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  1. It would be a shame to see you leave due to some with a more delicate constitution, Jeff. I have enjoyed seeing you blaze a trail with your sartorial style, you may have inspired the now famous Mark Bryan who also loves his heels. With a name like mine, my days are numbered too. I cannot even change my profile it seems, to pick a more appropriate name. It could be that most women stopped posting on this site because Coronavirus... no need to get dressed up and wear heels to work, if now working from home or not at all, or no functions to go out to. With more lockdowns happening,
  2. The black skirt looks great with those pumps. Very natural pictures. Well done :)
  3. You look great as always! I was afraid you'd be back in jeans after last week's rebuke. The weather has been changing here, so it's tweed skirt time soon, and turtle neck tops :) Looking forward to your next jaunt ;)
  4. Expanded wardrobess for men is gathering traction ever since Mark Bryan blazed a trail across social media this week. It's just items of clothing. If anyone wearing such was sitting / posing suggestively, then of course it changes context. Heels suit a nice skirted outfit, or more fitting jeans. Unless from now on, it's just pictures of the heels by their box on a desk or section of floor that's requested as part of regular posts. I think it shows a colourful wardrobe, You do you, JeffB
  5. As has been shown expertly by Mark Bryan of Daily Mail fame, too many people attach gender to clothes, especially skirts. They are just an item of clothing. By the same rigid rules then, men have no place wearing heels seeing as they could also be categorised as "women's clothes"... 😖 For many, a skirt is an accessory to heels, it is the same way a Scottish Kilt will have a sporran, socks, jacket etc. Many women don't even wear skirts that much, even heels as they may find them uncomfortable. Especially as the workplace (requiring such formal dress such as skirts) for many women is close
  6. Such a fabulous dress, it suits your figure 😍 As for such an unexpected question, you handled it with style. It might be time to dig out the camisoles, slips and tights as the weather cools
  7. Looking fabulous as always! Love the skirt and jacket!!
  8. You look great with those leggings and boots on! If you know your skirt size (I'm 10), take a gamble on ebay. Warehouse and Zara are my go-to for smart pencil skirts, I prefer knee-length, but now autumn is here, slightly longer midi's like 27 inch with a decent rear vent for walking. Boots are in plentiful supply on ebay as well. I like your top as well. Try out your midi denim skirt on a shopping trip further afield if you don't want to run into anyone you know. Intu Watford is an hour away by train (10 mins from Euston to Watford Junction) with lots of shops. Plenty of thrift shops as well.
  9. The rain for tomorrow seems to be just showers, there are good thrift shops on local high streets, (some right next to each other!). For designer stuff, Hatfield Galleria has outlet stores and a huge TK Maxx (TJ Maxx to our US friends). Don't watch for mouthy schoolkids, they have seen it all before. It's just clothes... People are more concerned with what mask you have on, rather than what skirt 😏 so even a short royal blue A line wouldn't raise eyebrows. It's easier to browse for skirts whilst in one (It's tights weather now)... Most staff just want a sale. I think the formal office wear is
  10. Sounds like a great plan! If you are shopping for skirts, I find it's much easier doing so whilst wearing one. Like whilst in heels, the worry of wearing a skirt just goes away, just sit carefully on the train if opposite someone on the Underground. If you do bump into someone you know, don't worry. So now they know. Most people have got too much going on in their lives to care for other people's clothes :) A longer straight skirt like the one pictured is good for cooler days, it's wet and wild the next few days. Denims go unnoticed too. Zara do some nice ones. A decent outfit goes well
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if there's further trouble this weekend, certainly the case in the UK. Virtual Jaunts of what you could have worn / are wearing are in order
  12. Sorry, previous post might sound condescending, ironically, I have been caught before... just take it easy
  13. I love your nails! Try not to talk about getting "caught", it makes freestyling sound like a crime, there's nothing better than slipping on your best pumps, a nice skirt and showing the world, hey, this is me. Most people don't care as their lives still go on, and if you dress well, you will get compliments. A pencil skirt is something for your wardrobe in future. Just been to my local recycling centre in my green skirt, I knew not to wear stilettoes in case I got them caught in the steps alongside the various containers No reactions apart from a smile or two from one of the workers when I h
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