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    I got some new pumps and I was kinda feeling myself, so I wanted to share. Pictures are kinda bad quality, and my face is kinda awkward, but you get the drift. Wife told me that the plaid shirt made me look like forest gump in high heels. lmao!!! Anyway, hope you like the outfits...and the dog!
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    So today was the day for me to wear my boots outside my pants. I did a short 2 1/2 hour in public with my Nine West knee highs and these vegan leather pants as a test run. But today was a long one, 16 hours. I wore my JS Rollin knee high boots and vegan leather pants. First time wearing the JS boots and love them. Easy to walk in, easy to drive in and gorgeous!! Got lots of compliments on them, especially from women, but the most interesting comment came from a guy. "I wish I had the confidence to wear boots like that."
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    I'm going to post my outings in this thread, just to share. A few things about me: Have been married for a long time, with kids. My wife knew about my heels before we got married, but was never supportive, and eventually all heels became hidden (hence my alias) from view, we didn't talk about, I didn't wear it in front of her, nothing. Recently the topic came up, and the conclusion was that she said is OK if I go out periodically, she might join once in a while. It's slowly been improving, I showed her my heels, we discussed them, etc, but she doesn't want me wearing them at home. I'm used to that, so it's OK. Traditionally, 50% of my outings have been at night, with noone around, lasting about ~30 minutes. 50% of my outings have been to parks, or other more-deserted locations, during the day, hoping noone would be around. I usually wear jeans which cover the heels, and the heels vary depending on my mood. I much prefer boots, or ankle-boots, so it's almost always that. I have never ventured into a store or anything like that. Now I'm working hard to change that... More recently however, I've been getting really angry, sad, anxious, etc, most of it I am convinced is because of my inability (self-imposed or otherwise) to wear heels out. These emotions have been really difficult, and have preoccupied me greatly. I am getting really fed up with it, and have decided to try to challenge myself a bit and try to wear them outside. This is all recent, and has been happening in the last 2-3 months... OUTING A while ago I had to go downtown for work, and was in a huge mood to wear heels. I decided to take the required cloths with me, and a ~3.5" ankle boot that looks professional, no platform. After I was done with my work stuff, I quickly changed... Jeans covering almost the entire heel (about 1" was showing), and off I went. Broad daylight, with your general downtown population moving about, roads, etc. Put in headphones and walked around downtown, looking into stores, just browsing. Obviously lots of people saw me, but I was having fun. Didn't bother me who saw, and I didn't hear, was busy listening to music. Once I was done walking around, I walked too far from the car, so I decided to take the bus back. Got on the bus, in heels, sat down, and paid no attention to anyone. Was a bit self-conscious, but it was great. This was the first time I went out in public, ever, in broad daylight. I had a blast, still processing the experience. Cloths were: jacket, white shirt, very dark blue jeans, and black ~3.5" chunky heel ankle boots. The outfit I think worked perfectly. OUTING A few days after the above adventure, I got another chance. Was near a shoe store that I don't get a chance to go to often. Was coming home from a work-thing, and wanted to challenge myself. After my work-thing, I got changed, put on very long jeans, and a pair of 4" stiletto boots which I simply love. So comfortable. The heels could barely be seen. I got out of the car, shuffled around a bit, battling my thoughts, but then decided to just go for it. Ventured into the mall, past some coffee shops, and into a large department store. I looked around a bit randomly, just enjoying that I'm there in my heels. Then walked around the mall for a few minutes before making my way to the shoe store. I looked around, found nothing of use, then walked around the mall for a few more minutes and out to the car. The entire thing took 30 minutes or something, but it was broad daylight, with lots of people around, and I loved it. I was just a bit self-conscious. Cloths were: dress-shirt, black sweater, long blue jeans, and black 4" boots. I think it looked OK, upon reflection the outfit could be improved, but am still trying to figure that out. OUTING, OUTING, OUTING, OUTING A few days after the above adventure, over the course of ~2 weeks, I had the chance to be alone during the day once in a while for some hours to do my own thing. I wanted to challenge myself again, and wear heels. This time I decided to go to a coffee shop and grab a drink & some food, and work. So I did just that, picked a coffee shop that was far enough away from home, packed myself into the car, and went. This time I was quite self conscious in my brown wedge ankle boots, and long jeans covering most of it. While standing it was OK, the heels weren't showing, but when sitting I'm sure they were. I tried it out before going to the coffee shop and the jeans would ride up if I sat down, so I assume people could see some of it. But I sat down, enjoyed my drink, ate a bit, and worked on my laptop. Spent about an hour there. Got to repeat this 3, maybe 4 times over the course a few weeks. Quite enjoyable, but doesn't beat the above two adventures. Cloths: Varied, but long blue jeans with 3" wedge ankle boots covering most of it. --------------- The above outings might show progress, and they are huge progress compared to what I was doing a year ago, or further back. But I am still very much conflicted with this heeling thing, and I am sure these emotions will not go away for a while yet. I am trying to challenge myself, and in the process wear my heels, and so far so good. I am still very uncomfortable showing photos or URLs of the heels, or myself. I love it when others post photos of themselves in coffeeshops, etc, but I am not comfortable with that, for various reasons.
