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  1. Was it Caroline Groves?
  2. Those look really amazing, and those heels look very sturdy. And in great condition too. Great find! Here's a thread with someone who claimed to be Lucy. Sadly, the links in the thread are not working anymore.
  3. One more thing that occurs to me is that there really isn't a common media experience anymore. The media market is so fragmented that a smaller set of people see each movie, if they watch movies at all. There's so much television these days, and when you throw in video games, there are even fewer common experiences between us. So a song in a movie/TV show/game that you thought was great, you can't even talk about it with anyone else except your immediate circle of friends who watched it with you.
  4. Most notably Lagerfeld for Chanel had two tone patent OTK boots with lucite heels. Although the heels were short and wide and at a comfortable height.
  5. Attend some classes at a shoemaking school? schools.htm Jimmy Choo attended the Cordwainers Technical College which is now part of London College of Fashion
  6. These guys from Poland: Nope, never ordered or heard anything about how they are.
  7. Looks like a Givenchy knockoff If you're extremely rich, go for it. Otherwise head someplace like dhgate and search for "locking high heel sandal" or somesuch. There's a variation on the strappy sandal that has lock and key shaped charms that are non-functional. Like these Tom Fords Of course there are knockoffs of those too.
  8. Kristina has a new video showing herself in slate gray thigh boots. The actual boots footage start some minutes in, but they look really sensual!
  9. Of course the familiarity of a tune depends on how often it gets replayed and therefore how often you hear it. "Greatness" is all relative and entirely a generational thing, especially with music. Saturday Night Fever had a great soundtrack, with the Bee Gees and all that,but both the movie and soundtrack are out of fashion for later generations. Giorgio Moroder's Midnight Express theme's electronic dance beat sounds dated too, even though the movie itself is still very watchable. Some tracks are timeless, particularly if they're played by an orchestra or some other non-electronic instruments, but they also have to be in a great movie that's going to get rewatched. And then it depends on who's doing the rewatching. Here's the theme from one of my favorite movies, Shaolin Soccer That's probably not going to get much rewatching here in the States.
  10. Can't argue with Magnificent Seven, although IMO Moon River hasn't aged well. I think a number of themes from the original Star Wars soundtrack are instantly recognizable, from the main theme: The Force theme: The Imperial March: Even the stupid Cantina theme Also, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Rocky - Gonna Fly Now Rocky III - Eye of The Tiger by Survivor actually spent a fair amount of time on the Billboard charts and still gets played at sporting events
  11. I'm glad to hear you found your problem @mlroseplant and I'm even more glad to hear the problem wasn't your high heel wearing. With my own experience with Dr Scholls work shoes that I mentioned above, I guess the moral of the story is to only wear well designed and comfortable shoes of any heel height. I have found that work shoes by respected sneaker makers are comfortable. Reebok, Avia, Brooks work for my foot shape. Red Wings sneaker style shoes are good too. Which brands do you prefer?
  12. Dang, those waist high boots look.. silly. They wouldn't look out of place in a Zoolander movie. I can't imagine how frustrating walking in those would be with those flaps poking at your stomach and back. I would much rather wear@crotchhiguy heeeled waders
  13. Comparing the Beckham/Berardi boots to spikesmike's, the Berardis also have the stiletto point at the back of the platform, but the stiletto's curve doesn't join smoothly into the foot's heel but makes a curve into a perpendicular join into the sole well before the curve of the heel. The hidden stiletto also comes down into the ground at an angle instead of perpendicular, reducing the length of the platform. Another platform- shortening feature is where it slopes back in downwards from the toe point. Truly a remarkable design.
  14. I've read about permanently heeled women, but have never seen footage or pictures, so thank you for writing and posting that. I had a female manager who wore heels for 15 years. We had exercise classes together at lunch and her toes were crushed into a pointy pump shape which wasn't pretty. They were reminiscent of vintage pictures of Chinese "bound feet" I have seen. Evidently she wasn't as successful as Jessica at stretching her toes back out after each wearing.
  15. Pictures of these were all over the internet back when she showed up in NYC at an event to promote something of hers. Article with pictures A reporter describes walking in the boots I've always thought it was strange how the ripoff footwear industry never replicated these. I mean, there are plenty of heel-less boots and shoes, but usually with the heel as part of the platform, whereas those boots had a geometrical looking platform under the toe box and really nothing else visible to support the heel, although there's probably a shank in there.