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  1. I pretty much stopped buying Chinese heels from Aliexpress because of this. They also never quite look like the pictures anyway. If only because they have models with tiny tiny feet so the big sizes never look as good in comparison with the tiny tiny small sizes.
  2. Anything under 4" heels feels like flats to me. And considering you have quite large feet I still think you could have gone straight to 4".
  3. I'm really really really trying to forget that band and bands like that. Yeah, but female singers are such low hanging fruit in this regard the branches almost hit the ground.
  4. Singers don't count. Not because they aren't musicians, the human voice is the most complicated instrument of all. But it takes no effort whatsoever to sing and walk in heels. You play an instrument and things are way different. Your balance shifts and sometimes, like with drummers and guitar players you have to use your feet. Operating guitar pedals in heels is 10x more difficult then with flats. And besides, female singers in heels are a dime a dozen. Women are far more likely to sing then to play an instrument then with men and women that do play an instrument rarely do so in heels. So when
  5. Does she sing or play an instrument? Because I don't count singers in general as musicians in this regards, if only because the vast majority of women in music are singers.
  6. I reckon if you fancy a girl better tell her you do so right away instead of stew on it like forever. Cause there is never going to be a right moment, so waiting for one is pointless, the longer you wait, the more you going to build her up in your head as THE ONE, and that tends to scare women off, let alone make it more difficult for you to approach and finally, the longer you wait, the bigger the chance she will think of you as just a friend and you will get friendzoned. Also, no point in looking back in as what if. You didn't, you blew it, learn from it. Anything else will only serve to mak
  7. This girl drummed in heels. Her channel seems to be dead though since 2015 after a knee injury, so maybe it wasn't the best idea of her to drum like this? For myself I find playing guitar in heels quite hard. Not the actual playing or standing, but hitting the switches on my controller right
  8. And again another perfect mic drop moment by Pernilla.
  9. You will be hard to beat though. Perfect mic drop moment so far.
  10. Building stuff by hand is one of the time honored traditions on how men can bond together. It also gives you a unique kind of tactile feedback that feels great and just can't be reproduced by creating something digitally. There is something greatly rewarding in looking back at something, a car, a guitar, some now addition or change in your home and being able to say, I made this! Sadly cities are not such places. Lots of people who work in offices, shuffling paper and ones and zeroes. Who get to decide upon people but not see the consequences of their decisions. And of course people o
  11. This research, at your expense of course, was brought to you by the Open Door University. 'We confirm what you already know!' You'd be surprised what men have actually learned, once they realize they could pool their knowledge together via the internet. As men often do when confronted with a major problem, we pool knowledge and do research. I reckon by now men know women better then they know themselves. Of course the results aren't flattering, so they're being kinda repressed.
  12. I feel that as I get older I understand crazy old coots now. You now have decades of life experience to see through the bullshit and yet when you try to tell people about it they look at you as if you're crazy. This truly explains why life is a mess and things keep on repeating themselves. The old know better, but are too old to capitalize on it, the young are able to capitalize on things, know jack shit, but they think they know better.
  13. We're now 2 weeks into 2021 and I already wish I was back in 2020. I feel like we've deposed El Presidente Orange Man Bad for new El Presidente Mark Zuckerberg. Its downright scary how easily big tech can censor opinions now and squash alt-tech.
  14. We can't renegotiate what is hardwired into us. We're mammals. Mammals tend to have an alpha male getting all the women and the lesser males being banished into the wild. Women tend to want the man that is on top of the food chain, and not one that is below even them. And the more choice we get, the more we get messed up with armies of beta orbiters, thank you online dating and social media, the harder it will be to make that decision. And there are plenty of men, most are just invisible. The 80/20 rule, that 80% of women only want 20% of the men. Which some theorize has now become a 90/10 rul
  15. Personally I wouldn't do a charity walk even if I had the desire to walk outdoors. I just don't like the charities that organize them.
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