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  1. This pair of Saint Laurent knee highs... The upper is almost one contiguous piece of leather! https://www.nordstrom.com/s/saint-laurent-over-the-knee-boot-women/5890541 Image gallery https://imgur.com/gallery/rLup9Ub But $1,495...
  2. Fabulously Fetish has changed their name to “Custom Boot And Shoe” but when you look at their website, it’s still our old “buddy” Cos K http://www.custombootandshoe.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=4
  3. Forum search returns far fewer results than a google search on this site for the same keywords. Compare the results for searching for “Fabulously” for example: https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Ahhplace.org+fabulously https://hhplace.org/search/?&q=Fabulously&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy
  4. I need to update this: Gerhard has been replying to emails sent to info@elite-heels.com, but I can't edit my original post. Order placed, and looking forward to trying them on!
  5. Their website http://www.elite-heels.com is still working well, but nobody replies to my inquiries to their known email addresses elite@4ox.com and info@elite-heels.com Gina hasn’t logged in here since 2014, she hasn’t posted to her FB page since January 2020, and her own domain http://www.queen-of-heels.de is for sale. Has anyone ordered and received something from them very recently? Edit: Oh never mind, they seem to not be viable since 2012.
  6. All searches return no results. As a workaround, I can google for “site:hhplace.org key words here”
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