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  1. Here is my color shifting color. I really like this polish.
  2. I agree. Crazy. I could never wear them.
  3. I have some color shifting nail polish I need to put it on and post pictures. Here is what I have on for now.
  4. That's awesome to hear. I too paint my wife's toes, but she is more into the natural tones. As I like the bright eye catching color. At first she was against it, but now it is no big deal. I only get good comments, never had anyone say anything thing ugly to me. It might be cause I am 6'2" 230lbs. LOL.
  5. Ok I think I getting to understand how to post pictures. Just wish I could share my pictures from Flikr.
  6. I have been painting my toes for the last 4 to 5 years, and I love the look. I was just curious what other men do the same. If this has already been asked I apologize in advance as I am new to this site.
  7. How to upload a photo? I have a Flikr account can I upload photos from there and how?
  8. Amen Cali. I am so with you one that. I think it has been four years since I had no color on my toes. My wife even told me she loves how I take good care of my feet. I bought a foot spa and foot file so I can save some money, so if anyone is afraid of being in public this is a good alternative.
  9. I use Flickr. I don't know how or if I can share from this site. Hope someone can help.
  10. I was afraid of getting a pedicure, till someone put it to me that they don't care if you are male or female. They have a business and just want your money. So I went and a very old man was getting his toes trimmed, and just before it was time for her to paint my nails a woman walks in and sits RIGHT next to me. I thought I was about to run right out of there, but I soon realized if it bothered her or not nothing was said. I started small talk with her. I found out that she was a school teacher, and goes there on a regular basis. When I got home my wife swore up and down that those were not my real toe nails. They did that good of a job. Ok so all I am saying is that you are your worst enemy. I am no way ready to wear heels in public. Understand I wear 5 to 6 inch heels, and there is no way someone would not notice.
  11. BFGheels I have the same pair of red/black heels. I also have a pair of black/blue shoes. I am new to this site and not sure how to post/share my pictures. Anyway I love your shoes.
  12. Thank you.
  13. I only have 12 pairs of heels. 3 pair are 6 inches, and the rest are 5 inches. I wear a size 14 in men's shoes, so I have a hard time finding heels that fit. Pleaser and Onlymaker have a good selection for my size.
  14. I am new and very glad to have found such a great site. I love to paint my toes, wear pantyhose, and 5 to 6 inch heels. If you have any questions please just ask.