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  1. Collection and pics from down under

    thanks @Cali No offence taken, If I had the space or the unlimited $$ I would, but i dont have either so i have the limit. LOL
  2. Who has bought some new shoes

    thanks @SF I will, they take a bit of time to get used to the height, Its almost nosebleed territory, but the solid heel and platform make them easy to walk in, you just have to be carefull on uneven surfaces. Plus you just HAVE TO keep your nail polish in good order.
  3. Progress from another Downunder

    Howdy @heelsareme Wow, thats a step up, where did you go in Melb for dinner. They look great with the black jeans. I will have to try that. Each time I see them I think I will have to get a pair. They are just WOW ! and I know that theyre comfy from the umpteen times ive tried them on
  4. Collection and pics from down under

    OMG I was always trying to work within a self imposed limit as to how many pairs of shoes I own Originally I wanted to always stay within 12 pairs Then I decided as I progressed with the styles I was wearing that 20 was a more realistic figure I just did a count... How the hell did I get to 40 ??? Shoe sale coming !!!!
  5. Black BCBG Generation heels

    Hey @AJ777 Ive never tried BCBG shoes. How do they go for size and quality. Are they a big make, narrow / wide ? Im normally a 10.5-11 in NineWest, Eu42 Ibve just noticed that BCBG seem to go to 12 in a lot, and they seem reasonably priced thanks heaps
  6. i love those shoes, but Ive tried on Guess and find them to be small across the whole lineup.
  7. Collection and pics from down under

    My new purchase Windso r Smith Heels
  8. Who has bought some new shoes

    Well, its official, I cant help myself when i see a bargain. Surfing on Gumtree and found a pair of Windsor Smith platform sandals in black leather, in size 11, Cheap and only a 30 minutes zoom to collect They are high, but with platform easy to walk in and Im surprised at how well they stay on your feet. ankle strap is velcro. Heel is 14cm, platform is 3.5cm
  9. Who has bought some new shoes

    Hey @bnchmrk great find !! i really like this pair, more pics please and details.
  10. my Xmas visions just changed..........
  11. Progress from another Downunder

    Arrrrgggghhhhhhh the pressure of keeping up with the jones's I need to cull more before I buy more.
  12. Progress from another Downunder

    My try on session, same boot, but slightly darker blue, jeggings not jeans
  13. Progress from another Downunder

    Hey. great looking boots. Have you worn them out yet. Ive tried them on with everything from black to light blue jeans and jeggings and I agree, the dark to mid blue range seems to suit the best
  14. Collection and pics from down under

    casinos and luck do not go hand in hand, thats why casinos make lots of $$