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  1. If you could ban or eradicate any type of shoe, surely it would be the ballet pump? i hate them on every level!!!! any other suggestions out there?
  2. Duo boots is closing down have a look before the remaining stock is gone they have some larger sizes still available gorgeous knee boots at £60 down from £240 had an hour in their store once, it was an excellent experience. Able to try on custom (almost) boots was a real thrill
  3. Recent purchase from eBay. Lk Bennett vintage
  4. Great day shopping /trying on by the look of it. Used to pop in when working round there. Devastated when the Hobbs store closed a few years ago and even more so when the LK Bennett outlet closed last year
  5. Reddish / burgundy leather. Very smooth so they’re easy to slip on
  6. Recent purchase, next vintage leather boots. Leather lined too ......
  7. Mint velvet have done some nice style boots over the last few years, but agreed they are a bit of a pricey brand Not really the weather for boots , part of the reason why summer isn’t my favourite season! However, these are my new Prada boots Front view of new prada boots Plus these from Hobbs.
  8. Just trying on lk Bennett fern black leather heels that I've decided to keep
  9. Originally they were about £300, I got them from an auction website for £49. They are a European size 42 or U.K. 9.
  10. Some more lk Bennett vintage boot purchases this week
  11. Got these modern rarity grey suede boots in the sale
  12. Recent purchase from Zara, black leather platform boots
  13. Have been feeling brave recently! Worn these Zara black leather boots on a few shopping trips And tried on some beauties! And (from another thread) still not had anyone other than a sales assistant comment on my boots or heels
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