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  1. Another thing I didn't say is that it sends a small booklet (in pdf) once the purchase is made. yes, i intentionally made it small cause of personal information inside
  2. Ok. so after few days, i still have no reply since i have sent my mesurment( yes, boots are on mesure) so i sent mail to the the customer service. i hope a fast response. oh, and for those how want to know price i paid, boots cost me (with shipment to france) 1369 euros (with discount, otherwise, 1604 eur)
  3. I searched on forum, but dont see specific thread about this italian choe maker. it has been a while since i dont posted here (some year !) buuuut, i want to post here, because i have just ordered a pair of boot from there website. So, its not cheap, and after several month of savings, i finaly bought the pair of boots of my dreams https://charlotte-luxury.com/products/doolas-black In fact, i initialy wanted to order later this year, but the site has a 15% discount until April 15 ( if you want to order one pair, it is the right moment ! ) Dont look price if you not want h
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