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  1. Im just trying to be picky. I have similar boots to the elliot one and im fighting a battle (loosing i think) with myself not to but tooo many shoes unless they're really different
  2. Went to wittner yesterday to try to decide on a pair of boots. Im torn between elliot ankle boots and mariko thigh boots. While there i saw a whole bunch of shoes on special so spent a bit of time trying some on. These were 2 of my faves. I was really surprised that the bold pink pumps looked so good
  3. Thank you @Logjam
  4. thanks, but what the heck is the vamp. Ive heard the term, but have no idea what your talking about. and yes heel is 10.5cm and set all the way back James
  5. Hi all chilling at work. Tapping away on the computer. Giving my Wittner pumps a go. Have a great day
  6. Pics are here with new colour toes, called dark cherry
  7. Well i found a pair in the right size. And purchased them Woohoo, they are so comfy
  8. just wear 'pleaser' shoes, should solve this issue (sorry, dad joke alert)
  9. They are wittner 'tammy' in black microfibre on sale now at $129
  10. Hi @Bionicci wittner boots size 42 will have to check style name
  11. Hi @maninboots yes brown ones on floor are my Jo mercer knee high ones that i was wearing super comfy 8cm heel
  12. I agree but trying on they prefer you use the sockettes ;( still another gorgeous if chilly day here 0 degrees (C) but out for breakfast in my wittner open toe boots
  13. Hi all in Canberra for 3 days and went into local Jo Mercer outlet store. Tried on these Zion peeptoe high heeled booties. These were 9.5. They fitted but will chase a 10. Had to try on with stocking socks but would wear barefoot.
  14. Hi Craig Always say hi to someone from across the ditch. Welcome to the site James
  15. Hi @BFGheels great heels. I love this pair. Where did you get them. What make / style thanks for sharing James