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  1. There is a very slight difference between UK and US men sizing, both systems use different starting points. But it is only a quarter of a size.
  2. No, they don´t. European sizes increase by 6,67mm ( "Pariser Stich") per step. Asian sizes increase by 5mm per step. UK sizes increase by 8,47mm ("Barleycorn") per step. US sizes use the Barleycorn as well, but with a different starting point. In each system there is no definition if the length of the foot is used or the inner length of the shoe. That alone causes differences of up to 15mm in the EU and up to 2 Barleycorn in the UK and US.
  3. +1! Heels with ankle straps look fantastic, i like that a lot. But i also like to see a lady dangling her heels .....
  4. No way my wife would order from them again. It was a nice company about 10 years ago, but now? 😱
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