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  1. Thanks a lot for your encouraging & thoughtful words :-) I have been out in my heels for quite some time but not as often as I would like to and I often limit my heel wearing to certain places ( usually not a crowded place). I'm still working on the idea of incorporating my heels into my daily wear. I agree with you, Jura really made a statement with his outfit and aside from liking his outfit or not, I am really impressed by him. I also like the idea of not hiding his masculinity and combining that with a unisex style.
  2. Hello Jura, I really like the photos you have posted and I hope you had a great time in Germany. Could you please send me some of the 'bravery pills'? Tom
  3. Andy, there´s no date yet as I wanted to find out first who might be there and interested in a meeting. Would you consider coming to Hamburg or surroundings from Bavaria? Have a great day!
  4. Hi guys, I know there are a few members from Germany on this forum. Would anybody be interested in meeting in Hamburg or somewhere in North Germany??? Would love to meet some fellow heel wearers :-) Tom
  5. Matt, here´s a link to Amazon´s German website; I couldn´t find the boots on Amazon´s U.S. site..... Tom
  6. Thank you Spikesmike for your advice on Fabulously Fetish and Estresmodes......I´ve been thinking for quite some time to place an order with FF but will be now thinking twice if I will really do that. And it´s good to know that you had a good experience with Estresmodes as they have some really tempting choices on their webpage Tom
  7. I do agree with you guys.....I purchased two pairs of Onlymaker and I´m quite happy with the results....shipping time from China to Germany was fast and for the moderate price paid you get a reasonable quality. The fit is (at least in my case) true to size.
  8. Hello Spikesmike, what a great combination.....I really like the blue sweater and the denim skirt - a perfect match with your high heels Tom
  9. A beautiful pair of sandals - too bad the fit isn´t perfect on your feet. I once bought a pair of sandals made by ItalianHeels. The length of the shoe was perfect and true to size (EU45) but the toe box was way too small/narrow. I just left them in the box after trying them on once - what a waste of money But I think, thighbootguy had some good ideas for your shoes. That might work as well for my sandals..... Did you consider cutting away a little bit of the "white parts" - that might open up the space for your feet a little bit and could be simple solution. However, it will change the design and it might not look very professional ..... Anyway, I hope you will find a way to wear these beautiful heels in comfort...!
  10. Two beautiful pairs! I´m sure the grey ones will be perfect for the office....
  11. Lovely boots! :-)
  12. Hi Swedeheeler, these might stretch your budget a bit but they go up to size 47 & 48: And another German site: again, a bit pricey and the biggest size is 46. Both shops ship internationally as far as I know. Good luck with your search!
  13. Hello Heeladdict99 I saw your post yesterday and I´m wondering wether your Miguel Jones boots are still for sale.......if so; I might be interested. Are they in tan colour? And do you think they´re true to size? I´m wearing a EU45. If I´m right, that is a US11 (mens size) or a US12W (ladies size). Kind regards Tom
  14. I received my first order from Onlymaker 2 weeks ago: It´s a pair of black ankle boots with a block heel, about 6" high with a 1,5" platform. Very comfortable to wear and true to size. The quality of the material is not´s NOT real leather but it feels nice. The quality of the workmanship seems OK to me - in the end it´s "you get for you pay for"......for 80€ including shipment from China it´s quite a deal Tom
  15. My guess is that they will probably cost around 700 €........maybe we should invest some €€ in high end designer shoes before the Euro looses even more of its value