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  1. Welcome and great to see the number of Australian's growing. I'm here in Perth if you need to chat, bounce ideas off etc Kim
  2. Love those cone heel boots. and you still have your nails painted _ nice!!
  3. Awesome James and they look great for all day wear. And how true your comments are!
  4. Awesome!
  5. Probably a good choice in the rain! And they don't look that cheap!!
  6. Fab new Mary Janes in the collection
  7. Devious Dagger-12 pump in black patent _ dangerous and sexy and sure to photograph well!!
  8. Nice, and I know you are a boots guy but I think a nice pair of peep toe pumps would be even nicer!
  9. Great shoes there and the skinny jeans really show them off. Incidentally I just purchased a pair of black suede Mary Janes like yours from a store here (Betts)_12.5cm heel and 1cm concealed platform which I will team with skinny jeans also.
  10. Awesome!! Did you hit the town in them?
  11. James what a bummer. Hoping you make a speedy recovery and you get back into your awesome collection!
  12. Mmmm not sure about them _ heel very 'clunky'. Presume you didn't purchase?
  13. Love the pumps and look like they were a great fit!
  14. Such a pity Zu went out of business! Shopped there a lot. Pity the parent company Betts didn't continue some of the serious heels. Agree with other black leg attire would be the go or very washed out denim. Great boots though !! More storage required !!
  15. No hiding those booties!! Bet they attracted some attention!