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    Hi everyone, As a male heel lover since my teenage years and dealing with lack of support in many long time relationships, I’m finally in peace! For two years my amazing girlfriend is more than a big supporter, she loves my heel wearing and makes sure its not something that will be stuck in boxes or in hidden places. This picture is from a nightclub last weekend. She bought us two pairs of the exactly same heels... from onlymaker. Hope you like it.
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    This is pretty bold fashion, with the white and black, but I did wear the boots to a dermatologist appointment with two interesting comments. First, as I was entering the Doctor's office through underground parking, I noted a woman looking my direction as she got into her car. Before I made it to the entrance, she had turned her car around to pull up along side me and said something through the car window. I didn't quite make out what she said and I swirled around on my heeled-white-booties to ask, "What's that?" She then repeated, "You look fabulous!" I thanked her profusely and headed into my appointment. In the dermatologist's office there were a few female helpers and interns all crowded around my chair during the simple treatment on my forehead. Just as we were finishing the dermatologist said "Your boots remind me of my new Tesla." I said, "In what way?" He replied, "All of the seating is in white leather" "Cool", I said. The boots are a size 11, inexpensive footwear from Charlotte Russe, paired with ankle pants and Keith Haring T-shirt from, both from Uniglo and blazer from H&M, all male attire.
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    That’s my first real business trip since the lockdown is over. First flight. Not as fun as before. Here are some pics one at the beginning of the day with 14 cm Chelsea boots. Plus a closer shot on the boots then my dinner outfit with 15,5 cm Oxford. And a closer shot again. Was alone but not feeling lonely. Of course a “ heel buddy” would have been welcome pierre.
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    Got bored and went for a morning walk in my Pleaser Domina stiletto boots. Only got at least one or two stares but nobody really bothered. Feel pretty vindicated and might do it again next week or next year.
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    As promised here are two pictures of what I wore last week in Toronto I chose the chunky lace up boots for walking up to the exhibition place,from the Westin Harbour. 45 minutes the other outfit was for the travel. 2 days ago I was in Paris wearing these same chunky front lace up boots and as I was waiting in a fedex agency I had the pleasure to hear a young girl tell me’ I love your boots!’ So: one positive comment,no negative one. Pierre
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    These Aldo boots are a couple years old, but I like them. Size 11. I can wear them around my wife, which is a plus. I've worn them often, to the University where I teach, shopping, lunch, etc. I've received an occasional positive comment on them, from women primarily.
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    These are 2 or 3 years old, another pair of Aldo, size 11, with track pants and an older photo in torn jeans. I prefer the track pants. The pink color is feminine as well as less attention-getting than dark colors. I've worn them many places, shopping at the mall, into Coach and H&M, at lunch and at a casino in Reno, Nevada, where I wore them to breakfast and checked out, dragging my luggage behind the clicking sounds. For some reason I've never had any comments on these heels.
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    Courage is exactly what I wanted to test today i decided to go shopping in a great supermarket. And after in smaller frozen food shop.Both 60 km from home for security reason The courage was to wear 15 cm heels.( could be equivalent to a 5”2 for an average woman size) I never worn such a heel height publicly. It’s ok at home,but I wondered if I would be able outside. It has been a 2 hours tour and surprisingly everything has been easier than expected A little shade : the heels were partially hidden by a long pant,not a flare jean,just straight fitting. See pic Honestly said,no one seemed to noticed . Lot of fun. To be done again pierre
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    Here's the outfit I put together, inspired by a photo in another thread. I went both shopping for a new TV and also went to the mall, shopping for clothes and for lunch in the food court. I felt it looked good and was confident. No one seemed to take any notice, despite the obvious display.
