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  1. With so many people on lock down around the world I though it might be a good time to see how many people would be up for posting pics with there spouses in heels as in couples in heels
  2. This may sound crazy or like a dumb question but does anyone know of a place where my wife and I could rent 2 pair of red bottoms for an event we would like to attend we would mostly like them mainly for some couples pics
  3. This is my first time posting pics what are your honest opinions on the look
  4. I think it is really cool to see couples who share the love for heels not everyone is able to do that so if you can be proud show the group pics of them
  5. I often wonder how many people prefer boots over pumps and how many like sling backs and how many people like wedges and how high of such do you prefer
  6. Would you be willing to show some pics of yours and hers heel collection
  7. Have you stopped the photo updates there really nice would love to see more
  8. How about some snow heels pics or should I say snow footwear
  9. I love the g by guess boots I wish I had a pair of them for a weekend I have a chance at meeting a few male heel wears here in 2 weeks but with it being the dead of winter here the only heels I have are open toe and sense my wife don’t know about my heel wearing I can’t just go buy a pair of boots because she does all the finances and would see that I spent money so I’m prolly going to miss my chance at wearing them in public for the first time
  10. I absolutely love them I’m so jealous I so wish I could spend a day in a pair of those
  11. I like them a lot would you be interested in parting ways with them I would buy them
  12. It one of very few places I can wear them when outside the house when I go alone that is seeing as how my wife don’t know
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