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  1. Revlon colorstay gel envy #415 what happens in Vegas. Cali so what do you think of the ILNP? Was I right about photos don't do it justice?
  2. Welcome my friend. I too have not been here but maybe 6 months, but I will tell you that there a bunch of great people on here that I am proud to call friend. Again welcome.
  3. My new color for the week.
  4. I love the boots, too bad they don't make them in a size 14
  5. BFGheels I am 6'1" and wear size 14, so you have to be at least a size 14. If so where do you find boots that will fit? Cause I am having a hard time finding any in my size.
  6. Good for you, and I like the look.
  7. My latest colors, I have two different colors on my toes.
  8. Love that look spikesmike.
  9. You are welcome. I love their polish, and love the color shift. So was I right about how they look in person? Photos just don't do them justice.
  10. Pebblesf love the look, but may I suggest you shave your legs. It will give a better look and feel amazing. Just saying.
  11. Looking good.
  12. Well said Steve.
  13. Logjam times are changing and I love to think I am part of this movement.
  14. Thank you. They are one of my favorite pairs, I love the two tone look.
  15. Being from Kentucky I am sure this is how it is done, but here in Charlotte NC we change the tires, oil, and top off gas all under 3 minutes. If you go over that time we ask that you move to Kentucky.. Lol