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    Hello Today I decided to push the look a little further ( see pic) I wore these clothes and shoes for going to a self storage where I keep some not really useful things, including some pairs of shoes I had to wait for the elevator with 3 other people. They looked at me and started giggling.One guy,( the other were a man and a woman) pretend he has to go urgently to the bathroom.The reason was he wasn’t able to refrain laughing because of me Don’t even think I have been affected with that behavior. The question is:what is your opinion.I usually wear real typical men clothes plus shoes with Cuban or block heels.In general visible.But nothing more extreme or could have anyLGTB connotation So today was a test and I am just wondering if In your opinion anything is wrong Any comment will be appreciated Pierre
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    Like I've mentioned in previous posts of mine, I've always struggled with finding good casual outfits to wear my heels with. A nice pair of leather pumps have the tendency to scream "formal" or "dressy". It's not particularly challenging to dress down pumps, but I'm very particular about how I want my entire silhouette to look. I'm also very particular about wanting the majority of my clothes to come from the men's department. I've kind of made it my hobby to find stylish and casual outfits that not only look good, but also come mostly from the men's department. There's still a stigma that men's clothes are boring and that you have to venture outside the men's department to find stylish clothes that compliment your high heels. Even though I find this statement to be mostly true, you can find nice clothes if you look hard enough. Please don't misinterpret this as me thinking that men should only wear "men's clothes", that's far from the truth. I'm not comfortable in women's clothes, my body proportions don't fit into them in a way that makes me feel like the clothes actually fit me. Anyway, I hope that the pictures I've been sharing demonstrate that all hope isn't lost when it comes to men's clothes. On to today's outfit. I took four different pictures to show that each layer can have its own look, and that you can layer up or down to add complexity or simplicity. I've added the brand/title you can search on Amazon to find the exact item: The Jacket: (Chouyatou Men's Casual Long Sleeve Full Zip Jacket with Shoulder Straps) Just a generic black bomber jacket I found on amazon for around $40. It's a Chinese brand I believe, but the quality was actually really good. I think it looks stylish and it has enough thickness to keep me warm during the upcoming fall months. I also really love the lining, it adds an extra little bit of detail that can be a lot of fun. The Shirt: (NankeyStar Ripped Denim Shirt for Men Short Sleeve Button Down Plaid Shirt Slim Fit) This is just a simple plaid short sleeve button up shirt. It's made of denim. It's a little too distressed for my taste, but in the end I love the way it looks and it's cut nearly perfect for my body type. You can layer different color shirts underneath to get a little pop of color through the holes on the shoulder. I even think it would be kinda fun to find some interesting patches to sew on to add a little punk rock flair to it. It's a really simple shirt with lots of potential. The Undershirt: Not much to say about this. Just a plain black v-neck t-shirt. The brand is Gildan. I prefer a v-neck to a crew neck. Not for any reason, I just like the lines of the "V". The Jeans: (Bullhead Dillon Skinny Jeans) These jeans are probably going to be impossible to find anymore. I bought them from PacSun about 6 years ago. I just checked their website and I'm not sure they even carry them anymore. Not a big deal though since men's skinny jeans are available from nearly every major clothing brand you can think of. H&M sells some really great jeans in various levels of tightness. All the way from the "spray painted on" look of super skinny jeans to a more relaxed skinny jean, they're all easy to find. The Shoes: (Sam Edelman Hazel in Spiced Mahogany Size 11) I cannot say how much I love these shoes. They're the most comfortable pumps I have ever worn. Pumps are notorious for being uncomfortable, but I think I could probably wear these shoes for an entire day and not be limping by the end of it. There's really no point of friction where blisters will happen and the leather is extremely soft. These shoes fit perfectly right out of the box. Another thing I appreciate about Sam Edelman is that they're a mainstream designer with shoe sizes all the way up to size 14 and they offer narrow and wide width shoes! This is literally the perfect pump. The only gripe I have is that they're going to set you back about $120. If you're in the market for a really nice pump you absolutely have to give these shoes a try. These shoes also come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. I bought mine from Zappos. For me the 3 3/4 inch heel is the perfect height. If you prefer something a little bit higher Sam Edelman also has the "Danna Pump". It's basically the same concept as the Hazel Pump but with a 4 1/4 inch heel. Looking on Zappos these only go up to a size 11. I think the Hazel Pump is the bread and butter of their shoe line though. Anyway, I'm really proud of this outfit. If you guys are enjoying these posts I'll keep experimenting with different styles and outfits and share them. My quest for casual is finally yielding some great results I think. When someone sees me in public and does a double take, as they inevitably will, I don't want them to think "oh look there's a guy in high heels!" I want them to think "Wow! I had no idea heels could look so normal on a guy!" Sorry I cropped out my face. My hair was kind of a mess...
