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  1. Collection and pics from down under

    Hello everyone Just had a great 5 day trip across the country to Perth, sorry, didnt get much in the way of pics and commentary done, something to do with working and drinking beers..... Had my first person to person heeling meet up with @heelsareme Then when I got back to Sydney there are 2 pairs of boots from 2 Ebay purchases waiting for me. This is pair 1, and I think theyve gone straight to the top of my fave list NINE WEST, swarm booties in dk brown, 10cm heel, rear zip, size US10.5, worn with a pair of bleached Lt blue jeggings Bought on Ebay from that US giant apparelsave, shipped to AUS in 2 weeks, great service
  2. Collection and pics from down under

    Just heading to dinner in perth casino skinny jeans, tee, jo mercer knee boots
  3. Any Recommendations For Skinny Jeans?

    Ive bought 2 pairs of kmart brand ($15@) skinny stretch high rise jeans. These are great. Sort of between jeans and jeggings. Im sure somewhere in US has something similar
  4. Collection and pics from down under

    Well including flight its really 5 days 4 nights....... room only for 1 purchase. Have to be strict. On a budget
  5. Collection and pics from down under

    Getting ready for a trip to the other side of Aus packing is always the issue. How many pairs for 4 days ?? 8 pairs into bag in end
  6. Peeptoe Knee High Boots.

    I thought so to, but now that I have a couple of pairs of peep toes, im looking for a pair of knee high platform peep toe boots A year ago I was 100% agreeing with you, now ive moved the other way Weird !!
  7. heels for sale in AUS

    and of course the picture loading software loaded them in reverse order DOUH
  8. heels for sale in AUS

    1. Wittner black patent leather ankle boots, 11/42 - $60 plus post 2. Therapy, Taupe Suede look (synthetic) platform boots 10, (big make like a 11) - $40 plus post 3. Siren red suede ankle boots, 10 (like a 10.5) - $50 plus post 4. Tony Bianco black suede with platform ankle boots, 10 - $40 plus post
  9. heels for sale in AUS

    Hi Folks I am thinning down my collection and have several pairs i am putting on to EBAY. If you like them and I would prefer they go to another heeler, let me know and we can deal
  10. Collection and pics from down under

    Still just wearing these new ankle boots around. A few wears and a bit of the old stretch spray inside had turned them from tight to snug to perfect in a few days. wearing today with a pair of leggings
  11. Pennangalan

    Hi everyone does anyone know if pennangalan boots in the UK is still operating. The web site is up, but i thought I heard a rumour it wasnt filling orders Ta james
  12. Collection and pics from down under

    new shoes (ooops yes again) On Ebay, just nearby, went a tried them on and made a deal Nine West COSY, in US10. 12.5cm heel, 1cm hidden platform Snug, but great and surprisngly easy to walk in
  13. Collection and pics from down under

    Having a wear today of Siren 'peep' sock ankle boots with skinny jeans.
  14. SydHeel Pics

    Some pics of me and the heels I wear.
  15. Collection and pics from down under

    I have a saved search in ebay for the wittner luxurious. ;(