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  1. Hi Craig Always say hi to someone from across the ditch. Welcome to the site James
  2. Hi @BFGheels great heels. I love this pair. Where did you get them. What make / style thanks for sharing James
  3. Welcome welcome
  4. My pist sort of fits in this topic but i might add it to my blog later as well. Apologies to those that may read it twice. ;( i was in the Wittner outlet store in Sydney the other day. Just trying things on. Killing time there are about 6-8 things i like but narrowing the selection down is hard. Quite a few other shoppers invluding a lady mid 30s very athletic, thin legs. She was also trying on boots but having less luck than me. She was tring a suede pair if knee high pull on boots So there i was, sitting down taking off a pair of knee boots with a tall heel and the lady pauses near me and asks "your boots look great on and you wear them well. I think these ones are too baggy. What do you think?" i was stunned that my opinion was been sought on womens boots by a women. So i jumped right in. I said i like boots to be firm up the legs and the one she was wearing were way too baggy especially at the top for my liking. I suggested a pair and walked her down to where they were that are leather front and elastic back. (Theyre too tight for me) I suggested these and she looked at them. They have a block heel about 8cm. She started to say thd heels were too high for her but about 3/4 way i think she realised she was talking to a guy walking in 10cm heels and stopped herself so she tried them on. They fit her nicely but I don't know if she bought them. im still just so chuffed that i got asked for my opinion thought such a positive meeting needed sharing james
  5. Hi @jeremy1986 I dont think he or anyone else noticed. It was a full train.
  6. Another cold morning and i wussed out and caught the train wearing my relatively new black ankle boots with a 9cm wooden block heel in a nice light contrast. Boots by Atmos & Here in size 10.
  7. Hey TBG yes they were fun and a blast to try on but the fit and the quality were lacking. Whereas the Wittner ones were solid and you could walk in them these were loose and wobbly.
  8. Hello went into a shop today and dound they sell pleaser boots. Tried on a size 10 pair that went all the way up. The tops were touching each other
  9. Of course you do Remember your a customer, they're a shop. Your a perfect merchandising match each visit will grow your confidence and help you dispel those voices inside your head. James
  10. sorry maybe I mis read. I dont wear full hose. I wear those stocking sockettes, or knee highs, and about half my shoes barefoot
  11. Thank you yes I generally wear hose. I know I shouldn't in strappy sandals but for try on its easier and some shops prefer it. Though the girls serving me at WITTNER outlet did say i should take the stockings off and show off my red nails. LOL
  12. Indeed. Lots of fun !
  13. Lastly breakky in the mall Jeggings and old fave wittner MIllionaire suede ankle boots in sand colour thats all heading home now !
  14. Then wittner store for some new season styles dessa leopard ankle boots tammy thigh boots popp chunky ankle boots (clunky) plus 2 pics of all the try ons
  15. Hi all been hectic this trip so haven't had proper time to sort pics and post them in timely fashion so here are a few from shoe trying on adventures windsor smith ankle boots nine west grey knee boots 3 pairs of wittners sandals boots. The strappy sandals were SOOO high 12.5 cm effect, i could barely walk but actually quite comfy