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  1. Hey Guys , this is what i was saying in another post alittle while ago , the amount of mens heels for sale on ebay ( in Australia) is quite amazing , never thought i'd see the day , well the days are here cheers Malinheels
  2. hi heelers HaHa i just thought i'd show apair i've purchased and are on their way from FSJ shoes these are going to be my new go to casuals
  3. malinheels


    Not a huge mules fan , but those look pretty cool , i did have a pair of high heel clogs years back and they were great got them from a maker in USA Kriss shoes i think paid nearly $200 Australian back then , unfortunatly they were lost in a stupid purge faze i was going through sorry got carried away here cheers Malinheels
  4. Hey fellow heelers, just wanted to say that i've noticed on ebay here in Australia in the high heels section(womens shoes) that there are now lots of advertisments from shoe manufacturers headlining thier addvert with MENS HIGH HEELS , this for me is solid proof that us guys are such an untapped well of business for shoe manufactures / sellers that they now recognise the fact lots of us love those styles originally only for women , and why not for guys , because shoes with a raised rear section , made from materials off a roll of PU or leather and crafted into a shape does not give the item a gender they are able to be worn by any person male or female or transgender . It's this simple if you like them , YOU LIKE THEM . I went to a Psycologist long ago thinking i was a freak for wanting to wear womens shoes , the Psyc told me my like / love for high heels could be summed up with IT IS MUCH LIKE YOUR FAVORITE COLOUR , YOU DON'T REALLY KNOW WHY IT IS , IT JUST IS . High heels for me are the same i really love them , much like the variations of the colour green happy heeling guys Malinheels
  5. going to try post some pics of the heels i was wearing hi guys trying to get a good pic of my heels ok i think i did it thats a good sized pic , not sure how i did it but yeah let me know what you think Malinheels
  6. Hi P1NG74 ireally like your first pic , for me thats the way a man can look absolutle fabo in askirt and heels and really still looking masculine congatulations , i think the ladies will like this look on a guy a swell malinheels
  7. I purchased two pairs of womens jeans or should i be saying jeans which were being sold in a store where they didn't sell menswear ( really ) anyhow one pair from one store was a boot cut blue denim, i tried it on and id fitted me quite nicely except the waist was a tiny bit large , i spoke to the sales lady , and she showed me that these jeans have an adjustable waist band with buttons on the inside, you pull the fabric adjustment tab which has a series of button holes and button it up where you need it . Brilliant i thought . The jeans were 50% off so got them for $25 . The next pair i happened to buy was because i had a mis adventure and my jeans ( above) got wet and was heading to a prospective clients house to do a quotation so did'nt want to show up wet so went into big W here in Melbourne ( department store similar to K mart) i checked out the jeans in the womens section found a pair of black straight leg jeans , tried them on , they fit like a glove, better than the others i bought earlier and all for a regular (not on sale) price of $19 , my partner said" you've got new jeans , they fit you beautifully , they fit you better than most of the jeans / pants you have got " I said " yes their from the girls section at big W $19" i've been realy impressed with the jeans & i'm going back today to see if they have them in blue denim & also big W had new corduroy skirts as well for $24.95 but only in navy , i really need a black one happy heeling & jeaning & skirting cheers malinheels
  8. yeah it was afun night , and what gets me even when there isn't many people, when your freestyling you can have agrea t night because you are a standout and people want to engage you can't complain about my decision to wear heels etc over all these years !!!
