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  1. You give it time, buddy, you give it time. I am missing some information here though, like who she is?
  2. I don't see any pictures except galaxies. Did I miss something or is my Noscript plugin interfering in some way? In my experience any video on youtube will get a 1 to 3% dislike vote regardless of content. You could have Eddie van Halen play Eruption while surrounded by cute kittens it will still get that amount of dislikes. Once you put something out there there will always be haters. You can't please everyone, you might as well learn to accept this. Now it the amount of dislikes goes up dramatically, then you will know something's up.
  3. America ruins all women. Hell, the entire West ruins all women. As for the OP, all platforms are a crime against footwear, but yes, these are particularly hideous.
  4. Keep in mind that Zara always tends to run smaller, always go for one size above your normal size.
  5. I am not convinced that getting positive female comments and conversations regarding your heeling would lead to more romantic interests. Overall I am still firmly convinced that while women say they applaud men getting their heeling on, that does not mean that they want their man to wear heels. Overall women have not changed in what they want in a mate by neither feminism or social justice. They still want the man to be taller, stronger (mentally and physically), have more social status and make more money then they do. It's not for nothing that they complain where all the good men have gone,
  6. The one improvement to the forum I would really really REALLY want is that when you click on a thread you immediately go to the place where you've last been. Instead of the beginning of a thread.
  7. Methinks heel selection is thin regardless of covid. Everybody wants to be comfortable in sneakers. And the less heels get worn, the more uncomfortable the become, resulting in even less wear. I do wonder how this will impact men in heels though. I reckon rhat most of get into it because seeing women wear them around us. For most of us, me included, its an fetish item. If heels disappear from daily wear will that mean that men's fetishes will shift to other things, like leggings?
  8. I think its pretty normal in the Netherlands. The stores are well stocked and only bars and restaurants still have to keep track of the number of customers they have inside. Some shops are more strict but most no longer seem to care much. More like what is the minimum amount of covid regulations we have to adhere to? I reckon it helps if the fight against covid is not being politicized as much by a heated election.
  9. It makes perfect sense if you think about. Instead of spreading your weight out over your entire foot area it gets concentrated on your heel tips. Soft floors will suffer accordingly. Which is why a hard floor would be perfect for heels, but for my own house I prefer carpets. I'm not a big fan of loud clicking heels on a wooden floor. Plus I love the feel of carpet on my bare feet.
  10. I just order mine directly from their webstore. https://www.onlymaker.com/ The shipping is also a lot cheaper too if you order directly, $6,99 for one pair.
  11. What sizes do they sell? Because while there are a few guys with tiny feet, any heel brand that sells higher then EU42, and probably even including that size, will get a lot of male customers, because most men who want to wear heels tend to be in that size bracket. And if you sell those sizes then you know who most of your customers will be.
  12. Nothing changes as far as my reply is concerned. But I have to admit pointy toe sandals look even more ridiculous.
  13. I reckon it depends on how pointy. A relatively short point, like on a Louboutin So Kate, is perfectly fine. If its a long point, yeah, then its instant dislike.
  14. JKrenzer, there is no wrong in your design. LOVE IT!
  15. Dreams where heels are the only footwear still available to me so I'm seen wearing them. Or are featured in some form in the background.
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