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  1. Sorry to thread crap but I'd really appreciate some clear guidance as to what is and isn't acceptable on the site. Seems to me censorship applied to my posts doesn't appear to apply to others. Hope this 'clean up' doesn't alienate the regular contributors.
  2. What is the clique? 

    1. StockingTop


      The cognoscenti, the upper echelons, the movers & shakers (& unbiased censors), the judges, the editors, the approvers, the rejecters, the holier than thou & the bowlderisers, bless 'em all...

  3. Apologies for the deletion of 'the red shoe diaries'. I have no idea why this happened, I wasn't party to it.

    I suspect it was just a quick way to reduce my points total.

    1. Tech


      Deleted due to being innappropriate. HHPlace might not be the community for you.

    2. StockingTop


      Can you please explain what was inappropriate about that gallery?

      There was certainly nothing any more risque than this from Pierre's gallery?



    3. Tech


      Would you stand outside a school dressed like that? In nylons and underpants?

      I cant be everywhere all the time, so I cant spot everything, just the stuff thats so "in yer face" you cant not see it.

      Your images stand out a mile, and are NOT what HHPlace is about.

  4. Thanks for the compliment. I usually walk a couple of miles a day but other than that I guess I'm just lucky (the tights do a lot to enhance them of course).
  5. Just a flying visit to say thanks for all the positive comments. **Stocking Top shall return!**
  6. Following some 'interchanges' between myself and admin you'll note that my gallery has been wiped. This was ultimately at my request after I'd reviewed the content and decided that perhaps there was a little bit too much of me on display. That having been said thanks to all those who 'liked' my posts and left positive comments, it was very much appreciated. This site has been a pleasant distraction during the Covid lockdown but now things are beginning to return to normal my alter ego 'StockingTop' has been retired and it's trappings cased up and consigned to the attic. So best
  7. New 7" Mary Janes from Noo Shoes
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