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  1. Definitely better barefoot!
  2. Well done, a huge high heel step forward!
  3. Hi PleaserFan So good to see another form the West in here.
  4. Great step (high heel of course ) forward. Hope it works out for you!
  5. Go James!!! cant wait to see which pair wins out!!
  6. Thanks HappyinHeels. Yes the fact that an awful lot of the heels we buy comes from the China region is exciting and I'm really hoping to 'bag' a few bargains! I'm just hoping that I can get some directions as to where the best locations are as I don't know Hong Kong well and every search I do comes up with online options.
  7. I'm heading to Hong Kong later this week and hoping to do some shoe shopping. Does anyone have any recommendations aside from the mainstream stores such as Ninewest etc? Thanks in anticipation Kim
  8. Great value !!!
  9. Great find James! A very classy boot and perfect for extended wear.. $?
  10. That's the beauty of this site!! I now have 5 pairs of Ninewest_ love them and especially when they at on sale.
  11. Way to go, The Nine West's look good on you!! I'm enjoying mine.
  12. Now there's an idea!
  13. Yes have 3 other pairs from Ninewest and have been happy with comfort and fit. I'm a Ninewest 10
  14. Yes you can't get much for $30. Style is 'Lavish' and got them at Ninewest Outlet. Will leave the 't' strap for a bit and see if I warm to it. Doesn't sit flat against top of foot but will see if it improves after I have worn them a few times
  15. Hi all Been shopping this morning and picked up these for $30 at Ninewest. 13cm heel and 2 cm concealed platform. Not sure about the 't' strap and thinking about removing and just leaving the ankle strap. Thoughts?