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    Awesome heels !!! Awesome that your BF has a matching pair. My Gf and I have many matching heels (and outfits!)not just for Halloween!!!!!
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    Thats a nice side effect with COVID-19. I can wear heels all day long and combine it with nice cloth. So today was 1969- and Fuss-heels day: picture of the Fuss-heels is down... here is the second photo of the heels
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    Hi all, got some new ankle boots. Giaro Galana 1005. Size 42, 17cm heels. Almost 7 inch
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    Here's my latest purchase. Aldo, size 11. I've worn these shopping for new glasses (where I got a "I like your boots" comment) to the class I teach at the university, to restaurants and just about everywhere. I think, despite their pattern, that they are not terribly unusual looking. They remind me of snake skin cowboy boots.
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    Welcomed in the new year and decade in my Pleaser Domina 3000 boots, with a pair of high top stockings on to keep my legs warm. My mum and I had the rest of our family around for our traditional new years party but nobody made a fuss about my 6 inch heels. Although after the party at around 3am, I took the boots off and realised my heels couldn't touch the floor. They were at best 2 to 3 inches off the wood floor but it didn't bother me. Happy new year and decade, HHP.
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    As I do more outings in heels, I’ve have been wearing all woman’s clothing with my heels. I just recently purchased these two boots from ShoeDazzle and wanted to know if these are some good choices, especially the red patent leather stiletto boots
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    Yes they are in a size 12W. I have never been "fitted", so I dont know my official size, but I seem to fall between 12/13, which is why I can fit into a 12W, although I have a couple of shoes that are a bit tight, but this brand fits well in 12W. Today started off with getting my car inspected. I knew the guy that owned the station so I wore sneakers, then switched to my latest Nordstrom Rack find, a pair of Calvin Klein stilettos. I was a bit shocked when I measured the heel to be 4 1/2" as they didn't seem that tall in store. Cant beat nappa leather though, as it molded itself to my foot, a fantastic fit for a heel this high. Next stop was an afternoon showing of "Midway" at a new AMC theater that opened near me. Walked by several people along the sidewalk & in the lobby with some notices, but no issues at all. Afterwards I stopped for dinner at an Italian restaurant. Again, no issues at all. Was treated like anyone else by the staff. So there I was eating dinner in a crowded restaurant, wearing 4 1/2" pumps, when it dawned on me, I had achieved what I had wanted for so long. To wear beautiful shoes in public like it was no big thing, without the fear & anxiety I used to have when I started months ago. Not sure what is next in this adventure, but I'm sure I will be wearing heels when I do it!
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    So today was the day for me to wear my boots outside my pants. I did a short 2 1/2 hour in public with my Nine West knee highs and these vegan leather pants as a test run. But today was a long one, 16 hours. I wore my JS Rollin knee high boots and vegan leather pants. First time wearing the JS boots and love them. Easy to walk in, easy to drive in and gorgeous!! Got lots of compliments on them, especially from women, but the most interesting comment came from a guy. "I wish I had the confidence to wear boots like that."
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    just bought these beauties. Size EU 47 (more like 48, I use to wear around here). I'm in Milano Italy for a conference and visited the physical store of Ghigo Calzature. Their physical store has the same stock as the website. They have a great customer service. I could try them on at the store (and several other great models). Heels are thin 5 inch stilettos, leather is stretch, they fit like socks, no zippers, easy to get in. Really comfortable and soles are strong, good arch support. Goes to the knees. I'm really happy. They are a dream come true. First time I go to a store to try heels that are beautiful at my size. I just had to share this moment with all of you. I'm sure these will get a lot of wear.
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    I like to keep it masculine. My daily outfit with a 9 cm heel boot
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    I just got these boots off Poshmark for $16. They are brand new! 25" shaft and 5" block heels.
