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  1. Here's another couple as you seemed to enjoy this ensemble (I lost the jacket for these two )
  2. I have three pairs of Pleasers, size 9 & they all slip up and down a little whereas the Asos size 9 heels are on the snug side. If you didn't know better you would think there was a half size difference. I don't wear heels 'out and about' so can't really comment on their durability but they don't seem as robust as the Pleasers.
  3. They were from Asos, Penelope sounds familiar but I can't find those exact shoes on their website at the moment.
  4. Still experimenting with lighting, used a fill in flash for these shots
  5. Couldn't do much with that pic, too grainy. Been experimenting with lighting (& patterned hose), be interested in your opinions
  6. Yes, bit of a crappy picture that one.
  7. Just popped by to keep my hand (legs ) in
  8. Thanks for the plaudits, they're very much appreciated. I'm a little busy with life and all it's complications at the moment so 'StockingTop' will be taking a bit of a break.
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