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  1. Who has bought some new shoes

    I just checked them. Wowee they are great looking shoes and i love the colour. Please let us all know how sizing goes. It seems to be strange on the conversions
  2. Collection and pics from down under

    Hi @canadianbeaver17 The Aussie fall fashions are in lots of red and white. Out and about this morning. Stopped for a coffee and toast at a little cafe in town. Wearing skinny jeggings and my Wittner strappy platform sandals
  3. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Wow im impressed tell us again how you did that.
  4. Collection and pics from down under

    Hi @jeremy1986 covered footwear is a requirement outside the office, so i generally stay with boots year round. But once inside the office if Im not going out I can change my footwear. Hi @CPB Thanks for your comments I dont think you have WITTNER over in NZ. but im fairly sure they would ship there These are WITTNER, 'match' in size42 Have a look https://www.wittner.com.au/match-black.html They came in black with a white highlight, and reverse, white with a black highlight
  5. My 1,000th post...

    Well done, I think now youve got the hang of it, try to do the next 1000 in half the time
  6. My 6th annual farewell to heels

    Good luck on that shopping trip
  7. Collection and pics from down under

    Heading to work on train with sun just popping up and casting long shadows. Wearing my Clarks purple suede ankle boots. I like the shadow effect of the heel, and thought I might share it. Have a great day!
  8. Who has bought some new shoes

    Great look, welcome back. I also love the Nine West Tatiana. I havent seen them in AUS in that colour, They are sensational.
  9. I find the grades down hill tricky, plus as you walk across road and go over the ramp part for wheelchairs and its sideways angled to your direction of walk
  10. Collection and pics from down under

    I ended up taking to it with a sharp box cutter type knife. Left about 1mm around which is not noticeable. Very happy with the look.
  11. Collection and pics from down under

    Hi all back at work after a 6 week break ;( picked up a new pair of shoes. Wittner ‘match’ open toe, open heel, 11.5 cm heel, 1cm platform. Full leather. Saw these on ebay and knew they’d fit as id tried them on instore previously. I’d only ever looked at the black with white highlight before. But what the heck. $20 was a bargain.
  12. It's Snowing Again!

    Im hoping to use a vpn and show im in the states and put in a aus shipping address hoping anyway
  13. Progress from another Downunder

    They still have 42s left. Wittner take them offline when they get below 10 in stock
  14. It's Snowing Again!

    No ive been very close. I have several saved. I might try to find a way to trick them to thinking im in usa
  15. It's Snowing Again!

    Im just cranky at this shoes of prey started as a AUS company and mived to US a year or so ago. Those same shoes ordered from here in Aus cost au$249. Your shoes with aud v usd change are au$160. Its crazy that the same company thinks it’s reasonable that different countries get charged different rates for the same product