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    Hello everyone, I hope these past couple of weeks have treated everyone as well as can be expected. I didn't get a chance to post until now because life has been so wonderfully busy between home and work. I want to start with last weekend because it by far has been my most daring adventure with heels to church. Some time ago I had asked my followers on Instagram which boots I should wear to church one day. They voted and decided I should wear my Frye Regina boots which have a 4" cone heel and pointed toe. I would say they are the most feminine looking when it comes to the toe box. Anyway, my wife reassured me that I would be fine, and she ended up wearing some of her pointed toe ankle boots as well. Regardless of her wearing pointed toe boots, I still felt incredibly nervous. For one, it was the first time I'd be wearing that high of a heel to church. Secondly, the pointed toe box to me seemed a dead giveaway. We stopped at a local coffee shop on the way and took the kids inside. Being a people watcher, I watched everyone else to see if anyone noticed my heels. While there were one or two that gave a second look, most everyone seemed focused on their tea, coffee, or whatever they had at their table. I don't recall getting any laughs, awkward glances, or sour looks from anyone. It's almost as if, wait for it, they didn't care. That gave me a little bit of a boost to go into church. We always seem to run behind and this Sunday was no different. Service had already started as far as the music goes, and we were unloading the kids when one fellow member also named Jeff called to me from across the parking lot. I was nervous for some reason, but turned around and waved and returned a 'Hi Jeff' to him. Since we are late, and have an infant, we always sit in the back. Upon walking in and being greeted, I didn't notice anyone in particular eyeing my shoes, so all seemed well. During service I noticed two women who couldn't seem to get enough of my shoes. The first was a woman who sat next to us in our row. She kept trying to sneak a glance down at them. With the pants pulling up from sitting, she had a clear view of them. The other was actually a mother and daughter sitting across the aisle from us. They've noticed my wedges before, and I've come to notice that if they come in after us, they conveniently sit somewhere to be able to see my shoes. This Sunday however, they were there before us, and I ended up giving them a nice view of my heels today. The mother and daughter sometimes wear boots, but usually low heels, no more than 2" I'd say. After service was a completely different story. As people made their way out into the lobby, it was as if the flood gates opened. The sound of the heel combined with the pointed toe box seemed to draw attention like no other. The attention was mainly from women, but there were a few guys who were caught off guard by the noise of heels being attached to a guy. I think my favorite reaction was this couple that greets for the second service. A few weeks back, I started noticing the wife checking out my shoes and pointing them out to her husband. This Sunday I didn't make it all the way into the lobby as I had stopped to talk to the other Jeff whilst holding my daughter. I took a glance and saw the wife looking for me. When she did, she looked down and I saw her eyes grow big and she had a huge smile on her face. She eagerly poked her husband to get his attention and check out my shoes. I don't think they're laughing at me. I think they thoroughly enjoy seeing what shoes I have on each week. I was feeling good at this point and turned in such a way as to show off the side profile a bit better for them. I swear they never stopped looking at my shoes until I was out of their line of sight. Anyway, I strutted out still holding my daughter and went to get my son from the child care area. There were quite a few younger women who kept glancing at my shoes. One I believe had seen me from behind and couldn't believe a guy was wearing heels. She came around to the front of me to get a glance at me. I was looking at her the entire time, and when she looked up and saw me looking at her, she just smiled and turned around to go on her way. At the end of it all, it felt amazing to have worn a significant pair of heels like that to church and have nothing bad happen. In all fairness though, I spent time putting myself together, so a compliment would have been appreciated, lol. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So now we get to today. Today our daughter was one of three babies that were part of a baby dedication that is done at church. It's essentially the church placing a blessing on them, but no baptism. After last Sunday's HUGE win, I was feeling an amazing high going into the weekend. However, the thought of going up on stage in front of the church had me wary about wearing heels. We decided we would pick out our outfits on Saturday night, so we wouldn't be rushed this morning. My wife ended up going with a green dress and her Naturalizer boots. She wore the same outfit about a month ago and really liked the look. I decided I would wear the boots that I wore that weekend as well, but my wife wanted me to wear something other than jeans. I decided to throw on my green American Eagle kick boot khakis that I usually wear for work. For shirts, I chose my burgundy colored sweater that I had bought from Target. Of the three husbands, I was definitely the most well dressed, as the other two wore jeans and tennis shoes. I for some reason was nervous about the idea of being up on stage, even in a subtle 2.25" heel. Once I got up there though, I realized that the way the lights were, I couldn't really see anyone in the audience, so it didn't matter. One of the other moms was wearing some riding boots which looked cute. After service, we ran into an older couple and their daughter (mid 20s IIRC), all of whom we hadn't seen in a while. We exchanged hellos and the daughter complimented how nice our daughter looked and then added that I do as well. It threw me off to get a compliment, but I thanked her and we went on our way. The couple who greets for second service was not as delighted as the previous Sunday when I wore my 4" heeled boots, but they did seem to have a conversation pointing back and forth to both my boots and my wife's boots. I suspect they were trying to figure out if they were the same style. So as far as church outings go, I have attracted quite a lot of attention from my heel wearing, but once again, the world and life as I know it did not end. I have no doubt that I'll come across a negative reaction eventually as the math is there to prove it. However, the lack of anything negative seems to further push my confidence in wearing higher and more noticeable heels on a regular basis. I am still not as comfortable at work, but I am working on that. I am going to add pictures into my gallery since I have multiple photos that will put me over the size limit. Please feel free to look and give me feedback!
