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  1. Pebbles, you have sparked an idea - high heel waders! What a concept! Probably should be wedges... Yep, I’m a fisherman. Or, I allege to be. That said, a majority of the fish in the northwest US are laughing heartily as I write this. Logjam
  2. Sorry to hear that. Thoughts and prayers for you and yours.
  3. Logjam


    Steve, big congrats on retirement! I did so in August ‘18. Still pretty busy, as we are cleaning out in prep for downsizing, but I do enjoy not being on a tight schedule. Best wishes! Logjam
  4. Hi Cali, how often do you get pedis in the other seasons? Are are you changing more often because the pedi is worn, or to wear a different color or combo? Just curious - I can generally get at least a month on a pedi without chipping or wearing off (I do still wear socks and shoes fairly often, even in the summer.) My hands are done with clear jel 100% of the time. That’s more for protection than for the look. My nails seem to break or split easily, and I engage in a lot of “manual labor” type activities. Taking steps to protect my nails was the genesis of my manis/pedis, I later discovered that I liked the notion and look of color.
  5. Coincidentally - I’m going for my monthly (more or less) mani/pedi later this morning. Logjam
  6. Sounds as though that young man has his head screwed on much better than many adults with whom I’ve interacted. Good job, Dad! And echoing HiH - a Happy and Peaceful New Year to all!
  7. Logjam

    Foot jewelry!

    As you know, I’m a big proponent of men wearing nail polish. Any more, I’m more about polish than heeling. This time of year, in these parts, still wearing but not showing! Logjam
  8. To avoid hi-jacking another thread! There have been several recent comments about anklets (ankle bracelets, ankle chains, whatever you want to call them.) And on some of the men’s nail polish forums, a number of the participants wear toe rings in addition or as an alternative. I'm personally a fan of the look, so long as it’s not done to excess. But, I do not personally wear either for other reasons. So, who is in? Or, what are your thoughts? Logjam
  9. Perhaps there should be a separate thread for “foot jewelry”. I think I’ll start one. Logjam
  10. NIce looking shoes, ChesterX, and big kudos for the polish! I’m a fan of guys wearing color on toes, and if you prefer, fingers as well.
  11. Logjam

    A Lack of Heels

    FWIW - we are visiting in Scottsdale, AZ and just attended a wedding. I’d estimate that about 80-90% of the women were wearing heels. The older “grandmotherly” types, not so much, but most all of the younger ladies, that I noticed, anyway. And in being out and about since the celebration, I’d guess that probably 50% or more of the women that I have noticed were heeled. Maybe not skyscrapers, but heels. All is not lost...
  12. Heels or not, I’m thinking that in these parts, it’s time to pack away the shorts for the season. My trainer prefers that I work out in shorts and barefoot, 3/4 length leggings are fine with her. Yesterday as I was leaving for my session, temperature was 14F, so no way on shorts and sandals - went in “regular” pants and trainers, changed when I got to the studio. Warmed back up this morning. All the way to 25F. I’ll be working in a farm shop all day today, thankfully the friend “loaning” the space to me has heat in the place.
  13. Going for my mani/pedi in just a bit, it is 28 F right now here in the Inland Northwest. Maybe I’m getting less resilient as I get older, but the idea of being out in shorts and flip-flops is not too appealing at the moment!
  14. Logjam

    Cali World

    MLR - I know of the Ruckus. Seems to me a very cool “little” scoot! And I agree, those size machines are great for around town use, particularly if you live in a smaller community. Before I retired, I regularly commuted to work, a distance of about 10 miles one way, on one or the other of my two BMW machines, the alternative being a 3/4 ton 4X4 pickup (you can easily figure out the relative economies!) i don’t wear heels out, but as you said - a “full size” motorcycle and heels are probably not the best combination. That topic has come up in the forums before, some of our colleagues do so, but not this old fart. Whatever you do, best wishes and keep this shiny side up!
  15. Logjam

    Cali World

    MLR - off topic a bit, but I presume the scooter is yours - details please! And I’m happy to find another rider here! My two wheelers are a bit larger, but in my book, owners/riders of two-wheel powered machines are all part of the same community.
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