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  1. The Domina range from Pleaser can't be beat for quality on the money you spent for it. And it is not that much more expensive then similar shoes on AliExpress. The problem with AliExpress really is A: sizing, making sense of their sizing is an exercise in frustration and also costly, cause you will have to order several pairs to find what size will fit you. And B: hard because 5" and 7" heels a plenty on AliExpress, but 6" heels are nigh impossible to find. Which brings you automatically back to Pleaser. Not that much more expensive, decent quality for the price, and best of all a sizing you can trust.
  2. Not every high heel fetishist wants to wear them themselves. I reckon he is one who enjoys them most seeing them on women. And no, he would most definitely not say the same thing today. That would bring down the wrath of the alphabet Twitter zealots upon him. Those people are utterly mental.
  3. Why they would want to wear such heels? Other then a few very rare ones who actually dig it, for a very simple reason. They want to please their husbands/boyfriends. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to please your significant other.
  4. This just feels like hot woke crap, no it is hot woke crap.They're not celebrating men in heels because we like to wear heels, they're celebrating breaking down the Patriarchy (tm), tearing down masculinity and of course the alphabet people. Because normal men (as in non-alphabet people) can drop dead as far as the woke crowd is concerned. Having these cretins embrace us is like having to sit on the lap of that creepy uncle whose touch reviles you and with whom you most definitely don't want to be in the same room with alone. If these people said the Earth was round I would immediately become a flat-Earther. And if these people embrace men in heels they make me want to ditch my heels altogether. Same favors or acceptance comes at too high a cost, and this one of them. Stay awake from the woke crowd, for they eat their own the moment one of them steps out of line.
  5. The million dollar question is though, what is the correct size? Are the true to size? Do they run smaller? Bigger? Narrower? Wider?
  6. What's the name of the brand? You can't drop something like this on us and then not say anything on where to get it.
  7. As usual these kinds of stories serve as a warning to any member here that you just can't purge your collection when getting into a relationship with a new woman. You ALWAYS end up bitterly regretting it and trying to rebuild it. Either learn to accept it and come clean early in the relationship or google for the nearest storage locker near you. You'll be better off in the long run.
  8. For me its a fetish. While I enjoy wearing heels myself I enjoy them more seeing them on women. It's part sexual fetish and part also because I like to wear them myself around the house whenever I feel like it. And I reckon wearing heels as a fetish applies to most men, because judging by the number of shops and brands that cater to fetish heels that also stock in large sizes it must be spread wider then we think. I mean, how else could we explain why 7" fetish heels still get made, the almost impossible to wear Scream series, and yet 5" to 6" single sole is sometimes impossible to find? The men here for whom wearing heels in daily life is probably but a small subsection of the number of men that probably have a fetish pair hidden in their closets. If all the men who have ever bought a pair of high heels were to come out male fashion would probably be changed forever over night. But contrary to most people here to these men its not about about fashion but fetish. That's my take on the matter. Happy new year by the way!
  9. That or you previous owner stretched them out. I just think that fashion went platform crazy around that time and never really recovered. For a while platforms were everywhere and everything. We've since reeled back from the abbyss a bit but heel wearers still seem intimidated from heights heigher then 4.5 inches in single sole heels that used to more the norm before platforms.
  10. Haven't seen those in a loooooooong while. Probably not since the 90's, early 00's.
  11. In a way it saddens me that austronauts and rocket scientists are now being put on designing high heels, instead of designing the space ships that should take us to the stars! Priorities, it's all about priorities.
  12. I reckon that when jobsecurity and security in general is more precarious people dress more conservatively or more provocatively in the case of high heels. As to not rock the boat at work, or they know it will please their bosses. And another part is probably ostentatious behavior in general to show that they still have work and spendable income and as a way to alleviate daily stress. Whereas when times and security are good people feel more free to rock the boat and what good is peacocking when everybody is doing well? I think you know the answer to the riddle of where all the bought heels go too. It's just dressing up for special occasions. And it's also just that as women wear heels less and less they feel less and less secure in wearing them, so the special occasions that they feel are necessary for them dwindle as well. These heels get bought, then disappear into their closets as they feel they can't walk in them and then end up in thrift shops. It's no mystery, and it is a sign that maybe not all, but a lot has been lost.
  13. They don't make them in leather any more. At least the boots. I still have an old pair, I should on what they look like these days. I love the matt leather look. Never been a patent guy myself. And they really were the most comfortable 5.5" heeled shoes you could and probably still can find.
  14. If you're an older man hanging around high schools to hook up with teenagers you're a creepy old dude. Turn the creepy old dude into a 2 century old tortured vampire and you a hit book and movie series that has women wet their pants. I'm firmly of the belief that women want to be noticed and get complimented by men. It's just a question of being the right man. The right guy complimenting her on the street, romantic, the wrong guy complimenting her, get lost you creepy loser. If the 80/20 ratio holds true there's an 80% chance you're a creepy loser in her eyes, probably even more thanks to social media driving up standards. But if you're part of the 20% and you don't compliment her when she wants you too she'll complain where have all the good men gone. Since its hard to know where you stand just compliment her because you think she did a good job and it brightened your day. Do it for yourself, not for her sake, and expect nothing more of it. And if you're very lucky it might turn ou that you are part of her 20%.
  15. Feminism breeds bad women indeed. Don't say it then for others but for yourself. Be a gentleman not to help others but because helping others, or say kind things to others makes you feel good. And if others are dicks what do you care? It takes just as much effort to be nice then it does to be a dick. So you might as well be nice. And maybe, just maybe that other person will have a brighter day too. As my driving instructor once said, being given the right of way is not something you should expect to be given but something that you give to others. Of course that doesn't mean you should let yourself be treated poorly. Just that you give respect to others until they do something that makes them lose that privilege. And maybe, just maybe that other person is a dick because others haven been dicks to them as well. Somebody has to break the chain.
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