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    How about this, my 5,9 inch ( 15cm ) Pleaser Patent Ankel Boots . or those, my 12cm Pleaser Ankle Boots, a little bit easier to handle outdoor than the other 's . I put a metall tip under the heel, so they are loud as hell on concrete ....
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    Hello one and all. I am a new member and was introduced to the website by my current boyfriend. Who had recently came out to me about his fascination with heels. The news was not hard to accept, for my very own stepfather, has the same hobby. And made me realize that this is not a bad thing. But a new normal. That there are many men out there like themselves, who are struggling to find a healthy balance and not be judged or shamed. I admire him for his courage and honesty. The strength it took for him to tell another person, has made me respect him even more so. I accept him for who he is. Heels and all. And if this is what makes him happy and feel himself...I am 100% supportive. Our relationship has grown tremendously with our honesty. If there are other women or men out there who are like us. Please feel free to comment and give us your feedback, support and love. Thank you for your time...look forward to hearing from everyone.
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    My 1,000th post. Wow, it only took 15 ½ years.. When I “stumbled” across this site in 2002, I was elated to find someplace where like-minded folks could gather and exchange ideas. And it has been a wonderful experience. I am a straight, married guy with kids who, for my entire life, has always liked ladies shoes and sandals. And to this day, I still do not know why, but I just do. I knew that there had to be at least one other guy out “there” that felt as I do, and the discovery of this site allowed me to realize that I was not alone. As a teen and young man I wore gals flats, but in 1996 I “jumped the shark” and got hooked on high heels. Being out in public in ladies high heels was, to say the least nerve wracking, but with the support of an understanding and loving wife, coupled with the interaction at this site has made my venture into high heels an enjoyable experience. Looking back, I hope some of my posts expressing my experiences, frustrations and successes in wearing high heels has been helpful, and maybe even entertaining to some. I don’t claim to be an expert; and I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I am very happy that I have found this site and been allowed to contribute over all these years! Thank you... Take care all, enjoy your high heels, wear them proudly – I know I do!! sf
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    This pair is one of my girlie pairs. Have some pink and purple pairs too but I think bows define "girlie" quite well. If they were pink or fushia probably would have put them "over the top". I will definitely agree that the butterfly heels define "girlie" and would be seen on a Disney Princess in the movies.
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    Just got these used, but new to me, Guess 5 inch ankle boots. Just a bit tight but i think,hope, they will break in. Forgive my lounge pants, not too stylish.
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    Ysl Tribtoo boots. So sexy omg I love them :D. Expensive but so worth it
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    Since a bunch of my old pictures were deleted due to being too large, I thought some new ones would be in order ( this time I checked the size ). Firstly, boots I wasn't sure about at DSW, felt great but seemed just a little too similar to ones I already have. So I passed on them. However, If they get discounted some more by the next time I'm in there again. I may have to go for them.
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    So I decided to do a spur of the moment outing wearing my 7” London Trash high heels. I was at Payless earlier and the sales associate kept complementing my on being able to walk in them as well as having the confidence to wear heels in public. I was in a store called Rainbow in this pic. The sales associate working there was helpful but didn’t say too much about my heels.
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    My entry, Leather skirt paired with my Pigalle 120's Same skirt but with my jimmy choo boots
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    Hi all I am on a boot buying spree! Got 2 new pairs of boots on Polyvore a few weeks ago & the first of them just arrived yesterday. These are Marc Fisher Neela2 boots in size 10. They have a 4 inch block heels. Wore these out last night with tight jeans (pictures uploaded in my gallery) & they are very comfortable to walk in. The fit is a bit tighter than my Polomia boots but it should loosen up when I wear them more often. I love it that they have a opening at the back which can be tightened when I am wearing the boots.
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    here is one Jeremy. Black and white. In Amsterdam lounge. Thank you!
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    Day off pics. I really like my bordellos! I've been having a difficult time trying to upload. Finger crossed. My girlfriend bought these for me as a gift.
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    ...maybe not super-extreme but at slightly over 6" and no platform, these boots are a bit of a challenge (at least for me - lol)
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    I just purchased these from a seller on EBay! These are by London Trash and they are soooo sexy! They have a seven inch heel and feel soooo good wearing! I can’t wait to wear them out.
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    After a while some new photos with different shoes and poses. Bye
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    Got some new boots. 18,5cm heel with a 3cm plateau, very high but amzingly comfortable to walk.
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    Calvin Klein Laneige If it laces up and comes in smooth or patent leather, I must make it mine!!
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