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  1. tomham

    California / Bay Area

    Hi guys, I will be in San Francisco for 2 days from June 10 to June 12. Would be fun to meet a fellow heel wearer.....Regards, Tom
  2. tomham

    My extrem heels

    Hello Spikesmike, your spelling of "Fasching" is correct If I´d live in the area of Cologne, it would be perfectly fine to wear my knee high boots out as Fasching or Karneval is widely celebrated there. Not so much in my area in the north of Germany.....so these boots get worn mostly indoors. I wear them from time to time and both like the look with tight jeans or with a skirt.
  3. tomham

    My extrem heels

    I have completely forgotten about taking some new (full length) pics with my suede boots. But I have this pic in one of my galleries here on hhplace. It´s not crystal-clear but it shows a bit more of the boots from the rear....
  4. I really like your idea of cowboy boots!!! A great pair!
  5. tomham

    My extrem heels

    Great photo, Spikesmike! The leather jacket is fabulous!!! And everything else you´re wearing..... I´ll work on some new (full length) pics with my grey suede boots. And concerning the not-so-cheap Gianrico Mori boots: they accept price proposals.....in my case they accepted a price of 150 € which is not exactly cheap but way less than the price they originally asked for. So if you see a pair you like, it might be worth a try.....
  6. tomham

    My extrem heels

    thank you! yes, they´re knee high and the maker is "Gianrico Mori".
  7. tomham

    My extrem heels

    ...maybe not super-extreme but at slightly over 6" and no platform, these boots are a bit of a challenge (at least for me - lol)
  8. tomham

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Love the red & black combination, great skirt and heels. And great legs, too :-)
  9. tomham

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Hello Spikesmike, thank you very much for providing some sources for these great boots! What a great find on your doorstep! :-) Tom
  10. tomham

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Very nice ankle boots (and I LOVE the top you´re wearing...) What brand is the pair in the upper picture? Thank you!
  11. tomham

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Fantastic clogs!
  12. Thank you - likewise! I guess I copied you a bit
  13. tomham

    California / Bay Area

    Hi I will be in SF on November 28 & 29. Would be cool to meet a fellow heeler then..... Tom
  14. tomham

    Meeting in Hamburg/North Germany

    ....Frankfurt might be possible for me in early September. How long will you be there?

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