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  1. I would say the shoe part was true to size. The largest size 11.5 is a little snug on my size 12 feet, as they should be, but I don’t plan on walking around in them all day, so I’m okay with that. I didn’t feel any awful pressure points, so that was a plus. Come to think of it, since they’re real leather, I should try the alcohol spray stretching trick.
  2. So I bought a pair of Leviticus boots in 11.5 for my size 12 feet, and they actually fit well! The leather feels really nice. The shaft is a little wide around the thighs, but they’re supposed to be worn with pants or jeans on, so that’s fine. But the problem is the shaft is too long! For 11.5, the shaft is beyond crotch high, and I take a 32 inch inseam on my pants. Still good value and quality for the price, and I am thinking about taking them down to a cobbler to take out a scoop on the crotch side.
  3. alphax

    Skyscrapers Explicit Heels

    I didn't know there was a custom boot/shoe company called Skyscraper (singular) Heels in the US I thought you meant UK's Skyscrapers https://www.sky-scrapers.co.uk/
  4. alphax

    Where can I find these pups?

    Miguel Jones is famous for cowboy boots, but does all kinds of custom boots and shoes, including fetish styles. Their business page http://www.custom-boots.net Their Flickr album with their custom works https://www.flickr.com/photos/custom-boots/ Check out the Alexander McQueen knockoff on page 2!
  5. alphax

    My first public heel adventure

    Nice ensemble of skirt , hose and pumps!
  6. alphax

    Skyscrapers Explicit Heels

    I hate to sound like a robot, but... A search on Skyscrapers website for “Explicit” returned no results. As did a quick browse through their product pages. You should email Skyscrapers themselves for sizing advice for the model, heel height, and size that you are interested in. fabulous.footwear@btconnect.com I know they’re not Skyscrapers, but Italian Heels had, what was to me, some peculiar advice for adjusting for size for their shoes. So as I have experienced with other companies, every company is just a little different in their sizing advice, so it’s best just to ask them.
  7. Bitcoin may not be the best indicator for black market capitalization in the future because you can trace IP addresses associated with the coin ownership. Monero, another crypto, is gaining popularity with dark markets due to better privacy tech. http://money.cnn.com/2018/01/03/technology/bitcoin-popularity-criminals-monero/index.html
  8. No it was never Little Shoe Box or Ilias Little Shoe Box. The fraudulent company was Fabulously Fetish, who still have a website, I see. I was almost ripped off, but managed to get my credit card to refund me. Scary. You can search this forum for others' accounts of their encounters with Fabulously Fraudulent.
  9. I have a pair of Arollo boots, and the leather is buttery soft To add to the list, CQ Boutique/GioHel are on eBay http://stores.ebay.com/CQ-BOUTIQUE Although their site organization is the absolute worst. I suggest searching their store by your Euro size and "boots" to see what styles they offer, e.g. "44 boots"
  10. There are specialty shoes for organ players that are designed for traction, feel, and a nimble profile. Sadly, no 5 inch pumps though. https://store.organmastershoes.com/womansorganshoe.aspx
  11. alphax


    @Pierre1961 I have uploaded some photos and my review of my Bedheels 7 inch court shoes. p.s. I still can't walk in them
  12. 4-5 inches minus a thin platform is good for walkability. Preferred heel style, a classic supportive and centered fetish heel. The shaft crotch hi, woo! At that length they’ve gotta be very well fitted or have some kind of thigh cuffs or be chap boots though.
  13. alphax

    your opinion

    The stiletto heel boot calf seems too wide
  14. alphax

    Can Christian Louboutin patent red soles?

    According to the articles I've googled up, Louis XIV made red heels a privilege for the monarchy and their friends. Heels only, it's unclear what color their soles were. http://www.thefashionhistorian.com/2010/11/red-heels.html https://www.forbes.com/pictures/emjl45ghf/louis-xiv-of-france-posing-in-red-heeled-shoes/#6c091a097a02 But traditionally in fashion, features can't really be patented. A new design trend like peplum skirts or shoulder pads can be copied by anyone else. It's more like you can patent a logo like Nike's swoosh, or Louis Vuitton, or Tommy Hilfiger's logos. Allowing patents on color or color scheme would be like saying Body Glove could patent day glo green or yellow and black swimwear.
  15. Very cool story! And some nice heels there. They look like they're actually into riding, as opposed to the usual "bike hos" that I see in photos. I'm not familiar with how to operate a motorcycle. So there isn't anything to do with your feet other than use them as kickstands when stopped? Is there usually some leg rest where you can hook your heels?

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