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Magazine writer and photographer of many years' standing. As to my reasoms for being here: I have always envied the wide range in boot styles, shapes, heights and heels available to women and wished similar were available to men. It took decades before the great Damascene moment struck me when I at last realised I could wear whatever boot styles I pleased; that it was up to me.  And now I wear knee boots and skinny jeans, and although my usual around-town boots do not have high heels, I do have a pair of chocolate brown stiletto knee boots and a pair of cuban heeled ankle boots. Although it wasn't heels that drew me to wearing more raffish styled boots, I must say I do like the extra touch of raffishness a heel adds. For me they don't have to be sky high either, just enough to give me the satisfaction of bending the rules and flouting conventionality. 

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