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  1. Finally did it.

    Cali I wore them with pants tucked in. I like them too much to hide them.
  2. Finally did it.

    lol well thank you.
  3. Finally did it.

    Oh one more thing, I have never been in public with my 5 inch heels. As soon as I got my boots I went to the local park ( which is full of people just walking the trails) I got nothing. One of the park workers came over and we talked for a good 15 min. I was kind of hoping someone would say nice boots.
  4. Finally did it.

    I was never a boot guy ( especially block heels) but because of the people on this forum I have become appreciative of boots. So here some photos of my first pair.
  5. Just curious what other men paint their toes.

    Sounds awesome hope you share some pictures of the color.
  6. Just curious what other men paint their toes.

    I would never waste my color shifting polish. Just saying.
  7. Just curious what other men paint their toes.

    Cali look up Bikini Bottom on INLP. It's not a color shifting polish, but it is made by them. If you look at my first picture my big toe is that color, it is a mix between a pink, purple, and red with some glitter.
  8. Just curious what other men paint their toes.

    I agree Cali, but this was just a trial run. I just got it in the mail and wanted to see how it would work. To be honest I think a darker color will work better for the white. I have a foil and black on the way.
  9. Just curious what other men paint their toes.

    One more look
  10. Just curious what other men paint their toes.

    Trying some new polish. The base color is ILNP BIKINI BOTTOM. Top coat is Sally Hansen crackle overcoat. I welcome any feedback I have two other colors on the way.
  11. Nail polish preferences?

    Oh I highly suggest the color shifting by ILNP.
  12. Nail polish preferences?

    ILNP, OPI, and Sally Hansen are my favorite. Kleen color has great color, but will stain like nobody's business. Yes I use a base coat but it still will stain.
  13. Who has bought some new shoes

    I agree fantastic looking heels.
  14. Just curious what other men paint their toes.

    Revlon colorstay gel envy #415 what happens in Vegas. Cali so what do you think of the ILNP? Was I right about photos don't do it justice?
  15. Hi all, new guy from Canada

    Welcome my friend. I too have not been here but maybe 6 months, but I will tell you that there a bunch of great people on here that I am proud to call friend. Again welcome.

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