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    Taken from the Themed wedding of 2 close gay friends, best night ever for me!!
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    I've got a few flat knee high boots, but I've only got a couple with a heel. I like these a lot. I like that they are wide around the ankle. They are Vince (Camuto), size 10. I'm typically an 11, but occasionally a 10 will work. It''s a bold look with shorts, which I've only worn a few times. Once to a paint store, where a woman complimented me on the boots, in the midst of talking about house paint options. Another occasion walking through the parking lot to an office supply store a woman glanced down and gave me a broad smile without comment. I'm much more likely to wear with pants however, shown here with men's clothes all from Zara.
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    Here's my boots, referenced in the Harry Styles comment above, but sans the flared slacks. I like these. They are constructed much like a pump, pointed, with almost no sole showing, but as a boot, very wearable everywhere.
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    I havent posted in a good minute. Thought I'd share my most recent kicks. The single sole Aldos are my favorite. The platform maddens are a bit uncomfortable. The bright ones were from my exgirlfriend.
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    My church outfit today. My wife wore her matching boots...
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    I was caught this morning by the secretary at my office. On most Fridays, a good number of my peers work from home with the remaining staff starting around 8am. I typically get in at 6am so I can enjoy my cup of coffee and sift through all the weeks emails in peace. Over the few years that I've been at this firm, I've become more relaxed in my persona. We are a "progressive" company where most people are generally open and respectful of others peoples viewpoints and persuasions. Because of this atmosphere I started wearing my heels during this quiet period. I've always figured at some point I would get noticed, but I was also careful to change back to my male shoes when I heard someone enter the front door. Don't need to draw unnecessary attention to myself as a manager if I don't need too. So this morning, I was playing music on my phone while I got the coffee pot brewing and didn't hear the front door open. The kitchen is in the back of our office. As I'm getting the filter and coffee grinds out, she clears her throat and says "Interesting footwear". I "jumped" so much, more grinds went on the floor than in the filter. After we both stopped laughing about what happened, I told her that I've always enjoyed wearing heels and explained my typical Friday routine. For some reason I wasn't afraid she was going to report me or make a big deal about it. I think it was due to all the conversations we've had ever since I started. We're both about the same age and have some similar experiences. As we cleaned up the mess I made, she started asking me some of the typical questions such as, why, what's the highest heel I have, style preferences, and how many heels do I own. She confessed she is a heel lover too, but normally wears flats to work since she takes public transportation to the office. She also explained the reason why she was in so early is her husband dropped her off on his way to a construction site near by. We talked until the next employee came in. Thankfully we were in my office at this point and you can not see my feet when I'm sitting at my desk. As we wrapped up our conversation, she said she would wear a few of her heels for me to see and I told her I would do the same.
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    OUTING: Am on a short trip. Yesterday I decided to be adventurous. On my way to the airport, I drove most of the way, parked, and changed into my 4" block light-brown heels, probably .5" platform because the heels can barely be felt. It looks like work-shoes with some chunky heels... That, dark sweater, and jeans that end 1" from the ground. Walked to the train to take me to the airport. At the airport, checked in, and proceeded to go through security. I was hoping hoping that I could walk right through, and noticed that no-one was taking their shoes off (yay!), but alas, after I unpacked my stuff onto the belt, the guy looked at me, and asked me to put my shoes through the xray. Interestingly, I had a non-reaction to this, knelt down and proceeded to take the shoes off as it was the most natural thing. Really didn't give a hoot. Shoes went through xray, on the other side, with a bunch of other people idling by, grabbed by stuff & shoes, put them on, and walked to my gate. I'm really surprised by my reaction, or lack of, on this. Compared to the embarrasment I felt just a few months ago, I definitely did not expect this level of "change". In any case, bought some food and drinks, waited around, eventually boarded the plane, and sat, isle seat. The flight was long, 5-6 hours, but was comfy all the way through. I was definitely more self-conscious than usual, but nothing too much. Did my thing, as usual. The flight was uneventful, no-one said anything, although it was impossible not to notice, the whole thing was visible. Flight landed, got off, walked through the airport, got on the train to take me downtown, broad daylight. Then walked to my hotel room (~15 minute walk?), checked in. Wore those heels for a personal record-setting 14-15 hours. It was very satisfying! More later...
