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  1. All you could see was my legs, what was I 'exposing'? I'll just say this and leave you to your machinations. Heels are sexy, especially on the end of a well turned leg. Why not on a thread called 'freestyle fashion' explore some of the boundaries? I don't regard what I posted as adult content, far from it. You see more exposed on peak time tv. I'm convinced I've seen racier pics on this site that have passed uncensored but I don't have time to find/link to them now, since day one on this site I've felt singled out and I'm not sure why? You be you and I'll be me and I know who'll be happier... Stay staid guys !
  2. The post is gone anyway so the decision was made - thank you.
  3. Perhaps when taking pictures to post in a thread about 'freestyle fashion' on a forum about high heels? Does everything have to be 'street wear'? So just for a bit of fun. If the concensus of opinion is that these images aren't appropriate for this site I'll take them down. (had forgotten how staid things were here).
  4. Just doing a little catching up, hadn't logged on for a while,
  5. These by Asos, went for a size bigger and they're fine on x
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