Marriage and shoe fetish

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9 hours ago, AJ777 said:

My wife HATES my shoe fetish, she has no idea that I love to wear them either. I am straight but this has been the progression of my heel fetish and I love the feel of them and I can not associate what women feel when in them. The heel fetish is going to be the end of our marriage sooner than later sadly. She does not get it at all


On 2/1/2017 at 0:02 AM, cgllc1860 said:

You make a lot of sense it is easier to be your own person alone.

i am committed to my wife as she is too me. I am looking for fresh approach that may have worked for other couples to present to her.


I suggest both of you have your wives talk together. That could resolve the problem for both.

On any topic (kids, familly, clothes, car, furniture, holidays, health), when I propose something new to my wife, she would be half (or lower) convinced. It can take months without agreement (or disagrement) on her side.

Then suddenly she would accidentally meet a friend / her cousin / an unknown other woman at the hair dresser / (in fact anybody) suggesting her something regarding this same topic (of course reaching the same conclusion). Then she will be 2 /3 third convinced.


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i am new to this forum so I do not know you guy very well, but I will say that so far I have been impressed with the depth of knowledge that I was afforded.

So, now I am offering to reciprocate. My wife and I dated for several years prior to being married and now we are approaching 20 years and still struggling with my fetish by the way. The good news is during the early years and even the 1st half of the marriage my wife like yours was very angers about the thought of me wearing high heels for my own pleasure. My wife eventually reviewed that she felt threatened by the idea that she may loose the man she loved . I assured her that it was a visual turn on not a life changing event she remaind unconvinced for years knowing my believing it would turn into a slippery slope. 

Well the fetish has gone in a few different directions but I am still all male and my wife has opened her mind and become to support me. So my point is, don't give up! If you would like I could share some experiences that brought us closer on the topic.



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