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  1. In a way it saddens me that austronauts and rocket scientists are now being put on designing high heels, instead of designing the space ships that should take us to the stars! Priorities, it's all about priorities.
  2. I reckon that when jobsecurity and security in general is more precarious people dress more conservatively or more provocatively in the case of high heels. As to not rock the boat at work, or they know it will please their bosses. And another part is probably ostentatious behavior in general to show that they still have work and spendable income and as a way to alleviate daily stress. Whereas when times and security are good people feel more free to rock the boat and what good is peacocking when everybody is doing well? I think you know the answer to the riddle of where all the bought heels go too. It's just dressing up for special occasions. And it's also just that as women wear heels less and less they feel less and less secure in wearing them, so the special occasions that they feel are necessary for them dwindle as well. These heels get bought, then disappear into their closets as they feel they can't walk in them and then end up in thrift shops. It's no mystery, and it is a sign that maybe not all, but a lot has been lost.
  3. They don't make them in leather any more. At least the boots. I still have an old pair, I should on what they look like these days. I love the matt leather look. Never been a patent guy myself. And they really were the most comfortable 5.5" heeled shoes you could and probably still can find.
  4. If you're an older man hanging around high schools to hook up with teenagers you're a creepy old dude. Turn the creepy old dude into a 2 century old tortured vampire and you a hit book and movie series that has women wet their pants. I'm firmly of the belief that women want to be noticed and get complimented by men. It's just a question of being the right man. The right guy complimenting her on the street, romantic, the wrong guy complimenting her, get lost you creepy loser. If the 80/20 ratio holds true there's an 80% chance you're a creepy loser in her eyes, probably even more thanks to social media driving up standards. But if you're part of the 20% and you don't compliment her when she wants you too she'll complain where have all the good men gone. Since its hard to know where you stand just compliment her because you think she did a good job and it brightened your day. Do it for yourself, not for her sake, and expect nothing more of it. And if you're very lucky it might turn ou that you are part of her 20%.
  5. Feminism breeds bad women indeed. Don't say it then for others but for yourself. Be a gentleman not to help others but because helping others, or say kind things to others makes you feel good. And if others are dicks what do you care? It takes just as much effort to be nice then it does to be a dick. So you might as well be nice. And maybe, just maybe that other person will have a brighter day too. As my driving instructor once said, being given the right of way is not something you should expect to be given but something that you give to others. Of course that doesn't mean you should let yourself be treated poorly. Just that you give respect to others until they do something that makes them lose that privilege. And maybe, just maybe that other person is a dick because others haven been dicks to them as well. Somebody has to break the chain.
  6. Nope, none to be had in my local Primark. Maybe its UK only release?
  7. Hmm, I must chech those out at my local Primark store. I hope those aren't UK only.
  8. The guy is the poster boy of the lgbt community. His partner is a dude. Norhing wrong with the alphabet people but am I supposed to be happy that yet again men in heels = gay is cemented in people's minds? Its the opposite mental connection that I want to see happen.
  9. Probably because for her they were a fashion accessoiry needed for the occasion. For us its a passion.
  10. I hate making noise when walking, period. When I moved into my new home I specifically chose to have carpets rather then wooden floors just for that reason. That and it also feels a lot nicer when walking barefoot
  11. Common sense always must take precedence over desire. Certainly in this case. Pack a pair or two in your luggage for in private, but wear something normal for the journey. You are not living in the West, people. The biggest common mistake that Westerners make when they travel abroad is that they continue to behave as if they are still in the West. Like ignore the dress code, the religious code, or the most stupid, use narcotics like weed. And in too many places of the world they get away with it, because the locals have become utter whores for Western cash. Which reinforces that behavior. But there are also many places in the world that don't put up with that behavior. And you know what, I'm 100% cool with that. Their country, their rules. There's endless talk in the West that the new immigrants should integrate into Western society and not become yet another shadow society within the West, so why should we get to behave abroad like we are still back home? Our countries, our rules, their countries, their rules.
  12. Because it is a Islamic country and because Dubai, as part of the UAE is a BIG sponsor of radical Islam and Islamic terrorism, including ISIS. Not to forgot the terrible war in Yemen. They just get away with it by making themselves very useful to the West. Do not mistake the country's modern look for a modern outlook. They tolerate a lot of what they think is degenerate behavior from Westerners, but do you want to run the risk that they will draw the line at a guy in heels? Best to pack some flipflops.
  13. Its always better to feel regret about what you did wrong then to feel regret about what you didn't do.
  14. Chorlini


    No, you're not wearing heels of 5" or higher, you're wearing heels of 5" or higher minus the platform height. So in case of a 2" platform you're wearing 3" heels. It's how far your heels are elevated above the ball and toes of your feet that matters, not the ground. And that's why I call it cheating. You think you are daring, I just shrug and go meh, low heels.
  15. Am I the only one who thinks that maybe a venue that has drag queen shows is not a place where people will associate men in heels with straight men? No problem if that is not what you're aiming at, and I might be wrong, but that's the impression I got from this.
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