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    I like cork wedge Sandals and I like very hig heels. So most of time the cork wedges have a high heel but a high plateau as well. My wish was something really high but walkable. By random I cam across a shop in Aliexpress which have some cork wedge high heels, but for me not high enough. So I decided to ask the shop Manager if they can customize a wedge heel and he said: Y E S So I gave him the püicture of the heels from his shop and asked for the customization and he said: NO PROBLEM and the Price with $76,- was quite nice. So here we go cork wedges Size EU12 Heel 18cm plateau 2cm and I am very happy with them. They are a bit difficult to walk in but this is something I really enjoy:
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    Mint velvet have done some nice style boots over the last few years, but agreed they are a bit of a pricey brand Not really the weather for boots , part of the reason why summer isn’t my favourite season! However, these are my new Prada boots Front view of new prada boots Plus these from Hobbs.
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    Finally got my red boots at last. I even wore them out in public for 2 hours. I would post a bigger photo of how long they really are if the 500mb rule wasn't implemented.
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    hiddenheels, Thanks for finally joining the forum! Our members run the spectrum from transgender and transsexual to heterosexual men just wanting to wear heels either at home or in public. Still others, like myself, enjoy blending both more feminine clothing with mens or androgynous styles to create a look having elements of both or presenting completely as a woman. It is a transformation like in a play or movie and can do wonders for the soul. No desire to actually get an operation rather the desire to cross the boundary, enjoy a day or two or a night wearing exciting clothing in bright colours and then change back into my normal rural guy mode. What our members share in common is a the high heeled shoe and where we might wear it, what we may wear it with, and how all of this enhances our lives. What conflicts you is how society generally affords women full latitude in wearing whatever they want. They wear everything associated with women and a lot things associated with men. They wear lots of makeup or none at all, wear heels or not, show their legs and arms or not, wear wide watches or thin watches and carry handbags of all imaginable sizes and colours whether or not their pants or dresses have pockets. By contrast men don't seem to have the same latitude. But it only seems that way. Few, if any nations outside the Islamic world. specifically prohibit men from wearing womens attire. Men simply choose not to explore their curiosity lest they catch the wrath of a bogeyman who never materializes. I have met several of our members here and have had lovely experiences with all of them. Just so you know it's not made-up internet bullcrap. I have visited mlroseplant a few times and he wears his heels everywhere in small-town Iowa and nothing bad happens. I've seen him in heels and he's seen me and so has his family. I have visited Steve63130 and his wife in Ohio several times wearing rather tall heels and a blended look as described above and had nothing but positive experiences. I have met with Cali in California twice and seen his love of heels and he's seen mine. We are office workers, people in the trades, retired law enforcement, medical personnel, factory workers, politicians, etc. None of us could explain exactly why we like heels except that it is in DNA. So, go with it!! Heels may make you a better person, a better lover, or a better friend. They will undoubtedly make more aware of fashion and perhaps make you more polite. Those are all GOOD things. If you love your partner with all your heart, respect your fellow human beings, the animals, and plants around you then high heel shoes/boots should never impede your ability to enjoy your time on This Earth. This last bit is very important. You will sort through it and figure out where you you fit into the overall scheme of things. Just do it with confidence and the world shall take note of it. Remember, the world is NOT either for or against you rather it is utterly neutral. But the world does notice and tends to respect confidence. Confident people are often successful people but success can only occur as a result of confidence in one's own ability. Ability to look into others' eyes, dress oneself to match one's mood, and stride confidently out the door and demand to be counted as an individual. You have a right to express yourself via your clothes but that right must be exercised to be enjoyed and defended. It's all up to you! HappyinHeels