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    Just received these boots a few days ago. They are from Miguel Jones. The craftsmanship is perfect. Unfortunately they fit a bit too large despite of a great care choosing the rift size. With a thin inside sole plus a thick sock it’s ok. At first I was more looking for a pair of boots I could wear everywhere but they are definitely not carpets boots. Much more adapted to farming or whatever similar. What they are originally created for I guess. By chance I have some acres and horses. I worn them all morning,cleaning the stables and other things outside. Now I love them. Very confortable. The heel is 13 cm for a size 10 which is the perfect height for that purpose. Thanks to the very thick heel it doesn’t sink into the soil even damp as it is now here in fall So a finally good purchase
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    oh my goodness is it safe to write here anymore?!!! so many complainers! anyway: the wild adventure becomes more: exciting! sorry to have not shared the last couple of years of fun stuff! i'll try not to tick off you more conservative folks! ah ha ha. the heels are not getting lower.
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    Picture from last November that we took for Instagram
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    https://byte.co/b/HszOrMmiVdG Got new boots coming in at 4.5 inches high. From JustFab but they're an Ebay find.
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    I wanted to post about the most interesting encounter I’ve had thus far in my heeling. Previously, I mentioned how I wore my new Sorel wedges and left them pretty noticeable, to the point where at least one female coworker noticed and asked about them as well as complimented them. This past Tuesday, I was wearing the same jeans with the Sorel wedges that I had before, so that the majority of the boot was noticeable. On Tuesday mornings, I participate in one of the classes that our gym coaches facilitate. In that class there are two new interns to the company, a male and female. After the gym, a shower, and morning routine, I made my way to our cafeteria to get coffee. I happened to cross paths with these two new people, and the female immediately took notice of my shoes. She complimented me on how nice they looked, adding that she liked the heel/wedge of them. I thanked her and said they’re quite comfortable for day to day wear. The she surprised me by turning to the male intern and telling him that he needed to get a pair. He looked down and said ‘Nah I’m good. I’m not short so I don’t need heels’ I laughed and told him I don’t wear them because I’m short(I’m 5’10” flat footed). He then just kind of shrugged it off. But wow, talk about a confidence booster! Not only did she like them, but she recommended another guy get a pair! I am pretty sure I was on Cloud 9 the rest of the day lol!
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    Some weeks ago our local newspaper found out, that the designer of CROSS SWORD (https://cross-sword.com/) is located in Mainz (Rhineland-Palatine/ Frankfurt-Area) and issued a home story, including a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smFpiuCGJ3c. Some days later, another jounalist from the dpa (German Press Agency) contacted me via the forum ("Men-on-high-heels.de"), to arrange an interview. I agreed and had a nice discussion, they took some pics... and last Monday they issued the article. More than 30 newspapers and radio stations took over the issued article, including the pics. For an example: https://www.focus.de/kultur/mode/mode-maenner-auf-high-heels-brauchen-mut_id_11281697.html More links you will find here: https://www.men-on-high-heels.de/t4391f18-Maenner-auf-High-Heels-brauchen-Mut.html Meanwhile I had another two telephone interviews (RTL Letzeburg and SWR3).
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    Well I’m back, same Costa different time of day, wearing my brown 3 1/2” heels cowgirl boots, not been for a while, quite a few people in here but nobody i recognise, different day and time to my old visits though, no reaction to my boots yet, couple of girls sat opposite seemed to have a look but nothing more, hope to start the regular visits here again so I’ll keep you updated in due course
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    On my way to Rochester ny, via phili. An old pair of comfortable boots. 5.25 inch heel and thin hidden platform.
