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  1. As previously said, I think that you didn’t need a long time for this deliberation! its really impressive how much « just » a pair of shoes can change the overall look! That’s one of the reason of my heel loving! By the way they looks great with your jeans, you must enjoy your day wearing them !
  2. @fashionablefun that’s a great look ! I love your last outfit with Aldo pointed toes booties! Thanks for sharing with us your great fashion sense !
  3. Well done and great outfit ! You must enjoy this outing!
  4. Thanks @jeremy1986 @Shyheels @pebblesf @p1ng74 and @CHRISPAP They came from Newlook, ordered in sales from their website
  5. Thanks! Yes i have make a small out in the my neighborhood without any problem, no one seems to see that there are heeled shoes, there are a very confidence booster boots !
  6. Hi all, here is my new pair of boots, « only » 5cm heel height but nice for going out without attracting attention!
  7. Peter1

    Cali World

    Great look @Cali, I would like to wear the same out. Wow 15h on heels, how were your feet at the end of the day?
  8. Very nice wedges to go out with the fear of attract the attention on you @Krystof! I really admire your story, you are making such huge step on each day out!
  9. Hi @TXGuy and nice to see some of your trip stories again ! Great that you enjoy your time heeling out
  10. Thats impressive how well you pass! Btw you have a very good taste in term of clothes! I’m not into very fem look but I must admit that you may enjoy to sometimes go out fully dressed!
  11. Very nice boots and look! I like your look style ! In fact I saw this boots on bargain on NL website and was ready to get them but only with the pictures i found the color a bit too clear, but in fact they seems to be a very good looking tan color on your pictures!! Nice purchase you have made !!
  12. @Cali this is a nice confidence booster message you write here !
  13. As @Shyheels or @p1ng74 said, no one will see that you are wearing OTK boots ! slowly but surely you need to improve your confidence! Just the fact you are thinking to going out in them is a good start ! You are not the only one in this situation
  14. Wow, very cool look, do you venture out in that great outfit ?
  15. Hi!

    Hope all's well... long time no speak!

    1. Peter1


      Thanks for your message Jeremy everything is well and you ?!

    2. jeremy1986


      yea, not too bad. just PM'd!

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