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  1. New blue sandals (had to have them in black as well) & I shave these days
  2. Delivered today (and before you ask I'm still mastering walking in them)
  3. Couple of pairs of Domina 420s
  4. Thought you guys might appreciate this (I know i did) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imc3c7BZzeM
  5. Popped back for 'old times sake' has to be said what a lovely lot of people you are here, such positive comments since I sounded like I was spitting the dummy out. I love you all
  6. It's been nice being here and I've had a few pleasant interchanges. I've come to the conclusion that this isn't really the place for me as it seems somewhat stifled, I can't quite understand the sexual element of heels being so dumbed down as it appears to be on here. I can see what's intended but with the subject matter you're only ever going to get watered down & edited input unless you make the site more liberal. All in all a quite pleasant experience but I need something harder (and I really didn't appreciate my galleries being taken down without reference when there's far worse left up there). Cheers you lot
  7. May just be interested..... and I figured it wouldn't be here long but I decided the heck with it!

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