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  1. The red pumps are very likeable! But my perfect shoe is a classic pump, colour depending on the other parts of the outfit .....
  2. I checked my old photos from our shootings at meetings, and among hundreds of pictures of men in heels there is not a single one of a guy dangling. I suppose You are right.
  3. They are on the edge of being too high. She will wear these for a few hours (cinema, opera, theatre, birthday or an anniversary), but not a half day long. And she will slip out or dangle when nobody will/could/should notice it. But that is good enough for me! 😁
  4. That happened to my wife years ago. She bought some high heels from Italy via internet, and the company send 2 left pumps. She complained and send them back, they apologized and send 2 right pumps. She send them back and the money was returned. Strange, but somehow also funny .....
  5. Mike, You have very nice Oxfords! Helen has 3 pairs in Oxford-style, and i like them all! 😁
  6. No need to make up a name, it is a simple "Helen". And You can´t forget a woman like Pantera, she stood out among all other members in the heelscommunity in Germany.
  7. If she is doing the yard work in heels like Yours it is OK!
  8. If it floats Your boat they are worth every cent! 👍
  9. Well,it may be that women have smaller feet than men regarding the width, that would make it easier to dangle. Who knows? We have been part of the german high-heel-community for almost 2 decades, and we have attended many HH-meetings, even organized some ourselves. So we met and came to know lots of women and men wearing high heels. But thinking back i remember only women dangling their heels (especially in photoshoots), i guess i´ve never seen a guy dangling his heel. Funny, but i never thought about that issuse until it came up here. 🤔
  10. Using the tip of the other shoe to untighten the heel she wants to dangle is what my wife does if she is in danglemode ..... 😉
  11. I´ve flown Your A310s and A300s for some years, but mostly B727s, B737s and B747s. And i don´t wear heels, only my wife does.
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