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  1. Learning that a size 9 with one manufacturer is not the same as a size by another, or even different models from the same manufacturer is what makes online shopping for heels so incredibly frustrating. Sometimes it feels like they want to make life for us difficult. And god help you if you order anything off Aliexpress, because sometimes I think not even the Chinese understand their own sizing system.
  2. Charles will become Charles III. as is the royal tradition. Oh, you think you get to have a say in this? Ah ah, It's monarchy, not a republic. Personally I think Charles would have been a good monarch, he seems like a decent chap once he finally had the wife he loves. Elizabeth could and should have abdicated years ago. She's been ruling since the 1950's. In that Beatrix in the Netherland ascended to the throne in 1980 and already abdicated in 2013. And her son also made stupid mistakes and gaffs, his nickname in university was prince pilsner, and he turned out fine.
  3. Anything with a stiletto heel, except for mules and platforms. Chucky heels and wedges need not apply.
  4. What's with the Pleaser hate? There's absolutely nothing wrong with them and I reckon for shoes with that kind of height they are probably the best bang for your buck. Relatively cheap yet very comfortable. I've tried many brands over the years, very few come close to how comfortable the Pleaser Domina range. I'd pick them over Peter Chu, Italian Heels, and that guy in Spain. Skyscrapers in the UK is also a good alternative if comfort is a factor. Better quality then Pleaser, that's for sure. Although the Italian brands and Peter Chu have them beaten in the looks department. I've also ordered a few things from 1969 Italiaboutique on eBay and have had only good experiences with them. Superfast shipping and no hassle with returns, although you have to pay the return shipping yourself. A word of experience here with Italian brands, always order bigger then you normally would, because Italians either very small or simply seem to refuse to acknowledge that people with larger feet exist. Let alone wider feet. Everything is always narrow with them. My advise to start out with, just go for the Domina's. Not just for comfort, but also because you have to find out what size fits first. Which means that with online ordering you have try a few sizes at first, so no hassle returns are a plus. Which with Peter Chu is kinda hard, as they are made to order. Plus he's kinda like the Seinfeld Soup Nazi, for high heels. And once you found your right Pleaser size do keep in mind that no brand shares similar sizing. You might fit comfortably in a Pleaser size US12, but the same official size might be too big or crush your feet with another brand. It really is hit and miss in that regard. So if you find a brand you like and a size match, milk it for what its worth. https://www.sky-scrapers.co.uk/ https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/1969italiaboutique
  5. +1 Diehard republican here. And just to e clear republican with a small r.
  6. Can't you have them send to a local collection point? Basically every delivery service in the Netherlands today has them and if you know the address of one, use that one as your address. I do that quite often. Although you'd have to know which delivery service this store uses. If its not in their FAQ section why not shoot them an email? As for the import charges, there's no escaping those. I speak from bitter experience. You might occasionally have a package sneak by under the radar, but overall taxes, like death, are unavoidable.
  7. I remember there being an article in the local newspaper about a clothing store, I think it was Zara telling a men who couldn't use the women's dressing rooms to try on female clothes. And that it was causing a minor stink. The store also said he was welcome to try the clothes in the men's dressing rooms, which I thought was fair. The few times I've tried on women's clothes in stores I've always taken them to the men's booths. No problems were ever had. Although I reckon this would be harder in a store catering only to women.
  8. Yeah, but not as in 'start wearing female attire'. I've yet to see any man in heels on the streets in my life. I've seen a guy in skirts though, but he wore flat boots. Heels? Never! And since every shoe shop rarely sells anything remotely heely over size EU41 it's not like there is much on offer for most men other then fetish stuff. And I reckon that's fine for most men who wear heels. Most are in it for the fetish angle, not to wear them out on the streets. I suspect that the steady influx of men drove most women here away. Akin to how neighborhoods can change when too many newcomes come in and the people who used to live there move out. A few newcomers ain't bad, they may even be welcomed, too many and the neighborhood culture changes, and the oldtimers no longer feel that it is their place. Not just us men, most women as well. Seeing a woman in heels is rare these days. 1 in a hundred if lucky? And I define heels in this regard as 4 inches and higher.
  9. It's relatively simple. It's style over substance. We are visual creatures, so style tends to win most of the time.
  10. Blue one looks better too in my opinion. And that is all I can contribute, as there is no way in hell I can fit in one of the damn things. Let alone afford one.
