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  1. my 017 adventures

    It says here that you can use toothpaste to clean stains out of white leather. http://www.shoemetro.com/t-how-to-clean-white-leather-sneakers.aspx But like all the other suggestions above, test in a hidden spot first.
  2. What Does A Heel Loving Guy Do When

    Find a cobbler and have them re-soled? They might be able to patch the worn upper too. There's some kind of shoe repair franchise in every other mall around here, or just google for a local cobbler in your city. But the cost of repair may be more than the booties are worth
  3. Youtube. What A Resource!

    No music or fancy editing, just her talking a little at the beginning, then walking and pirouetting, but these just take my breath away...
  4. Steinway ad feat. Yuja Wang

    It took me about that many tries to get that one frame too.
  5. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    @jkrenzer That's the strange thing, they're marked as just regular shaft boots, and that's what I ordered!
  6. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I bought a pair of Nine West Fallon's in black, size 12. My comments from my album: The front is Nine West's flexible nubuck leather, the back is a stretchy synthetic with a flocked lining inside the shaft. The outsides actually blend well together, and are not visibly different. The gold tone zipper pulls were a surprise. Usually Nine West keeps its hardware silver/chrome. I love the pointy toe which is a nice change from Nine West's usual almond toe. The stiletto heel is stylish and a manageable 4 inches, albeit on my size 12 feet. I also liked the no-nonsense cut between the shoe upper and the shaft that wasn't just a straight line. What I didn't like was the huge amount of slack around the very top of the shaft. The shafts fit nicely around my calves, but I find the extra space above them a curious design choice, s the soft material makes the slack sort of flop around, It should be easy to take up the slack by hand-sewing a dart along the seam in the middle of the synthetic back Sorry for the hairy legs
  7. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    @_Boot_lover_ , I hope your wife appreciates these lovely boots you buy for her, because I sure do! And your own Giaro's are lovely!
  8. Mmm. Very nice. I would put in an offer, but I really need a US 12/13
  9. Steinway ad feat. Yuja Wang

    What a shockingly awful video format to where you can't select the frame, or even restart from the beginning. Her heels are beautiful though! Here's the other glimpse of one of her heels at the start of the video
  10. Her mom's video was pretty good!
  11. Another nice video from Christina, this time pairing tight leather pants with a pair of black thigh boots.
  12. A special shoe

    I spent a few seconds trying to figure out how to stick a foot into that...
  13. Fortunately, general sexuality has been ruled as allowed under the First Amendment. https://www.engadget.com/2015/12/02/paypal-square-and-big-bankings-war-on-the-sex-industry/ But taking the attitude that financial censorship is alright until it affects you personally isn't very smart. And that was just an FDIC ruling from 2015. If the *ahem* Nazis come to power, things could change in a hurry.
  14. About 10 years ago, I wondered why I would ever use PayPal outside of eBay. Now it's widely accepted by online merchants and I have used it many times, finding it more convenient than taking out my credit card. Good move by eBay for splitting off PayPal after owning them for so long. So small changes can make a big difference in adoption. But you're right in that if bitcoin's no better than what you have today, then you shouldn't use it, but there's no reason to dismiss the idea that you will never use it in the future. One advantage that I can put on Bitcoin is that it isn't owned by MasterCard or Visa. So why's that important? Sites that deal with sexuality or controversial POVs or practices can be banned from "merchant services" i.e. credit card services by MC and Visa because of "liability" as defined by the U.S. Attorney General. So called "extreme bondage" sites like Insex had to change because of this. FetLife banned Nazi Uniform fetish groups along with other groups because of this. There's absolutely no regulation as to what the credit card giants can effectively censor and it can be completely arbitrary. If MC/Visa wake up tomorrow and decide that freestylers are perverts or extreme heels cause foot injuries, then cut off this forum's access to credit cards, then they can do it and we have zero legal recourse.
  15. People just aren't paying attention to fashion trends these days... If she can teach class in those heels all day, then good for her! It's difficult enough with the low wages for teachers and general lack of funding for U.S. schools for young college graduates to enter the teaching profession these days.