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  1. Thank you bluejay! It was a little cool here too, but I was not to be denied! You looked very dapper in your Easter outfit...and the Danskos really worked well! Have a great day! Debbi
  2. E, that is an awesome sandal! What color is yours? I love the black, but the fushia is also TDF!
  3. I know Patsy is building a pretty good collection and she'd certainly be an excellent resource insofar as wearability of the Daff is concerned. As for me, as much as I love the Daff, I would suggest considering the Bianca, Pigalle or the Decollette. All three are classic designs that should always be in style. Congrats on the nerw addition to your family!!!
  4. In reading through this thread, I have become very discouraged in what seems to have morphed from a sincere apology into a finger pointing exercise about who posts where and whose a genetic female and whose an imposter. Suffice it to say, the fact that anyone spends any time at all on this site is evidence of a common interest: shoes...and high heels in particular. To me, shoes are as much about an artform as they are about fashion. Since this particular thread came up and been expanded upon, this board has literally died! And that's a real shame! Think we can get back to having some fun??
  5. Happy Monday! Although yesterday was kinda damp, I did break out my open toe heels to wear on Easter. After a a nice pedicure on Saturday, there was no way I was going to cover up my toes! Hope everyone has a great day! And here are the flats I referenced last week. Navy kid leather from Talbot's...with many miles on them!
  6. Thanks bluejay! It turned out that getting off the floor was a major adventure after contorting myself to get the photo! I agree, flats can be as attractive as heels sometimes! Thanks so much! Thank you!! These are from my Classic Pumps collection and are the navy Rossi style. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!
  7. It's been a crazy couple of weeks around my house and I realize I haven't contributed much to this thread during that time. So, here's a quickie! I took this photo earlier this week, but didn't have a chance to post it until this morning. My DH is away on business, so it's self-photographed (that's why I'm sitting on the floor!). Have a great day everyone! (BTW, I'm in flats today!) Debbi
  8. Looks like the designer got inspiration from Christian Louboutin marrying up the platform from a Bianca and the heel of a Lipsinka! I love the way the sides are cut...but not too fond of the heel.
  9. I like both of those Loubies! The VP 120 is one of my favorites!
  10. I have to say I get amused at all the "dire warnings" that are out there by "those who know better". If it isn't coffee, it's soda, if it isn't high heels, it's tight underwear! Personally, I adhere to a philosophy of moderation in all things. If shoes hurt, I either don't buy them or wear them. Heels everyday? Nope, I mix it up...and I love having the freedom to choose. (and yes, I may buy a Big Gulp occasionally) I just wish these so-called experts concentrated on something that was really important! Have a good day everyone!
  11. I truthfully can't say it bothers me one way or another. Other boards that I frequent (shoes and fashion) aren't gender specific and sometimes the men (although few in number) do offer some interesting points of view. While I do think men make up the overwhelming majority of posters on this site...their presence in a general chat forum doesn't bother me although I see it could be off putting to some women. My main reason for being on the site is to enjoy talking albout shoes and sharing pics. Women seem to post so infrequently to the "Girls Only" forum that I post most of my entries in the "E
  12. HEELS2, I love your new boots! And thanks for the photos of my shoe "shrine"!
  13. Thanks everyone for the nice comments on the purple pumps! I have a really crazy busy week in front of me, but I'll try to post a few pics if I can. HEELS2U, I love the new boots....and for some reason the brown ones are my fav! Have a good week everyone!
  14. Friday was such a hectic day, I didn't have a chance to post the shoes that I wore! So, belatedly, here they are...they are call "Boo Boo" by Nine West...and they are in one of my favorite colors! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
  15. JeffB, I agree, there is something special about a black pump. It goes with everything from jeans to dresses! You are welcome, Steve! Thank you!! Thank you, bluejay! I enjoy your contributions, too! Thanks a bunch! Nothing beats the "perfect" black pump!
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