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  1. That's what you can get when someone else digs up old threads.
  2. Knowing what they really think about you can never hurt. You may not like hearing it but if bad you at least know where you stand with them.
  3. Would have been really interesting though if you asked him his opinions before revealing yourself.
  4. Yeah, you can try to fix it in post, but it's probably easier for you, and your pics will look better with proper lighting beforehand.
  5. I never was one for open toe styles, but I do enjoy strappy sandals and pumps even more then regular pumps. In particular because I can squeeze up to 2 sizes smaller into strappy sandals EU41 then I can do with pumps EU43. Which gives me more options then with pumps, as EU43 is basically fetish territory only while EU41 still gives me access to regular commercial offerings.
  6. Must be an old picture. I distinctly remember you saying your wife had tired of platforms and gotten rid of them.
  7. Just because the heels were cheap doesn't mean they are bad. Just because the heels were expensive doesn't mean they are good. With anything that you order online it will be hit or miss regardless of price. Although if its a miss when it was expensive you will swear and curse a lot more.
  8. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you pay people minimum wage to do things you get minimum performance.
  9. Normal female behavior. Again, they're fine with men wearing heels, because the groupthink tells them they should say that. No way in hell most woman want their man to wear them. This is just the way it is. Trying to shame them by calling them close minded or conservative won't work because women invented shaming others to do their thing. They know that game better then we do. On the flipside though, putting it in your dating profile could be a good thing as it will weed out the chaff. Then again, unless we're built like Greek Gods most of us are already severely handicapped with online dating. It tends to make people there superficial as f***. It's all about the looks. The 80/20 rule in action. You go think that. I'll go scientist and take notes of your success. Based on what I have read 99% of the men here with a significant other only told them after they were already dating they wear heels. Sometimes early into the relationship, sometimes only after they were married. I can't remember much stories of men who already wore heels upfront getting dates and relationships. Should be interesting to found out though from a scientific POV. And these days with all the weirdos progressive is the LAST thing I would want to look.
  10. The only police I can respect.
  11. Time has a way of doing that. Unless you're one of those hoarders who can't get rid of anything.
  12. Well, how many pairs of shoes does she have?
  13. Which confirms what I've said before. Women are okay with men wearing heels. Just not their men. It's not a generational thing. I suspect its a gay thing. When people think of men in heels they think gay, not straight. So when women say that they have nothing against men in heels they mean gay men in heels. After all, it only takes 1 flaming gay man in heels to cement that stereotype in people's minds for another decade. And no disrespect to our gay brothers, cause they are our brothers, but when it comes to the public image of men wearing heels they are our worst enemy. Gay men in heels ain't an issue to women, so that's perfectly acceptable to them. Straight men in heels, probably no problem too, but for their own men, NIMBY. After all, what would her friends and family say. The only ones currently violent against what isn't their norm and who are not in Afghanistan is the woke left. I didn't see religious people rioting and burning down inner cities last year. I don't see religious people cancelling people online. I don't see religious people forcing you to salute the Cross or Jesus Christ statutes, while you almost gotta salute the rainbow flag, or else...... The time of the religious right forcing people to do anything was in the 1980's, with a tiny swan song under the Bush Jr. years. Their power is over. The world has moved on. We have teachers with Antifa flags and Mao portraits teaching kids to become activists nowadays. Its kinda metaphorically like racism. Many people who get discriminated say that while the people on the right tend to be more open about their racism, they despise the ones on the left more for their hidden racism and the racism of low expectations. Similarly, traditional people will look at us frowning thinking 'look at that weirdo'. Whereas the supposedly open minded people will cheer you on as stunning and brave, but ask them out on a date and they'll go 'no, you're not what I'm looking for. NIMBY!'
  14. You know, other then some bigger calves I can hardly notice the difference between the two. Of course EU41 is still fairly within the normal range for most women. 42 is where it starts going into rarer territory.
  15. I have that experience too. 4" to 5.5" is no big thing to me. If anything 4" is too low for me. Far too comfy. I'm a size US 12 to 13 so I reckon its easier for bigger feet to take higher heel heights. Which gives me renewed respect for small women in very high single soled heels.
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