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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if there's further trouble this weekend, certainly the case in the UK. Virtual Jaunts of what you could have worn / are wearing are in order
  2. Sorry, previous post might sound condescending, ironically, I have been caught before... just take it easy
  3. I love your nails! Try not to talk about getting "caught", it makes freestyling sound like a crime, there's nothing better than slipping on your best pumps, a nice skirt and showing the world, hey, this is me. Most people don't care as their lives still go on, and if you dress well, you will get compliments. A pencil skirt is something for your wardrobe in future. Just been to my local recycling centre in my green skirt, I knew not to wear stilettoes in case I got them caught in the steps alongside the various containers No reactions apart from a smile or two from one of the workers when I hitched my skirt slightly to tackle the steps it was mostly cardboard so I didn't get dirty Be careful putting your feet up on the seat if in a short skirt on the bus
  4. I went with green for the event (even earrings), but am wearing my chino skirt today. I love the length on such a warm day. Thanks for the kind words.
  5. Had a choice of skirts for my new booties, quite nice in brown. Which is best? ;)
  6. The skirts look great, though on a breezy day, the floaty ones may cause you some trouble I liked the printed one, a little busy but would look good with a plain top and plain pumps. There's some nice knee length stuff in Sainsburys (Tu) at the minute in more conservative colours. Conservative colours don't have to be boring, depending on the skirt style. A straight or pencil skirt would suit you.
  7. Was struggling to choose a decent skirt for my top - I went for the Gingham Print pencil (the lighter of the two green skirts) in the end as it was cooler. The plain green J Crew one is more suitable for colder days as it is thicker. Worn with black stockings and leopard print heels
  8. Getting prepared to go back to work when Lockdown is through. Grey suit, pink blouse and black booties, to visit a client site next week
  9. Kjones, glad you are slowly pushing the envelope! Most times I am in knee-length skirts (I prefer straight ones with a slit at the back, but are fitted) as I find them the most comfortable. It all started with jeans or denim ones, but I didn't like the "stonewashed" look to them or the seam down the middle. So went for a more smarter variant instead ;) I had considered kilts, but these are so expensive, I could buy several skirts for the price of even one cheap kilt! My most expensive skirt was £50, but I am diversifying to shift dresses now. These are worn with heels, to keep on topic... pencil skirts are easier when you need the loo as they stay up and out of the way until you're done, lol. I reflected on why I like dressing the way I do, but sometimes there are no clear answers. I got tired of thinking how I could have dressed but didn't due to cultural expectations or society. It's better to seek foregiveness than permission, lol... There's decent skirts at Sainsbury's / Tu when you are next at the big store. If you don't fancy that, then ebay will have all you need for around a fiver upwards. Tights can be found in any convenience store, the higher the denier, the thicker and darker they will be. I wear hold ups for better airflow in summer, and it's easier when nature calls. Heels and pumps cry out for skirts and tights too! Don't worry about looks, a scared or anxious vibe will attract more attention than what is around your hips or on your feet. Do an experiment: go to Tesco or any shop in regular guy clothes and see how many people look at you. Repeat again in heels / skirted etc. You will find some will look anyway, but the majority just don't care. It's mostly our own conditioning telling us it's wrong and to conform. Below is a typical smart look that's tried and tested. :)
  10. I'm glad you are getting out and about. The flats will get zero attention, I have even found my 22 inch pencil skirt gets very few looks as well. In this hot weather, the breeze is quite delightful, lol. To the big supermarket by the stadium today, plenty of black folk, I've heard all the insults, and sometimes it's just in our head as we fear hostility. People have no time for the clothes or heels you wear, they are looking forward to when all this lockdown stuff is over. After a while, you won't notice double takes. Today: polo shirt, Principles penstripe pencil skirt, 22" with 5 inch slit at rear, black hold ups, ballet flats. Sometimes I pose for the kids trying to take my photo. They feel embarrassed and run off I have a couple of skirts in a 10 (34-36 mens) if you would like them. Denim is the easiest to go out in first of all Other areas you could try is Lea Valley Park by the Marshes. Nice weather, open space it's part of my "exercise" now and then. A couple of benches to sit on when your feet start to ache in pumps, or you need to re adjust your tights or stockings discreetly ebay is a good site for clothing if you don't fancy charity shops (majority closed now). It's never supposed to replace mens wear, just a nice addition to the mostly drab there are plenty of guys who have such a wardrobe... just look at Balletboot, CAT and JeffB for starters Perfect day for a walk! Sat on the bus in a mini kilt, stockings and booties. Heading to the Marshes for my daily exercise. Some double takes, my card didn't work on the reader when I got on the bus, but after trying a different one, walked to the back of the bus, so all eyes on me. How are you spending your Lockdown weekend, KJones? :)
  11. Sorry for the late reply. Problem with uploading pictures... I am not far from you, near the high road too. Lockdown means hardly anyone about, but don't want hassle from cops as it may look like an unnecessary trip outside. Been wearing for 6 years, though I do still mix it up with regular guys clothes too. Sometimes it's a hassle to coordinate skirts, tights, underwear, shoes, find a decent bag etc... all the accessories are time consuming, lol... it's sometimes easier to just blend in with everyone else. As for areas like Camden, can be dicey. Soho as well. I find going outside London much better, shopping for heels whilst in a skirt is better as well. Have you been venturing out much recently?
  12. I think women are fed up with aching calves, the damage it can cause your posture etc... plus what's posted above. I saw so much more of smart office skirts plus althletic footwear or flats by women, rather than heels, whilst observing people going to work before the shutdown.
  13. OP, Typical skirt styles I've worn with a less prominent heel. People were more concerned about the top half, since then, I wear guys shirts and tops. I won't list the insults thrown at me initially, but am now seen as part of the furniture. Where abouts in London are you? Some parts are easier than others ;)
  14. I know how it is as of African heritage myself. It can be a can of worms initially, but to be honest people have had to adapt to different gender norms, styles of dress etc., and younger generations will more than likely shrug a shoulder than run you out of town. In this crazy time of Coronavirus and social distancing, there will be few observers, save for any overzealous cops telling people to stay indoors. A casual denim skirt is great for a starter, and if bold enough, the formal office skirts like these are great for work, teamed with booties. A block heel helps with balance. Team it with a guy's shirt. Ebay is great for clothes and heels as well, seeing as most shops are closed
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