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    Just finished 18 holes. Wife wanted me to pick up subway on the way home. Obviously i couldn't wear my golf shoes and didn't want to put my work pants back so in i went. Love the feeling, hardly the 1st time with shorts on but still a rush. Stopped at the smoke shop for a couple logs for the July 4th holiday. While in there i received a great "how are you doing" by another customer that i know i don't get except for the heels and obvious lack of concern about how i looked. I expect many more outings like this. Unlike many here i love heels even more so in a casual setting. Maybe me, but women and men in casual attire and stilettos is even sexier than in full blown formal wear.
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    I wasn't sure if I should post this in a new thread versus my old thread, or in "share your best freestyle fashion pictures". Sorry if this infringes on any forum rules. I just wanted to share a few more pictures. I loved the nude Sam Edelman Hazel pumps so much I also bought them in red. I also picked up a pair of Michael Kors open toed booties that are super fun and really comfortable. I hope you enjopy the outfits. I realized most of the outfits I posted were pretty formal/dressy, like something you'd wear to the office. So with the Michael Kors booties I tried to dress them down a bit into a fun casual outfit. Thanks again, and my apologies if I posted in the wrong area.
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    Holla all! Top- Suzy Shier Pants- consignment find Shoes- Payless
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    Welcome hiddenheels! I can understand your feelings, been through the same feelings myself. But I have walked this journey for over three years now and am now at the point where I wear me heels most everyday and wherever I go be that work, shopping, out on the town or any other outing that would be ok for the wearing of heels. Now I am passionate about men wearing heels and encouraging them to move out of the hidden world into the public world. Unlike many of the men here I came to wearing heels late in life. The first time I wore heels was when friends of mine invited me to participate in a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event which works to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence. The day of the event men don a pair of red 4" pumps to walk a mile course raising money for the organizations efforts. Needless to say that the men taking part in the event are comical to watch as they struggle to walk in heels. I made it through my first walk okay, but I did have to take a couple days to let my feet heal! After that I did a number of Walk a Mile Events as I support their mission. It was after five walks that I can to realize that I liked wearing heels, they looked good on me, and I liked the way they made me feel. So being a meticulous kind of guy, I set out to learn all I could about heels, how to walk in them correctly, size them, etc. I then practiced in my basement to master my walk and to gain a smooth walk. But after a while I found that just wearing my heels in the house was getting frustrating to me. I mean why could I not wear my heels out in public? I never found a rule or law that said men cannot wear heels. So I thought about how to best make my first foray out into public in heels alone. Where should I go, I wondered. A shoe store! What could be better? I could look at cute heels and walk in my heels. So that was what I did. It was great and freeing! From that point I just kept wearing them more and more. Soon I was wearing the everywhere, even work. I no longer even think about what I am wearing. Putting on a pair of heels is natural now. I feel strange not wearing heels. So my advice for you hiddenheels is to gain confidence and strength to walk in heels in public: Practice your walk in heels until your walk is smooth and graceful Make sure your shoes fit well so that you will not have to worry about them slipping on your feet Make your mind up that you are wearing heels for your own pleasure, happiness Listen to men on here that have been walking in public in heels, learn from their journey Take it slow, you don't have to take huge steps in this journey. Start with small walks, gain confidence and you will soon have that "light-bulb" moment where you realize that, YES, I can do this! Then pay it forward by encouraging and supporting other men that are starting their journey in heels. Good luck and happy heels! Ciao! K2inheels
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    Bought these inexpensive Zodiac booties off ebay, size 10. I really like the look of the heel and color, even though the toes are more rounded than I prefer. I bought these partially because the short shafts fit in my bag easier, but also to wear instead of my stiletto boots that are getting torn up on rough surfaces/roads/sidewalks. While these booties look good, they are really not designed very well in terms of walkability....I realize that Zodiac is probably a lower cost product, but I wish they the heels/soles were designed a bit better for ease of walking. The underslung heels tend to buckle a bit making me feel a bit uneasy, perhaps losing a few pounds might help! These booties seem to be more for "show" than "go", but I didn't pay much for them so can't complain.
