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  1. Hey, I like your boots/shoes...

    Every once in a while someone will offer a complement about something we are wearing. For me, it's generally, "Hey I like your boots" but occasionally I get a complement on my whole outfit. I thought it would be interesting to collect the complements we have gotten into one thread, in addition to the posts in other topical threads (duplication is encouraged). Pictures of the complemented item are also encouraged. __________________________________________________ Let me start with an unexpected remark I received this morning. I was playing music for a pancake breakfast at a friend's church (any gig in a storm). I was there as "The Musician" so I could get away with wearing almost anything. This morning I wore jean print leggings, A Hudson Bay knit turtleneck, and "Its Ok" Mobile boots that have a 3" wedge heel and tasseled fringe. I had played for about an hour and a half and took a break for some pancakes when a guy in his low 80's commented, "I really like your boots". I was really taken aback by this old guy (old, as compared even to me). I replied, "Thanks, there outrageous aren't they". He said, "Yeah, but I really like them." _________________________________________________ Ok folks, let's hear some of your stories.
  2. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    The Philly museum is a major museum. It would take days to see all of it, so like you said, "giving me a reason to go back, and soon". I think @Lawrencesummed it up nicely that you present a "quite nice and moderately conservative" look. I see no reason why anyone (other than kids) would notice you wandering through the museum or sitting in a park. And as maddening as "no one noticed" is, it was nice that some folks did and made positive comments. Again, you get points for proper, prior, planning.
  3. High Heeling in Mainz/Frankfurt area, Germany

    Having the beard did keep me from serious CD but after I shaved it off, I muddled around for a while then I went for the dark side. But then folks have said I've "been in the dark" for most of my life.
  4. Significant Difference in Heel Height

    Stubborn is the polite term starting with "st". And even though the automotive industry is metric,we still measure speed in miles per hour. At one time I suggested using furlongs per fortnight for speed measurements, but it never caught on. A furlong is a measure of distance in imperial units and U.S. customary units equal to one-eighth of a mile, equivalent to 660 feet, 220 yards, 40 rods, or 10 chains and a fortnight is a unit of time equal to 14 days (2 weeks). 1 mph = 0.0238095238095238 fpf 1 kph = 0.0383177142857143 fpf
  5. Progress from another Downunder

    So have you gotten your pair yet?
  6. my 017 adventures

    I think I mentioned that too. (without the lol)
  7. Significant Difference in Heel Height

    Oh well, beauty being in the eye of the beholder, so if you don't like it, that counts, but no one else is ever going to notice that heel tip and it really does prolong the life of the tip considerably.
  8. Hey, I like your boots/shoes...

    Today started with blue skies and white fluffy clouds and the temperature in the mid 70sF (24C). I pulled on a short denim skirt, hose, and flats with a hat and my hair in a pony tail I cut the grass in the front yard. I came in and changed the flats for OTK boots with 4" stiletto heels and headed out and about with nothing in mind. My first stop was my favorite thrift store where I was greeted warmly when I walked in and even got a couple of "You look nice" comments. I wandered around and found a James Patterson book but nothing else exciting. I have to keep telling myself "You don't need any more clothes" and as nothing was on sale I left with only the book. The next stop was the Goodwill and was again greeted warmly. That doesn't normally happen in that store. I found a couple of skirts on sale along with some books on programming. These may become door stops but for $1 I was curious about the current state of code writing (I still speak IBM Assembler and Cobol). The next stop was my second favorite thrift store where I found another CD (compact disk) for the collection. They also had a huge animal shipping carrier. I have a friend that needed one so I headed home to call her (I don't carry a cell phone). She said she could use it so I put on one of my new skirts and headed back to the store. It was "interesting" carrying that thing through the store in 4" stiletto heels. At home I put on a pair of shorts and boots with 4" block heels and headed back out, taking my cat to the vet. The folks at the vet expect me to be wearing boots but a skirt would be a new thing for them and I wasn't ready to go there yet. By this time the temperature was in the upper 80sF (30C) and the humidity was climbing so I headed home and fired up the air conditioner. It has been a fun day.
  9. Hey, I like your boots/shoes...

