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  1. Shyheels

    Boot "season"?

    That's a lovely story. I have had the good fortune many times in the course of my career to enjoy that sort of spontaneous hospitality and on every occasion it has been special, and left me with fond memories. Cumulatively, those experiences - and others I have experienced on the road - have left me with an impression that the vast - nay, overwhelming - majority of people are essential good.
  2. Shyheels

    The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    A great philosophy, and one I subscribe to myself.
  3. Shyheels

    Word Association Game

  4. Shyheels

    Word Association Game

  5. Shyheels

    Boot "season"?

    I have the same mixed feelings - there is a lovely moment when you settle into your airplane seat on the outbound journey, knowing that you are on your own, uncontactable for the next few hours, and outward bound with everything ahead of you. Ditto some evenings in the hotel. But mealtimes can feel isolating, when the waiter pointedly removes the other set of cutlery from the table, and you dine alone.
  6. Shyheels

    Word Association Game

  7. Shyheels

    Word Association Game

  8. Shyheels

    Word Association Game

  9. Shyheels

    YT: Why don´t more men wear high heels?

    I knew a guy once who was seven feet tall - perfectly proportioned, too, you'd never guess his height at a distance if he was standing on his own - and he told me how everybody wanted him on their basketball team because he simply had to be great. How could he miss, being that tall. Apparently he was just terrible at it.
  10. Shyheels

    Boot "season"?

    I have spent weeks living in hotels and know just what you mean. There is nothing like coming home to a plain, home-cooked meal. One really learns to appreciate the simple pleasures of home life.
  11. Shyheels

    Word Association Game

  12. Shyheels

    Word Association Game

  13. Shyheels

    YT: Why don´t more men wear high heels?

    Ditto. I se no harm whatever in being labelled gay and would not be offended by it in the least. I happen not to be gay. I also happen not to be Norwegian, able to play the harmonica, speak Russian, or do brain surgery but if perfect strangers take it upon themselves to assume that I do, or am, any of those things, what do I care? No skin of my nose.

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