  11. I respectfully disagree. Religion has everything to do with this, thanks to countries like Saudi Arabia, the same people who brought us the wars in Yemen, Syria and the dismemberment of Kashogi, thanks to them mosques all over the Western world are feeding hatred of gays to the average Muslim rank and file. A lot of opposition to the LGBT community native in the West also comes from religious groups, the Nashville accords ring a bell, but not on the same scale as in the Islamic community. Gays are being murdered for being gay in basically all Muslim countries. I've spent a lot of time with Muslim young people as part of my previous job at a youth center, I've been to the Middle East several times and plan to go there many times still. I like traveling there and enjoy Arab and Persian culture. But I am not blind to their cultural failings, just like our culture has them. And the one thing I have learned is that even though you can have a Muslim who sounds and appears like a open minded westerner, eventually the cultural differences will come through. I once courted a Muslim girl and I thought she was both moderate and open minded. And then she asked what would I do if I had a son who was gay. Well, as long as he's happy I would love and accept him no matter who he decides to bring home, I said. Let's just say that that was not what she wanted to hear. What that taught me was that no matter how liberal your Muslim friend might appear, be willing to eat pork and drink alcohol, that in no way guarantees that they don't still hate gays. Tl:dr: Yeah, there will be thugs of Western descent who still have caveman attitudes, or who like to beat up people for shits and giggles, when given the choice between two approaching groups of young men, one Western, one Muslim, I'll take my chances with the Westerners. Not because they are better and Muslims are inferior, but in this regard they do suffer from greater homophobia. And guys in heels = gay to most people. That being said, the best course is to avoid getting into this position and avoid parks at night altogether. Because unless you find a late night party with lots of light, music and smiling happy people, you generally don't want to hang with people who congregate in parks late at night.
  12. In all fairness, all aspects of society tell people to buy stuff. Consume, buy, get a degree and a house, with all the debts that entails, be a good drone. The system is rigged against us. And once you know that, then you can finally try to make it work to your advantage. But most people still believe the lies. And of course lies are comfortable. But enough alu tinfoil hat soapbox standing. As for the OP, I agree with others. Its good that you took the plunge, that takes courage. But parks at nights is bad, m'kay? The last thing you want is to run into a bunch of muslim young men, because to them guy in heels = gay. And they might do more to you then just call you bad names. No joy of wearing heels is worth getting beaten up over it.
  13. I reckon these were probably not the reactions you were hoping for.
  14. Flaming gay dude in heels? Nothing wrong with gay people, but not exactlty the image of men in heels we want to reinforce. The dude does have some good moves though.
  15. For 2nd hand shoes on eBay I've found the UK version to give you the best results. Dutch eBay, not so much as most people in the Netherlands use markplaats.nl instead. Prepare to meet a lot of weirdos and time waster there though. German eBay has some occasional stuff, but mostly its professional sellers selling new shoes instead. Almost all Chinese made. You could try your luck on Aliexpress, but those take forever to arrive and good luck making sense of what size to chose because its like spinning the wheel of Fortune. It's either always too small or occasionally too big. At size EU44 (male I take?) and a small budget your options are going to be limited. It is as it is. I'm a male size 41 myself and I still find myself unable to squeeze into any female size 41 or 42 pumps, maybe the odd boot for some strange reason. Oddly enough strappy sandals and ballet flats in those same sizes seem to handle larger male feet a lot better. Go figure! The sad reality is, you will never really know if a pair of shoes will fit you until you try. I've bought expensive Peter Chu heels which I thought were made to perfect fit, they still didn't quite fit right. I've bought cheap strappy size UK8/EU42 sandals at the local Primark, they fit. Go figure! Forget Zara as they always run small. I've tried many pairs from Aliexpress, never found one that fit me right. Anything made in Italy always tends to be on the extreme narrow side so order bigger. And if you're going to order online, make sure its a place that you can return too, and if you find a brand that does fit, match made in heaven, take notice for future orders. And in closing, while Pleaser shoes kinda look cheap, they're made in China after all, I find them to quite comfortable to wear. More so then most expensive brands. Plus they have a large selection, so if you find your correct Pleaser size (after all, every brand is different) you have at least something to chose from. tl:dr There is no cheap easy solution, there is only endless try and error. So be prepared for lots of trying and errors. It is as it is, so be sure to keep your receipts so you can get a refund.
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