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  1. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    How high is that heel? It looks like 7 inches. What brand are they?
  2. Gloves

    I love my 80cm gloves too. love the look on you.
  3. Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    Add me as third in line.
  4. The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    Funny you should mention whit skates, when I was young I had a pair of high topped skates and thought that it would be cool if they were thigh high.
  5. TSA Pre-check

    Drool Drool.
  6. i'm interested in your custom fetish thighboots. How much do you want for them? us dollers please.

    1. Zed


      $390, they're new, still in box, I just opened it and made photos, that's all.

      EMS shipping (ca. $30).

      PLM if you're interested.

  7. Favourite bits of the Olympics

    What about the 100m dash in ballet boots?
  8. I see you are a fellow shoulder length glove wearer. I would like to know are your fem boots thigh high and how comfortable are they.

    1. gasmask73a


      Sorry I was offline for a while. Eys, my femme are thighhigh. The leather is soft and they are really well made. But very hard to walk in.

  9. Boot fashion for this winter (2015-2016)

    Could we have a picture or a link please?
  10. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Puffer No but do you know who is on first?
  11. Hi:  I saw the boots you bought, can you please tell me if they have large sizes?  Where did you get them?

    1. crotchhiboots


      I bought them from Alixpress. Unfortunatly they were a size 10 and thats as large as they come.

  12. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I bought these in November. no those aren't my legs the picture is from the website.
  13. Getting My Nails Done

    Now I have the boots Steve63130 has shown in the above post well they don't have the little knobs but they are thigh high sandals. So when I polish my toenails they have great boots to show them off in.
  14. High Heels N Arcade/video Games.

    In Saints Row one no heels but 2 through 4 you can put heels on your avatar whether their male or female. I know because I have all of Saints Row games, unfortunately the last game Gat atta Hell they'r no heels.
  15. Thigh Boots in Public

    I have never had that problem with my guitar but then again I play electric guitar. Interesting problem. OTH I will be getting a pair of tan wedge thigh high boots soon. I wish we lived closer together so we could jam. It would be interesting jamming with another heeler.