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  1. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Love the last picture! The Mall love your jaunts so much they made you a modern potrait, even down to the glasses! certainly the weather for thick tights now, but I'm sticking to my tight pencil skirts to keep me that little bit warmer PS I'm now informed it's a portrait Benjamin Franklin but the glasses reminded me of yours
  2. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    You look fabulous in that skirt, there's nothing more satisfying than dropping a skirt size ♡♡♡ I am between an 8 to 10 now, and for me too, the pencil skirt is queen, lol Just ordered a cute brown check one, but have thrown out the more frumpy ones that do nothing for me. Was out shopping today for thicker tights as the weather has turned, and it's time for some decent boots for winter, as booties are too cold. I am looking for an LBD as I push the envelope myself, pencil cut of course as it clings to my hips which makes me feel good, confident too! I want one like this but not so low-cut. (See pic from Daily Mail) Congrats on the knit pencil skirts, a departure from denim? There are some nice floral ones to be had, as well as color block or regular office skirts like I wear to work. Looking forward to your next jaunt!
  3. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    +1 No Jaunts this weekend? Everything okay, Jeff?
  4. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    You look amazing, I have always shyed away from front slit skirts, but that's my personal choice as I don't have such enviable legs... its a well put together outfit, I tend to walk quickly too, but need to slow down too, and put a little more sway into my hips and let my skirt do the talking, lol... I think nerves makes me rush about, but its great you getting acknowledgement from women on your outfit and compliments too! More earrings, and for me, dark tights and underwear as I fear front slits can invite creeps to try catch a look up when you cross your legs. Denim suits you, looking forward to see what other great outfits are around the corner! Perhaps a pose to show the rear vent in your skirts, and more demure ones with legs closer together?
  5. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    I love the combination of the skirt and top, it brings out your complexion and killer legs! Cute skirt, the length suits you as well. In winter i wear the same length skirt as that but with thick tights to keep me nice and warm. Looking great and the earrings are cute as well. Have you peirced your ears now? Looking forward to seeing that new denim pencil skirt too
  6. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Sounds like you had a great time, Jeff! You look good, though I would be in tights as it's getting a little cooler, but that's just me. Your purchases sound interesting, can't wait to see the size 12 pencil skirt on you. There's something satisfying about dropping a skirt size as well. I've gone from an 8 to a 12, but the 12's have been getting baggy so dug some of m old 10's out of the wardrobe. Looking great!
  7. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Glad you liked the pics... I wont post so many next time. I like your skirt, do you have a longer one in the same colour? Looks nice but 17 inches is a little daring for me. The little girl may have been admiring your skirt rather than staring... it does look nice. The denim and chino skirts are nice but dressier skirts are a must for every discerning gent. Nice sandals, I guess its best to take advantage of an extended summer before layering up in tights and long skirts and dresses looking forward to read of your next jaunt...
  8. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    A great opportunity to take your wardrobe more upmarket, professional looking pencil skirts and away from the denim and chino This guy is on Pinterest, and he dresses like this for work everyday. Looks very presentable as well, though perhaps I'd change the polo shirt Time for you to take a skirted jaunt to King of Prussia tomorrow and spend spend spend! Slimmer ladies have access to the nicer fashions which is good. Not sure if size 12 is similar to UK size 10, which is a popular size for skirts and dresses over here... looking forward to your next jaunt! Pinterest had some other men's fashions which looked nice for work. The fluffy dress looks great seeing as the weather is getting cooler. Team with tights and booties for the look! LookBook has tons of ideas too. Nearly all these guys are in heels as well save for the last, but the sneakers look good
  9. first pics

    Gorgeous shoes! You've got nice legs! Slight run in your tights though, but a longer skirt will hide that
  10. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Super cute and super short skirt, Jeff! Surely it is heels weather, or at least booties by now? No Jaunts this weekend?
  11. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Simply stunning, especially the last pic. You are totally killing it with the striped dress. The cut and length suit you. Make the most of the warmth before it's tights and boots weather again. Looking forward to your next jaunt
  12. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Lols just joking. It's a lovely dress and suits you. I'm sure there's more sartorial gems in store if watching sports doesn't get in the way.... how's about a lucky skirt for watching the game?
  13. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Such a lovely dress which shows off your legs. Cute booties too. So girlish and playful ♡♡♡ I would wear a bodycon one just because with autumn comes windier weather, and I'd be in fear of losing modesy in something so flowing Great poses too
  14. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Love this look, and the pose is so confident, yet feminine. Looks like its time to get the booties (ankle boots) out again, though I am looking for one that is more snug to my leg as I dont like having to wear pop sox over my tights which can make my feet too hot... nice to see you in heels and out of flats and sandals, and I love that skirt
  15. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    The little kids do stare at times, but nice ensemble. The stretchy dress sounds nice, not much of summer left to wear it, though