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    Nothing much to report lately, except I did get a much needed compliment yesterday. I was in my local Walgreens getting some BIG Band-Aids (sticking plasters), as my son had had a mishap with his knee, and six regular sized Band-Aids weren't cutting it. I was wearing my cutoff shorts, which I may have mentioned somewhere are actually about an inch TOO short to be practical, but they're fine if you never sit down anywhere. Anyhow, they're stylish enough I guess, without being this ripped or distressed business that every girl seems to be wearing nowadays. Oh, also, I was wearing my gold patchwork Coach mules with dark brown 4 1/4" wedge heel. A lady I would guess to be about my age followed me up to the checkout area and remarked that I had prettier legs than she did. As she was wearing long pants, I cannot say whether that was true or not, but in any case she was slim and reasonably attractive. I kind of chuckled in the way that I do when I'm caught off guard, and thanked her. Then we talked about kids and skinned knees with the cashier, I wished them a good evening, and I was on my way home to apply said Band-Aids. It's been kind of a rough month for negative feedback, so it was nice to get some positive, and she seemed like she was being sincere. I did not detect any trace of sardonic tone in her voice.
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    At breakfast this morning and stopped at walmart for balls and tees. I think my golf tees have wider shanks than these heels.
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    This thread is inspiring me! One time I went out and wore pumps, the girl wore matching black patent pumps. It was a good time.
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    New wedges...another great deal from a liquidation store. Half price!
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    Somewhat in a similar position, but I try to go far enough from home that my immediate neighbourhood will not find out. There's a danger that others who know me will see me, but at those times I take that risk. Otherwise I will be stuck at home only, which is no fun. Starting to focus more on potential trips, and trying to plan ahead... OUTING: Had a chance to try my new 5" ankle-boot (no platform) outside, along with another 5" ankle-boot (with 1" platform). It was in a suburban neighbourhood, and it was dark already. My no-platform-boots, although they're size US9, I have no idea what kind of messed up sizing system they used, as US9 would be way too small and unworkable for me, but these shoes are a perfect fit with socks, and I mean 100% perfect, so comfortable. I don't think I've ever gone out in a 5" boot before, but I simply had to try these out. As usual, it was with long jeans covering most of the heels. Getting out of the car is getting less of an issue, and I am starting to not worry about that at all. Although I've worn heels this tall inside, outside turned out to be a challenge. Took me about 10 minutes to get used to it, and figure out how to handle the slopes on a sidewalk, and the ups and downs of driveway entrances. I didn't trip, ankles didn't go out, so am quite proud of myself. Walked around for ~30 minutes, and it was an amazing 30 minutes. Had some people walk by, but didn't care. Did get a small group of teenager guys walk my way for which I stopped and messed around with my phone until they passed. I didn't trust that situation. After 30 minutes of walking about, my feet didn't ache, my toes weren't crushed, I love these. Although the heels are higher than my usual, I'm surprised how well I did. Before calling it quits, I had to try the other boots, so changed into them, and took a quick stroll. I don't know why, possibly because after 30 minutes with a 5" lift, wearing something with a 4" lift was child's play. I felt like I was wearing my sneakers, so comfortable, so easy to walk in. Overall, I had no issues, both new boots did great, and I'm super-happy. Before heading home I considered stopping by a grocery store or something just for the thrill of it, but decided to head home and not freak out my wife (that I went into a store in heels - maybe next time).