  9. hi Jeffb i was a new comer when you were posting about wearing your heels to work i wasn't sure it was true , but as i now know you are a high heel trail blazer and i have gained confidence due to your early posts and gone on to fullfill alot of my heeling / freestyling dreams and now feel very relaxed when dressed as i wish , unfortunatly for me my emoloyment dosen't allow me to wear what i want all the time but we do what we can don't we congratulations 500 posts Malinheels
  10. Part II of the story well the night is continuing and the drag queens have done their 3 rd show, i go back and sit at the table which was near the dance floor /stage and there are alot of younger people sitting at the end , it's along table Julier comes back and speaks to these people , not sure what she is on about, then heads off to the stage and gets up there and is dancing around , she looks over at me and gestures me to come up and dance with her , still not thinking this would be a great idea with Ray any how there were acouple of girls at the end of the table and they are both saying "go on go up and dance with her" so ok i think after a moments hesitation , why not it's only dancing. I get up on the stage & Julier grabs my hand and we do a few slow dance steps , then she breaks away and does a turn or two ending up with her back toward me and then backs herself into the front of me & is wrything slowly , sexily , touching the front of me with her butt , now i have to say this is quite stimulating for me & i sort of grabbed her from behind putting my hands on her sides & followed along with her movement , that was pretty quickly finished as i thought this probably dosen't look great if Ray is watching on somewhere, anyhow as she turned around i managed to get anice handful of her great boobs to which there was no objection from her . The girls at the end of the table are all giving me the thumbs up and nodding their heads in appeciation of my amazing dance moves , well thats the way i took it , so stopped dancing got down and went to get another drink on my way to the bar this late 20s girl with platinum blonde hair looks at me as i was walking through the dance floor area in front of the stage and says" what have you got on under your kilt" i replied " it's not a kilt it's a skirt" she says "yeah but what have you got on underneath it" so i am obviously very very slow on the up take of some conversations as this was the the perfect opportunity for me to say some thing very clever and provocative like well why do'nt you lift it up and have a look or come out the back and i'll show you or feel free to pop down and check it out but no no i say"well if it was a kilt i wouldn't be wearing anything underneath but this is a skirt so i am wearing something underneath , god you stupid man Mal conversation over so get to the bar order my drink have afew mouthfulls & here is Julier again , this time she says" i want a drink can you get it for me & i'll pay you back when i get my purse" , " no probs" says i , she gets her drink has asip or two then grabs my hand , looks at me and says" follow me" and heads toward the stairwell, i have no option she has got hold of me we get to the top of the stairs and she is looking around not sure what for really , there are 2 toilet doors not there there is another door with staff only on it she opens it , the drag queens are getting changed in there , the look on their faces was pretty funny when Julier opend the door , so i'm thinking she is looking for a room with no one in it so she can have her wicked way with me , though not sure how wicked it may have been & actually after the flirting and the tiny bit of touchey feeley i was up for it well ( sorry Ray) any how there didn't seem to be a vacant room so we head down stairs , Now Julier i think was worse for wear as far as the alcohol cosumption was going & i honestly thought she was going to fall down the stairs, she still had her drink in her hand, i said " let me carry your drink " she handed it to me and set off down the stairs luckily she survived the stairs ,i actuall y managed the stairs much more gracefully in my 5inch stilettos . i also thought if Ray was watching the stairs and saw us come down and confronted me i could say i was looking out for Julier cuause she was anebriated anyhow ray wasn't watching so didn't need to worry on the way down the stairs though the very tall girl who i spoke to at the bar was going up the stairs she said warmly " oh hello again how is it going" i replied" great thanks & this must be your mum here " she nodded so did mum they continued upstairs , after seeing mum i know why she hasn't been to a night club for 20 years. Julier has disappeared again , i just go back to the bar , hang around about five mins and decide it's time to go , so head for the front door Julier is dancing on the dance floor area in front of the stage and there is aguy on the stage in front of Julier making very suggestive dance moves in Juliers direction , now Ray is standing near our table & watching this and he is not happy, so goes over to this guy and pushes him and basically tells him to fuck off, the smirks and moves back on the stage and Ray wants to punch him , Julier comes over aspeaks to Ray and tells him to calm down and i say the same thing to Ray ( me all self richious yeah) so next thing security comes over and has a word to Ray & then goes and has a word to the guy on the stage, i think the guy on the stage got down & went back to his table ,so i was talking to Ray sort of saying he needs to keep his cool etc , next the security guy comes back and leans in toward me and says " i really like your shoes, they are great, are they hard to stand in?" I go " no they are good actually as i made sure to get the right size which means you don't have them hurting your feet" " well great they really look terrific " he said , this guy must have been in his late 40s i'd think , balding , yeah i was surprised at his compliment and i'd have to say i had the sexiest highest heels on at tonights venue , well thats it i said my goodbyes Ray shook my hand & gave me a knuckle bump and said " be safe" Julier was up on the stage again , i got her attention & gave her a little wave , she nodded back at me , THE END hope you enjoy the conclusion Malinheels
