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  1. Szpilkins

    Sussex, UK

    I live nearby. How can we meet ?
  2. They are terrible I dont like this kind of style
  3. Szpilkins

    London, Uk Meet (Nov 30/dec 1)

    It's gonna be amazing to come to London and meet each other high heelers :-)
  4. Szpilkins

    London, Uk Meet (Nov 30/dec 1)

    I'd like to attend to meet some friends :-)
  5. Szpilkins

    2 pairs 2 problems.

    Just send them back repair wouldn't be worth it
  6. Szpilkins

    UK meet

    And tell me more about these Oxfords, please.
  7. Szpilkins

    UK meet

    Nice shoes on your profile picture Jarl Ayari.
  8. Szpilkins

    UK meet

    macer551@are they ''Saints of fashion'' pumps ?
  9. Greatings from West Sussex :-)

  10. Gibson Les Paul :-) Love IT !!!

  11. Szpilkins

    London Heel Meet 11th December

    sorry i didnt notice
  12. Szpilkins

    London Heel Meet 11th December

    I would
  13. Szpilkins

    hello from Paris

    Do you wear them in public?
  14. Szpilkins

    Hello From Wakefield

    Do you like men in high heel shoes walking down the street? Have you ever seen any?
  15. Szpilkins

    Hello from west sussex

    I ain't got no boots whatsoever. I don't know how to wear them in front of public but i'd like to have a chance.

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