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    Not sure which of these 3 is the best... Or with a blazer, which is how I went out in the cool evening:
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    As promised here are the shoes I purchased a couple of weeks ago. The first 2 were purchased from a lady off of facebook marketplace. And the 3rd pair I found myself in a thrift store earlier in the day. here is the breakdown and pics. 1) Black patent Marc Fisher brand with just under 4" heel 2) Wine color Jessica Simpson brand with 5-inch heel and a platform. They also have a keyhole cut-out in the toe box 3) Mint green Le Chateau brand with 4.5" heel
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    I strolled about downtown Miami today in my light colored Zodiac booties and levis, I really don't think anyone noticed....After awhile, I even forgot I was wearing them!
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    Let's up the stakes with Stilettos and Shorts. Victoria's Secret hidden platform ruched velvet stilettos. I rarely wear them, only 3 to 4 times a year, but today they got called up. Love these heels.
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    Hello, here are my thinnest heels.
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    The 3 - 4" block heel is best for daily use. I also carry to work and to the city to my customers. I'm doing lighting projects and looking at implementation. High heels and thin heels for solemn occasions. I don't wear heels at home because nobody sees them.
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    Found these the other day, LOVE them, cant wait to wear them somewhere What do you think
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    I'm getting old, but have never seen another male wear heels, dressed as a male. It's a bit daunting, but I have noticed that as I get older, I realize that the time I have available to me to do this is getting shorter. So I venture outside more. Thank you everyone for the positive feedback. I am making progress in my adventure to wear heels. I hope I will be comfortable to wear them more openly as time progresses.
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    Had a need to go to some stores, and though I would try some new heels I bought. Lower, ~3" chunky heels, but light brown, harder to hide. Jeans, TShirt and my bag. Sat in the car for a few minutes, contemplating things, then got out and just went for it. I felt very comfortable, and not so self-conscious as last time. Walking in heels outside is interesting, can't hurry as much as I usually do, which is kinda nice. Anyway, went into one store, browsed around for ~20 minutes but didn't find what I was looking for. Reparked by another store, a much busier store, and again sat in the car for a few minutes. Then got out, and went in. Timing couldn't have been better, as a lady with awesome heels was walking out. Went in, grabbed what I needed and walked out. Nothing unusual happened, no comments, no stares, nothing. The boots do look a bit like cowboy boots, but they were very hidden under jeans. I'm now happy, I got it out of my system for the time being.
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    My favorites....hope these count
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    After some early grocery shopping this morning I stopped at a garage sale on the way home while wearing these older shoes. I then got lucky and bought three new to me heels shown. I expect the young 20's lady knew I was buying her shoes for myself. They all fit great.
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    Went shoe shopping yesterday to Marmi Shoes, my favorite shoe store. This spring they came out with a style of sandal called Maysa, by VanEli that I really liked. The shoes were a bit pricy (but excellent quality) so I held off on a purchase - even tho I was tempted! This week they went on sale, so I put on my gals jeans, a pair of two inch heeled slip on sandals (an earlier Marmi purchase) and went shopping. I have been at this Marmi store before and have been treated very well. When I walked in the door I was greeted by two very nice ladies, one whom I had spoken with on the phone last week. She went and got the sandals, I was not sure if I would be a size 11 or 12 - they had both - great. The 12 fit perfectly, and I had to decide the color, black or brown. I almost got the brown but stayed with "basic" black. Three other female customers were also shopping in the store at the same time and did not seem to care. One of the ladies did look at me and said "cute shoes." Really love the sandals, they are a slip on toe loop style with a 2, maybe 2 1/2 inch block heel that is very walkable and looks great. The upper is soft leather that holds my foot securely, no flapping sounds. The sole is leather too, for good traction. The Marmi staff is wonderful as well. The lady assisting me was patient and helpful, offering sound advice. I tried on several sizes and colors, she said she wanted me to be happy with my purchase. I am. Here is a picture of the sandals, I will post a pic of me wearing them at a later time..... have fun..... sf PS Marmi has most of their shoes up to size 13 in varying widths. They have a nice variety and are well made. Check them out.
