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  1. It's probably meant tongue in cheek but why is it always assumed that anyone who says anything remotely critical about women is a rabid women hater who wants to roll back emancipation? I swear, in western society you are less likely to cause angry mobs with pitchforks if you say you went to Syria for fight for ISIS then if you say anything remotely critical about women and gay rights. Also, bring forth the angry mob with pitchforks but what's with all the women posting in the 'For Guys' forum? I refrain from posting in their forum, I encourage the idea that its just for them, yet I see more and more posts by women in this section which isn't for them. And frankly it changes the dynamics. Men amongst men talk differently then when women are present. For one it seems to bring out white knight behavior, and so what if our talk is on the edge? Nobody is advocating rolling back women's lib to the 19th century.
  2. When people start throwing accusations of 'isms around basically any debate or conversation is over. It's the debating equivalent of trying to win an argument by detonating a nuke. The shame nuke.
  3. The fact that you have to go all out of your way to still meet women who wear heels proves that they have become rare as gold. Not everyone can move to these high heel reservations. Most are probably not even able. A far cry from the days like the 60's when it was rarer to see a woman without heels then with heels.
  4. Obligatory Vietnam Picture

    It's more then rude in the Middle East. Streets are dirty there and shoes walk over those dirty streets. Therefore shoes are dirty things down there, and insults that use shoes in colorful wayss are common. That's why that Iraqi reporter threw his shoes at President Bush. To them it was the equivalent of giving somebody the finger. Even worse.
  5. Obligatory Vietnam Picture

    I've seen the same thing in the Middle East. As soon as people get home the shoes come off.
  6. Methinks it was the nobility who did the peacocking, to distinguish itself from the peasants of the lower classes and to impress them and the other nobles with their wealth. So when power switched to the bourgeoisie and middle classes fashion probably changed with them. After all, with nobles losing their heads in revolutionary France, who would want to dress up as a noble of the Ancienne Regime? When the monarchy was restored in France after the exile of Napoleon, Louis XVIII did still dress up like an 18th century peacock monarch, as if he was still trying to restore the Ancienne Regime. But his regime proved unpopular and his successors quickly switched to the more drab fashions of the classes that now really mattered. And now we have the reverse trend where the old nobility that has survived probably dresses more conservative then the nouveau riche of big business and celebrities.
  7. Ever been refused entry anywhere due to dress code

    Most dresscodes nowadays exist to separate the wheat from the chavs. To keep out the shorts, sandals and training suit brigades. Which I think is a good thing. A little class never hurt anyone. And you can look stylish too in female attire. I don't think any dress codes that require a tie however mentions anything about men and heels though. In the case of the OP I would like to have had a word with the restaurant manager though. Not to demand entry, because f*** them! But to complain to him or her about the rude behavior of his or her employees. There's a difference between telling somebody we're sorry, but we think your dress might give our customers offense. We deeply apologize and can give you directions to a restaurant that is more amenable to your style of dress. Do you need to call a taxi? No problem, we can do that if you would like. Again, our apologies. Vs. Piss off, you crossdressing wanker. By the way, anyone seen the comments in that Daily Mail article? Not much love and understanding there.
  8. Decisions

    Depends on your footsize I'd say. I'm size 12,5 US and 5.5" heels is doable for me, to downright comfortable, depending on the shoe brand. Those stripper heels with their 4" effective height feel like flats to me. If you have smaller feet on the other hand 5.5" will probably pose more of a challenge.
  9. Decisions

    By the way, the Dominas are not 6" but 5.5" heels. 14cm instead of 15cm for us metric types. It's a difference.
  10. I'm sorry but from my position older women are probably way more likely to wear heels then younger women. No matter the style. Like I said the art of wearing heels seems to be almost non-existing amongst young women. At best some ankle heels with chunky low heels. Where are these young women wearing pointed toe shoes that you see? I'd love to see them.
  11. Decisions

    What a choice to make. 6" fuck me heels vs faux 6" platform stripper heels. I'd pick the Domina because I hate platforms. The platforms will be easier to walk in as they're basically 4" heels with training wheels. Although the Domina range of shoes is probably one of the most comfortable series of 6" heels you will find. There are 6" heels being made that cost 2, 3, 4 times as much that are also 2, 3, 4 times as uncomfortable to wear.
  12. Yeah, the UK has become quite the bastion of the politically correct social justice warrior brigades. I strongly suspect those were the ones that got that useless git Jeremy Corbyn elected. Twice. As he's quite the SJW himself. Even though the Labor party's traditional constituency seems to migrate more and more to UKIP. That seems to be the overall trend nowadays. As the traditional leftwing parties get hijacked more and more by the PC brigades, SJW's, LGBT and feminists their traditional voters abandon them en masse for populists rightwing parties. Donald Trump may be a twat, but if he manages to drive a stake through the heart of political correctness in America it almost seems worth it. As for this debate to be only about high heels, I'm not surprised. Feminism is not about equality, otherwise it would have been called Egalitarianism. It's a supremacist movement. That's why mandatory men's dress code is a non issue. Or why they come down like a ten ton hammer on anything that even remotely smells like a men's right movement. They don't want equality, they want supremacy.
  13. Question, don't they teach English in Quebec too? Usually in bilingual countries people tend to get both languages taught. Only the people who are dicks tend to refuse to learn or speak the other language. As for older women only wearing your prefered style of footwear, do keep in mind that nobody is born with excellent taste in fashion. It has to be learned over time what works for a person and what not. Old people have learned this over time, young people think they know that already and even better then the old farts. Experience usually tends to come from having been young and stupid and making an ass of yourself.
  14. I don't want to sound blunt, but your post reads like it was translated into English by Google Translate. As for the OP, yeah I too notice a disturbing lack of heels being worn by younger women, and I work at a university. Heels are practically extinct in that demographic. 1 in a 100 perhaps, in which case they're usually ugly as f*** chunky heels. The figures go up when you go to the faculty of law, as heels are basically still mandatory if you want to work for a law firm, so I was told by a law student. Millenial women don't seem to give a crap overall about high heels or being feminine. They think that Uggs and sneakers make for actual evening wear and all to often the only thing that differentiates them from men is their longer hair. If we're lucky that is. Short ugly hair or god forbid the abominable Skrillex haircut are rampant in that demographic as well. I'm not sure that older women are better at wearing heels though. The vast majority that I encounter wear comfy flats as well. The average Dutch woman, whatever the age, has the elegance, class and taste of a peasant. And kinda the same body build as well. Although those women that do wear heels usually tend to have developed a nice elegant overal look as well. As for those heels in your links, more power to ya if you like them, that's the only thing that matters in the end, but I find them butt ugly.
  15. Going to try going public again

    I always notice. Whenever I hear that clicking noise I become a regular heels seeking bloodhound.