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  1. Shopping for heels: try them on?

    l like that too.
  2. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Hernaezjames, these are very nice sandals. I like them very much !
  3. my favortie mary janes...today !

    They look very nice !!! I wish I had them in size 41. What is the brand name ?
  4. Who has bought some new shoes

    Nice to see how tastes can differ (-: I am not so into platforms, my favourites are the black patent heels. And I like the short fishnet nylons too which in my modest opinion go very well together with the pumps and pants.
  5. Who has bought some new shoes

    Indeed, very nice and lovely shoes !
  6. men in heels

    I'm sorry, not my cup of tea.......
  7. Because. . . Yuja! ^_^

    It sounds good, and it looks good !
  8. Playing piano in high heels

    Miroseplant, your sister has probably a pair of OrganMaster shoes: http://store.organmastershoes.com/index.aspx/ImageGallery/Index?productId=1 Many female organists play in them. They are specially designed to play the organ pedals. I like the basic design, but I don't have them myself. Thanks for posting more videos from Kimberly Marshall. It's really amazing what she's doing in stiletto's. Tried this myself too but of cause I can't....... But block heels, or slightly tapered heels with 3" inch work very well for me for heel-toe pedalling.
  9. Do you wish they asked you about your heels?

    pebblesf, this is very recognizable. I wear heels because I like the feel and look, and not because I want to make a clear statement "hey everybody, look at me". Most of the time my heels remain unnoticed. So far I did not experience negative reactions. And I would like to avoid this to happen. But we are not alone in this world and I guess (almost) everyone will like to receive compliments. It doesn't bother me when I notice someone staring, because I am open to meet someone with genuine interest in why I wear heels. So yes, it's indeed double.... I have never seen another guy in heels. In case it happens and I think the moment is right, I'm sure I would make a positive comment. But in case the person is not responding, you have to respect that. So I think you were right not to bother the guy in boots on your flight anymore.
  10. Playing piano in high heels

    good points, Thighbootguy ! Thank you very much And yes, the heels on the pictures are mine.
  11. Playing piano in high heels

    My passions are music and heels. I play piano, Hammond and church organ. So playing in heels is like combining these passions. Playing the piano pedals is indeed comparable with driving a car. You can use the heel as a pivot. It works very well with my heels which are inbetween 2" and 4". There are concert pianists who perform in heels. A few years ago I found this article: http://thethingsienjoy.blogspot.nl/2013/01/two-wonderful-pianists-and-two-pairs-of.html Playing organ pedals is completely different. You have inbetween 25 and 32 pedals and one or more volume pedals played with both feet. You need to be very precise. I play barefoot or in pantyhose mostly because I can really feel the pedals. Basically there are two pedal techniques: playing with the toes only, and with toes and heels. I can't play in chunky male shoes. Female shoes often work well because they are more narrow, and some (but not too much) pointy toes are very helpful. And yes, you can even use heels ! There are special organ shoes with 1.6" heels designed for the heel-toe technique. But larger heels work well for me, as long as they are not too narrow. Otherwise the heel will end up between two pedals. Below 2 pics of my favourite pumps. But now the surprise: there are female organists who can even handle stiletto's ! One of them is Kimberly Marshall. On her website you can find a pic showing her heels on the pedals: http://www.kimberlymarshall.com/arnolt-schlick-and-meantone-repertoire And I also found this video: You may not want to watch the whole video, but have a look at 0:55 -1:05, 1:17 - 1:21 and 1:36 - 1:56 showing her incredible pedal skills in stiletto's
  12. HeeledSlides

    My heels collection
  13. hi ljhh,

    I admire your collection, looks great !



  14. What was the first pair of shoes you bought

    Hi SF Nice to hear you like them too! But I already noticed we share an interest for slides. Unfortunately, Berkemann does not have the Peggies in their regular assortment anymore. But don't get desperate, they may still be available as a special edition. Maybe I can help you finding a pair if you are interested.
  15. What was the first pair of shoes you bought

    Before I discovered my passion for high heels I have been a big fan of wooden exercise sandals. The first pairs I had until then were only flat models, During my first years on the Internet I found several pictures of wooden slides with heels which made me curious. Finally I could not resist anymore and bought my first pair which you can see on the picture: Berkemann Peggy slides with white straps and about 6 cm heels (in between 2 and 2.5"). Not that high, but they were great to start with for outdoor heeling. I think it was 1996 or 1997. I still have them and love to wear them on nice summer days. It was the start of a great journey into high heels. In the later years I also got into knee highs, ankle boots and pumps.