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  1. You look great in these dresses, Jeff! The strappy ones are so cute!
  2. I just take a handbag, hell, I am already wearing a skirt! Nothing too flashy unless its to dinner, then it's a Chanel or Hermes, but I try to travel light, small purse / wallet, enough to get away with like car keys or spare pair of tights. Pockets ruin the shape of a skirt and makes my tummy or hips look lumpy if overfilled, such as a phone being in a pocket. Ladies' pockets are extremely small in skirts and just for show... :)
  3. Looks fantastic! I have floral skirts, I even bought some pink tights to go with some red pumps, as the weather shifts into autumn, I won't go back to the banishment of blacks, blues and greys. I've been called 'Madam' before, it just confirms my outfit looks good and I blend in! This style of dress suits you as well as it shows off your figure
  4. Jeff, you look nice in all those dresses, the cami and skirt is cute, though I think a midi pencil skirt would have really suited your figure more! Surprising no one pays any attention, unless you have learned to tune out any negativity. I didn't want you to force to stay with skirts, but I think it's just a more balanced wardrobe with both skirts and dresses, but the choice is yours. Mark, pictured below wears skirts and skirt suits, but not dresses, so I guess we all have our preferences. Looking forward to seeing your next sartorial gem
  5. Sorry, I wasn't trying to impede your transition in any way, I was merely suggesting a more balanced ladies' wardrobe... Most girls I've observed wear a mix of skirts / dresses / jeans, though sadly the latter is more common. It is interesting watching your progress and I'll just observe the next instalment...
  6. Looking great in this dress! Pencil dresses of that length look great on you, Jeff! ♡♡♡ Don't turn your back on skirts just yet. Nice you got a compliment as well. Fitted pencil skirts with matching jackets (skirt suits) would complement your figure, and doesn't have to be considered "dressy" or out of place when shopping at the mall. It would get the right kind of attention too! Kids will always look, it's what they do, but give them something nice to look at!
  7. Haha, it's just that I prefer the mixture of both skirts and dresses, sometimes a skirt is more practical if you don't want to be too dressed up to go to the mall. A fitted dress looks best, that looks a little shapeless from the skirt band downwards. Non feedback from those in the mall as well, I would have thought a red dress would turn heads... Plus some heels wouldn't go amiss A skirt can look good when worn casually (see pictures below), it's nice to have a mixture of both
  8. You okay, hun? No Jaunts?
  9. Jeff, You look fabulous! Nothing wrong with how you're dressed, and the green dress even nicer as it's a skirt length I'm more comfortable with. I know how it is to feel incomplete without a particular accessory, I've never been great with lipstick except for special occasions, but I feel self conscious without tights or stockings if I've not shaved my legs for a while, or if in a skirt length out of my comfort zone. If you get called Miss, take it as a compliment, you certainly have the legs for it! Don't feel ashamed of expressing the fem side in expressing it through fashion, or how the clothes feel. It's nice to look forward to a more colourful wardrobe than with regular shorts or trousers
  10. You look great as always, Jeff! Why not just refer to them as your clothes?
  11. SkirtDude

    Cali World

    We now have the Siemens Class 374 Eurostar (think is 180mph +) and for services to the Kent Coast are the new Hitachi 'Javelin' trains (150mph) London's a very diverse city, but there's a lot to see and do :)
  12. Love this look, Jeff! Skirt looks cute and that is a lovely coat. That's the beauty of black tights if you wear something that short, it's not an issue. You are good dealing with laughter from the younger girls, probably jealous of your legs and fabulous jacket I have a skirt like that, but knee length... knee length pencils would really suit you as well. Shoes are nice as well
  13. You look good in the green dress, can't wait so see how the jacket looks! You rocked the look today! ☆☆☆
  14. You do look good in your dress! I'm not surprised you got such complimemts, and the tights are a nice touch. Nice lipstick too, you should wear it all the time, and perhaps a wig to complete the look!
  15. Looking fabulous! Shorter hemlines suit you, if you've got killer legs, show 'em off!!! All you need now is some pumps to complete the look!
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