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30 minutes ago, killer heels said:

Proper heels, for me anyjow 4 inches plus are rarely seen  these days, unless really clumpy platforms.  With the me too movement,  woke ness etc, do you think they'll ever return?

It's cyclic. They'll be back again just like before. 

This time I expect more unisex as heels are the last bastion to fall. Some of us are already pushing it.

I wear 5 inch stilettos everywhere pretty much everyday. The positive reactions I get tell me acceptance is there, you just need to own it.

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I think it is a bit different this time. Yes, fashion is cyclical but this downturn isn’t about the usual restlessly shifting tastes and fashions but about a new kind of authoritarianism where a nasty vocal minority on Twitter etc. can - and do  - bully the larger populace into following a particular narrative.

Its possible that heels may make a return, but it will take more than just the usual pendulum swing. , 

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There are no talking points I'm aware of that have the least thing to do with fashion cycles or habits. The fact that one can now get through life quite easily without ever having owned a suit or a dress, or had occasion to wear such, speaks much more to the issue.

On a somewhat different subject, aren't we supposed to call it "X" now?

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It's another prescient vision of the future by Musk, because Twitter might very well indeed be everyone's (e)x-platform in the future...

Heel heights are definitely cyclical.

What do they say?  Stocks, hemlines and heels go up together?

In the 70s the pundits thought all women would be wearing baggy t-shirts and Birkenstocks from then on but that didn't happen.

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