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  1. Yes it is an illusion, because of the way the light reflects off the angling of the upper heel. Here is a similar pump by Giuseppe Zanotti with the stiletto heel being slightly thicker, but the same basic design.
  2. Does it matter? For the males that have already decided to wear heels, most of us have pre-determined how much we are willing to push our social envelope so that it won't endanger our standing or ability to continue in our occupation and lifestyle. If we don't see that staying passive in this matter is the reason we aren't able to wear our high heels openly, then we have not really been noticing what women have to do to gain what benefits they have been able to achieve. Where would women be in their quest for equality, if they approached their situation with the same fervor that our attitude and position has demonstrated to wear high heels? Hopefully you will turn your discomfort at this comment into motivation to have the same fervor that women have shown to get their equal status. Come to think of it, what could promote equality more than males wearing heels right along side of females, in spite of many women wanting to keep heels just for them?
  3. For sure, high heels are the footwear many males enjoy and prefer to wear, also. I use to think that males had a feminine side that caused this desire. Since then I have learned that heels actually started as male footwear that females desired to wear that was viewed as becoming more manly. So they are just another choice of apparel for our feet. It's the social attitude that has assigned who can wear what, that promotes the shame for wearing the apparel it didn't assign for you. The social assigning of apparel goes against people's natural ability to know what they personally want to wear. Apparel from lingerie to coats and from hats to shoes doesn't have any natural assignment as to who can choose to wear it. Anybody can wear the heels of the height, style, and type they have the taste and desire for and there certainly is an array of footwear selections.
  4. I am somewhat grateful that most of the designers started supporting the back of their shoes with their stilettos, instead of supporting the heel of the foot, because they are less desirable for me to buy them by how they look in that false look of support. When they first started this back of shoe support trend, I couldn't help think of the arches collapsing because of the span from the back of the heel to the toe box seemed so enormously ridiculous. Plus the landing action of each step seemed more difficult with the stiletto heel tips being vertically placed back so far from the vertically positioned forward center of the foot's heel. This positioning more aggressively prompts the wearer to land each step with both the heel tip and the toe box contacting the surface at the same time, which doesn't help the graceful action of walking when the sound of a toddler's clopping is heard from an adult walking in high heels.
  5. If only the fashion cycles would bring back some of the exact styling and looks of the late 50's, early 60's, and some of the 80's and 90's high spike heels that proved to be the best of the alluring classics. They have made our hearts yearn to feel their caress and long to accent our appearance as we gracefully move along our pathways. It's styles like these: that encourage us to wear high heels in making life seem a bit brighter and worth the effort.
  6. My legs to torso ratio makes wearing high heels an equalizing necessity, proportionately. I still fall a little short of being 6 feet tall, even in 4.5 inch equivalent high stiletto heels that only raise me about 2.7 inches plus the thickness of the platforms. As for the study survey, it may entertain a slight interest, but I don't find it to be credible in the least nor do I go along with the comments, for they are preference based.
  7. Hey p1ng74! Congratulations on buying more sensibly high wedge heels for your first pair. Most guys seem to buy high heels as though they are wanting to touch the stars, which usually takes longer to learn how to walk gracefully at such heights. Not being a fashion follower per-sa, I'm more apt to get the styles that fit my taste, rather than purchase by the styles that are in fashion or trending. Furthermore, for the past 3 to 4 years, most of the trends or brands I use to buy haven't been over all motivators for giving me any reason to buy the wares presented, even when I can afford them. Lately, I have found a few pairs that have been pre-worn at least once or twice that more than filled this void, but the use life of most high heels is short, especially when I wear stilettos like these regularly.
  8. The average 4" high heel will only raise me about 2.5", while 6" high heels will possibly raise me to a little over 2.8". It doesn't seem to be much of a gain just looking at the height increase on a tape measure, but this distance makes my world seem better in heels. When in heels, I have less of a problem reaching things on the top shelves of the kitchen upper cabinets. Without heels, its a bit more of a moments inconvenience. I also notice once in a while, the difference perspectives in heights when standing at kitchen counters or in front of the bathroom mirror. In stiletto heels with platforms, the height difference increases the thickness of the platform. So 1.5" platforms will raise me around 4.3" taller than being barefooted when wearing 7.5" platformed stiletto pumps. I have noticed that most platformed heels have the equivalency of 4" high heels plus the platform thickness, which kind of annoys me, because in my mind platforms shouldn't be used until after the maximum heel height limit of the wearer has been reached or the heel height is already in the extreme sloping range for the size of the footwear. In the larger than average size footwear, the 4" equivalent height has more of a mid high heel sloping than a high heel.
  9. I found them on a consignment outlet called RealReal on the internet. (therealreal.com) At this site, people are looking to sale their wares. So I am lucky to have popped in at the right time and saw these Giuseppe Zanotti Design, 5" Stiletto Pumps for sale. There are many designer heels and less known brands to pick from. The only draw backs are that there items have usually been worn or used at least once and the seller only had the one. There is a chance other sellers might have the same item they want to sell, but the appareling size may be different.
