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  1. As Bob Dylan once sung: the times they are a changin They do it all the time, but not always at the same pace. Sometimes it takes a long breath to notice a change.
  2. ... that´s the name of the colour. 😉 I really like this colour, join me if you have some nude heels too.
  3. In 3" cowboy boots or in 5"stilettos? That might be a difference. 😉
  4. In Germany the law reads: appropriate shoes must be worn while driving. If your footwear was appropriate or not will be decided by a judge in case of an accident. Many courts ruled that flipflops are inappropriate, but high heels only sometimes.
  5. That can happen, depending on the car/truck.
  6. It is also dangerous if your other half is wearing the heels, you may get distracted while driving .....
  7. He is from Urugay, it is in his profile information.
  8. Oh no, please keep posting! You will be missed if You take a break! 😪
  9. The Pleasers with upper real leather are pretty good shoes for everyday use.
  10. Thank You for the information, unfortunately a bit to large for my wife as well.
  11. Are they true to size or do they tend to be smaller than a real 43?
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