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  1. Looking great as always! "Sunni" seems a controversial name for sandals, though I've got a pair of their "Shia" ones at home in silver What did your cousin think of your outfit? I think it looks very smart, and I LOVE the purple top! I wish toner carts weren't so expensive. Be warned that the cheap refills can burst and wreck your printer Looking forward to your next jaunt
  2. Looking great! Congrats on the weight loss! You'll find that the cuter skirts are in smaller sizes, I'm lucky enough to be a UK10 (US size 6?), so there's loads to choose from ebay That's a nice casual outfit as well. You never mention stares as much as before, so fashion freedom must be common in your part of the world! I've always like the frayed hem skirts. I need another grey denim skirt you've inspired me to get looking for one Did you pierce your ears or are they clip-ons?
  3. Looking good! A full length shot of you outside would be great, though I like the selfie showing off those cute earrings!
  4. Thanks for the kind words. I think I will employ the blase attitude more while I am out and about freestyling. I am sure you have another jaunt planned with a fabulous skirt
  5. I generally wear booties in spring and boots in winter, so I have no real advice on flats, but, make sure your flat is not too high up the tower block and is near some decent shoe shops
  6. Nice look, Jeff! Perhaps the little girl in the Food Court was staring at your sandwich out of jealousy, lol You look super casual, this is the look I go for when shopping.i guess the more confident we become, the less anxious we look, and people pick up on anxious vibes.I guess one could look furtive and jumpy in trousers or jeans and people would stare, so just go out and be confident. It's not an outlandish outfit, just a skirt and top, so it's not going to catch the attention of most people anymore. Especially as the world of fashion seems to be embracing men's skirts, thought it's a while for it to reach the shops from the catwalks, it is happening little by little Looking forward to your next jaunt for inspiration! Something just as youthful, please
  7. One leg raised up whilst leant against a wall to show off your shoes, especially in a tight pencil skirt is incredibly feminine... and outside shots (asking passersby to take a pic) is a way to get noticed and push the envelope!
  8. While feminine looks are good, I'd choose to dress like a young woman than an old one I think tight skirts are more feminine and sexy as they cling to your figure more, and for me, help me sit like a lady more as I keep my knees together. As for your poses, legs closer together is more tastful and less, er, "mannish"... just look at any girl on lookbook in a pencil skirt, or even in leggings etc, and generally the knees are in close proximity... I would never stand as if I'd wet myself as for your camera, can you not get a cheap SLR like a Canon EOS which can come with a handy IR Remote that allows you more time to get into a pose and you can control when the picture is taken, rather than rush for a timer. I used to rush to get into shot, try to sit, cross legs and hope my skirt hadn't ridden up too much, tug the hem a little, and try and pose but it was a big ask in a 10 second window. As for skirt designs, I would go for something cute like a skater skirt above knee length, or my favourite pencil cut with a generous slit at the back, wheras the longer stuff I would wear at home if around the house as it's not so flattering to me. You should definitely pierce your ears, and you need something to help fill up your tops, as "Old Salt" does on the other forum Looking forward to your next jaunt
  9. Replace the shorts with a skirt, lol
  10. Looking fabulous! The chino skirt looks nice as well, though I'd wear it at my hips so it's a little longer. Nice earrings! Looking forward to seeing the whole gang in the shopping mall in their skirts and heels! I'm opening a Go Fund Me page for funds for the plane ticket over I see you are slowly edging towards a regular pencil skirt as worn by us in the office A pinstripe one would suit you, with a white blouse and court shoes Looking forward to your next jaunt
  11. Looking great, bae! All you need is a wig and a splash of lippy. A short relaxed hairstyle would suit you as well. Nice earrings too. You should wear some dangly ones. Love the skirt, it's a good length. Thought you'd break out the more ladylike fitted pencil skirt, but you keep us in suspense
  12. I know the effort you go to, and I am sure it will look fabulous! I have been wearing formal pencils for years, and have had nothing but compliments. Denim ones are great for casual trips, like chino ones, but the formal skirt is very versatile, it would look good with loads of existing tops in your vast collection! I am an avid follower of your thread (who would have guessed? ) and since quitting the other forum due to racist comments I have been keeping a low profile in general. But seeing what sartorial rabbit you will next pull out of the hat has given me confidence and ideas for my wardrobe too. I have also added back in regular guy stuff as I need balance as well. A skirt suit would suit you as well, but I am keen to see your formal skirt, even a simple white blouse would look good with it. Team it with stockings (too hot for tights) and pumps! Looking forward to your next jaunt
  13. Great look! Chino skirts are great, a good stepping stone to formal pencil skirts Those really do look like rose-tinted spectacles, as I can see a hint of pink reflecting off your glasses The length is great, I wouldn't wear anything too short but a tighter pencil skirt would look great on you. Why not try a formal cotton pencil skirt such as what most wear to work rather than chino or denim? There are some nice ones about, in gray / black / navy or other colours that can still look casual for a jaunt, or can be dressed up for work etc (see attached) and the shoes are cute too. That's an image from La Redoute UK (posed by model), though I'm sure the likes of Sears would have these commonplace skirts for sale. I generally go for 24 inch, sometimes 27 which I think can still look great. Less is more, a longer skirt looks good rather than one halfway up your thigh... I also stand with my legs closer together as well. I'm still a guy but that's how I'd stand in a skirt I think the look would suit you...
  14. I prefer Sunday's look to Saturday's, as it's taken 20 years off you! You've got the figure for the shorter tighter stuff and I think you shouldn't hide it away in unflattering crepe skirts but that's just my opinion. I wear denim pencil skirts just above my knee (23 inch), enough to be smart, yet if it's a nice fitted designer like D&G with a generous slit at the back, it's kind of sassy which makes me feel good. Shorter skirts are nice but I'm just worried with modesty, but you can pull off that look! I was wondering the same about your combinations, whatever it is you do it looks great Looking forward to your next jaunt
  15. Great Jaunt, Jeff! A skirt like the lady in the background would do you well, as they are more youthful. I see you pushed the envelope with a picture outside. Ask the next person who takes your pic to get a whole shot, including your shoes and the rest of your ensemble And as TBG says, earrings will complete the look, there are even clip-on ones if you don't wish to pierce your ears. Well done!