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  1. pleaser seduce 443, https://pleasershoes.com/products/seduce-443?variant=22220200378416
  2. and there is some pics of my ann creek darla boots received last week ! so, pics dont show, but its perfect under the jean ! thanks for the tip
  3. i am so happy of my previous pair off pumps from 1969 , i just bought another pair, the same, in white !
  4. this is not real leather, its a cheap pant from aliexpress. i have the same in black https://aliexpress.com/item/SunnyYeah-2017-Autumn-Winter-PU-Leather-Pants-Women-Velvet-High-Waist-Slim-Elastic-Skinny-Pencil-Pants/32839987625.html otherwise, i just receive today my ann creek darla boots... but more pics this week-end, i dont have time for now !
  5. i received a pair from cq boutique. black leather boots. this boots were made on order, so i can choose the color of sole and interior lether . cool ! so i take all in black and red (and you can chosse the color of rivets too) So the quality is pefect, very good quality, i am so happy !
  6. i received some shoes : the black pump from cq boutique are perfect, but there is just one thing that unsatisfact me. the heel is too high. more than expected. 17,5 cm, ist just 5 mm over my limit, and its hard to walk with. so i need to train more and more for this height, but i dont think i could do it... i will see... and the second pair is from 1969 ebay store. 13.5cm of heel in brown, i just love it !
  7. if you want link. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Wonderheel-New-16cm-stiletto-heel-super-high-heels-extremely-pointed-toe-patent-leather-ultra-thin-metal/32885700871.html i just see in my emails the pair was shipped today. so, i just need to wait shiping from china to france ...
  8. i dont like make teasers, but i have 5 pair actualy in shippin. i need to show that. some pair come from us or china, so that will take a unknow time to get this at home... the 2 first par were from cq boutique, so i expect great quality. in the middle, pumps from 1969 italia ebay store . a pair of 16 cm heeld shoes from aliexpress, ordered ine black. i just hope that will not be bad quality. and the last one is ann crekk darla in size us 11. so that will be 1 1/2 size too small, but size 12 was unaivable. and yes, that cost some money so i just need to wait now
  9. The quality is like all cheap choes from china (link : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Summer-Women-Cover-Heel-Strappy-High-Heel-Sandals-Black-Lace-Up-Casual-Shoes-Big-Size-US/32869167360.html ) this is not real leather, but i thing the shoe could resist to this summer ! and for skinny jeans, hum..., maybe with boots over , yes ; but with sandals, i dont know
  10. great collection ! so, i get new sandals from aliexpress , for summer. its not very easy to wear with all this straps, but i like it !
  11. thanks. And its not finished, i allreday have purchsed another pair (of boots) from CQ boutique yesterday (yes, i love italian boots). this is a pair made on order, so i have to wait ....
  12. thanks ! i just have loose some weight cause of new job this last 3 month. but that dont let me time for wearing heels outside like before
  13. Just received a pair of boots from gianrico mori ( ebay store) i originaly ordered a pair of black leather boots, but i received wrong size. after return and many message, the boots was no longer aivable, and they offered me a large choise of other boots in replacement that was not on their store. so i got black kroco boots, in size 44 (last pair of this model, and in my size !) otherwise, I have already received another pair of black strappy sandals which I still have to do some photos (thanks to google for the syntax in this sentence, i still have to progress in english)
  14. Yes , all leather. And if you dont watch the heel height, yes, they are confortable! for the size, i am 44,5. so i always prefer take smaller size because i hate too large shoes. they fit well
  15. season for pumps is comming , so, i got this from fuss-schuhe size 44, 16.5 cm of heels. I just need to get more shoe leather extenser, and this will be perfect to walk in it
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