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  1. I regularly visit several “malepolish” forums, and ILNP polishes are being noted more and more. I really like the looks of some of them, and wouldn’t mind trying some, but at my age, I fear that I already literally have a lifetime supply (and more!) of polishes and colors.
  2. I’m late to read this, but Henri, if you happen to read this, best wishes and quick and thorough healing to you!
  3. Hi Jamie and Bluejay, Not even a tiny li’l thing wrong with reds in my book! For me, I like to switch colors every pedi, but I’ve several reds in my personal stash, and on occasions when I give my tech “dealer’s choice” she has picked a red several times in the past. And I’ve gotten just as many compliments on the reds as other colors. i will note - for me personally, my “preferreds” are medium to darker blues.
  4. My interest n heeling has waned a bit, but I still drop in here occasionally. On the other hand, I’ve become a wearer of and proponent for nail polish for men. I’ve had easily damaged nails for a long time and started getting “plain” mani/pedis probably over 10 years ago. Then, a woman podiatrist, taking care of an ingrown toenail issue for me, examined my feet and told me that I should wear sandals or open toed shoes as much as possible, and, to my surprised, added, “ just paint your toes. Men do that now, that’s a thing.” In retrospect, I think that perhaps she was personally somewhat fond of the look. My next trip to my then nail tech, I was still unsure, asked my tech about the practice of guys wearing color, she was immediately all about it and I let her pick a color. And essentially, I was immediately hooked. Since then, I’ve been a regular with three different techs (them moving away, etc) and occasionally visit one of the “generic” nail places as well. 100% positive experiences! And, the care is a monthly helping of pure relaxation! The foot/leg massage is always the best part. And about the nail polish part. For context, I’m an older, straight, mostly bland male (retired engineer, get the picture:-) except for a couple of tattoos and wearing color openly on my toes. And I’ve been somewhat amazed, and always pleasantly surprised at the number of women who comment positively, not just on the color I’m wearing but also voicing a like and approval of men wearing polish!
  5. I’ve not “progressed” to anklets - yet. If I do, I’ll likely go with an anklet OR a toe ring, but not both at the same time. My “less is more” thing kicking in.
  6. I've not been here for a while, and just found this post. Now, I'm curious - are there any folks who have actually had a medical pro "prescribe" or even recommend wearing heels? I'm sort of recalling that some years ago someone popped up on these forums claiming that was the case, I don't recall the name nor recall seeing anything from him recently. Just wondering...
  7. This topic seems to be popping up a bit in other posts here in General Fashion. I'm not wearing heels so much recently, but I am wearing colored polish on my toes - almost 100% of the time, and openly in warmer months. And after a long latent interest, I'm just starting to experiment with foot jewelry. I'm a big believer that "less is more", so with painted toes plus a medium sized, colorful tattoo on my lower calf, I do not want to overdo. But I am inclined to like the look of a bit more than just polish on toes. I just went for my regular mani/pedi appointment wearing a toe ring, my first time doing so. My "nail lady" reacted quite positively and enthusiastically. (And if anyone is wondering - she did not ask me to remove the toe ring for the pedi process...) So - anyone else experimenting, or regularly wearing, any foot jewelry?
  8. In my observation, and experience - men wearing polish on toes and fingers is a rapidly growing, and increasingly accepted trend. Over on the Reddit site, I participate in the "malepolish" subreddit, that one has grown to over 200,000 members and is quite active. There are at least two groups on Flickr for men wearing polish. And - in "real life" - I wear my toenail polish quite openly during warmer months. And I'm pleasantly surprised, and often amazed, at the number of positive comments. Mostly from women, a few from other men. When I first started wearing openly, about 8 years ago, comments were brief - "nice toes!" or "I like the color." More recently, conversations ensue pretty regularly. It's just getting warm enough here to wear sandals, I'm sort of looking forward to see what conversations arise...
  9. I started this conversation some time ago but I’ve not been to hhplace for a while. I see that this has sort of “morphed” into a discussion of men wearing nail polish, that’s fine by me. I now wear color on my toes almost 100% of the time, and openly in warmer months. I gel gel clear on my hands 100% of the time. Pro mani/pedi nominally once per month. I’ve noted on another thread, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the number of compliments and enthusiastic comments from women! And a few from men as well.
  10. I’ve commented previously but haven’t been on hhplace for a while. I now wear color on my toes almost 100% of the time, and wear openly in warmer months. I had experimented briefly a number of years ago, then about 8 or so years ago, a woman podiatrist told me that I should wear sandals or open toe footwear as much as possible for my Morton’s toe condition. She also strongly recommended regular pedis, and actually suggested wearing color (that was a big surprise to me, coming from a medical professional!) I’ve been wearing pretty much nonstop since. Side note, I just started experimenting with a bit of foot jewelry. My biggest takeaway - while my dear wife is still ambivalent about the practice, I’ve been pleasantly amazed by the number of comments and compliments I’ve heard from women. Of all ages. And a few random compliments from men.
  11. Hey all, For those who do use nail polish, what is/are your preferred brands? If not a TOS violation - are there any specific brands which you avoid? Logjam
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