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  1. Progress from another Downunder

    Went to the European. Yes they are a great heel and really easy to walk in. Love them !
  2. Progress from another Downunder

    Having a couple of days in Melbourne and planning on visiting some shoe stores on Sydheels recommendation _ so here’s hoping! Just got back to my hotel after a quick dinner. Wore my new Wittner ankle boots and they drew heaps of attention!!! Really pleased with them though
  3. Progress from another Downunder

  4. Who has bought some new shoes

    I have to admit I have often wanted to try a pair but have never seen a pair in store !
  5. Progress from another Downunder

    Wore them today with dark blue denim boot cut jeans - sorry no pic. Had the on for about 3hrs and really happy with fit and did quite a bit of walking about the stores and comfort is great. James, I think you should buy!!
  6. Who has bought some new shoes

    Look positively dangerous!!
  7. Progress from another Downunder

    Yes dark denim will be the go. Size 41
  8. Progress from another Downunder

    Or maybe jeggings?
  9. Progress from another Downunder

    Well after trying these several times I finally purchased them Dessa by Wittner. Great fit and quite comfortable 13cm heel and 2cm platform . I think darker jeans will be the perfect match
  10. Collection and pics from down under

    Great purchase!! It was great to catch up with you while you were over in Perth. Like you it was my first public heel meet up and I think we looked pretty cool in our respective heels! We just forgot to take a couple of pics for the folks on here.
  11. Collection and pics from down under

    Very cool James
  12. Collection and pics from down under

    Don't forget to leave space for shopping
  13. Collection and pics from down under

    Really nice! And $40 what a bargain!! Enjoy
  14. Collection and pics from down under

    And what did you decide?
  15. Collection and pics from down under

    Agree about chasing variety. Whilst my preferred heel is a stiletto with a point toe, I have been looking out for boots with a block heel and rounder toe as I think they are a better 'crossover' heel for public outings and certainly prolonged wear. Am I right in thinking you are increasing your collection of pumps?