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  1. yes. I haven't had anything in it for sevral days it is still open.
  2. I've been here all along. tranny.
  3. WTF is with the wisper dosent she have a voice?
  4. Wheres' Dr. Shoe when you need her?
  5. i just got these I can't walk in them yet but they are almost crotchhigh and are comfortale.
  6. I would start with the pumps then maybe the sandles if you can walk in them.
  7. Are you goingto get yourself a pair of those shiny pants? they would go nicely with your cupid boots outside the pants.
  8. How high is that heel? It looks like 7 inches. What brand are they?
  9. I love my 80cm gloves too. love the look on you.
  10. Funny you should mention whit skates, when I was young I had a pair of high topped skates and thought that it would be cool if they were thigh high.
  11. i'm interested in your custom fetish thighboots. How much do you want for them? us dollers please.

    1. Zed


      $390, they're new, still in box, I just opened it and made photos, that's all.

      EMS shipping (ca. $30).

      PLM if you're interested.

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