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  1. As the saying goes in the Red Pill community, you gotta enjoy or join in on the decline. I remember pickup artist Roosh, who vehemently hated women in flipflops, saying he owned stocks in a flipflop company, because if shit was going downhill, you might as well make money off of it. We can't all buy bitcoin, maybe Crocs stock is our next best thing?
  2. I HATE internet scammers. I did order from them in the past though and gotten my stuff. It's sad to see a once good webshop devolve into internet scamming. Or maybe just plain incompetence. I hope you get your money back!
  3. Sadly setback heels have been all the rage these past years. With some stores and webshops you're hardpressed to find anything else but setback heels.
  4. Hmm, I've never been a fan of those heels or boots with long pointy noses. If only because they make the heels look lower.
  5. I'm not sure, I haven't heard anything about exploding tick populations. But we've had one of the wettest summers and the mosquito population has gone through the roof. As opposed to the previous two summers which had heatwaves and a sort of drought.
  6. We're so fortunate to have it give us all this nice warm weather. 😁
  7. For his sake I hope dog sled. Have you seen March of Penguins? Those birds aren't fast out of the water.
  8. Might be hard though as he's located in Antarctica. Not exactly known for its 24 hour shipping. 😁
  9. There's plenty to be had in that height difference. Where are you looking? In the stores I agree, it's all boring low stuff. To be honest I find it actually scary to drop that much money on a pair of shoes without being able to fit them before. And unless I go to some posh store in the West of the Netherlands designer heels are unavailable in my neck of the woods, which means online ordering. And besides, almost all designer heels are for women or men blessed with tiny feet only. Barely anything above size EU42. Which is probably EU41 in practice as they tend to be made in Italy, and Italian shoe makers refuse to acknowledge that people with large or wide feet exist.
  10. So I've gotten me a pair of Pleasers today from a Dutch webstore called Kinky Shoes. Which so happens to be located in the city next to mine, so I could easily pick them up in person. Had a little talk with the owner and I asked her, so how many shoes do you sell to men? Half, she said, judging by the large sizes. She even had a guy in drag coming along recently to pick them up. Which was probably fun for the dude because the street she's located at is broken up and so you can't park in front. Anyway, I feel this confirms what I suspect, that a lot of high heeled shoes are being sold to men, but these men are not showing up on this forum, making this not a very representative place for men wearing heels. It's mostly catering to men wearing heels in daily life, not the fetish guys and certainly not the guys who 'like to dress up as people from a different sex'. As those threads get purged with a fury akin to a Trump tweet on Twitter. But at least we have Isolathor to regale us with pictures of his beautiful wife. 😎
  11. At $175 they do seem to be a bit on the pricey side for ballet flats though. Bought me some more Pleasers. Have been wanting me a pair of these for a long time as they remind me of the good old days of the 80's. A pair of Seduce 443
  12. Well, its good to have found a brand that you know works for you.
  13. Willpower? I know, that's easy to say, try limiting yourself. Only X amount of budget so you have to make choices. In time you will learn the difference between nice to have and need to have.
  14. I have the exact same experience with Hey Si Mey! 😲
  15. $5 to $10 a pair ain't expensive, that's a steal. It might even teach you how to prioritize if you limit yourself to like 4 to 5 pairs. Choices, choices, choices. And yes, the universe likes to have way too much fun at our expense by dangling stuff like this in front of us and then have it be fools gold. Maybe it's a sign we do live in a simulation?
  16. Strange, because I bought from them and they fit like a dream. Best fitting made in China heels on the market. Which says a lot as most made in China stuff has sizing systems so incomprehensible you're far more likely to decode Olmek hieroglyphs. Then again, it's possible. In an infinite universe anything can happen.
  17. It looks like a British telephone booth, and like the London double decker busses those tend to be quite popular as collectibles. I know a house in my city which has one in its garden. So I can see it standing in some German town or city as well.
  18. Again, you are very fortunate indeed. I don't think the men on this forum are representative for the male heel buying demographic. Considering how many vendors there are that sell to men I'd say there's more vendors world wide then male members of this forum. And this forum ain't that hard to find.
  19. I think that would apply to a lot of men who wear heels. They do it because its a fetish to them, and if the woman won't do it, or they don't have one, they'll start doing it themselves. And you seem to be exceptionally well served in that department by your wife. So why bother?
  20. $48,99 at the Onlymaker website directly, so even less in Euros. https://www.onlymaker.com/collections/stiletto-pumps/products/blue-purple-gradient-open-toe-pumps-platform-stiletto-high-heels-pumps Just go for it.
  21. So get them from Onlymaker. At least then you know they will be good and at a good price. Ordering something like that from Ali or Ebay will be crapshoot. It might not look like on the pictures and God help you with the sizings.
  22. The Ukraine is slowly going down the shitter. It used to be only corrupt officials and oligarchs wrecking the country, now globalism and feminism are spreading there as well.
  23. Good luck finding women who still wears those. 1 in thousands maybe. I'm glad already to seem them wearing ballet flats as opposed to sneakers, uggs, crocs or those accursed combat style boots.
  24. I do hope so. Ballet flats is the sexiest a woman can look in flats.
  25. That's the downside of having larger feet. 5" becomes the new 4" basically. You have a good eye, a little accident stepping on something hard that I shouldn't. It wasn't a factory defect if you're worried.
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