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    High heels, 2.5 to 4 inches, with 0 to 3/4 inch platform; prefer clogs, sandals, pumps, boots, and loafers; usually wear with nylon hosiery in public, with long, bootcut jeans or slacks that cover the top part of the heel; always present myself as a confident, fashion forward male. My wife approves of my style and is very supportive.

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  1. "When a man says he'll do something, he'll do it! You don't have to keep nagging him every three months!" You reminded me of that quip I saw on Facebook a while back! Your photography would be better if you shine a light on yourself. You are backlit in the photo, and the camera is looking at the light, shuts the aperture to compensate for what it thinks is too much light, and the photo comes out too dark overall. The details in your shadow are dark and not very clear. So if you have a utility lamp or can position a floor lamp to illuminate you and your reflection, the photo would be
  2. The ultimate irony is that fuel is under $2 a gallon, and there's no place to go! Steve
  3. Hey, I live in the Columbus area! It's a cow town, maybe, but not the sticks! LOL It's actually the second largest metro area at over 2 million people, behind Cincinnati, and the city of Columbus is the largest city in Ohio at over 700,000. Plus, the airport is one of the easiest to get in and out of, and the people are very friendly. The airport is not a hub, though, so getting anywhere from here may involve two flights. And to keep on topic, I've worn heels there many times without any problems at all. :-) Steve
  4. Kneehighs, No, we lost contact years ago, unfortunately. Sorry. He was a very likable guy, though. Steve
  5. Here's an article from the Footwear News trade magazine that says Payless is coming out of bankruptcy and may get back in business again. Time will tell! https://footwearnews.com/2020/business/retail/payless-open-back-in-business-stores-1202903821/ Steve
  6. I didn't think they drank water there, just alcohol! LOL Steve
  7. SF, Wouldn't your wife be "grandmothered" in? LOL I don't share my wife's opinion on foot jewelry, but I also don't choose to try to win that battle. Peace! Steve
  8. My wife is ok with my heeling, but VERY vocal about disliking foot jewelry (both anklets and toe rings, which I like) both on men as well as women. She says it's too slutty for her! So I've never gotten an anklet, but I did make a toe ring once, out of 3/4 plumbing pipe and a round file, just to try it out. It fit well, but it bothered the tender skin of my toes, so I really didn't like wearing it. I'm glad I at least have an approving wife on the important stuff - wearing heels! She wasn't always that way. It took me nearly 20 years of baby steps to get her to feel comfortable with me weari
  9. SF, More better! We'll do it again. We're headed your way in late April again. I'll PM you the details so you can save the date. And don't worry. We'll go to a much more expensive restaurant, and YOU can pay for our meals! LOL Steve
  10. Hey, SF! Did you forget about me? We were out heeling to a restaurant together earlier this year when my wife and I passed through LAX on our way to Australia. Remember? I'm on the left, you're on the right in the photo below. And I've been with Bluejay, Vector and Mrs. Vector, HiH, Mtns of Heels, Johnieheel, and quite a few others. Going out in public, heeling with other guys and gals, is fun! Steve
  11. Update on Activskin. On December 1, 2019, I signed a contract to sell the company and on the 12th we closed the deal. I am now officially retired and completely out of the hosiery business! The new owner is a customer from Canada who is business and computer savvy and has the requisite passion for hosiery; I think he'll do well. Whether he has a passion for heels, I don't know. Steve Retired
  12. I've always had good service at DSW, and I've never been treated badly. Even when I was with Bluejay, I was treated well! HA HA HA! Steve
  13. You might check out activskin.com. They have competitively priced items specifically for men. If you prefer women's hosiery, fine, but a lot of men prefer hosiery that's sized for men and designed for male anatomy. It's a lot more comfortable. Full disclosure: I own the company and have been operating it for 21 years. I don't normally promote my business on this web site, but you asked, and other readers might be interested in this optional resource. Steve
  14. SF, She was just hitting on you because you're so handsome! LOL Actually it goes further than that. She loved your confidence. Women find confidence in men to be very sexy. But I agree with her, those are seriously good looking heeled sandals. Steve
  15. I was in JC Penney the other day and I was looking for a red sweater. I was appalled to find all the colors are drab and boring earth colors this year. I went home empty-handed. It's easier and more productive to shop online! Steve
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