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  1. The Sexy 20 range I'd guess. But they have been scrapping a lot of shoes of that range.
  2. Haven't seen or worn anything like that since I was a kid in the 70's on holidays. Which is to me what it represents. It's interesting to see that everybody can and does find their own niche in this thing.
  3. I see more flatforms then platforms here. I would appear even the modest heel height of a platform is too much for most women.
  4. If we don't want to become serfs to a government that gives us just enough to live off then we must do something about it. Butlerian Jihad for the win! You shall not make a machine in the likeness of the human mind. Although I reckon it will be hard to play Fortnight on a human mentat.
  5. Not in a million years, but one man's garbage is another man's treasure, so I welcome their good fortune.
  6. $100 including shipping seems like a bargain now.
  7. Not this guy, I put in less hours. But when I did get started I was way more productive as no one else was distracting me. So that made up for it.
  8. The problem with downsizing is that it takes a lot of work and above all energy to downsize. Offering shoes for sale, both here and on the local auction sites can sometimes take forever. And when you try to sell elsewhere it draws in a lot of crazies and low ballers. Sometimes it's just easier to throw your unwanted pairs into a local 2nd hand clothes collection bins. Easy to do with cheap shoes, but what about the really expensive ones? No wonder we get out of control collections. I finally understand women in that regard. It takes zero effort to buy new shoes, it takes quite some effort to sell old shoes.
  9. I think you might put in less hours working from home. So if that's the metric to go by, which is usually the only one that Pointy Haired Bosses know, then yeah, working from home is less productive. But working in an office does not make you more productive. There is coming in, getting the coffee, talking with your colleagues, checking email, lunch, after lunch dip, constantly getting distracted by office talk, Pointy Haired Bosses. And if I don't feel like it, there's always the internet to browse. So yeah, i put in more hours at the office probably, there's no guarantee I will be more productive. Coffee, email, lunch, lunch dip, they're at home too. But when I am going fully at it there's no colleagues and Pointy Haired Bosses to distract me. We should move away from having to work X amount of hours and instead move to productivity. That you are supposed to do X amounts of work per week. And how you do it, and where you want to do it, should be up to you. If you want to work really hard for like a day or two so you have more free time the rest of the week. And not get assigned more by a Pointy Haired Boss. Because then I ain't gonna work so hard and watch more cat videos behind his back, because then there is no incentive for me to work hard.
  10. Our future ruler of Earth, Overlord DVD found a report on how the US government is funding research of the University of Washington to create an AI to monitor and censor harmful discriminating language. A woke Big Brother AI. AI is evil and must be destroyed. Bad enough that humans spy on us, but to have AI do it?
  11. Well, Star Wars was after all WW2 in space. Star Trek on the other hand was Horatio Hornblower in space, with lone Starships duking it out at close range like 18th century sailing ships. And the great Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate was settled decades ago. When Episode 2 got released and with it came a little book called Incredible Cross Sections. Before geeks spent endless ages debating the range and power of weapons in both settings. ICS settled that debate once and for all when it stated that the output of a turbo laser gun was 200 gigaton. Game over for Star Trek. I was on the Spacebattles forum at that time. Before we used have endless debates about the subject, after ICS came out it trickled to almost nothing. Ironically, since Disney discarded the book EU after the great Catastrophy, it buying Star Wars, I wonder if that means that ICS is now also out of the door. Not that it matters much, both fandoms have seriously declined due to shitty new content. Geekiness expesses itself in many ways. And in our particular geekdom single sole vs. platforms is the Great Debate. Great debates are rarely about splitting hairs like range of transporters or the Jefferies tube system of the Enterprise, they are Star Trek vs Star Wars. Embrace your inner geek! I dare say high heel geek fits you better then some of the epitaphs people will give you.
  12. This is what geeks do, and I consider us high heel geeks in this regard. Who was the better captain, Kirk vs Picard (Kirk has won that handsomely now), who would win in a fight, the USS Enterprise vs. an Imperial Star Destroyer, the debates were endless. Geeks will endlessly split hair. Because we care and because we live to split hair on our favorite subjects. If we didn't then it would be a sign of us no longer giving a damn. So long may the endless single sole vs. platform debate continue! And yes, platforms look clunky and fugly.
  13. You basically need a smartphone and online accounts to function in today's society. My late grandmother had neither, and she was severely handicapped in what she could do. Of course she already was by her old age, so it was kinda moot. And I find it highly worrisome that we can get increasingly deplatformed even from essential services, like your bank, for things that a dictator elsewhere in the world wouldn't give two shits about. Another reason why I find AI increasingly worrisome. Speaking of AI, I recently watched Colossus: The Forbin Project. A 1970 film about a military AI controlling all the world's nukes taking over the world. A great movie. Ironically, that is what the moral busy bodies who want to control us always dream of. That we will not only accept their Brave New World but come to love it. And them too of course.
  14. Who is this 'they'? I don't remember any of those 'they's' saying that. I'm sure that monks were pissed off that their copying old manuscripts by hand was out of business with the printing press, but with the Reformation happening they had bigger fish to fry. As for the WWW, we only need to see how divisive, narcissistic and manipulative social media has turned out to be. It used to be that most people lived on the land, then a revolution in agriculture allowed an excess labor force to be created which could work in industry. Then automation happened and industries got shipped to China and we all had to move into offices and service industry pushing paper around. Now the office jobs are getting automated too and even the one thing left to us, the creative industries, are feeling the hot breath of AI in them too. We are running out of fields to shove our excess working population into. And we cannot have an idle population living off universal income doing nothing. Idle people with no hope for advancement or things to keep them are dangerous people. Those were the people that ISIS managed to attract so well to fight for Islamic State, remember all those young people traveling to Syria? We are not designed by nature to live idle. We find meaning and purpose in struggle, not comfort. Which means the governments will lean even harder into AI to control and track us all. I'm growing ever more firmly in the belief that maybe Frank Herbert was right after all when he wrote Dune, which had a futuristic society which had forbidden AI and automation. Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind. Same with the Adeptus Mechanicus in Warhammer 40K, which calls AI Abominable Intelligence. It is just too great and dangerous a tool for people in power to have and handle. Not even the USSR under the worst excesses of Stalin had the means to monitor and track its subjects like we do now with AI.
  15. I've heard that said too when drumcomputers came about. And now we have whole music scenes revolving around someone pressing play on their playlist full of electronic copy/paste music where nothing sounds human. Or worse, you hear the recording of a band, 99% chance the voice has been shifted with autotune and the drums and other instruments are quantized along a digital grid to be on the beat. No more of that slight tug and pull that we used to call groove, like John Bonham playing When the Levee Breaks, instead everything gets neatly arrayed and shifted to be on the beat like a machine. And the thing is, AI gets better all the time, humans only seem to get dumber. We already have drum computers that try to simulate that tug and pull on the beat that a human drummer does. We have AI's that can almost can hold a conversation with a human like a human.
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