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  1. Sydheel

    Collection and pics from down under

    Hello everyone. Im away in Canberra for a few days and thought I should get a few posts in. Went to bar in hotel, then out and down the street to a local 7/11 store, then back to bar. Wearing black womens tight leggings and my new peep toe Nine West Expensive shoes. Still a little snug but that will loosen Regards
  2. Sydheel

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    love these Pity that they are quite expensive. They also come in a plain black leather, which looks really nice
  3. Sydheel

    What matches purple heels?

    I also have a pair of purple suede booties from Clarks. I agree on the huge step up that Clarks seem to have in quality and fit over some of the cheaper brands. I wear my purple boots with either blue denim jeans or black chinos, either a white shirt or like many of my business shirts small checks, and some pink / purple in the checks. I also have a pair of purple strappy heels which I wear with denim jeans and generally a T shirt or similar. I have attached pics of these 2, plus a 3rd pair or deep purple patent boots with a clear heel. I loved the colour but was never sure on the heel so I didnt buy these
  4. Hi @joeshaw i wear my heels all around Sydney but I don’t wear skirts the Oxford Street strip is a very gay friendly area with lots of gay establishments and trans places.
  5. Sydheel

    Costa in boots

    I am addicted to coffee drinking in cafes watching the world go by. My faves are in inner city Kings Cross.
  6. Sydheel

    Collection and pics from down under

    I just got a delivery I bit the bullet and bought a NEW pair of shoes, even though I waited a bit till they came down from Full price to sale. I tried them on when they first came into the store and loved them Nine West EXPENSIVE, in black patent. (Here is the weirdness. The US version is Synthetic. The AUS version is Leather...... GO FIGURE) peep toe half D'orsay with a platform super comfy ! super easy to walk in ! I never thought about it, but once I saw the half D'orsay pair I realised I liked the less is more type shoe. I will get actual pics ASAP, but have lost my phone for a few days to repairman. Ive attached a stock photo from Nine West
  7. Sydheel

    Collection and pics from down under

    Hello to everyone Been a quiet period, work and weekend sports taking up a lot of time. Im just finishing a 3 day trip to Canberra, and was brave enough to wear some shoes normally reserved for warmer climes. I guessed I would be spending most of my time indoors. Here are a few pics The 1st 2 are my Wittner peep toe ankle boots in a sand coloured leather. Ive posted these before and these boots are a go to now for me, with denim jeggings The next 2 are Wittner 11.5cm (4.5inch) stiletto pumps, pointy toe and set back heel. I love these. Lounging in bar with black leggings. These were the 1st 2 days Then this afternoon I dropped in to the Canberra Centre Wittner store and checked out some current styles. try on 1: Gold boots are super comfy and with only a 9cm heel are way easy to walk in. The gold is gorgeous but I dont think went with the denim jeggings, maybe with black or a lighter blue ? Try on 2: Mid brown thigh boots, a stretch suede that fits like a glove, pull on, but surprisingly easy to get on and off. these have a 10cm heel, they are reduced big time but still $250, so I will wait a bit longer. They also come in black leather which I think I would prefer
  8. Sydheel

    Collection and pics from down under

    Hi Don yes i wear heels all day every day. i dont wear the OTK boots much. Needs to be a timeslit with no meetings.
  9. Sydheel

    Collection and pics from down under

    Having a chill out arvo in the office, wearing mid blue denim jeggings and my ZU OTK boots Have a great day everyone
  10. Sydheel

    Who has bought some new shoes

    let me know how sizing goes. Im watching them to see if I get a pair
  11. Sydheel

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Now they are great looking boots, and at a great price Well Done
  12. Sydheel

    Hello from Slovakia

    great looking collection of boots please tell us more about them in the pics
  13. Sydheel

    Heels to the beach

    Whilst here in OZ we have plenty of nasty crawly bitey stingy things, and a fair percentage of the most venomous things around. The big salt water crocs are amazing to see and up close they scare the absolute beejesus out of me, however dont forget the drop bears, which are legendary.....
  14. .............. now we can all get some sleep
  15. Sydheel

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Great Looking Boots. I checked their Ebay store. Are they Leather or Synthetic. The store seems a bit ambiguous on this

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