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  1. Hi...Great stories thanks. My first were a pair of 6 inch black strappy high heeled sandals from a shop in Soho. I wore them constantly at weekends and evenings. Soon to be alternated with a red pair and classic court shoes. My wish was to be able to go out shopping in them wearing either a trouser suit or a tight dress and fur coat. The nearest I got in practice was wearing ladies style cowboy boots with bootcut jeans. I had a couple of tan pairs ...similarto the jessica Simpson Alan style. The heels were at least 4 inches from memory. Thank you.
  2. Hi.... That's great.....lovely to walk in.... For a couple of hours anyhow!
  3. Hi... I'd love to say yes.... Lol. But had the same pair and many similar photos previously. Yes very feminine
  4. Absolutely fantastic picture....beautifully showing how high those are and the angle they force your feet into. I used to love wearing these.
  5. I'm in Turkey for a couple of weeks and a amazed at the range of cowboy boots here with higher heels... Particularly in markets. I tried on a couple of pairs earlier in the week but in shorts felt uncomfortable doing so. Planning to revisit maybe with a pair of boot cut jeans on weekend
  6. Thanks for the replies all..... I may have not explained properly. The discussion referred to has happened maybe twice..... to be honest, my ex girlfriend actually bought me the pair with 3.5 inch heels she was referring to and she wasn’t looking out for me or embarrassed or anything like that, I think she thought from a fashion sense, it was just cooler for me to wear the boot cut jeans over my heels
  7. I wondered what others thought about this. I've kept my wearing quite mainstream in public and with girlfriends, meaning I wear Western /cowboy style boots with at most 3 or 4 inch heels when out and about or dating. So quite mainstream... Especially if with boot cut jeans. I'm OK with that.... but would occasionally like to show off the entire boot. Inevitably however if I'm with a girlfriend and suggest that she'll say something like 'oh no that'll look odd.... With those heels best to cover them with your jeans honey'.
  8. I'm considering buying a pair of these. Has anyone purchased and if so what are your impressions and how are they to wear out? Thank you.
  9. That first pair especially. ...would love strutting in those
  10. Hey...Thanks for sharing. I can tell it really was important to you
  11. Amazing aren't they!!? Just a search online for women's high heeled cowboy boots. .
  12. Really cool heels, I've tried a similar pair of these on once but didn't buy unfortunately
  13. That's good .I'm not so good...tend to wear my 4 inch heels for short distances and domestic stuff
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