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  1. Hi all, i was browsing on ASOS, and found that they are selling ankle boots with heels in men category! https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-heeled-chelsea-boots-with-pointed-toe-in-black-leather-with-black-sole/prd/14179943?colourwayid=16597421&SearchQuery=&cid=5774 no purchase for me today but a good thing for all of us
  2. Hi @Cl0setheels, great purchase you have made. Nobody would ever notice, or care. They look so nice. I’m a also a lot into rubber soles boots, that make them completely silent when walking and also very comfortable due to the small cushioning effect!
  3. Peter1

    Cali World

    So great outfit @Cali. Well dressed for your meeting!
  4. Nice casual outfit @balletboot Nothing Too outrageous, just a normal look that a men could wear without any issues ! Love it
  5. Great outfit @fashionablefun, I especially like the second pictures, a look that I would love to present ! well done !
  6. This outfit looks great @balletboot, I’m sure that you enjoy your day wearing it ! Wedges and jeans goes well together!
  7. Well done @hiddenheels for your last outings, you look so great in this outfit! it’s impressive how fast you make progress in your heels journey! I completely understand your thought, but as your are becoming confident by wearing your heels in public with jeans, it seems normal that you want to expand your comfort zone. There is nothing wrong wearing a skirt with some nice boots, life is too short as some said ! Thanks fo sharing your experience, that will help a lot of us becoming bolder!
  8. Hi @Gudulitooo, Not exactly the same model as you are searching ( really nice by the way!), but this is similar boots without plateform, and block heels ! thinking to order it for myself also ! https://www.newlook.com/fr/femme/chaussures-et-bottes/bottes/bottes-noires-en-similicuir-à-lacets-et-talons/p/645409301 Regards my French friend !
  9. Nice boots @maninboots! Great to have updates on this thread from you ! Look forward to your next costa trip
  10. Too bad to heard that some people are so close minded, I’m also French and not proud to know that this type of reaction already exists nowadays in our country... BTW your boots looks great
  11. As previously said, I think that you didn’t need a long time for this deliberation! its really impressive how much « just » a pair of shoes can change the overall look! That’s one of the reason of my heel loving! By the way they looks great with your jeans, you must enjoy your day wearing them !
  12. @fashionablefun that’s a great look ! I love your last outfit with Aldo pointed toes booties! Thanks for sharing with us your great fashion sense !
  13. Well done and great outfit ! You must enjoy this outing!
  14. Thanks @jeremy1986 @Shyheels @pebblesf @p1ng74 and @CHRISPAP They came from Newlook, ordered in sales from their website
  15. Thanks! Yes i have make a small out in the my neighborhood without any problem, no one seems to see that there are heeled shoes, there are a very confidence booster boots !
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