  11. Piano bar the return , well i did end up going to the piano bar again on Sunday night, arrived just on 7 pm , i wore a mainly blue with abstract bit of black & white on it, its a past the knee skirt and it,s quite full in style , white shirt with black blazer and my new black stiletto platform peep toes with woven criss cross straps over the vamp & buckled ankle strap, velvet covered front and patent heel & surround i'll try get pic up of them. well paid my entrance fee and walked in found my table , same table as last time actually , however there were not very many people here this evening , it was cold , threatining to rain , probable not the best night to go out !! I went to the bar and got a drink and came back and sat at my table , then there was a woman on the table opposite mine who came back from talking to the pianist ,requesting a tune & she chose agood one so i called out to her great choice of song, it looked like she didn't hear me or was ignoring me ,so i sat back then about 5 mins later she looks over & becons me over with her index finger , i said " this is my table here " she said "this is my table here come and sit over here" well i thought might as well as i'm here by myself so over i go and introduce myself and she tells me her name is Julier & she is here with her husband Ray who will be back in a minute. hmmm i think this isn't really what i was thinking was going to happen , oh well there isn't many here so i'll have a conversation with these two and see how it goes. well we made conversation , talked about our jobs , family , kids, where we lived then Julier was off to the piano again to harras in a nice way the pianist some more, meanwhile Ray is talking to me about a few different things and he is a fairly stockey sort of guy with abald head , shaved and a goatee beard grey and a bit un kept and a bit fearsome looking talking to this guy (me) wearing my skirt, high heels & stockings and a stuffed bra under my shirt with clear mounds on my chest area talking to me as if i was any other guy ( thats what we want isn't it) no strange looks or awkward words or judgemental attitudes . Now from what i can see Julier is a bit of a social butterfly, flitting around the room talking to people mainly guys and flirting quite a bit , which Ray is explaining to me thats how she is & he used to get upset about it & want to punch people , but has realized that it's generally not their doing & Julier is the one pressing the envelope and he lets her go now, cause it's not worth the trouble. Every so often Ray is going to find her and bring her back to the table , oh it's Juliers birthday celebration tonight and as she is away from her two young kids she is cutting a bit loose tonight , she has had a few glasses of red wine by now as well !!!!! Julier comes back to the table again after kicking up her legs on her way through the dance floor area , she comes back and sits on the stool beside me , Ray is on the other side of the table , i'm pretty sure he is , julier grabs my hand, leans in and kisses me on the cheek , so i'm a little dumfounded by her doing this in front of her husband , she chats to me for a few mins saying to me" did you notice my cellulite as i was kicking my legs up" my reply " no didn't notice any really, look pretty good i think " " oh good"was her reply , thinking this was an unusual thing for her to ask me !!! I asked how they were getting home as the were both going full on with the alcohol both said they would worry about that later , next thing Ray comes around my side of the table , so him on one side of me & Julier on the other & starts showing me pics on his phone of his & Juliers kids . The night is progressing along & again a few more filter in as it gets a bit later i head up to the bar to get another drink and hanging around a bit just to scope the new patrons , there is a very tall 20s something girl who is quite pretty with very plain pair of heels on & not walking well in them ( maybe alcohol ) she was stood next to me with a bit of space between us I said to her" those are nice ear rings your wearing" she thanked me and started a conversation while her cocktail was being made , did'nt coment on my attire but thats cool & she said "she had brought her mum along tonight and that SHE hadn't been to anight club for about 20 years and was having a great time" drink paid for she headed back to her table,nodding to me as she went , here is Julier again , she stands very close to me , and she has a more than reasonable size pair of boobs & is wearing a animal print dress she states i have to go upstairs to pee,i said " yeah thats a plan , important " "Do you wan't to come up with me" were her next words ................................. a long pause from me a stunned look i beleive , I said "i could do that " " i have to go up now " off she went , i thought to myself this could be very interesting & it could be fraught with danger , i considered going up as well , i looked around the room to see where Ray was , he was near the piano and looking around checking for Julier i'm sure , i don't know if he saw her go up but i thought to myself if he did and see's me go up as well this could be a dangerous situation also i thought Ray is not a bad guy , he's got his hands full keeping julier in check tonight , i don't know that i want to risk doing that to him, but gee the thought was surely tempting. Julier is back from upstairs she stands beside me close again & sort of puts her arm around my waist , i said " a very provocative offer you made me , very tempting, your a very attractive woman " and i gave her a knowing sort of look , she said " there are lots of gorgeous women here i'm not that good" just then Ray pops into the scene & starts talking about drinks & i should try this thing he & Julier like so i say "ok i'll buy" so we get the drinks and a bit mors small talk and julier is off again to the piano again , i'm not really drinking alcohol so actually people watching and the whole situation with Julier & Ray is really amusing me , sorry guys but will have to finish later , gotta get some work done , hope you enjoy part 1 this time cheers Malinheels
  12. new avatar kneehighs , i'm liking it . probably need to update mine as well 

    1. kneehighs


      Good eye.  I had the previous one for years.  

  13. Good Morning fellow high heel place members , i'm thinking i may head to the piano bar again tonight and see what's HAPPENING !!!!! will report back if your interested let me know who's interested cheers Malinheels
  14. fantastic outfit , that is what a man wearing heels dressed well should look like very very cool indeed go aussie go
  15. I have to agree with JeffB , in that i too don't need or want to be in heels every waking moment , but i do really like getting dressed up in my best attire , skirts , dresses,heelswhen i go out on a night out , i suppose a lot like most women do , not heels all the time but for special occasions , then the heels are special
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