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  1. Peter1

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    @Cali this is a nice confidence booster message you write here !
  2. Peter1

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    As @Shyheels or @p1ng74 said, no one will see that you are wearing OTK boots ! slowly but surely you need to improve your confidence! Just the fact you are thinking to going out in them is a good start ! You are not the only one in this situation
  3. Wow, very cool look, do you venture out in that great outfit ?
  4. Hi!

    Hope all's well... long time no speak!

    1. Peter1


      Thanks for your message Jeremy everything is well and you ?!

    2. jeremy1986


      yea, not too bad. just PM'd!

  5. Peter1

    Wild about Wedges

    Thanks all for your nice comments and encouragement
  6. Peter1

    Wild about Wedges

    Thanks @jeremy1986! they are exactly 4.5inch with a 1.2 inch platform!
  7. Peter1

    Wild about Wedges

    As promised maybe the most girliest shoes i own but its confortable and nice looking for staying at home!
  8. Peter1

    Wild about Wedges

    Hi all! I finally bought them with a great bargain, they normally will be delivered tomorrow
  9. Peter1

    Collection and pics from down under

    As Always, a Great look @Sydheel! they are absolutely perfect with your skinny pant!
  10. Peter1

    Wild about Wedges

    Maybe, i’m letting me few weeks of searching ! Nothing else for the moment ! And you?
  11. Peter1

    Wild about Wedges

    Of course !
  12. Peter1

    Wild about Wedges

    I’m currently searching for Maybe this pair: Regards
  13. Peter1

    Collection and pics from down under

    Great shoes taste you have James!!, I like all of them , especially the camel boots!
  14. Peter1

    Wild about Wedges

    Very nice wedges sandals @Cali! by seeing all your great looking wedges, you make me want buying such a pair !
  15. Peter1

    Hello again ...

    Great look guys!!!

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