. For me, 50F is my lower limit for sandals, and between 50 and 60, I usually prefer to wear with hosiery. Above 60, hosiery is optional, depending on what sandals. Steve
  12. Glad you had a good time, Mlroseplant! I liked all your heels! I first went public with heels in a big way in San Francisco, wearing my Aerosoles "Platonic" sandals in black with black tights (my avatar photo). They have a 3.5" heel that I found very challenging going downhill, but pretty easy going uphill. Admittedly, since it was my first serious public outing, I wasn't in great shape for it, but I managed to survive, and I had fun wearing those heels, in spite of my sore feet! Steve
  13. $40 is typical for central Ohio. Steve
  14. Mlroseplant, You inspired me to get that same style (in brown), which I did (found it on Ebay) and I have enjoyed wearing them. I still have lots of distance left on them, so I'm not about to trash them any time soon. They are good quality shoes and fit me nicely. They are a fraction of an inch higher than I normally wear, so they are among the highest that I can wear comfortably. I'm in awe that you find them so low! Anyway, thanks again for the inspiration! Steve
  15. This site has caused many of us financial problems. It's nothing new. Welcome to the club! I was in SF several years ago and was very impressed with Macy's there. You will be, too. Have a great trip. Take a couple of empty suitcases you can bring back full! Steve