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    Now I have finished a closet for all my shoes. Please share your pictutes of your closet.
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    Trip is too short to arrange a meetup - but I took pictures!
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    Went up to our land in far northern Wisconsin and stopped at Nordstrom Rack on the way and bought these! Clearance price of course. Just basic cognac coloured wedge sandals with a 5"/12 cm heel. They're branded "14th and Union" which I have never bought before. I wore them the rest of the trip. I also wore them on the way home. Very cumfy indeed. HinH
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    Bought these yesterday and should be in my possession tomorrow or friday!
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    I had an interesting encounter today. It all started the other day. I was searching through Facebook Marketplace as I usually do. I came across a pair of black patent stilettos. They looked great and the $10 price tag didn't hurt either. So I messaged the seller to ask her a few basic questions. Things like the brand and size and such. At no point in our conversation did I mention or lead on that the shoes were for me. I finally told her I was interested and I could pick up the shoes tomorrow. She said great and gave me her address. She also said she had some other shoes I might be interested in. So I drove to her house at the agreed-upon time and knocked on the door. She came to the porch area and let me in. She brought me the shoes and without missing a beat she asked if I would like to try them on. The whole drive over I was wondering how it was going to go down. And I was prepared for anything that might arise. I thought about her proposal for just a split second and said sure! I put them on and she asked how they fit? I told her they were really comfortable if not slightly large. Then she asked if I wear them around town referring to heels. I told her I do. Then she said if you don't mind me asking are you a crossdresser or trans etc etc. I felt really comfortable at this point and she seemed that way from the get-go. I told her none of the above. I told her I just wear whatever I want. If it looks good I wear it. She said okay. Then she started telling me about some trans person she knew years back in town. And all the struggles she had before she eventually died. After a brief conversation she mentioned she had another pair of heels that I might be interested in. She said they were red patent and she went to fetch them. I was excited because I didn't have any red patent in my collection. She came back shortly with the shoes. I was slightly dejected as they were more of a maroon wine color. They were nice just the same though. They were Jessica Simpson brand. They had a 5-inch heel and a platform. They also had a keyhole cut-out in the toe box. I slipped out of the black ones and tried these on. They fit great and we're just as comfortable as the other ones despite the added height. She told me how great both pairs looked on me. She told me these ones would be $15 if I wanted them. I happily paid her the $25. She grab me a plastic bag to put the shoes in. And then she said if I have any shoes for sale later I will message you a picture. I thanked her and left one happy camper! Two hot pairs of heels for $25 and a very positive shoe buying experience. The only negative is that when I got home I noticed the patent on the Black shoes had started to separate a little bit from the side of the heel shafts. I missed that earlier but since I only paid $10 for the shoes it was no big deal. A little glue and I should be back in business. I am going to get pics up of the shoes as soon as I can so stay tuned! Oh and I forgot to mention that earlier in the day I found a near-perfect pair of mint green patent stilettos in a thrift store for less than $10 also! So let's recap. I got three pairs of heels plus a story and interaction of a lifetime. And not to mention a potential source of future shoe buying. And all it cost me was 30 bucks! You can't beat that!
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    My latest thrift store find...heel tips not even worn...10 bucks.
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    Wore these ankle boots in the clubhouse after playing 18 holes yesterday. On the way out was stopped by a stranger who said " you must have a sexy unbrella too." I smiled and thanked him even i really didn't understand if it was a compliment or not. Sometimes older men equate umbrellas with sissyness. However i didn't care and thanking him may have thrown him off. Also stopped at the local grocery near our vacation spot to get beer and a couple gallons of water. Carried out 2 cases of beer and 2 gallons of water while working it in 5inch heels. So much fun.
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    Dresse de as a man,with heels. That's totally unusual. And that's why it's fun. No one can put a tag on you! I am getting old also. So I am wearing heels visible more and more. Go ahead. Pierre.
