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    Wearing women’s heels, boots, flats, sneakers, some styles of sandals (although I have gross man toes), also enjoy playing with all the shoes previously mentioned as well as wearing and playing with women’s leather clothing and gloves!

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  1. @Cali I totally agree, they will go completely unnoticed in public! I was feeling a bit daring this morning and wore them into work, I think they look great with my work pants, let me know what you think! (Im still a bit nervous when it comes to showing my face in pictures online, sorry) P.S. with the boots being a 12M they are a bit tight, I really think a 12W would fit almost perfect! Gonna have to start looking!
  2. Lol! I know it doesnt make sense, the math does not work out. They don't fit perfect, a little tight. Fioni is the brand I've found fits best in a 12, i mean a 13, or 14 would be best, however shopping in store is my only option as my wife is not supportive
  3. Yes I'm hoping to! A few better pics
  4. I have been working about an hour away from home one day a week for the last month or so, every day before I head home I've been stopping at the local Goodwill store, just to browse. Yesterday when I stopped, I was surprised to find several pairs of shoes in a size 12. (If you have read some of my prior posts you'd know I wear a mens 14, but depending on the brand I can wear a womens 12) I browsed around the 4 large racks of shoes for about 20 minutes, found a pair of Clarks ankle boots sized 12M, after waiting for a younger female shopper to leave the racks, I sat down to try them on, which was a first for me! Prior to yesterday I would've bought them and hoped they fit when I got to my truck. For some reason (I think because of this forum) I decided to sit down and try them on, I did have socks on and they were a bit tight but I knew they would fit barefoot or with hose, and for $2.99 i couldn't pass them up. I haven't purchased any heels since I purged 3 years ago. I put them on before I left the parking lot and wore them all the way home. When I returned back to my town, I decided to stop by the Goodwill before going home, still wearing the boots, just said "fuck it" and walked into the store wearing my new boots, again another first for me, and again more props to all the beautiful people in this forum! I have not had time to take pics fo me wearing them as it was dark by the time I drove home. I do have pics of the boots For some reason it wont let me post more pics,
  5. I am looking for samome assistance from all of you lovely people! A little back story: Almost 9 years ago, in my bachelor days, I acquired 5 pairs of various Fioni brand pumps and boots from the local Payless and Goodwill. The first pair I bought was from GW, was a pair of knee high boots with a stiletto wood look heel and sole in a size 12 (I wear a mens 14, which if you do the math doesnt add up) but I saw the boots and had to have them, not caring if they fit or not. To my surprise they fit like a glove, maybe a little tight but nothing painful. So from there I purchased several other pairs of Fioni heels and boots all in size 12. Fast forward 4 years, I met my now wife, and decided I would no longer wear heels or "dress", so I purged everything that I owned. Fast forward again another 5 years, here I am unable to supress the urge to wear heels wanting all those heels and boots I once owned. This is where the assistance comes into play, I am looking for any Fioni brand shoes size 12 or 13 to purchase, I have looked on Poshmark, Offer Up, Let Go, Amazon, Ebay, Vinted, Varage Sales, Mercari, etc. Some of the newer styles, just prior to Payless closing, are available, but I'm more interested in the older styles (5-10 years back) any help would be much appreciated! Thank you, this forum has been a great esteem builder!
  6. All great looking boots, even though pull ons are a bitch some times, they ae actually my favorite!
  7. @jeremy1986 those OTK boots are sexy!
  8. @jeremy1986 I know, I need to be more involved, I don't have any heels/womens footwear of my ow anymore. I'm also not in a position where I can get any Maybe someday, but not anytime soon I'm sure.
  9. @redandwhite those Prada boots look fantastic! Are they pull on or zipped? Also love the black ankle boots! Love your style! @AlexC94 WOW those boots look great! Where are they from? What brand? And are they real leather!?
  10. I have a pair of black leather otk boots for sale. I bought them for my wife, but they don't fit, they were listed as a women's US 9, but the bottom of the sole says 39. Brand is "NaNa", genuine black leather, 1/2" platform, interior zip for easy on, elastic in back of knee, excellent condition. Asking $60, can ship in US
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