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  1. Logjam

    The "Nudist" Sandals" Who Else ?

    I am a big fan of this style/look. I noticed that Nordstrom (for overseas friends, bigger US retailer) has several similar styles - slightly wider straps, and more of a chunky heel, which is a very good thing for an older, slightly overweight guy. They also are available in a US 13 size which I need. I haven’t taken the plunge just yet but thinking... Logjam
  2. Logjam

    Professional Pedicure

    Thanks, HiH, for the compliment on my tattoo. I’m very fond of my tattoo as it has great significance for me. Plus, I really enjoy wearing the artwork and color! And I have several photos of the tattoo with heels over in the “best men’s legs...” thread. Logjam
  3. Logjam

    Do you feel short without your heels?

    I’m just a tad under 6 ft., so nope. Actually never thought about it much, if at all. Logjam
  4. Logjam

    Are we addicted?

    Same as for motorcycles! Logjam
  5. Logjam

    Show us your girliest Heels

    Taking this a bit further off topic - another vote FOR pedicures. With or without color, just get it done for health if nothing else.
  6. Logjam

    Collection and pics from down under

    Syd, you asked, “what am I doing wrong?” As far as the shoes, pedis, and outfits are concerned - absolutely nothing at all wrong! Logjam
  7. One more from me. This one also goes into the "Seniors" category, and obviously, also the "tattooed" category :-)
  8. Hi All, About a year ago I had a podiatrist work on one big toe with a chronic propensity for ingrown Toenail. Not long after, the rest of the toenail came off - not too surprising. And I’ve decided that I am actually too vain to put up with it. It looks just nasty in sandals, even men’s sandals. Somewhere on the ‘net I read that there are allegedly now permanent or at least semi-permanent prosthetic toenails that can be attached. I called the podiatrist who did the original procedure, she also thought they were available but had no more information. So - does anyone know anything more, or perhaps even have first -hand experience.? Thanks in advance for any info you happen to have. Logjam
  9. Logjam

    New Shoe size!!!

    Vaguely (perhaps) related - just the other day I took a quick look at the US Nine West website. The presently have a pair of sandals in US size 13 (women’s, of course) shown. The shoe style looked pretty good to me. More progress! Logjam
  10. Logjam

    Collection and pics from down under

    James, I’m guessing the upcoming winter will mild in Oz, ‘cause your shoes are HOT!! Logjam
  11. Logjam

    Wearing Jeans With Ankle Boots

    The tan ones are a good look! Logjam
  12. Kudos to all the entrants who are showing open toe shoes and rocking pedis with color!! I’ve been browsing, checking the competition as it were, and it seems that the majority are embracing that look. Not to start a heated discussion, but I feel that if you’re gonna show toes in heels (or even other shoes), they look much better with polish! At least clear... Thanks for letting me rant, have a great day, all! Logjam
  13. Logjam


    Very nice, thank you!

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