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  1. Common sense always must take precedence over desire. Certainly in this case. Pack a pair or two in your luggage for in private, but wear something normal for the journey. You are not living in the West, people. The biggest common mistake that Westerners make when they travel abroad is that they continue to behave as if they are still in the West. Like ignore the dress code, the religious code, or the most stupid, use narcotics like weed. And in too many places of the world they get away with it, because the locals have become utter whores for Western cash. Which reinforces that behavior. But there are also many places in the world that don't put up with that behavior. And you know what, I'm 100% cool with that. Their country, their rules. There's endless talk in the West that the new immigrants should integrate into Western society and not become yet another shadow society within the West, so why should we get to behave abroad like we are still back home? Our countries, our rules, their countries, their rules.
  2. Because it is a Islamic country and because Dubai, as part of the UAE is a BIG sponsor of radical Islam and Islamic terrorism, including ISIS. Not to forgot the terrible war in Yemen. They just get away with it by making themselves very useful to the West. Do not mistake the country's modern look for a modern outlook. They tolerate a lot of what they think is degenerate behavior from Westerners, but do you want to run the risk that they will draw the line at a guy in heels? Best to pack some flipflops.
  3. Its always better to feel regret about what you did wrong then to feel regret about what you didn't do.
  4. Chorlini


    No, you're not wearing heels of 5" or higher, you're wearing heels of 5" or higher minus the platform height. So in case of a 2" platform you're wearing 3" heels. It's how far your heels are elevated above the ball and toes of your feet that matters, not the ground. And that's why I call it cheating. You think you are daring, I just shrug and go meh, low heels.
  5. Am I the only one who thinks that maybe a venue that has drag queen shows is not a place where people will associate men in heels with straight men? No problem if that is not what you're aiming at, and I might be wrong, but that's the impression I got from this.
  6. Chorlini

    Clear Heels

    Stripper heels. And not of the good kind either.
  7. I do like the look of those leatherlook leggings, together with a nice pair of heels its win-win in my book.
  8. I never understood the whole craze to place the heel behind the foot. It not only looks daft, it also looks uncomfortable to walk in. Zara seems to be absolutely in love with these as almost all their pumps seem to be of this model. And the ones that aren't are too small. Life can be funny that way.
  9. Chorlini


    I strongly dislike platforms. I didn't used to, but now it feels kinda like cheating. You're not really walking 6 inches, just 4 once you subtract the platform. Visually I find them off too. Like your feet are deformed. I know from experience they are however very comfy to walk in. Well, at least they were to me when I still owned them. Sold them all when my tastes changed back to single sole again.
  10. Learning that a size 9 with one manufacturer is not the same as a size by another, or even different models from the same manufacturer is what makes online shopping for heels so incredibly frustrating. Sometimes it feels like they want to make life for us difficult. And god help you if you order anything off Aliexpress, because sometimes I think not even the Chinese understand their own sizing system.
  11. Charles will become Charles III. as is the royal tradition. Oh, you think you get to have a say in this? Ah ah, It's monarchy, not a republic. Personally I think Charles would have been a good monarch, he seems like a decent chap once he finally had the wife he loves. Elizabeth could and should have abdicated years ago. She's been ruling since the 1950's. In that Beatrix in the Netherland ascended to the throne in 1980 and already abdicated in 2013. And her son also made stupid mistakes and gaffs, his nickname in university was prince pilsner, and he turned out fine.
  12. Anything with a stiletto heel, except for mules and platforms. Chucky heels and wedges need not apply.
  13. What's with the Pleaser hate? There's absolutely nothing wrong with them and I reckon for shoes with that kind of height they are probably the best bang for your buck. Relatively cheap yet very comfortable. I've tried many brands over the years, very few come close to how comfortable the Pleaser Domina range. I'd pick them over Peter Chu, Italian Heels, and that guy in Spain. Skyscrapers in the UK is also a good alternative if comfort is a factor. Better quality then Pleaser, that's for sure. Although the Italian brands and Peter Chu have them beaten in the looks department. I've also ordered a few things from 1969 Italiaboutique on eBay and have had only good experiences with them. Superfast shipping and no hassle with returns, although you have to pay the return shipping yourself. A word of experience here with Italian brands, always order bigger then you normally would, because Italians either very small or simply seem to refuse to acknowledge that people with larger feet exist. Let alone wider feet. Everything is always narrow with them. My advise to start out with, just go for the Domina's. Not just for comfort, but also because you have to find out what size fits first. Which means that with online ordering you have try a few sizes at first, so no hassle returns are a plus. Which with Peter Chu is kinda hard, as they are made to order. Plus he's kinda like the Seinfeld Soup Nazi, for high heels. And once you found your right Pleaser size do keep in mind that no brand shares similar sizing. You might fit comfortably in a Pleaser size US12, but the same official size might be too big or crush your feet with another brand. It really is hit and miss in that regard. So if you find a brand you like and a size match, milk it for what its worth. https://www.sky-scrapers.co.uk/ https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/1969italiaboutique
  14. +1 Diehard republican here. And just to e clear republican with a small r.
  15. Can't you have them send to a local collection point? Basically every delivery service in the Netherlands today has them and if you know the address of one, use that one as your address. I do that quite often. Although you'd have to know which delivery service this store uses. If its not in their FAQ section why not shoot them an email? As for the import charges, there's no escaping those. I speak from bitter experience. You might occasionally have a package sneak by under the radar, but overall taxes, like death, are unavoidable.
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