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  1. Someone sent me this caricature on Facebook for my birthday. I thought it was fitting, except for the unibrow and the tattoo. Funny thing is, I am pretty sure this person does not know about my unusual footwear choices.
  2. Just so I'm clear as to what you're talking about, are you referring to the fact that the hip-to-waist size ratio may be way off for the typical male figure?
  3. It is kind of a strange little video, but I left a comment anyhow.
  4. Interesting to learn what size you are. I am the opposite, at 167 cm, and about 62 kg, but it seems that for most of my life, my best friends have always been about your size. So perhaps we are destined to be "besties" in the future?
  5. It has been just brutal the last few days. Yesterday (Saturday) was a slight improvement. Hopefully, warmer weather will drift over your way to the East in a day or two.
  6. I think there is something to what you have said--either you're susceptible to the allure of crossdressing, or you aren't. It's been an interesting journey starting five years ago, when I first admitted to myself that I wanted to wear high heels, and I wanted to wear them as my regular footwear. Partially as a result of ideas gleaned from the discussions on this site, I have incorporated other articles of women's clothing into my wardrobe, mainly trousers (dare I use the Midwestern term "slacks"?), jeans, and shorts. They fit my small frame better, and look better with heels (thanks in no small part to my tailor-friend and fellow high heel enthusiast). I wear skinny jeans. I wear leggings. I wear tight fitting t-shirts. I wear my knee high boots on the outside of my pants. All of which could very well be considered "girly" things. But on the other hand, I have not been tempted thus far to wear skirts or dresses, nor women's undergarments, nor makeup, nor nail polish (though my wife gives me a hard time about my strict nail care routine--it just doesn't involve polish). I'm not saying I can or will never be tempted by any of these things or more, it's just that it seems unlikely. I've gone about as far as I want to, and I'm happy. I don't really feel like I'm a crossdresser, but some might label me as such. I guess it really doesn't matter.
  7. Also, if the shoe or shoes are that easy to slip off while seated, how does one actually walk, when it comes time to walk the walk, without constantly stepping out of one's shoes accidentally? I would find that extremely annoying. Nevertheless, it is a practice that I find somewhat, though not magnetically, attractive.
  8. That is pretty cool, but I am left wondering what the premise is, as this is only a clip, obviously. Also, if those really are 5.5 inch heels, those guys must have some pretty big feet. From my admittedly jaded point of view, they don't really look all that steep.
  9. Probably stepping on Jeff's thread, but the question was raised! I'm a big fan of the hat. Not so much of the vest. I also like Jeff's ankle booties more than the riding boots, although it's a marginal preference.
  10. I just had to watch this video again, and what I noticed is that it's not just one or two of them--it's all of them--it's like they practiced purposefully walking in that way. I wonder who thought that looked attractive? As we've said so many times before, this type of exposure is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it's great to have more and more images of guys in heels, so that the public might just get used to the idea. On the other hand, shows like this are hardly going to win over many converts, male or female, and it might simply underscore people's perception that guys simply don't belong in heels.
  11. Holy cow, not only do those guys look awkward in their huge, ugly platforms, but the rest of the outfits do not help matters either. Also, upon closer inspection, a couple of those guys almost went down, wobbling in their shoes. It makes me cringe a little bit.
  12. I have come to accept that some guys just have the confidence and charisma to pull this sort of thing off. I am not such a guy, and that's ok. I have other areas in which I excel. Oh, I can just hear myself saying, without meaning to, "Hey, I know I seem creepy, but I'm really not!" Which would explain why I don't have a lot of pictures of myself out in the real world, haha.
  13. Thanks fellas, for the compliments. It may be hard to tell in this picture, but I have grown a beard for the first time in a number of years. I do feel comfortable with this look, but I feel rather stuck with it. A Johnny-One-Note, so to speak.
  14. Just to prove I was actually in a movie theater last night (I go to such establishments annually at most), I had to take a hurried selfie. This is pretty much my winter uniform: Black trench coat, jeans, and some type of black boot. Pretty boring, eh?
  15. I fell twice: Once in the seating area, and once on the rink when I was trying to figure out how to skate backwards. It's really quite a different technique than ice skating, which I have done much more recently and regularly. I still bounce pretty good for a middle aged man. Weighing less than 10 stone helps matters.