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  1. Progress from another Downunder

    The Dessa boot appears to run slightly smaller than some of my other Wittner heels. I purchased a 41 and it’s a good fit if just a little tight at the ankle. Heel height on the 41 is 13cm Hope that helps
  2. Progress from another Downunder

    I reckon they have a new buying team as the range of heels is improving. Got my eyes on a couple of pairs of ankle boots plus maybe the red patent version of the Blossum pumps I purchased & posted recently.
  3. Progress from another Downunder

    Hi Steve Havent noticed any slippage as yet! They are incredibly comfortable and stable for a skinny stiletto.
  4. Collection and pics from down under

    Great pair of peeptoes James. Style and heel height?
  5. Progress from another Downunder

    Hi all Been a while but at last had a chance for some shopping. Got these on sale at just under $60. Often thought about white and finally got some classic pumps in white _ for those of you down under I got them from Betts. Size 10AUS womens and a 11.5cm (or 41/2”) heel height
  6. Collection and pics from down under

    Awesome , great buy and look great !
  7. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Wow!! Love them , where did you get them from ?
  8. Collection and pics from down under

    Go the tan
  9. Collection and pics from down under

    Pied A Terre, style is Speak
  10. Collection and pics from down under

    Melbourne Cup Day in Aus and all the girls are ‘frocked up’ so thought I would dispense with my usual boots and went with some new pumps from Famous Footwear.
  11. Collection and pics from down under

    Look great
  12. Collection and pics from down under

    Lovely boots, but starting to get a bit warm for long boots now. At least you will have some great boots for next winter!
  13. Collection and pics from down under

    Have fun !
  14. Progress from another Downunder

    Went to the European. Yes they are a great heel and really easy to walk in. Love them !
  15. Progress from another Downunder

    Having a couple of days in Melbourne and planning on visiting some shoe stores on Sydheels recommendation _ so here’s hoping! Just got back to my hotel after a quick dinner. Wore my new Wittner ankle boots and they drew heaps of attention!!! Really pleased with them though