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  1. For nearly a year i've participated in this forum, and now i feel the need to leave. I will reduce my time on the net and this affects 3 forums, this forum here is one of them. I do hope you all stay well and have lots of fun!
  2. When the robot regained operational status its batteries were so depleted that it unfortunately couldn´t reach its charging station anymore
  3. Wow! ShelbyBoots introduced herself a week ago, and only 4 members of this site felt the need to say hello. Or is it because she is a female and most here care only about guys in heels?
  4. Another look back when platforms were still in fashion:
  5. That is a pose, and in the original picture there are 2 more ladies (but i don´t have permission to post this) doing the same "walk" in line as a tribut to the Beatles "Abbey Road" album.
  6. And everybody participating in this thread can feel like a winner!
  7. Exactly! And what should the designers do, it is hard to come up with a better design than the old classic style.
  8. Yes, that is needed. The robot went into an uncontrollled sleep mode instead of doing its tasks.
  9. Even without any result we still have a lot of pictures to look at in this thread! Thanks for posting! 👍
  10. So let's call it a "narrow block heel"?
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