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    High heels, 2.5 to 4 inches, with 0 to 3/4 inch platform; prefer clogs, sandals, pumps, boots, and loafers; usually wear with nylon hosiery in public, with long, bootcut jeans or slacks that cover the top part of the heel; always present myself as a confident, fashion forward male. My wife approves of my style and is very supportive.
  1. A "sole" open mike? And you didn't play "soul" music? A lost opportunity! Tsk, tsk! Steve
  2. Awesome heels, BFG! Thanks for sharing! Steve
  3. SF, I knew you were tall but that shadow!!! You must be a basketball player! I'd say at least 12 feet (4 meters) high! Can't see the heels though. LOL Steve
  4. AJ777, Yes, of course you go back to that store again! They were very welcoming and they deserve your business. You should feel comfortable with that kind of acceptance. But don't go there every day or make a spectacle of yourself. Wait a week or so, go back, be a good shopper, buy from that store, and be a good repeat customer. That's what good stores like that want. Good luck! And keep sharing your heeling adventures with the forum. We love to hear about successes (and we can learn from failures, too). Steve
  5. Are you gonna be around Saturday?


  6. Actually, getting down is easy. It's coming back up that's a challenge! Gravity is not always my friend! Steve
  7. St. Louis is another good city on Rt. 66. Plan to spend some time there if your schedule allows it. There is quite a bit to see and do, lots of entertainment, outstanding restaurants, and very friendly people. The shopping is good, and there are Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack stores, as well as many of the others mentioned above. Safe travels (in heels)! And although Ohio is not on Rt. 66, if you come this far east, I extend an invitation to enjoy what Granville, a quaint little college town, has to offer. PM me. Steve
  8. I think you sense an opportunity lost here. Oh, well, perhaps it was a learning experience and next time you will engage the greeter or the other shoppers a little more. For example, if you had wanted to strike up a conversation with the gal in the shoe department, you could have broken the ice with some line like, "Don't you just hate it when they're out of the size you want!" or try on a pair and say, "Excuse me, but how do you think these look on me." You'll might get a smile and a pleasant reply and take it from there. Or you could get a frown or a deer-in-the-headlights look as she cautiously backs away from and looks around to see if the coast is clear or if somebody is filming Candid Camera. Not everyone is amused. I like the fact that you had the courage to go to the store and wear what you wanted, but I think you might have come across as a bit shy or embarrassed. You don't want to give the impression that you think what you're doing is wrong or could be construed as wrong. You just want to be outgoing and confident, engage in conversation, and include some humor or joking in your conversation: "A guy can't have too many shoes, right?" Good luck in your future jaunts, and thanks for sharing your story. It gets easier each time, it's legal, and it's fun. And some women are impressed with a guy who has that kind of confidence! Steve
  9. Yeah, but it's always the people in FRONT of me, not the people behind me.! LOL Steve
  10. G'day, James, Nah, you can't have packed too many heels. There's not much else to do in Canberra anyway! LOL Steve
  11. Great story, Bubba! Very inspiring. You are fortunate to have (had) wonderful parents. Thanks for sharing with us! Steve
  12. I'll wear sandals (with nylon hosiery) down to 40F (4C) as I did for a walk with the wife yesterday. We went about a mile in 25 minutes at a slow pace. She's dealing with illness so her stamina is limited. Without hosiery, I won't wear sandals when it's lower than 50F (10C). Steve
  13. Yanks usually just don't get it. I was taught to enjoy it the right way by an Aussie friend back in 2001, not to slab it on like peanut butter, but to spread it thinly so you can enjoy the taste without gagging on it. And I loved it from that first taste. I usually enjoy it 4-5 times a week, with toast and butter. I'm a big fan of it. Wife isn't fond of it. Oh, well, more for me. LOL </hijack thread> Steve
  14. Yep, he does keep them polished. I've seen them! Jeff, I'm in a similar part of my journey. I used to like wearing sandals back in the 70s when I owned a couple of pair of men's heeled sandals and women's heeled sandals. But those days are gone, and for the last 35 years I disliked sandals, didn't wear any, and didn't own any. About 5 years or so, I started to dabble in women's sandals again, and found I really liked them. I've gone overboard, like Mlroseplant, and most of my heels today are sandals. I have a few wedges, but I much prefer a distinct block heel 3 to 3.5" high. I have some slides as well. In the past few years when the weather is warm, sandals are all I wear. I put the closed-toe shoes and boots away for the summer and don't give them a second thought! Part of the motivation to wear sandals is that I've come to love pedicures and I like to show them off! HappinHeels will attest to that! Steve
  15. Not knocking it at all. I love it. Often! Steve