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    High heels, 2.5 to 4 inches, with 0 to 3/4 inch platform; prefer clogs, sandals, pumps, boots, and loafers; usually wear with nylon hosiery in public, with long, bootcut jeans or slacks that cover the top part of the heel; always present myself as a confident, fashion forward male. My wife approves of my style and is very supportive.

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  1. Bubba, I have followed your advice over the years exactly as you said and I have never had an experience like MackyHeels had. Most of the time I'm totally ignored. Steve
  2. Steve63130

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Yep, I vote for painted nails, too! Get it done professionally, though, so you don't make a mess of it. You'll be glad you did! Steve
  3. Steve63130

    Boots platforms peep toes or wedges

    Thanks, Cali. I should explore them. I've never tried gel pads. I once tried some pads that I didn't care for, but they weren't gel pads and I wasn't impressed. Steve
  4. Steve63130

    Are we addicted?

    Yes, we're addicted, and it's wonderful! What a great hobby this is! Even my wife loves it. She doesn't wear heels any more, but she knows where I am all the time - not out drinking and carousing, not getting into trouble with drugs or dangerous people, and not harming myself in any way. I'm careful and responsible in how much I spend, and I'm much more selective in what I buy now, since closet space is limited. But my tastes have changed over time and with fashion changes, there are always new shoes to find attractive and old ones to discard. So, rather than worry on whether or not it's an addiction, I just admit that it is, but for me, it's mostly a hobby: I love to spend time shopping (mostly online), keeping up with the trends, chatting with friends online, emailing other friends, acquiring new shoes, and savoring that "eureka!" moment when I get something that looks and fits as well as I'd hoped! Alas, and sending the package back when it doesn't <sigh>. Steve
  5. Steve63130

    Boots platforms peep toes or wedges

    Boots, booties, pumps, mary janes, and ballet flats in the winter, depending on the temperature and how much snow is on the ground, and usually with a broader (as opposed to stiletto) heel. Mostly sandals but sometimes flats, mary janes, and occasionally pumps in summer. I have a couple of pairs of stilettos, but rarely wear them. I also have a few pair of men's shoes which are gathering dust in the closet. I'm most comfortable in a 3" heel, but occasionally go with 3.5", rarely 4". At 4" there is too much weight on the balls of my feet and the padding I had there when I was younger is no longer sufficient for comfort. Steve
  6. Steve63130

    Wearing High Heels in Las Vegas !!!

    I wore heels in Las Vegas around 10 years ago also. Time to return and try my luck again! LOL Steve
  7. Steve63130

    Why do I feel like it is wrong?

    Shyheels is absolutely right in his advice not to go out unless you are totally confident in your presentation. If you have doubts, it will show in your behavior and people can sense that. Go read through JeffB's pages of his freestyling experience and you'll see what I mean. He's confident and presents himself well. People see that and admire him. That's the kind of reception you want to get, too. Good luck in your journey. We all have doubts along the line, but with experience (and taking baby steps) you'll find your path and it will be the right one for you. Steve
  8. Now THOSE will get attention! Have fun and share your photos! Steve
  9. Steve63130

    Heeling in Montreal

    I was there a couple of years ago with a heeling friend and our wives for a short holiday. We had no trouble at all. It's a fun city, especially the old part. Have a good time and don't worry about what's on your feet. Just enjoy it all. Steve
  10. Steve63130

    Weight Loss & Fashion Freestyling

    You've motivated me to try the same thing, JeffB. In my first 10 days I've lost 4 pounds. Steve
  11. Steve63130

    Wearing Mismatched Shoes on Purpose

    Glass slippers? That reminded me to check my pumpkins and they've turned into mice! :-) Steve
  12. Mr. Google knows everything! Google "Cowboy boots with 3 inch heels" and see what comes up! Quite a range to be home on! :-) Steve
  13. If you don't know anything about shoe repair or modification, it's best to stick with a knowledgeable and experienced cobbler who knows all about leather, synthetics, and adhesives. The last thing you want is for the heel to come off and make you hobble around on boots with uneven heels. Spend the few dollars and get a quality repair job. The most important tool you need for shoe repair is your phone. Steve
  14. Steve63130

    Have you been caught?

    "Caught" implies we're doing something wrong or "underfoot" (pun intended). But we're not. We just have a personal preference that is different from (and better than) the norm. I've never been asked or confronted. In the 3.5 years we've lived in a retirement community, I've worn heels and occasionally ballet flats just about every day, people see me, I've seen them notice, but no one, I mean NO ONE has ever asked me why I wear what are obviously women's shoes. They just know I'm a nice guy and they're happy if I'm happy! Steve
  15. Steve63130

    Nine West

    This was in the April 6 Washington Post: Nine West Holdings, known for its ubiquitous footwear, filed for bankruptcy Friday and said it would sell its struggling shoe business, having missed the athletic shoe trend. The New York-based company said it would focus instead on its jewelry and clothing lines, which include Anne Klein, Kasper Group and One Jeanswear Group. The retailer has faced several challenges in recent years, including slumping demand for ballet flats, sandals and high heels as consumers spend more of their money on athletic shoes and sneakers. Analysts said the decline of shopping malls and department stores — many of which sell Nine West products — also exacerbated its demise. “This is a brand that has really struggled to differentiate itself,” said Sucharita Kodali, a retail analyst for market research firm Forrester. “The only bright spot in the footwear industry has been athletic wear, and that’s not what Nine West sells.” Nine West, which is owned by private-equity firm Sycamore Capital, owes more than $1 billion to as many as 50,000 creditors, according to court documents filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York. Steve

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