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  1. Hi im in Perth but visit Melb quite frequently. Tell me a little about yourself
  2. Welcome Chaosheels We are a small group here in Aus . Where are you living? A nice start to your collection and your wife is very generous! Kim
  3. Hi James totally understandable. How do you find the quality of FSJ’s? I’m very tempted to order a pair? kim
  4. Geeze James How can you part with so many pairs. I’d really struggle to let go so many lovely heels. Especially the red/black FSJ pumps - I’ve had my eye on a pair of those for sometime. Kim
  5. James love your style mate. Look forward to catching up in Melbourne real soon kim
  6. Fantastic James. Really stepping out there !!
  7. James Always great to see an update. Great purchase from JoMercer and great look. - both pairs!!
  8. The Dessa boot appears to run slightly smaller than some of my other Wittner heels. I purchased a 41 and it’s a good fit if just a little tight at the ankle. Heel height on the 41 is 13cm Hope that helps
  9. I reckon they have a new buying team as the range of heels is improving. Got my eyes on a couple of pairs of ankle boots plus maybe the red patent version of the Blossum pumps I purchased & posted recently.
  10. Hi Steve Havent noticed any slippage as yet! They are incredibly comfortable and stable for a skinny stiletto.
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