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  1. I just received my last purshase, boots from gianrico mori boots, in white. 16 cm off heels, size eu 44. they are the same i have in black; i am so happy
  2. received new pair from aliexpress, ordered my size, its 1 size too large for me.
  3. discovered shoepie website past weeks, wanted to buy pair : just received, 2 rivets gone, an for my size eu45, i buy size us12, and that was 2 cm too long (and its too large) so i am not very happy with that. the only good point are 14 cm heels...
  4. first video locked from my country (france) locked too with a us proxy. so i find it on vimeo jump to 8.30
  5. just find another pair of heeled converse, in red. sz 11 (so its one size too small for me, but i can fit them). total pleasure
  6. some new pair for summer. a pair of sandals (from aliexpress) , the photo on the website was better from reality, but this is not too bad. 14 cm heels, with 1.5 cm platform and one another pair i have no planded to buy, but when i see it on ebay, i immediatly buy it. I dreamed for years, and now, i find a pair. i am very happy. its sz 11 us, so its pretty little.
  7. comfortable: yes, for me and my feet . remain on legs: yes, boots have inner lining, they keep warm. i plan to go out with in public, but under jean. i dont like boots over pants in public( or just at home) I already went to do some shopping at the supermarket with black boots ( funny to see some turning regards, no remarks for the moment...), but i search something different. i see this pair in jeans, so i buy them.
  8. just received boots from lightinthebox.com. received 3 week later an empty packet, nothing inside. seriously ?, i write to the seller, it send me a new packet, with boots, received a month later ( today, in fact...). i am finaly happy so:
  9. good choice i have made a lot of purchase (of shoes & boots)on aliexpress, and each time i choose the slowest delivery method, to avoid eventually custom fees and importation duty ( and that works each time ) but... that will result will a much more longer delivery than 1 month. The faster packet i received take 5 weeks if my memory dont fail, and the longest, take near 3 month...
  10. No, this is a 6 inch heel (15.5 cm). Its very high ! So, comfortable? Would say yes, but need to take and spray shoe eze before. 45 is a little big for me, and 44 a little small.
  11. on Mondoitaliashoes, yes. The shoe size is well for me, i take eu 44 for this pair, because the previous i bought (in 45) was a little long for me.
  12. new pair ! because a wanted very good quality boots, i go to gianrico mori ebay store. italian quality, very fast delivery, nothing to see with aliexpress ! TOP quality service .
  13. this is just i prefer boots like that, under jeans. but if you want pict of entire boots: i am sorry, but my english is not perfect as a want, and i am not really on the meaning of the question * boots are new, and dont smell bad . i am not sure is what you want to know ? *thanks to google traduce
  14. received today another pair from aliexpress. the same pair as i bought previously , but in black (seller size us12, but correspond to my 27.5 cm feet). this isn't true leather, but the quality seems to be better than my previous pair. so i am pretty happy. I dont have worn them outside for the moment, but i would like it! and i wait another (but different) pair of boots ... but need to wait 6 weeks or more to receive it.
  15. i just received today new pair of boots (wedge 4" heels). nine west heartset in size 12. a little bit small for me, but they fit pretty well. they are true leather, good quality. but i need to wear them some days before out with them.