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  1. Hey all.Been a long time since I posted anything or been in heels.A lot of things changed recently. This is one great community and great support, thanks for the support but long story short Im saying good bye for now. Ill leave my profile up and visit from time to time. Good bye
  2. Ive worn my thigh boots over my jeans, 5inch knee boots over my jeans and 2 other pairs under my jeans.It all depends on what you make of it I guess.The times I did was good.Got a lot of exposure,so if youre not ready for it dont do it.A lot of people looked at me,no negative comments.Just got one guy joking with me and the girl I was with and the one girl in a shop complemented me. So I guess if you walk around stressing etc it can be bad.If you walk around like its normal it can be a fun and good day.
  3. Rockup and Steve, you are right.There will be another time and when we talk about it I will tell them everything.refer to this site of awesome like-minded people and share this part of me with them.But I will wait, everything has a place and time.so when they bring it up Ill know they feel right for the rest of the story.Its already a lot of my shoulders that they "Know" about it finally, now I don't have to hide it that much. That is very true haha.Thats what I always say, at least Im not wasting my money and time on drugs etc.And yes they are only shoes, but it kind of feels I dont want to disappoint my dad too much.I still want to be his son of whom he's proud if you know what I mean.When my mom brought up my heels this weekend with him in the room was great.now they have time to adjust to it in their minds.The time will come when we have a good chat about it. Thanks for all the input,Ill just let it grow in their minds for a while.For now Ill just keep enjoying heels.
  4. That is true.My sister knew about my boots for a while and noticed my heels standing in my room a while back.But I always had a feeling that my mom knew,and like you said.A good parent knows whats going on. It wasnt the best way to bring it up but its over and done with.Its out and even though she brought it up like that Im glad its out of the way and that they know.if she brings it up again I'll just have a decent chat about it. Haha Blacksheep I wish.They wont be that comfortable to see me in heels.Not my dad.So I'll leave that until they ask me to show them,if that never comes then so be it.They know and it went off really good,so that to be honest is all I want for now.
  5. This week the biggest fear bomb fell on my world. A little back ground,I moved into my friends' (guy and girl) house to look after their cats and home while they went back to South Africa to get married.Its a time span of a month so I decided to take a few of my heels with if I want to go out etc.I left about 3 pairs at my house in the closet,big mistake. Long story short, my mom basically looked in my closet for a heater(dont know why there) and saw the heels.I thought that they knew about them for quite a while since my mom gets hangers etc in my closet sometimes without my heels being hidden. All of a sudden Thursday when she came over with the heater, she asked me why are there heels in my closet, I dodged the question with a not now because my friend was with me at that time. But I knew the time will come when she asks again. That time came tonight when I went back to my home for a BBQ. All of a sudden,loud and clear with my dad and sister in the room she asks,"Son why are there high heels in your closet".My dad just looked at the tv totally causally haha. I looked at my mom and just said they are mine, I smiled and looked at the tv.My mom said sort of in joking voice to my dad,Im beginning to worry about this son of ours. So when I went home I sent her a text message, thanks for the food and don't worry Im fine in the sense of being straight( think she worried a bit about that,dont know why ). She merely replied my pleasure,and remember if you ever want to talk Im here and we love you. For the guys my age still hiding this from your parents,it just shows you. The love your parents have for you is magnificent. No matter who you are they will always love you,and here I was wondering when this bomb will go off and how it will play off.
  6. One piece of advice I can give since I went through the same.Dont wear heels in front of him when meeting up or going out. Happened to me and a friend as well, I actually told him one day,and wore heels in front of him a few days later. He wasn't very impressed or comfortable so I took them off to keep things cool. Humans are weird when faced with big changes we normally start with confusion,worry,anger and then acceptance. We need to adjust on our own time and terms. Good luck
  7. I have found that if they know you well enough,know who you are inside,they dont care what you wear on the outside.It can backfire, when I told my one mate he didnt understand why,its just not us (South Africans,some of the fellow SA heelers will understand).But my other friend and his fiancé don't care because they know who I am. CRabbit,sorry to hear about your situation, hope it improves in time.
  8. hunnybun those are beautiful.I love the black pair with the blue heel.
  9. danielp and JSLS those are very nice and beautifull boots.danielp I doubt any of us can say no if we find shoes like that on sale
  10. Fumikaheels those are very beautiful and feminine.Nice purchase
  11. I like the platforms but not too high.These are fine for me.Might try them out this week in public.And I still love the colour.I see its a cobalt blue if that helps you guys.
  12. Imroter & Bluejay that blue colour is exactly what attracted me.Just the wrong colour if you dont want to be noticed
  13. Over the last 2 months Ive bought 2 pairs of heels,nothing special.But today I bought the pair that Ive been inlove with since I saw them last year November.They never had my size,but today they were on special and they had my size So finally bought them and wow,what a dream they are to walk in.So soft and comfortable. http://i1265.photobucket.com/albums/jj510/stormclaw1/Boots%20and%20heels/IMAG0277.jpg
  14. Glad Im not the only one on a high heel forum that like them.I must say I like them,very comfy as well.And yes I agree, they do look cute on girls. Dr. Shoe looks like youll have to ban more than one of us
  15. Back when I started I never told anyone.After finding this site my mind started to wander about heeling infront of friends and in public etc. So I actually talked to my best friends' fiance about fashion and told her I or showed her about some heels I like, was Christians' heels.That started a conversation about me wearing heels. She told me if I want to do it and I feel comfortable I should do it.I asked her what my friend will think and she told me he will be fine,and she actually told him which I found out later on.So after a few days we talked and I asked him if she told him about something completely different,and he replied yea she told me about the shoes and he doesnt care about it because he knows me.So one day I showed up at his place with boots over my jeans and they still dont care. So Im bascially getting at, take it easy and slow.Start with talking that you like heels or something in that line.Dont push it and suddenly show up at their house or a event with heels without them knowing you wear heels.Everybody reacts differently.My other friend was so shocked I never even mention heels in front of him anymore.So take it slowly. And....if they love you enough family/freinds they'll accept you like you are
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