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    Hey there at the last day of this year I am able to show you one of six new heels I purchased in december. I was searching a long time through the net to find the right one`s- I wanted that special type of boot which is in fashion right now. I found them on a chinese webiste, but chinese...? My experience is they look super hot on the picture but if you receive them you think that you bought something complete different. This time it was perfect, the boot looked exact like on the picture AND LIKE I WANTED them, YEAH. Pointy toe, thin, straight heel with perfect 13cm heel height. They look so nice with skinny jeans. I love them so much. Long time short, here they are:
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    First, hello! Been a long time I've posted, and chilled in here. With the hot season gone, it's time for cocooning and web browsing has thus replaced working outdoors. That being said, I haven't stopped wearing heels, far from it. So, I wish to share with you my evolution, progression, gain of confidence, you get the point! I remember last year, having the urge to talk about my love of heels to my fellow coworkers. I work mostly with women, except for one guy who became a good friend. So, last year I told my friend and my boss about my love of heels, openly and without shame. I discovered then that what I believed a long time ago to be true was mostly false. I mean - and it seems like a century ago - that I let my fears be "the mindkiller". I did not feel judged, and telling my story to them made me more confident. So... this summer (I work outside 100% of the time), I decided that I'd on some occasions wear my heels in front of my friends, at the job (during lunch time or after work). I also shaved my legs starting in july, never to stop. (I have tattoos, they look great with my legs shaved, but let's be honest, big hairy legs with sexy sandals doesn't ring a bell for me ). My girlfriend and I had an evening with two of our collegues (and I passed the evening in my little high heels brown sandals). I have also started to wear my heels more frequently in public, like when going to the village, etc. Also, I frequently manicure now, (mostly dark colors). One of my biggest 'accomplishment' (am I spelling this right?) this summer was when I went shopping for heels, for my birthday. I wore my Steve Madden black booties, blue jeans and a black vest. I looked great and felt confident. I had looked thoroughly on Naturalizer's web site, and had my eyes on a few pairs. I had approx 140$ budget. So on this beautiful august morning, I park at the mall and see that it's really already buzzing with life. It was perhaps 10am at this time. A brief moment of panic comes through me, as I see all the people, but I take a slow, deep breath and kick myself. So i get out of the truck. First, I realise that even though I am quite agile in my heels, I am taking steps too long. I am walking too fast. So I slow my pace and walk towards one of the main doors. I open the door for a beautiful lady, who I am sure have noticed my boots. (They are not hidden by my jeans but they do not make the typical heel sound). I walk towards the center of the mall, I don't know where is the Naturalizer but I quickly find it. No customers, I go in. Not that it would have changed anything. I am there! So the lady comes out of the backstore, she's smily and welcomes me. I tell her that i'm looking for a new pair of high heels, I wear size 10 wide and would like to try a pair that I have seen in store. She asks me which, but alas there are not available in my size. We then look at the web site, and prepair the order for the heels I was craving, which they do not have in store also. Then, as we talk, she tells me she might have a pair in the backstore that a lady returned. So during the time she searches for it, I look at the beautiful shoes. I then saw beautiful sandals for my lady, and decided I would not be the only one to have a new pair of shoes. Marlene comes from the backstore with a box, with beautiful subtle sandals in them. I feel a little judged by another customer when I remove my soxes, thus revealing my blue nail polish. I try the sandals, and gosh! I feel like walking on clouds. I'm conviced. At this moment, there was a sale at Naturalizer : when you bought 3 pairs, you had 30% on all of them. So... I bought the sandals for my lover, and bought the other two pairs, the last one being shipping at my home. I had a wonderful shopping experience, and can't wait to return to this great place to buy new shoes or boots. This time with my lover, who was really happy with the gift I made to her. It felt great, it still does, I'm proud of all the steps that I've made. This forum was the starting point for all of this.
