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  1. Hi ther is my new aquisition. From ALDO in Canada. http://www.aldoshoes.com/ca/en/Aldo-Catalogue/Clearance/women%27s-shoes/heels/PASSARELLO/p/34732058-62 They are awesome.
  2. very nice. I like it. I have one similar from Aldo. I wear it all winter. You'r gonna love it
  3. Hi! There are my last purchases in size 11, 5 inches. They fit very well. I’m not use to buy at Aldo store but I start living them JWhat do you think ? http://www.aldoshoes.com/ca/fr/femmes/c/100/KEDIRALLAN/p/34819209-97 http://www.aldoshoes.com/ca/fr/soldes/femmes/bottes/c/513/SAVARY/p/33600790-93
  4. I like it, very nice. It's my sltle. I just got one similar. I would like to ad a picture but I don't know how on this forum ? Sorry or maybe someone can send me a message to explaine ti ? Thanks
  5. Very nice, I really like the wedge. I have one almost similar but black. I wear them all time except to go to work.
  6. They are very comfortable. I wear then almost every day at home. I got them at Yellow store in Canada. The brand is Chelsea Girls, size Us11.
  7. There is my new boots, size 42 in black, I'm still waiting for then. Just ordered 2 days ago. Can wait !!! http://www.dresswe.com/item/10987251.html
  8. My wife did my toes for the first time this summer. It was a French pedicure. That was cool. I'm gonna do it again next summer Or maybe sooner. I can't wait.
  9. Very nice story. I didn't get any positive comments yet but no negative ones. I have to say that I'm not wearing HH in public for a wil but only one month. The first time was very stressful but after only one month, I can say it's 80% less stressful. Last Saturday, I did my first appearance in public with my wife, we went to restaurant for breakfast and then shopping. That was also my first complete day wearing HH. That was so amazing adding the fact my wife was with me. I was wearing 5.5 heel knee boots. In conclusion, be confident, go public with someone you trust, that's gonna give you more confident (not sure its the good word in English but) and just enjoy without bothering with others.
  10. I'm agree with you, my wife and i really enjoy heeling together. Even more when we go shopping for new shoes or for a diner.
  11. I do not feel feminine even of I thing high heels give me the same advantages they give to girls like sexiest legs, being taller etc... When I do wear high heel, I just feel more myself. next step for me is to wear theme more often in public
  12. I presume they are very comfortable ? I like flip-flop but never try one like this. I thing I will try some before saying I like or not.
  13. There is my last purchase,I really love wedges sandals
  14. falls is there, time to change me sandal for boots.

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