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  1. Hello All. Just wanted to give an update. First surgery was 5/3/2022. It was enlarging the nerve paths to the legs. Two days later the disk actually collapsed. This increased the pain level. Second surgery was 5/18. They inserted devices starting at the pelvis and up the spine to just below waist level. Then wrapped the spine in a type of plastic/nylon/silicon/? mesh and screwed everything in place. Today was my post-op visit to have 29 staples removed and meeting with the surgeon. One of his most difficult procedures. In just 2 weeks; I am walking without support devices and almost normal. Surgery was described as a success. I have not tried HEELS yet and probably won't for at least a few months. 98% of the leg pain is gone at this time. Still have surgical site pain but that is expected to go away as the healing progresses. Thank You all for your good wishes. Will let you all know when I put on my Jessica Simpson heels.
  2. As you all know, I have been having issues lately and have curtailed heel wearing. Well, I got the sad news yesterday. My disc fusion from 2017 is losing it's effect and the other discs are suffering. Reader's Digest version is I am going under the knife next Wednesday for extensive repair. I will be placed into a spinal cage for at least 5 vertebrae. I don't know what recovery will be or how long. I will be living my heeling life thru your comments. I will keep the Group posted. For now I will continue to read the various posts. O'revoir mes Amis.
  3. I have those Michael Kors. Love them.
  4. Always wear nude hose with pumps ! Henri
  5. Congrats. Wear them well. Henri
  6. As you said, they do not appear to be objectionable. I would wear them with tan hosiery if they were comfortable. Henri
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