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    Ballerina flats are my go to slippers. If only because everything beats flipflops. I do not know the brand but ballerina flats are a dime a dozen. Even the foldup once. Easy to get everywhere
  2. 6" heels with size 15 feet is like the equivalent of 4" heels for people with small feet. Unless it's 6"heels with platforms. In which case she might as well be walking in flats.
  3. It's about virtue signaling. It's not about making sense, or be productive, or actually solve any problems, it's about peacocking to the world what good moral human being that you are. To these clowns heels are something that dragqueens, thus gays and Alphabet people wear, so to them its about showing their support to the Alphabet brigade. Nothing to do with us. Hell, since we are normal dudes, who just like to wear heels, we can probably drop dead as far as they they are concerned. This was why I said when the first mainstream videos and articles about men in heels showed up that we should stay the hell away from these people. These are crazies that you do not want in your community as they will tear it down for their own politics. Just stay away and try to not get noticed. I'm a huge sci-fi nerd and all the major sci-fi franchises and their fanbases have been destroyed and torn up by them. Pray that they will never notice us.
  4. It probably doesn't help that the Alphabet Cult is pissing in our water, which means to conservatives any dude in skirts or heels is now a groomer.
  5. On the other, why ignore a growing market, as women are getting bigger feet, in favor of trying to catch a small corner of a heavily competitive market? Also, 10% of the main market would probably mean selling shoes for like what, $20 a pair, whereas 80% of that smaller market may demand a higher price because they have so little options. So big market, 500.000 times $20 a pair means you gross $10.000.000. Small market 30.000 times $120 per pair you gross $3.600.000. Assuming it costs $10 to make the cheap pairs it costs you $5.000.000 to produce your shoes. whereas the high small market shoes cost 3 times more to make, $30 a pair. It will cost you 900.000 to make. Throw in mass market marketing to reach that larger market segment, as you also have to compete with aggressive marketing from your competitors. Whereas if you own 80% of that small market, you don't have to do much marketing at all. In the end the profit margins on the mass market shoes will be quite low and those of the niche market will be much lower, so the final profit you can bank might be more identical for less effort. That has always been what differentiates the two business models. Niche market means you can demand niche prices. Mass market means you must ship a lot to make up for smaller margins. That argument completely loses all value when you consider that the platform shows and knee high or tigh high boots these womens will still wear come straight out of the fetish scene. I think its less about tarty and fetishy and more about there's no way I can ever walk in those, so I'll give a socially accepted answer instead. Which is something that on average women are prone to do anyway. There's a reason why PUA's say don't listen to what women tell you, listen to what they do. Giant platforms ARE fetishy. Came straight out of the stripper/pornstar scene from the middle 90's, when every stripper and/or pornstar wore them. Even today they are still part of the bread and butter stripper/pornstar/pole dancer stable. I reckon that the biggest reason why single sole heels are fetishy is because those people are the only ones willing to walk in them.
  6. I dunno, you may call anything above 12 cm tarty and fetishy, but the platform shoes that infest the market today come straight out of the strip clubs and porn movies. And high heeled boots used to the hallmark of BDSM mistresses. Now they are mainstream too. So if those can be mainstream, why not single soled shoes with heels higher then 12 cm?
  7. Rather shortsighted I would say, because women are getting bigger, and so are their feet. It might be 95% today, could by 90% tomorrow. That's 10% of the market you're flipping the finger too. And worse, that's going to be young women. The ones you want to get out of their comfy sneakers into your heels, as whoever gets the youth has the future This is a weird sizing system. Suddenly even Aliexpress's sizing system makes sense. And that's next to impossible to figure out as every seller has its own system.
  8. In this age of comfy footwear of sneakers, combat boots and flip flops, we NEED a day like this. Hell, we need a whole month.
  9. Unless you have very small feet, EU41 or smaller, nothing of interest there. Another store which has yet to discover that people exist with larger feet then just EU41.
