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    Wearing women’s heels, boots, flats, sneakers, some styles of sandals (although I have gross man toes), also enjoy playing with all the shoes previously mentioned as well as wearing and playing with women’s leather clothing and gloves!

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  1. @jeremy1986 those OTK boots are sexy!
  2. @jeremy1986 I know, I need to be more involved, I don't have any heels/womens footwear of my ow anymore. I'm also not in a position where I can get any Maybe someday, but not anytime soon I'm sure.
  3. @redandwhite those Prada boots look fantastic! Are they pull on or zipped? Also love the black ankle boots! Love your style! @AlexC94 WOW those boots look great! Where are they from? What brand? And are they real leather!?
  4. I have a pair of black leather otk boots for sale. I bought them for my wife, but they don't fit, they were listed as a women's US 9, but the bottom of the sole says 39. Brand is "NaNa", genuine black leather, 1/2" platform, interior zip for easy on, elastic in back of knee, excellent condition. Asking $60, can ship in US
  5. Looking to buy or swap boots/heels women's US 12/12W/13/13W
  6. How much for the platform boots? Are they leather?
  7. I’m more worried about the length, I’m fairly positive a 13 or 13W would fit just fine, I have not yet found the courage to heel out in public yet, so I don’t need them to fit 100% no pain comfortable just enough that I can get them on and wear for 2 - 3 hours. Like I mentioned in my original post, i would love to have a pair of real genuine leather boots and/or heels, but I don’t want to purchase a pair and find out my giant feet won’t even squeeze into them.
  8. Not to intrude on others introductions, as I have already introduced myself to the forum, I’m not sure where else to post. I’m curious to know if any fellow high heelers call Nebraska home? If you do, I’d love to talk, and perhaps meet!
  9. Hello all! I’m needing some help, and I think I can get all the advice I need here. I’m wanting to purchase some higher quality shoes and/or boots (real genuine leather Nine West, Jessica Simpson, Franco Sarto, Vince Camuto, Calvin Klein), I have found some pairs I really like on Poshmark, The Real Real, and Tradesy, my issue is that I have large feet (men’s US 13). I have purchased several pairs of lower quality heels and boots in the past (Payless, torrid, Avenue), and found that women’s size 13 or 13W fits me, not super comfortable, but well enough that I can wear them for several hours. I also can fit into the Payless brand “Fioni” women’s size 12/12W, I have tried the Payless brand “Brash” in a 12/12W with no luck as they are too small. So my question is how is the fit with the higher quality shoes? Are they true to the size or do some fit smaller or larger than the actual size? I would love to just try them on, but the department stores in my area don’t carry those sizes, nor do I have the free time to go in and try on a pair. Also, as I mentioned in my introduction to the forum, my wife is not supportive of this side of me, so being discreet is a must! Thank you all for any and all help! Much appreciated!
  10. Do you wear heels just for personal enjoyment or do you wear for the sexual enjoyment? I personally find wearing any sexy women's shoes, especially heels and boots very sensual, and super sexy! I'm I the only one like this?
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