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  1. .............. now we can all get some sleep
  2. Sydheel

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Great Looking Boots. I checked their Ebay store. Are they Leather or Synthetic. The store seems a bit ambiguous on this
  3. Sydheel

    Obervations can get you in to trouble

    I have done that a couple of times, standing at the check point hoping on 1 leg trying to get a boot off, (only an ankle 1 but it was tight). I generally now make sure i wear easily removed boots for flying.
  4. Sydheel

    Collection and pics from down under

    Thought Id better pop in a pic of the ruby boots as well Ive tried lots of pics and my phone doesnt seem to cope with the deep red shine. I will not be using it on Ferraris now ! They make the boots look more orange than they are which is dissapointing
  5. And in 25 years bubba they will look back at us and say ”see, they were wrong too”
  6. Sydheel

    Collection and pics from down under

    Well Well Good things occasionally come to those who wait and keep in touch with things Was in my normal WANTED store in the Sydney CBD last week and found out that the WANTED store in Westfield Sydney, about 500m away was closing. I dropped in there today on the last day of trade and everything is silly prices New shoes and boots 5 pair for $100, or $30 each I found both the Siren Posse boots in black leather and Ruby Patent in my size, so instead of $249 each about 4 weeks ago. I got them both for $30 each I am calling that a bargain !!
  7. Sydheel

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Hi to all Well I ended up buying 1 of the pairs of TORRID shoes that were on Ebay AU. I wanted to see how they fit. The seller told me they were wide across the toes, so I jumped in. I bought a pair of blue snake skin pattern platform pumps. 13cm heel, 2.5cm platform. They have a nice solid feel about them, but the platform doesnt bend so much and as they are un worn the sides and toe box are still quite stiff. I am sure they will soften with time and wearing. They fit really well across the toe width wise, however they appear a bit bulky at the back, but all in all I like them and they are comfortable
  8. Sydheel

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Wow. I like these as well thanks for the heads up
  9. Sydheel

    Who has bought some new shoes

    These are one of the shoes i was looking at on their website. Thanks @Cali I agree, these are just WOW !!
  10. Sydheel

    Who has bought some new shoes

    What size ? Is Steve madden a wide or narrow fit for shoes ? Thanks
  11. Sydheel

    Collection and pics from down under

    Hi all Even though its mid winter here (not really cold compared to some parts of the world) My toe was hurting so I decided to spend the day in open toe sandals and leggings The shoes are a platform sandal from one of the cheap imported makers (Pied A Tierre) here in Aus, but surprisingly well made and robust. 13cm heel, 2.5 cm platform in a nude synthetic leggings / jeggings from MYER Have a great day
  12. Sydheel

    A Visit to the Podiatrist

    I understand the stretching etc so that you can take care of your own. Hope it improves. I had 1 big toe nail fixed (nail bed resection) about 30 years ago, has never ingrown again, well the other one never gave me much trouble but now with heels and back playing lots of soccer and running it tends to get ingrown easily. Im thinking about getting it fixed. Its a simple procedure yet hurts like a bugger for 2-3 days, then 4 weeks of been sensitive
  13. Sydheel

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Hi everyone i know I haven’t actually bought these shoes......... yet, however im watching a pair of Torrid size 11 heels on ebay. Can anyone shed some light on how these go size wise. Ive heard torrid is a big and wide make. Any comparisons to nine west, wittner. Etc would be great. thanks
  14. Sydheel

    Collection and pics from down under

    Just out for a coffee and snack in Kings Cross Cafe strip Wearing my NineWest ankle boots and jeggings. Over time I have become far more adept at these heels. I had 3-4 pairs of heels that were in the 11-12 cm range which was right on the limit, but over time I can wear them and walk in them much better. My ankle must be improving its range slightly. Have a great day
  15. Sydheel

    Shoes of Prey Order

    have your 'shoes of prey' shoes arrived yet ?

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