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  1. Any footwear that restrict ventilation around the foot for a day's use such as boots, oxfords, loafers, and pumps needs time to dry out the next day because of the corrosive effect a wearer's natural perspiration process has on the materials. If the wearer has the practice of sleeping in heels, they need to put on a fresh pair.
  2. This 3.875" J Crews pump is an example of the furthest set back heel that holds any attraction to my high heeled tastes. I do have a couple of other higher heeled pairs of the more set back positioning, but they don't fit the preferred look that captures my desires. So these set back heels are in the process of more forward heel positioning replacements.
  3. Thanks for choosing to join and contribute your insights on the matters concerning the wearing of high heels!
  4. The set back heel looks to linearly geometric and reduces the appearance of beauty that the uppers radiate. The shaping and more physically supportive under the heel of the foot look of this stiletto adds to radiate the beauty of the total court shoe and helps in landing each step with less stress on the foot and ankle than the back set heels do.
  5. I've tried a few times to unload a truck by its ramp when wearing 4" heels and I was basically forced to run down the ramp with no stopping or slowing ability until the after I was completely off the ramp. I probably could have mastered the technique, but it wasn't worth the potential risks of injuries and other consequences while achieving this goal.
  6. Since during World War 1, women became familiar with wearing trousers/pants as they took on the factory jobs to support the men they replaced so the men could be soldiers in the war efforts. It took about 40 years of women expressing and wearing the pants they wanted before society, as a whole, approved women wearing the pants men wore. However, before this approval happened, there were some socialites who disapproved of men and women wearing the same styled items. So these socialites forced the fashion industry to restyle, refabricate, and/or florally applique pants to rationalize and try to convince people that men and women weren't wearing the same items, even though both versions of pants covered the same areas and continue to have the same functioning purposes, with and/or without pockets. High heels also originated as footwear for European men as early as the late 1500's. Before this, Persian horse riding soldiers wore footwear with blocks designed and attached under the heels of their feet to better utilize and secure the stirrup supports as they rode and fought. The European men wanted to portray the look of bold maleness that the heeled footwear offered so they began to have the heeled footwear made for them too, even though most men didn't ride any horses. The look of heels also intrigued the desires of women who started wearing the heels men wore. This activity caused the homophobic socialites to oppose women wearing the heels of men, but the activities continued. Frustrated, these socialites began doing anything they could come up with to stop women from wearing the heels of men. An idea to restyle the heels for women to use only was initiated, but since heels were still considered men's footwear, men liked the sleeker designs and started wearing them also. This angered the socialites so much that they vowed and continued to pursue any possibilities to down play and get rid of high heels. With the reasons for the French Revolution and the Enlightenment Movement, the stage was prepared to cause the wearing of high heels to be socially banished and distained. Then the Industrial Revolution also helped to change the social atmosphere to the point men were forced to give up their high heels because of the revised and biased social perspectives of what real men and women are. For about 3 centuries, these social perspectives have been preached and programmed into the attitudes people are led to understand. The idea of men wearing heels has become so skewed that the ventures of men wanting to wear heels are seen as wanting to be and/or to look like women, even though for men it is really about men having the natural taste and desire to wear (high) heels, the same way they desired to wear the Persian footwear back in the 1500's.
  7. I may not prefer other's appareling choices and others may not care for my outfit ensembles, but isn't this the way individuality is meant to enrich the lives of those around them. When everyone wears the heels I prefer, any choices of other apparel would look great as far as I'm concerned. This is probably everyone's perspective, so enjoy and compliment or tolerate while enriching their life in continuing to wear your preferences.
  8. Most of the custom heel craftsmen that I have dealt with, are no longer available - mostly because they now apply their craft within Heaven's domain. Peter Chu of 6 Inch High Heels Forever out of China,(orientvisual.com), has been a source. When Gina (Queen Of Heels) was an active HHP member, she partnered with Elite-Heels (Gerhard Luther) and I purchased a few of their high heels. There have been others, but I have forgotten their identity and contact info. Furthermore, I don't even know if their businesses exist any more. Pierre 1961, Is Ernest Chausseur still active in France?
