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  1. Comparing the Beckham/Berardi boots to spikesmike's, the Berardis also have the stiletto point at the back of the platform, but the stiletto's curve doesn't join smoothly into the foot's heel but makes a curve into a perpendicular join into the sole well before the curve of the heel. The hidden stiletto also comes down into the ground at an angle instead of perpendicular, reducing the length of the platform. Another platform- shortening feature is where it slopes back in downwards from the toe point. Truly a remarkable design.
  2. I've read about permanently heeled women, but have never seen footage or pictures, so thank you for writing and posting that. I had a female manager who wore heels for 15 years. We had exercise classes together at lunch and her toes were crushed into a pointy pump shape which wasn't pretty. They were reminiscent of vintage pictures of Chinese "bound feet" I have seen. Evidently she wasn't as successful as Jessica at stretching her toes back out after each wearing.
  3. Pictures of these were all over the internet back when she showed up in NYC at an event to promote something of hers. Article with pictures A reporter describes walking in the boots I've always thought it was strange how the ripoff footwear industry never replicated these. I mean, there are plenty of heel-less boots and shoes, but usually with the heel as part of the platform, whereas those boots had a geometrical looking platform under the toe box and really nothing else visible to support the heel, although there's probably a shank in there.
  4. Some runway shots of more obvious boot pants too.
  5. Steve Maddens don't go above size 11 these days. They used to have the occasional size 12, but no more.
  6. It is pretty amazing, isn't it? As a crossdresser going out en femme, I felt so self conscious at first, then more experienced peers confirmed: Hardly anyone really cares what you look like, and yes, salespeople are happy to make a sale to anyone.
  7. Near designs on that site. Too bad the sizes are only up to UK 9, and they're synthetic leather.
  8. I got a reply from Kristina, but it doesn't sound like she wants to expand her size range because of her perceived lack of demand from women. Maybe if we get organized and email her with enough requests from all genders, we can change her mind?
  9. Looks like Refuse To Be Usual I'm also curious how these are to walk in.
  10. Leviticus Fashions' perky model and presumably owner, Kristina, has several new videos showing off her heeled thigh boots on youtube: Unfortunately her boots only go up to womens size 10, but they are quite affordable at $249. She's a very devout Christian, if the Leviticus name didn't give you a hint, so be prepared as you watch the videos and read her website. I've asked about larger sizes, but I'm not sure how they'll react to men asking for high heels. But anyway, enjoy the videos
  11. What's everyone's experiences with the various gel inserts for high heels? I wind up buying the cheapest kind with a rubbery surface to stop the insert and my foot from slipping. The fancier ones that feel smooth and have a skin I would think would be too slippery and they also feel thinner than the ones I buy. I also see the inserts that are full length with arch support, but those also look a bit thin in the ball of foot area. Online, I see there are pads that have toe loops to keep the pad in place in relation to the foot. So which inserts do you personally like and why do you prefer those over others you've tried?
  12. It is weird how even seemingly sensible shoes can cause problems. I wore a pair of Dr Scholls work shoes for about a month, and my big left toe went numb. I changed back to sneaker style Red Wings and instantly felt better. The numbness took about a year to fade away. Now if only the RWs were more sensibly designed with something to hold the tongue up and were more durable...
  13. The video worked for me. I downloaded it and it played in VLC Player.
  14. On the subject of hooved boots, there's also Fluevog's Grand National cloven-heeled boots Those came with a very unusual heel style Fluevog also made some other heel-less boots like the Silverlake
  15. I have a pair of those, and they are quite nice and fit well, per usual from Nine West. Every Fall it seems, Nine West comes up with one boot model that is my "must have" and I have to grab one in my size 12 quickly before they're gone. It's like they know their customers or something.