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  1. ....Frankfurt might be possible for me in early September. How long will you be there?
  2. They look very nice! I bought some Mori sandals before and find their quality very good. They also have their own website and dispatch their stuff free of charge using UPS (at least to Germany....)
  3. Great legs!!! And congratulations on your weight loss efforts :-) Where did you find those great lace-up heels?? I really like them.... Tom
  4. Beautiful boots and skirt - a very nice outfit! I just thought that it might be a challenge not to hit anyone else with those impressive spurs! But it certainly looks very good!!!
  5. Thanks a lot for your encouraging & thoughtful words :-) I have been out in my heels for quite some time but not as often as I would like to and I often limit my heel wearing to certain places ( usually not a crowded place). I'm still working on the idea of incorporating my heels into my daily wear. I agree with you, Jura really made a statement with his outfit and aside from liking his outfit or not, I am really impressed by him. I also like the idea of not hiding his masculinity and combining that with a unisex style.
  6. Hello Jura, I really like the photos you have posted and I hope you had a great time in Germany. Could you please send me some of the 'bravery pills'? Tom
  7. Andy, there´s no date yet as I wanted to find out first who might be there and interested in a meeting. Would you consider coming to Hamburg or surroundings from Bavaria? Have a great day!
  8. Hi guys, I know there are a few members from Germany on this forum. Would anybody be interested in meeting in Hamburg or somewhere in North Germany??? Would love to meet some fellow heel wearers :-) Tom
  9. Matt, here´s a link to Amazon´s German website; I couldn´t find the boots on Amazon´s U.S. site..... Tom
  10. Thank you Spikesmike for your advice on Fabulously Fetish and Estresmodes......I´ve been thinking for quite some time to place an order with FF but will be now thinking twice if I will really do that. And it´s good to know that you had a good experience with Estresmodes as they have some really tempting choices on their webpage Tom
  11. I do agree with you guys.....I purchased two pairs of Onlymaker and I´m quite happy with the results....shipping time from China to Germany was fast and for the moderate price paid you get a reasonable quality. The fit is (at least in my case) true to size.
  12. Hello Spikesmike, what a great combination.....I really like the blue sweater and the denim skirt - a perfect match with your high heels Tom
  13. A beautiful pair of sandals - too bad the fit isn´t perfect on your feet. I once bought a pair of sandals made by ItalianHeels. The length of the shoe was perfect and true to size (EU45) but the toe box was way too small/narrow. I just left them in the box after trying them on once - what a waste of money But I think, thighbootguy had some good ideas for your shoes. That might work as well for my sandals..... Did you consider cutting away a little bit of the "white parts" - that might open up the space for your feet a little bit and could be simple solution. However, it will change the design and it might not look very professional ..... Anyway, I hope you will find a way to wear these beautiful heels in comfort...!
  14. Two beautiful pairs! I´m sure the grey ones will be perfect for the office....
  15. Lovely boots! :-)