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  1. Those look to me like a good way to injure yourself...
  2. I don’t want to completely derail JeffB’s post, but I have to comment - that there’s FUNNY! Logjam
  3. Another non-fan of anything with very much of a pointy toe. Logjam
  4. Several have mentioned recurring dreams, apparently with at least a heel wearing general theme. I’m no psychiatrist,but isn’t there some significance to recurring dreams? Logjam
  5. Nice new shoes, I second bluejay’s thought on the pedi! Logjam
  6. When God made me, he apparently chose to not install the manual dexterity option, and there does not seem to be an aftermarket retrofit. Long nails would only aggravate things, so I’m not inclined to try. Logjam
  7. I forgot to mention earlier. My second piece is now a work in progress. I have a tribute to the mountains of the western US, which I have come to love dearly, underway on my upper left arm and slightly up onto my shoulder. It is based loosely on a sunset over the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. We were scheduled to finish it up on the day the shutdowns took effect locally. The shop has now reopened, I’m waiting to hear back from my artist on rescheduling to finish the piece. i come from a pretty traditional upbringing. I guess I’m just the black sheep of the family, I have no idea from where my
  8. Fair question, no worries. I had a long-running issue with ingrown nails on both big toes. The podiatrist who dealt with the issue told me that I would loose the toenail on that foot, and sure enough... Incidentally, that same podiatrist, a middle-aged woman, offered the notion that men were getting color on nails, particularly feet. I was already getting manis and pedis (nail issues sort of run in the family) and on my next visit I asked her, she replied enthusiastically, and my “new fashion” was off and running.
  9. In the past, after a couple of months, the artificial nail would loosen on its own, and either fall off, or at worst, lift off with just a bit of gentle prying by the tech. But whatever the last tech did, the nubbin was not coming off. And, I was pretty desperate for foot care in general, not just nail care. i was in the process of finding and trying a new tech when the shutdown occurred, and since I had not heard back from the new tech, I went for the backup generic nail shop. Hopefully, the next time I need that nail replaced, I’ll be established with a new tech who will use a less dest
  10. I also have some acetone, a smaller amount. And Cali, thanks for the suggestion about using acetone. But, as I noted, I got to the point that I couldn’t stand myself any longer and booked an appointment at one of the generic nail shops, actually in just about one hour. If the tech there doesn’t want to mess with the nubbin, I’ll just have it painted and live with that until I get in to see the tech at the new place. Yep, I generally patronize those salons. Well, an update. Just back from my mani/pedi. The very nice lady at the generic place deftly used her little “Drexel Tool” like
  11. I’m expecting a similar situation with the new tech I mentioned. I’m seriously thinking about an “emergency” trip to a backup nails only place I’ve used a few times before. My only reticence is whether they can get off the broken piece of the one artificial nail without mangling me - ha! I think I’ll call and ask...
  12. Not to be dismissive of your suggestion, but like the rest of my life recently, “it’s complicated”! I had an appointment scheduled with a new to me nail tech when the shutdown went into effect. She sent me a text indicating that she would get in touch when things opened back up. I’ll give her a few more days and if I don’t hear from her, I’ll inquire. After all, I made it through my first roughly 65 years without a mani/pedi, I can tough this out!
  13. I’m gratified that my question has prompted some pleasant conversation! And, as I originally mentioned, I do not personally wear foot jewelry, I think it’s a great look! Logjam
  14. WA state has just this past weekend permitted our county to move to Stage 2, which permits nail places to reopen with precautions, limited number of people at a time, PPE for practitioner and client, other. My personal challenge is that I’m classed in the “at risk” group because of my age (73) and it’s not clear to me whether “we” are excluded from getting those services. “We” are specifically not allowed back to the gyms or to visit trainers, both of which I need badly as well. I’m way, way overdue for a mani/pedi - my usual routine of somewhat manual work has taken a big toll on fingernails,
  15. Pebbles, you have sparked an idea - high heel waders! What a concept! Probably should be wedges... Yep, I’m a fisherman. Or, I allege to be. That said, a majority of the fish in the northwest US are laughing heartily as I write this. Logjam
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