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  1. I agree, there's more red flags then a communist may day parade. Temp, I know you have a serious case of shoe lust because of the Carrie La Chance connection, but be careful.
  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again, most men that put on heels do so because its a fetish to them. Only a very tiny minority is like the men here who, on average are more interested in the fashion aspect. And there is also the drag queens of course. Who are also not part of this community. Part by admin design it would seem. Like all internet communities this is an echo chamber of like minded people and we should do well to always keep that in mind.
  3. Well, I think the US and NATO have been quite keen to have that constitution changed for decades now. Just like the US would welcome a change to Japan's constitution for that same reason. Limiting what the Bundeswehr can do limits its usefulness to the US as an ally. Although it might have been a blessing in disguise preventing you guys to join into some of the US crazy military adventures like Iraq or Syria. Still, knowing that there is a strong capable Bundeswehr in their rear to back them up might make the Poles and the Baltics stop looking for Washington for military protection all the time. Which in turn might make the Russians less nervous.
  4. One of my grandfathers had to live under Japanese occupation in Indonesia, the other was pressed into forced labor by the Germans too, having to work in factories getting bombed by the Allies. Ironically he always spoke highly of his treatment at the hands of the Germans. He wasn't that pleased about the Allies that liberated him. Apparently they robbed him of some things. In the end though the past, while it shapes us, is the past. Blaming people for what their grandfathers or great grandfathers did long ago is counterproductive. Unless they did something truly despicable that is still being glorified today. And I hope you got it that when I said that Germans are weird I meant in regards to WW2. Not wanting to wear certain clothes because they look 'militaristic' is 'weird'. And Germany's reluctance as the largest strongest European country and economy to build and maintain a proper military is causing a major European imbalance. No one is expecting the Germans to invade Poland or others again. But the lack of a strong German military at the heart of the EU is making the EU weak to other nations and over reliant on the US. And I think you guys deserve to be proud of modern day Germany. From the ashes of the Third Reich you guys built a nice country that half of the Middle East and Africa wants to live in, with strong democratic institutions, and a country that the entire EU looks up to for leadership. It could have gone a LOT worse. Look at the former countries of the USSR. Pride in your country or all forms of patriotism and nationalism =/= a return of national socialism.
  5. I had that eye opening experience when I visited Egypt in 1995. I was there for 3 months as part of an university course and it forever changed my views on Arabs. Traveling really does broaden the mind. I still think Germans are weird for being so uptight and obsessed over something that they didn't do themselves and are not to blame for. The past will always be there, but take pride in the country you have today? It's a nice one after all.
  6. Germans are weird. When they should have felt guilty over what they did during WW2, like in the first decades after the war, they secretly thought Hitler did nothing wrong. And the generations which actually did nothing wrong, by being born after the war, now go way overboard to compensate. All the more ridiculous because modern day Germany is a nice country that does good things and has a lot to be proud of. Even immediate post war Germany that faked being sorry was still smart enough to publicly admit being sorry and pay reparations to victims. Unlike a certain island nation in the Far East I might add. If you wonder what it is like to live in a country where everyone has to feel guilty for everything that your ancestors did, like some want us to do, look at Germany. No wearing trench coats for you! The sins of the father should not fall on to the son.
  7. I think they prove that stillettos are at their most gorgeous with a gorgeous person in them.
  8. For once your wife is not the star, those trees and those golden leaves look absolutely stunning. Those colors pop.
  9. Red and black is a classic combination. Can't go wrong with that.
  10. Companies can become incompetent organically. Just look at Apple which is only a shadow of what it used to be under Steve Jobs. In the end people make up a company. When good people leave and/or get replaced by lesser or god forbid incompetent people performance will go down. If more people leave or stop caring altogether a negative spiral may form that can see the company decline and even go bankrupt. Maybe the good people at Elite heels left and the ones currently with the company are just nowhere near as good, overworked, unqualified or just don't care? It may not be a conscious choice to suck, it could have just happened?
  11. As the saying goes in the Red Pill community, you gotta enjoy or join in on the decline. I remember pickup artist Roosh, who vehemently hated women in flipflops, saying he owned stocks in a flipflop company, because if shit was going downhill, you might as well make money off of it. We can't all buy bitcoin, maybe Crocs stock is our next best thing?
  12. I HATE internet scammers. I did order from them in the past though and gotten my stuff. It's sad to see a once good webshop devolve into internet scamming. Or maybe just plain incompetence. I hope you get your money back!
  13. Sadly setback heels have been all the rage these past years. With some stores and webshops you're hardpressed to find anything else but setback heels.
  14. Hmm, I've never been a fan of those heels or boots with long pointy noses. If only because they make the heels look lower.
  15. I'm not sure, I haven't heard anything about exploding tick populations. But we've had one of the wettest summers and the mosquito population has gone through the roof. As opposed to the previous two summers which had heatwaves and a sort of drought.
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