  10. It is odd how above 10 cm the choices become erratic. There seems to be very little between 12cm and 14cm, which might make it a rather high increment for people to advance into. Italian heels has heels in 10, 12 and 15 cm, but nothing in 13 or 14 cm. Pleaser has shitloads of 10 cm, basically every platform shoe if you think away the platform, they have 12cm (Amuse range), 14 cm (sexy range), 15 cm (domina range) but nothing in 13 cm range. Onlymaker has nothing above 12cm, and when you go on eBay it was all either 12 cm or 17,5 cm. Cause apparently every high heel fetishists aspires to wear 7" heels only. Although Aliexpress seems to have something in the 13 and 14 cm range these days. But they advertise it very badly, often you have to check the fine print. And still much luck figuring out their sizing,
  11. I agree. Outside of runners I have yet to see a dude in leggings. And I live in a university city, so LOTS of liberal minded types.
  12. That would be a neat feat to behold.
  13. Considering he is from Canada it probably IS very expensive for him. With shipping and getting robbed by Canadian customs.
  14. When I started out 14cm or 5.5" was all that I could get in a fetish store in Amsterdam that I used to fine. So I learned to walk in them. Luckily, or probably not as I can't fit into more normal shoes then fetish shoes, my feet are large. Just larger then the biggest sizes you can find in normal shoe stores. So a larger 5.5" heel for my size EU43 feet feels probably like a 4"or 4.5" heel to people with smaller feet. 5 inches feel really comfortable to walk in for me, I could do it all day if I wanted too. Anything below 5" feels like comfy shoes to me, so of no interest to me. On the downside my ankle flexibility is terrible, so 6" is straining it and I never managed to straighten out my ankles in 7" or ballet heels, so I gave up on trying and playing with those.
  15. First wear is always a special affair. Will they fit? Can I make them fit? Will they pinch? Sometimes you think there's no way I can fit in them and they fit comfortably. And sometimes they won't fit even though they look like Shaquille O'Neill could wear them.
  16. I haven't worn hose or stockings in years. I'm all bare feet into pumps and boots kinda guy. I do love me a good pair of leather look leggings though.
  17. Probably not if the purpose is to meet people in person.
  18. Zalando still offers them. Even in large sizes.
  19. I've paid more for shoes that turned out to be less then what I've hoped for. 😢
  20. Exceptions to the rule do not invalidate the rule. Currently celebrities tend to wear high heels more then average women as well. Most women wearing pumps in the 50's and 60's wore low heeled pumps.
  21. Very technical indeed. Also, I can't help but notice on those pictures, and others of that era for that matter, that the golden age of high heel wearing wasn't that high at all. Around 3" at average.
  22. I'm at a lower latitude then Virginheels who is in Scotland, which is not known for its warmer weather. ROTFLMAO! (with respect though, always with respect) No. I live in the high heel desert. It was said that the faculty of law was the last bastion of heel wearing, as women who want to become lawyers are told to heel up. But before the coof, when I occasionally frequented their faculty restaurant, 1 in a 100 perhaps? It would seem that the average Dutch woman values comfort over style. At least when it comes to footwear. And maybe other things too, I remember an article that said that the average Belgian woman sleeps half an hour less a day then the average Dutch woman as they are more busy with their looks and take more time to address their looks then Dutch women.
  23. I don't get this trend you guys are talking about. No stiletto heels whatsoever being worn here in my neck of the words. And I work at a university that is 60% female students. At best only some 6cm chunky heeled boots. And those accursed designer combat boots of course.
  24. Emotions don't care about facts. Logically you should get rid of them. But when you try your mind will find ways to keep them. The only argument that your mind can accept is that it will make room and give you funds to get more new shoes.
  25. This must be some really weird high heel fetishist. I know there are women who sell their worn shoes (and clothing) online so there is a sizeable group of men who enjoy that sort of kink.
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