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  1. Thanks Steve, I corrected the sole/solo typo. "soul" music isn't really my style but I do pour my soul into it.
  2. Every once in a while someone will offer a complement about something we are wearing. For me, it's generally, "Hey I like your boots" but occasionally I get a complement on my whole outfit. I thought it would be interesting to collect the complements we have gotten into one thread, in addition to the posts in other topical threads (duplication is encouraged). Pictures of the complemented item are also encouraged. __________________________________________________ Let me start with an unexpected remark I received this morning. I was playing music for a pancake breakfast at a friend's church (any gig in a storm). I was there as "The Musician" so I could get away with wearing almost anything. This morning I wore jean print leggings, A Hudson Bay knit turtleneck, and "Its Ok" Mobile boots that have a 3" wedge heel and tasseled fringe. I had played for about an hour and a half and took a break for some pancakes when a guy in his low 80's commented, "I really like your boots". I was really taken aback by this old guy (old, as compared even to me). I replied, "Thanks, there outrageous aren't they". He said, "Yeah, but I really like them." _________________________________________________ Ok folks, let's hear some of your stories.
  3. Thanks JeffB. Now I cant decide whether to dust of my Johnny Cash songs or get out to get out my Neural Neutralizer. Anyway here is a picture of the 60's style dress and my red OTK boots. Suggestions of what would go with this dress are welcomed. ____________________________________________ Duh... why didn't I think of this before?
  4. With nothing better to do (retired), I decided to get dressed and go shopping. I have a new black dress with a cowl neck I hadn't worn before and decided to give it a try. This dress is a knit of 61% silk,17% nylon,14% angora rabbit fur, 5% polyester and 3% metallic. It is a size medium which means it is a tight (and short) fit. I added the belt for looks and to keep the dress stretched down to a decent length. I paired it with black leggings and ankle boots but decided with a dress this nice I needed my best looking boots so I pulled on a pair of black OTK faux suede with 4" stiletto heels and that (in my humble opinion) completed the outfit. I added a gold bar necklace, took a deep breathe, and headed out the door. I thought this looked fancy enough to try adding gloves and maybe, with a wrap this would work, but not for the venues to which I was heading so I left the gloves at home. I walked into my favorite thrift store and got some "Hi"s and appreciative nods and smiles from the folks at the register. I wandered around and spotter a Keurig coffee maker for $8. I have always wanted to try that system but have been unwilling to make the initial investment. I also saw a pair of white jeans in a size 12 that I immediately thought would look good with OTK boots and especially the ones I was wearing. I took my finds to the register and suggested that I thought the white jeans would look good with the boots I was wearing and got an "Oh yeah, that will work" and then she continued, "We're going to have to take fashion lessons from you. You always look so good when you come in." I thanked her for the complement and headed out to my car. I also stopped at my least favorite thrift store and tried three pair of boots that alas were too small but I did find a white dress with black trim that looks like it is from the 60s and only needs a pair of go-go boots (mine have long since vanished) to complete the image, but I think it will work with my red OTH boots (pictures later). The last stop was Kroger (grocery) for some frozen yogurt and some Keurig coffee. When I got home I brewed a cup of coffee and I now understand why folks like it. It is strong enough to make hair grow on the bottom of your feet, but it sure is good. I pulled on the new jeans and my boots for a picture. The jeans are tight enough to almost make @w6ish happy and there is some fancy stitching on the hip pockets that would get me laughed off @mlroseplant's job site. All in all it was a fun outing.
  5. I went to a community jam session last night wearing a turtleneck, jeans and black OTK boots with 4" block heels. These boots in black. These folks see me in boots every month so no one even seemed to notice. I did a solo open mike, standing in front of the group, and performed a set with several friends. I had folks tell me they liked my music form the open mike, and they liked my cello (which wasn't that good but it was different). Folks commented that they liked my guitar and at the end of the evening three fiddle players gathered around and I played cello (bluegrass gospel string quartet ), but no one said a word about my boots. Although it's nice to get a "nice boots" complement, it's also nice to go out and have the world (small world) accept you. I had a great time.
