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  1. Collection and pics from down under

    James, I’m guessing the upcoming winter will mild in Oz, ‘cause your shoes are HOT!! Logjam
  2. Wearing Jeans With Ankle Boots

    The tan ones are a good look! Logjam
  3. Kudos to all the entrants who are showing open toe shoes and rocking pedis with color!! I’ve been browsing, checking the competition as it were, and it seems that the majority are embracing that look. Not to start a heated discussion, but I feel that if you’re gonna show toes in heels (or even other shoes), they look much better with polish! At least clear... Thanks for letting me rant, have a great day, all! Logjam
  4. Donations

    Very nice, thank you!
  5. Donations

  6. Donations

    Hi Tech, Sort of a rookie question, please - I see the donation page takes British Pounds (I believe that’s the currency) and I’m over here in the colonies. Do you happen to know - if I donate from here with PayPal, does PayPal do the conversion for me automatically? Thanks! Logjam
  7. A couple of us are now on board over there. C’mon over and join in! Logjam
  8. The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    To briefly echo the others - welcome back, glad travels were safe! Logjam
  9. Men's wear and open toe sandals

    A look I could readily embrace were dear wife more accepting of taking my hobby public. I personally think that open toe shoes should always be accompanied by a pedi of some sort, even glossy clear. Logjam
  10. Collection and pics from down under

    Hey James, Hot - hot - HOT. Especially the second pair. Take my jealousy as a compliment please. Logjam (Great pedicure also.)
  11. To belatedly answer Alphax’s question about the role of feet on a motorcycle - actually, feet play a big role. Most all bikes ha e a “manual transmission” (scooters and a very few others are exceptions.) the shifting mechanism is attached near the left footpeg or sometimes footrest, the shifting pattern is typically a push down for downshifting, a toe under the shifter and lift up for up shifting. On the right side is the rear brake control - motorcycles have separate front and rear brake controls, for good reason. others may be more brave, but I would think Long and hard before riding one of my bikes in heels. Just my 2 cents worth. Logjam
  12. How about a best tattooed legs and heels category? I hereby challenge heretic_666 to a friendly competition! Also - this one goes into the "Seniors" category, I'm 71 years old. Fun stuff! Logjam
  13. Ha! “I resemble that remark!” Logjam
  14. Collection and pics from down under

    James, the sandals and pedi are both really nice - kudos! Logjam

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