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  1. Wow, Jkrenzer I love the heels. I probably would not have the guts to go out wearing my heels in public.
  2. I am interested in knowing how you came across this forum. I myself typed in Google men wearing heels forum and this website came up. I haven't really found another forum like this one on the web. I'm glad that I am a member here. .
  3. Today while browsing the internet I came across this website that sells shoes. They sell some really beautiful heels on their website for very reasonable prices. The website is https://www.shoes2go.shop/. Here is a sample pic of one of the heels they sell that I loved. Comment below if you would rock these gorgeous pair of heels and which color. They are called The Judith20.
  4. Showing off my heels


  5. If anyone here uses facebook there is a page called marketplace where you can search for shoes / other products for cheap prices. I found some high heels that someone was selling about few miles away from my house. You can specific a location and how many miles you are willing to drive and find some nice priced High Heels.
  6. I agree with you, I just wanted to post this pic with this outfit because I like the combination. I would never wear it out.
  7. I kinda like the idea of mixing leggings, jeggings and / sporty outfits together with heels. I don't mind wearing either one of the three interchangeable with heels. to me it looks great. You look really good in that outfit and heels. I myself posted this image to the gallery wearing heels and leggings. What do you think heelster if you read this?
  8. Yes to me they are pleasing to see and some are like beautiful art.
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