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    You Rock Those Sandals !!! OK, this is getting weird... Last Monday I got a very positive compliment about my heels from a guy at McDonalds - explained above. Today I was at Home Depot at the self check out wearing the same heeled sandals. One of the female clerks on duty, she appeared to be in her late 30's or early 40's came up to me and said, "You Rock Those Sandals!" I was in the middle of my transaction and did not exactly hear what she said, so I looked at her, smiled and said, "Are you talking about my shoes?" She grabbed my arm and said, "Yes, those sandals rock." I told that the shoes are one of my fav pair that I wear a lot. She said they looked great on me, she liked the "retro" toe loop look and wanted to know where I got them. She said they look fabulous, and she is always looking for nice looking sandals like mine. She asked if I get many stares or looks, I told her occasionally but no big deal. I said that I was maybe the only guy in Orange County who wears high heels, she laughed and said "probably." I asked her if she thought I looked unusual wearing a pair of heels, she smiled and said that while it's not usual to see a guy in high heels, I looked great in them and keep doing what I am doing. We made some additional small talk, she again said that she wanted a pair and continued the compliments. Prior to this week, I have not had anyone comment on my heels in several years. Maybe something is in the water?? The experience was very positive and uplifting. Had to share here... Wearing high heels is fun... Take care all..... sf
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    Had a nice day out today at Meadowhall shopping centre, walked around for about 5 hours in my new look knee high boots over my skinny jeans and tried loads of gorgeous boots, had plenty of interaction with staff and all in all had a brilliant time these were tried on in Moda in Pella Dune Kurt Geiger
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    Out for sandwich shop in my 5.5 inch silver heels. Love these pumps. Legs still splotchy from the poison oak, but hells bells i needed to heel.
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    Got in some public heeling last evening after a round of golf. I stopped in to subway for a sandwich. Sorry for the poor imaga, hard to photograph yourself without drawing attention.
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    Well we are dealing with Shelter in Place here in the Bay Area which means stay home unless you’re essential for work or have a darn good reason to go out. Aside from that, I took a couple of days off so that we could work on potty training our son. This extra time leads me to start shopping online... So in an effort to find some more shirts, I went back to browsing the Target app and found some t-shirts that were Target’s in-house brand called A New Day. They were on sale for $5 so I figured what the heck. As a trial though, I only ordered black. The fit seems a little tight but good. I think the next size up would’ve been a bad fit. I put together with it my skinny jeans from American Eagle and Nine West knee high boots.
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    Today’s boots in IKEA ,Algarve mall ( Portugal) 2 hours walk Not only in IKEA which bored me quickly No reaction,but it looks masculine doesn’t it? Not so many people scarred of the virus here. I will fly back home on Tuesday and have canceled all trips until mid April.
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    I'm back with something new. I haven't posted in a while. I have been getting out though. But these days my outings are less newsworthy than they use to be. Not much usually happens these days. So unless something happens during my outings I usually don't feel the need to post every single one of them. Nothing much happened this time either. My outing today was sparked by a new pair of boots I bought and the need to wear them out as soon as possible! Whenever I have a day off from work I have certain shops and places I visit. Today was no exception. I was in a local thrift shop and purchased a pair of ankle boots. They fit perfectly! I knew I wanted to give them an audience right away! The wheels were already turining in my head as I tried to figure out what I would wear them with. It didn't take me long to figure it out though. These days I can come up with nearly an entire outfit in my head pretty easily. After dinner I decided to head out. My outing was brief. It consisted of me and my laptop for a couple of hours of web surfing complete with a delicious hot chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth. Now lets get to point of this post and give an outfit rundown complete with pics. The Outfit 1) Costa Blanca brand grey ankle booties with 4.25" heel 2) Tattoo Jeans dark wash skinny jeans 3) Purple sweater 4) grey and black Reitmans brand tie up coat 5) purple Grace Adele Handbag
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    Here's a different shot of the same posted in another thread, of my Aldo boots, Alendadia model, size 11. I've worn these a lot, including when I"m out together with my wife and at the class I teach at University. When paired with appropriate fashionable clothes, they garner no comment.
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    Some pics of my outfit from Saturday evening. Leather pants. Camel coat. Polka dot dress tucked into my pants. And 3" Michael Kors boots worn outside my pants. Pardon my lack of facial expression. I got contact details from two girls, but deleted them afterwards. Just not that attracted to either. EDIT: just now this girl texted me if I was free to meet tonight. Damnit, she's hot. Too bad I'll be working late, lol. And a fun Direct Message from Instagrammer TatsianaPaulava.

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