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  1. It's not about the height, but rather the styling as far as I am concerned. I like ankle boots with 3- to 4-nch heels and feel absolutely no desire to wear anything higher. To me the proportions start to look wrong - rather hunched - if one goes any higher. I have a pair of chocolate brown knee boots with 5" stiletto heels that look just right - but any higher and the proportions would again start to look contrived and exaggerated, at least to my untutored eyes.
  2. Yes, mine have simply became just what I wear.
  3. I just like looking at ease in my heels and with the 3.5" cuban heels on my boots - otk and ankle boots both - it is not hard. I've been wearing my otk boots so much lately that I barely notice they have heels at all. I just like the boots.
  4. I don’t think one has to adopt a feminine walk to move gracefully in heels, although we have been so conditioned to seeing women in heels that we therefor make the assumption that a feminine gait is a requirement to mastering heels.
  5. I’m clearly out of touch...not a one of those singers pictured above was a name that rang any sort of bell with me...
  6. As a freelance I’ve been working from home for the past 25 years, except when I’m on the road in assignment, and I’ve always found it best to change into work clothes at the start of the day to remind yourself that you are at work and not slobbing around at home. It doesn’t really matter what you change into as long as it sets the tone in your own mind that now you are in the office. In my case it’s always boots and jeans...
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