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  1. This thread has taken an interesting turn! My dear wife is from Iowa, and I, with no prior association with that state, have developed a special fondness for the place. Though I especially love the western US, I always looked forward to visiting her family in Iowa. Entering the town where she grew up, I always felt that I had stepped into a sort of Norman Rockwell world.
  2. Hey Bailey, great shoes, and the pedi complements them nicely. Well done! I assume you wear “out”, at least occasionally? Logjam
  3. Yikes, Cali! Hope you heal quickly, heal thoroughly. Logjam
  4. I’ve noted that several of the thrift stores here do not sort shoes by size. Kind of a pain, otherwise I’d probably go more often. Of course as others noted, so 13 are spare pickings no matter where I go.
  5. MLR, those look great! Major score, hope you are able to get ‘em comfy. Logjam
  6. Logjam

    Cali World

    Cali - great shoes, great look! Logjam
  7. Cali, those look great! Please give us a “wearing report” when you can.
  8. Logjam

    Cali World

    Having guys complement you on your nails is, I think, a big deal! I do not (yet) wear color on my hands, but I wear regularly on my feet. And with the advent of summer, I’ve been out a fair bit with toes on display. So far, no comments either way, one extended eye drop from an attractive woman nurse who took my vitals at the start of a doctor visit. i track several web forums focused to men wearing nail polish. And I generally see one or two other guys wearing, generally on toes, during the short summer season we have in these parts. But I do think the trend is very slowly gaining traction. and your comments considering thinking about the details of the various polishes - I can relate! While I don’t think about polish - I’m a recently retired EE and for all my life I’ve thought about and explored “how stuff works”. I think it’s in the DNA!
  9. Almost 40 years ago, my now adult son had a sort of built-in clock, and on Saturday mornings, just before 7 AM (yikes!) he would awaken me with “ ‘toons, daddy!” And we would watch escapades of The Roadrunner and the Coyote. I loved the quirky slapstick humor, and this brings back fond memories.
  10. Late to the game but here goes. I don’t yet know if I would hire you. I’m an engineer (now retired) so I would investigate your education, experience, and learned/retained technical skills. I’d also investigate your willingness and propensity to work collaboratively. As to attire - is it clean and well-fitting, and at least somewhat coordinated (yours looks like it is.) That is all! Logjam
  11. I’ve been fascinated with earrings for along as I can remember, starting as a small child and staring at my mom’s and favorite aunt’s earrings - clip or screw back at the time (I’m an OF!) Then, in grade school, reading National Geographic, I learned that in some locations and cultures, men also wore earrings. It was about then that I became aware of the practice of piercing ears, though I didn’t know or understand the details. In my college years, mid 60’s, girls were piercing their ears regularly, but I was a nerdy and heavily loaded (academically) engineering student, so I did not have much of a social life to interact with girls and learn more. Out of college in the early 70’s, a now long-gone girlfriend actually asked if she could pierce my ears. I was delighted with the notion, but my job involved close interaction with the military and I doubted the look would have been accepted, so I declined. But she somehow planted a seed. I’m recently retired, so job considerations are no longer a matter. But my dear wife is definitely not a fan of men with earrings. Were it not for her feelings, I would have mine done in a half a heartbeat. To those of you who do pull off the style, clip ons or pierced - good for you, and I’m a little envious. Logjam
  12. There is a forum for men wearing skirts - www.skirtcafe.org. I’m not a skirt wearer, but stumbled across that one looking for something else. Logjam
  13. Thanks for the recruiting effort, Heelster! It’s a bit quiet over there... Logjam
  14. Balletboot, you are raising the bar VERY high! Well done. Logjam
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