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    hiddenheels, You have seen a sampling of reaction + support since your first posting. If you refocus on the posting by mlroseplant on 27 June I offer my validation of that post. Whilst I know some things on the internet should be taken with a grain of salt I can assure you may confident in mlroseplant because I know him and his wife. I have visited him a few times now as I passed through Iowa on my way home to Wisconsin. He lives in a small town and wears his heels openly just as described. He walks the walk and is secure in who he is. So, when he writes about his experiences in hopes of encouraging you, I believe you can take it to the bank. Ultimately this forum exists to encourage others to enjoy their heels and indeed enjoy their lives wearing those heels. There are many others here who have similar stories but you can take inspiration from any of them if that helps and I hope it does. I have met several of our members and my life is enhanced for having done so. Bet on it. Bet on yourself. HappyinHeels
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    For me, the different steps walking in heels outside are: 1/- hidden block heels boots or booties 2/- hidden stilettos booties 3/- visible block heels boots or booties 4/- visible stilettos booties 5/- hidden very female style stilettos court shoes 6/- visible court shoes i personally am fine until step 3.sometimes step 4 .Not yet steps 5 and 6 as RonC wrote,the risk someone could take a picture and post it somewhere worries me . The odds are 1/10000 (?) but not nothing depending the place the risk being noticed by someone we know is more important.So far it personally never happened So....let's go ahead and wear heels Pierre
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    The first few steps are always the hardest. And it get's easier each time. One day you won't remember when you didn't wear high heels.
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    I cannot remember a time in my life that I didn’t wear heels or girls shoes. After several failed attempts to quit, I decided never to try to quit again. I was 16 when I began wearing “girls shoes” exclusively, including heels, full time. When I tried to quit, It didn’t matter how long I went not wearing them, the desire to wear heels became stronger the longer I went without wearing them, to a point that it began to affect my temperament. The relief that I felt once I put on a pair of heels was instantaneous. I immediately felt normal again. Hard to explain. But I’m not the only person that wears heels to feel this way. Over the years , I’ve chatted with countless other heel wearing men that have described the same feelings and gone through identical situations. You can’t quit. No matter how hard you try, the desire never will go away. So, keep your sanity. Face the fact and sit back, relax and enjoy it.
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    My last pair I tried to purchase from Express sold out before I got them...waited too long. But I just bought these Jessica Simpson Dany Platform Sandals. Should get them next week, I sure hope they fit. Went up to a size 11 since JS's tend to have a small toe box. I know too chunky for some of you - but these are heels I wear and wear and wear; 6 inch heel, 2 inch platform.
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    I am a man. And I wear dresses. Nothing more complicated than that. When I began my journey as a fashion freestyler, I’ll admit that dresses were at the bottom of my wardrobe totem pole, mostly because I didn’t quite feel comfortable wearing them in public like I had skirts, and, at the time, I was fine with that. From 2011 when I donned a dress for the first time through 2016, I only wore them seven times compared to 209 outings in skirts, but, as I grew more comfortable in dresses, I began wearing them more, 2017 marked the first year of double digit outings with 10, followed by 27 in 2018, and so far in 2019, I’m at eleven and counting, and, as a result, my mindset about what I chose to wear on jaunts slowly began changing. Just as I evolved from jeans to skirts, finding the latter more enjoyable to wear, I’ve slowly come to prefer dresses to skirts, when I plan for an outing these days, I often choose a dress first, it’s a ridiculously uncomplicated garment, you don’t have to rack your brain worrying about pairing the right top with a skirt, you just slip into a dress, put on shoes and go, easy as that. What could be simpler? I don’t at all hide or mask that I’m a man in a dress. Sure, I augment that garment with high heeled shoes (though not always), jewelry, handbags, even the occasional dalliance with lipstick, but that’s as far as I go, I’m all about the garment first and foremost which is at the center of my current existence as a fashion freestyler. I’ve said more than a few times, and I believe wholeheartedly that I look better in women’s clothes than I do men’s, and I go to great lengths to look my very best in the former while it’s often a struggle to care how I appear in the latter. When I don a dress and see myself in the mirror, I never fail to like how I look which, in my mind, is a look that’s perfectly natural, like I’ve been wearing dresses all my life instead of just the last few years. Staring at my reflection, I see a man who’s totally comfortable and at ease defying gender norms when it comes to what men should or shouldn’t wear, if anything, being a man who wears dresses in public as a man displays a special brand of machismo, after all, it takes colossal balls for a guy to parade around in the open in a dress, and make it look like it’s no big deal to boot. I’ve said numerous times that the final stage in my evolution as a fashion freestyler would be to one day completely abandon my skirts and elevate to wearing dresses full time on my outings, hell, I even long to wear an evening gown to some fancy social function and turn heads with my style and boldness, that would be downright awesome! With each new adventure, the pull of the dress grows stronger and more irresistible, however, I’m not forcing things, preferring to let that last stage come in its own good time so I can fully enjoy the experience. But, it will come, of that, I have absolutely no doubt, and when it does come, my journey as a freestyler will be complete. Short and sweet, I am the man in the dress, and I am VERY proud of that title, for it is who I ultimately am in this world.
