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  1. Even work can be more fun in stilettos:
  2. That is what i call the perfect heel : Not too much of an inward curve (which makes it difficult to walk as my wife says) and not straight down. But if we go dancing she prefers the straight down heels. Heels can be choosen according to the occasion. Here is an example of too much inward curve: Helen took these shoes to Peru for our vacation, but when we left the shoes stayed in Peru because she found they where hardly walkable with the heel to much forward.
  3. A marriage is a success and lasts when both parts see their counterpart as "right", and doing "right"; of course that may not be true all of the time, but it should be most of the time you live together.
  4. Sorry, but we are firmly grounded here in Germany. 😇
  5. Global warming also means more energy in the atmosphere, and more energy means there will be more weather extremes.
  6. That was the fashion here around 2010 or so. Nowadays she wouldn´t wear these under any circumstances, so most of them already left.
  7. She is the creative part in our relationship, most ideas for photoshootings stem from her. My ideas are more centred about the technical stuff, but i´m not bad at it. 😀
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