  9. Certain stiletto pumps of the 50's and 60's are the classic styles that I have in a sense fallen in love with. The stilettos of the 80's and 90's encouraged the possibility the fashion cycle would help bring back my favorite heels at the higher heights, but alas that didn't happen. I even tried to have some custom-made, but it seemed the artistry and craftmanship had been lost. So I have settled for the heels that came closest to the styling I really wanted. Fashion cycles do happen. They just don't usual bring back the styles that were the reasons the previous cycles got to be so popular, at least for the combination of the high spike/stiletto heels like these:
  10. Many of my heels are identical or styled back-ups of the high heels I really love and prefer wearing. So I probably could get rid of some scuffed and scraped pairs that are beyond or in need a lot of repair. Besides, I need the spaces they now occupy.
  11. I was already hooked on wearing a pair of black patent leather, buckle strapped shoes when I was at the ripe old age of almost 2. In the mornings after waking they were the first items I would put on for the days activities, because in my mind possession was ownership. Then one day my ownership idea was shattered, when my sister wanted to wear them for an activity we were going to attend. As a toddler I vehemently protested, as my buckle strap footwear was taken off my feet and given to her. From then on, my distrust in others taught me to be deceitful in order to satisfy my natural desire to wear my preferred shoes became regular, if not daily occurrences. Being caught and punished were only consequential formalities. When I was 3, my sister had out grown the footwear and needed to get a larger pair. Once I saw what had happened, I immediately went and got my favorite footwear and put them on, in spite of the objections. The buckle strap shoes and me became one. Only baths and changing clothes separated us. It was heaven on earth, because my most preferred desire was being satisfied and since I had shown others how much I wanted to wear them, surely they would replace them with another pair when the time came. My trust soon became distrust again when I was denied my footwear preference replacement. So I returned to being deceitful and secretive in trying to fulfil my desires to have and wear the now increasing styles of shoes I preferred. It was a year or 2 later, I saw my first pair of stiletto pumps and knew right away they were the footwear I would be wearing to satisfy my desires. From then on, when the chances to secretly wear my preferred footwear became available, rarely did these chances get passed up. These activities may not qualify as starts for wearing heels, but until I was on my own, these some times brief episodes confirmed I am a wearer of (high) heels or more to the point - stiletto pumps.
  12. These are examples of "A" shaped toe boxes: Here is an example of a "V" shaped toe box:
  13. Each person has their own preferences, because of the individual they are and the things that are available to be chosen. Perhaps had I lived in the era of the caveman, I would have wanted a top and skirt made of fox or bear hides or had I lived in the time of the Musketeers, I would have wanted a particular sword. But alas, I only really know that I live in this time and I have wanted to wear and wore a pair of patent leather Mary Jane shoes like these: since I was about two years old. My next footwear desire came when I was in my pre-school age, when I first saw a pair of stiletto pumps and was simultaneously hooked. They looked very similar to this picture, but with the angled lines of "A" shaped toe boxes, instead of "C" shaped pointed toe boxes. Even though my feet were way to small, I proportionally envisioned a proper sizing and how my feet would appear with them on. With this background and having to live many days, weeks, months, even years, without fulfilling my desire to have and wear the heels I prefer, it would be impossible for me to give up wearing heels, even if they were forced from me.
  14. As far as I'm concerned, any outfit with the wearer's preferred heels would look great, at least to them. Check out these historical men's leggings. They aren't so difference from today's choices
  15. I can remember when high heeled footwear was sold only by the heel height and not by the proportional shaping for the whole brand line. Then this brand would advertise or display the line of footwear using the smaller sizes, which appealed to potential buyers. However, when the product in the larger size was presented, the footwear looked completely different as the slope of the insole was more horizontal loosing the proportional attraction that essentially sold the heels. For sure I wasn't the only customer to voice and write my disappointed opinion about the difference looks in sizing, because in a couple of years, most heels were sold by the proportionally sized appearance rather than heel heights. In fact high heels should probably be sold by the sloping angle of the insole, instead of heel heights that proportionately vary with each size. This way the wearer would be more informed as to the angle in high heels their feet are able to comfortably wear. The same information in lower heels would be nice to know and for comparing, but not as critical.
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