  10. The perfect high heeled pumps are three dimensionally detailed and imprinted into my memory and I have searched for them with out much success. Fashions are suppose to recycle every 20 to 30 years, so I keep hoping and dreaming for their return. Meanwhile, I have found substitutes that I consider are in the ball park of coming close, otherwise I wouldn't have any heels to wear. Recently, I was able obtain this pair of pumps: Which made my day when I first saw being depicted. They still aren't my ultimate dream heels, but they are so attractive, even more so as I gaze upon them as they support my posterior. The toe boxes may be pointed, but the way they form the point correlates directly with the curve the end of my toes make, so my toes don't feel crowded. I want to wear them constantly and I also want them to last forever. What a conundrum to succeed at both. Luckily, I have similar styles to wear that can help my conflicted situation.
  11. Whether the need to wear high heels is from taste, want, passion, obsession, fetish, or addiction, the level of need was increased because of not being able to satisfy the desire. There are many men and women who have quite a quantity of heels within their wardrobe selections. Had high heels been a choice for only the very rich, there would have been more women being perceived and labeled with the same increased degrees of need as the males choosing to wear heels have been perceived .
  12. To me it is more of an obsession that never seems to be completely satisfied. The fact that I was denied many opportunities in my youth to buy and wear high heels openly has contributed to my mind-set of getting all the high heels that do a little more than tickle my fancy. Once I'm allured to a pair that fits well, I tend to buy as many as I can before they are sold out.
  13. Slipping into these heels after a hard day at work, I can really relax in refreshing style and comfort
  14. This is a good promotion for men wearing high heels. Ashley Maxwell-Lim is inspiring and hopefully more men will see their taste to wear heels as part of a positive approach to living a full life, instead of surrendering to the diminished existence brought on by the misguided social standards that has been programming and forcing people to comply or be shamed for wanting to make natural choices.
  15. My first recollection of the footwear I preferred, happened when I was toddler of about 30 to 33 months. My sister had brought home the day before a pair of Mary Jane black patent leather shoes, a lot like these: which I really liked more than the brown leather high tops I had been given. The next morning as I arose, my mom told me to get ready for an activity at the church. After bathing and getting dressed, my thought was to put on the Mary Janes so they would be mine to wear for the day. Everything seem to be going smoothly until my sister woke up and realized I was wearing them. A quarrel broke out and the footwear I had thought were mine, were given to my sister. Need I say anything about not being happy with this arrangement. No matter how much I cried and protested, the high tops were forced upon me and my understanding of mine was shattered, but my desire to wear them grew. Later on, when I saw chances to wear them, they'd be on my feet, even when it was during bedtime. There was no shortage of squabbles, because of this and the relationship with my sister became really strained over time until she out grew them. You guessed it, I immediately claimed possession of my preferred footwear when she brought home another pair. The time that ensued was like heaven on earth, because I was wearing the footwear of my dreams. Where ever I existed, the Mary Janes were securely on my feet with only a very few exceptions. Also, the practice of boys wearing Mary Janes was still a fashionable look, but I wasn't aware of this. I just knew I loved wearing them and my understanding of getting them replaced with another pair of Mary Janes was a certainty, since my sister got another pair. Life couldn't have been sweeter! Then the day came for my Mary Janes to be replaced. With an elated anticipation, I walk up to the shoe display and chose them. What do you mean no? Haven't I showed you how much I want them? OH! NO! You're going to make me wear high tops again! Doesn't what I want have the same importance as sis's? I guess I'm not worth much of anything to you, but my desire to wear them is still with me. For the next decade plus, I learned to connive, deceive, and lie to try and get some moments of satisfaction for my desire. I didn't trust any one and no one seem to care enough to cause a difference. I was alone in crowds, that had programs for achievement, but they didn't really motivate me to excel. Others would be wearing Mary Janes and oh how I wished I was them. My sister has probably been the most victimized during this time for I constantly invaded her space, which I now regret, because we are so distant in our relationship and I wasn't able to be there for her when she needed someone. Moving on, my desire developed into the obsession, which included high heeled pumps. As a teenager, there were many situations that I took advantage for the wearing of heels. I learned the size I needed and how they felt to wear. I finally earned enough money to purchase my own heels, which looks similar to this pump: All this activity was done under the guise of secrecy. With these obsessed feelings, I entered adulthood, trying to cope with everything, while still feeling alone and still satisfying the importance I felt for me to wear heels, I pressed on. I've made a decent living with achievements and less rewarding situations to overcome. Through it all, I still have the taste and desire to wear high spike heeled pumps and I love how it feels in fulfilling this. Yes, I have left out a lot of personal things, events, and activities, but you have enough to know why I love to wear high heels.
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