  6. The steamer trunk was a little much for the luggage rack.
  7. I think this is a little more to @JeffB's liking. I did come across a sandal image of one I wore back in 2011 (which may explain my reticence)
  8. Wonderful story and thank you for sharing. I am continually amazed that we survive our youth.
  9. I actually have a couple of suits (Jacket and Skirt) and after having worn a beard for years, I now like to be clean shaven and always am when I go out. As for a tie... I'll wear a scarf but a tie is too much of a reminder of Donald J.
  10. ALIEN Invasion of HHPLACE I'm still in the boot camp. Photoshop image from 1996. I'm not really comfortable in pumps and I have a tough time wrapping my head around wearing sandals. However if the 50F temperature swings we have had this winter continue into the spring and summer I may not have a choice but to give them a try.
  11. and doing well in retirement thank you. I really never thought I'd be an outlier here at HHPLACE. I seem to wear whatever suits me on any particular day. Some days it's boots and jeans, some it's boots and a dress and sometimes (but not often) I try CD. My common theme is boots. There are places I go that won't push past boots and jeans, most of these are musical or church venues where I am playing. However when I go shopping, I'll wear anything I want as most people don't care what a paying customer is wearing. I can usually tell if I have pushed my presentation too far on a given day when it comes time to get out of the car. Most of the time I notice my boots hitting the ground and I take off walking without a second thought. Other times, while still sitting behind the wheel, I'm thinking, Do you really want to do this?", and this is not always determined by what I'm wearing (but it most often happens when I'm wearing a dress). All I know is that I'm retired and having more fun than I've ever had before. I'm not too sure about that.
  12. Nah... Too busy looking at your boots. Nice boots.
  13. Your doing just fine with your English, and, if your avatar picture is of you, your doing just fine with your heels too.
  14. Ahh, all things are relative especially when you say that "lengthy periods of sleet and freezing rain" were a good thing. I suspect that if your city's snow "removal" is anything like my city's they have just pushed the 5" of snow into collections that are considerably deeper and placed those collections in places where folks have to walk. Point is thighboots are still appropriate (and warm) footwear.
  15. I like this pair better than the open toe pair. However, both are good looking heels and I'm glad your having fun showing them off.
  16. Really cute em.
  17. When you have that much music within it is hard to hold it in even with 70 year old hands. Did he retune at 6:26 and 7:25? In Yuja Wang's video the heels are amazing and at 1:10 you will note that most of the women in the audience are wearing boots. For the audio geeks... the mike is placed in the sweet spot for recording a grand piano.
  18. That was a most interesting suggestion you offered the woman and one that never would have occurred to me. I think I would have suggested letting her son enjoy himself and explore expressing himself. Spikesmike, you and I grew up in a much different time than today. I was trying to imagine what it would have been like if any of my friends, at nine years old, had found out my mother had bought me a pair of heels. I do hope that kid is in a much more tolerant environment than the one in which we grew up. The fact that his mother knows he likes to dress up probably verifies it.
  19. Not really, I have to make an effort to shorten my stride and slow down. I'm getting older so it isn't as much of an issue but I used to take my normal pace even in 5" stilettos.
  20. JeffB, that much snow can be stressful so I recommend the following stress reduction techniques, which works better when wearing thigh boots: Stay safe and don't get your boots salted up.
  21. Nice looking boots and they look comfortable. I hope your wife is happy with your selection.
  22. The biggest difference is the spelling. I think they are synonyms but purse may have a more feminine connotation.
  23. And I'm sure that's good to hear. Inspiration, both musically and fashion-wise is often found in the strangest places. For me I never thought I'd find a fashion hero (@JeffB), a limit pushing hero (@CAT), and a cello hero all on the same web site. Seriously, I'm glad you have found a safe place where your music and fashion interests intersect.
  24. Great looking warm outfit. Your Pleaser "Vanity" knee boots may not be high enough to go out and shovel snow or to uncover your car after the snow plow goes through. Time to break out the thigh boots. That snow is expected to be dumped during a four hour period. Seriously, stay home and be safe.
  25. I didn't think you were supposed to notice that at church. Must have been a dull sermon. But thanks for sharing. Does the choir director know you play cello? I just saw a concert on TV of Bach and Kuhnau works and they featured shots of the first chair cello doing finger dancing. Wow have I got a looong way to go. I don't think I have that many years left.