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    my girly, new heels from Highest Heel
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    I feel like I'm not saying anything new, but perhaps I'm remembering something I never said. It seems I am forgetting stuff I did say a lot more often these days, so I don't see why it couldn't work the other way. We here at HHP seem to believe that there is a secret, substantial portion of the male population who either wear heels privately or would like to wear heels. It is my contention that this belief is probably correct, but not in the way that most of us would wish. I think that a majority of the secret heel wearers/wishers out there fetish people, not people who wish to incorporate elevated heel footwear into their daily wardrobe as males. I think this because there are quite a number of websites out there selling. . . I'll call them rather extreme styles. Some of them I would actually wear out and about, but many of them are not meant to ever touch concrete. It makes one ask himself, "Why are there so many websites selling extreme shoes in large sizes, and in some cases even labeling them as 'men's shoes' ?" There can be but one answer: Because somebody is buying them. Shoes with 3 inch heels may be mainstream and practical, but they aren't very exciting. There's nothing wrong with having a thing for extreme shoes, but like you say, it's probably not particularly helpful for those of us who are just trying to fit into our families and communities while standing a few inches taller.
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    I'm curious. Why did "men's heels" in that link equate to ridiculous platform "eff me" heels, none of which I would wear even in private, never mind in public? Where are the more sedate and tasteful shoes that don't look like junk strippers or streetwalkers would parade around in? Perhaps this is just me, but I see that as a cynical stereotype that doesn't help our small heeling community.
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    I think it is good that everyone has his own different interests, and one's tastes are bound to change over a period of time. I know that your tastes have changed, not only with heel height, but with shoe style as well, and then later getting away from caring about heels so much compared to total outfits. There are a lot of guys on here who only like to wear boots year round. Can't for the life of me really understand that one, but I get it. I'm sure that many people can't understand why I like to wear mules whenever possible, even in the dead of winter. The larger point is, it would be nice if we males were afforded a broader range of clothing choices without feeling like the local freak. I think p1ng74 is trying to find a glimmer of hope that things may be changing, and there's no doubt that they are. I still haven't met another guy in heels randomly, but on the other hand, I haven't been mocked in public for a very long time now, and the last time that happened was in the mountains of northern Georgia, so it doesn't hardly count, does it? However, it is difficult to see that our mode of dress will be considered normal in my lifetime. Not in the way that male earrings and heavy tattooing on both sexes have more or less become standard fare.
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    People need to start considering things other than price when making purchasing decisions. For lots of reasons cheapest is not always best.
  49. 4 points
    Thanks for the encouragement. :) Managed to repeat the experience, although with a 3" chunky boot instead. Similar coffee shop, but elsewhere. Spent about an hour inside, working. I was feeling much better, much more confident, and the heels were under the table, but I didn't make an effort to hide it if someone walked by. Not that I was flaunting it, but more that I was just focusing on my work. It was quite a bit of fun. :)
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    Sometimes you need to stop waiting and take control. Be a leader. It's scary at times but very rewarding. I'm surprise by how many men I know who will now get pedicures and have occasional (rare) toe nail polish. I like to think that I had something to do with that by seeing me wear nail polish like it is normal thing to do. My heels are now just normal and I get questioned when I'm not in heels.

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