    The Kroger's picture was with a timer on the camera sitting on top of the car, which is why the bottom is cut off. As for being passable, thanks (I think) but that isn't the goal. I'm really just trying to find something that is (mentally) comfortable.
  10. Who has bought some new shoes

    Unfortunately when selected size 11 it returned "No items found."
  11. Marriage and shoe fetish

    I mentioned in another thread that I just gotten a John McCutcheon CD of children's songs and after listening to them I realized they were for adults too. I offer this for problem resolution: Let Someone Else Decide
  12. Significant Difference in Heel Height

    That seems to happen a lot on Tuesdays. It may not look like much but 5/16" is a lot when it's already 5" off the ground. As Clint Eastwood said in Magnum Force (1973), "A mans got to know his limitations". I hit the same limit at 5". I have a pair of boots at 5 1/2" that are just difficult to walk in, but 4"ers are feeling better and better all the time. By the way, they are both great looking shoes. Congratulations on a great find. Also note that the heel tip on the taller shoe is flared. When it comes time to replace the tips on the lower pair, I recommend having the tips flared as it extends the life of the hip at least 50%.
  13. Leviticus Fashions promos on YT

    Great boots! The show starts at 1:40.
  14. my 017 adventures

    Great look...love the mini (shoes ain't bad either).
  15. High Heeling in Mainz/Frankfurt area, Germany

    For a long time I wore a beard and went out and about wearing thigh boots with 5" stiletto heels. The beard, in my mind, made sure I didn't try serious CD. I did have a lot of fun wearing my boots and even a skirt but there were a number of hhplace members that did not understand why I kept my beard. After a while I didn't understand it either and shaved it off. The only comment I got for a good friend was, "I never liked it anyway." I've been having fun ever since. Like you say, "Its' a process" and my only advice is let yourself be yourself.
  16. Marriage and shoe fetish

    If you replace "high heels" with "tall boots", that's me. The people that see me all the time don't question my footwear, except when I'm not wearing boots. Folks that have never seen me before sometimes take a second look and I see it is an opportunity for public education. I haven't received a negative comment for a long time.
  17. Mr. X's travels

    Great look!. Daisy Duke shorts are at least 3" shorter. Your legs look great but don't forget that the gals discovered that sheer hose make them look even better.
  18. Hi all from CA

    Welcome to the forum. Although we are primarily about shoes/boots and heels, there are a bunch of folks that enjoy your hobby. You're wearing great shoes, and by the way, makeup is fun.
  19. How hot does it have to get, before...

    I went to on out doors jam session with the temperature in the upper 80sF (32C) with the humidity in the 80% range (the jam session was ended when it started raining). I wore shorts and had dug out an old pair of crocks and really felt embarrassed wearing them. As we were leaving one of my buddies looked at my feet and said, "Where's your boots?". It seems I have a reputation to uphold.
  20. Instore Shopping In The USA

    The unrestored image looks good, but do what you can to preserve it.
  21. Heading out >>>

    The water isn't that deep. This site is primarily about heels, and your do look great, but many of us do venture into alternate clothing style and image presentations. I have always counseled that you need to really like the image you see in a full length mirror, but I'm going to add to that you also have to say, "I feel good wearing this" or "Wearing this makes me feel good". Feeling good relies on you definition of "good" which could range from excited to calm and collected. From your post, it seems like you have already discovered this. I have an affinity for leather. I tend to shop thrift stores and for a couple of years one shop always had a leather skirt, in my size, on the rack every time I went in. I bought a lot of leather skirts/pants so I have a large collection. I have done all leather outfits but I prefer to use leather as an accent or contrast; leather skirt with a fabric top, leather jacket with fabric skirt. Although I really like leather clothing, I don't find it that comfortable to wear and that is taking on a larger degree of importance (that happens when you get old). There is lots of good advice here, and it on the web so it has to be true. Be comfortable and happy in your own skin. If that is supported by high heels and clad in leather or flip flops and sweat pants/shirts or some where in between, it is you that has to be comfortable and happy.
  22. The Jaunts of JeffB!

  23. A new soul from Wisconsin

    It does sound like you have taken a big step in your heeling. HappyinHeels in right that the desire to wear heels will not fade. That is based on many posts here and personal experience. Now is the time to listen to your wife closer than you have ever listened before! Put yourself in her shoes (metaphorically, I know you're a 13 and they won't fit). Is she seeing a change? I was very serious in my previous post... Quality work takes time.
  24. Bootcut jeans

    I don't recall the last time I wore a "new" pair of jeans. After I discovered how many comfortable jeans were available at thrift stores for next to nothing prices...
  25. A new soul from Wisconsin

    First Welcome to the forum. There are lots of folks here that can relate to how heels are fitting into your life (and your feet into them). Looks like you have great taste in shoes. The second pair could be worn anywhere and raise nary an eyebrow. Never say never... Quality work takes time. As far as "coming out of the closet"... It's starting to get crowded in here. Enjoy your heels.