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  1. i went to this post by hansi1973 and his pic of his christmas party outfit has gone wonder if hansi could re post it cheers Malinheels
  2. AHH the 70s when i walked past the small shoe shop in the main shopping strip in Mooney Ponds a inner suburb of Melbourne i walked back and forward looking at the white platform sandals in the front clearance bin , trying to appear not unusual , after walking past about 10 times i plucked up the courage to go in and ask the sales woman if i could buy them ( for my sister of course it was her birthday present) even did the old can she exchange them if they were the wrong size and was told sure she could , and there they were my first pair of heels i had purchased for myself I was fourteen years old , geez time flies , now i buy them from the internet and those 70s styles seem to be a bit more prevalent this year from the makers , i think they call them RETRO what goes around comes around happy heeling Malinheels
  3. what a great situation when you have to explain to people why you AREN'T WEARING YOUR HIGH HEELS this would be great fun indeed Malinheels
  4. Yes indeed i'd like to hear a follow up to your being discovered ( what a great word)
  5. hey guys i've got aplan lets go to crown , i've been there before in my heels and skirt it's all good there what do you think ????
  6. no haven't ben back for quite awhile , but i have another place i'm heading off to soon , will report back
  7. Hey Guys , this is what i was saying in another post alittle while ago , the amount of mens heels for sale on ebay ( in Australia) is quite amazing , never thought i'd see the day , well the days are here cheers Malinheels
  8. hi heelers HaHa i just thought i'd show apair i've purchased and are on their way from FSJ shoes these are going to be my new go to casuals
  9. malinheels


    Not a huge mules fan , but those look pretty cool , i did have a pair of high heel clogs years back and they were great got them from a maker in USA Kriss shoes i think paid nearly $200 Australian back then , unfortunatly they were lost in a stupid purge faze i was going through sorry got carried away here cheers Malinheels
  10. Hey fellow heelers, just wanted to say that i've noticed on ebay here in Australia in the high heels section(womens shoes) that there are now lots of advertisments from shoe manufacturers headlining thier addvert with MENS HIGH HEELS , this for me is solid proof that us guys are such an untapped well of business for shoe manufactures / sellers that they now recognise the fact lots of us love those styles originally only for women , and why not for guys , because shoes with a raised rear section , made from materials off a roll of PU or leather and crafted into a shape does not give the item a gender they are able to be worn by any person male or female or transgender . It's this simple if you like them , YOU LIKE THEM . I went to a Psycologist long ago thinking i was a freak for wanting to wear womens shoes , the Psyc told me my like / love for high heels could be summed up with IT IS MUCH LIKE YOUR FAVORITE COLOUR , YOU DON'T REALLY KNOW WHY IT IS , IT JUST IS . High heels for me are the same i really love them , much like the variations of the colour green happy heeling guys Malinheels
  11. going to try post some pics of the heels i was wearing hi guys trying to get a good pic of my heels ok i think i did it thats a good sized pic , not sure how i did it but yeah let me know what you think Malinheels
  12. Hi P1NG74 ireally like your first pic , for me thats the way a man can look absolutle fabo in askirt and heels and really still looking masculine congatulations , i think the ladies will like this look on a guy a swell malinheels
  13. I purchased two pairs of womens jeans or should i be saying jeans which were being sold in a store where they didn't sell menswear ( really ) anyhow one pair from one store was a boot cut blue denim, i tried it on and id fitted me quite nicely except the waist was a tiny bit large , i spoke to the sales lady , and she showed me that these jeans have an adjustable waist band with buttons on the inside, you pull the fabric adjustment tab which has a series of button holes and button it up where you need it . Brilliant i thought . The jeans were 50% off so got them for $25 . The next pair i happened to buy was because i had a mis adventure and my jeans ( above) got wet and was heading to a prospective clients house to do a quotation so did'nt want to show up wet so went into big W here in Melbourne ( department store similar to K mart) i checked out the jeans in the womens section found a pair of black straight leg jeans , tried them on , they fit like a glove, better than the others i bought earlier and all for a regular (not on sale) price of $19 , my partner said" you've got new jeans , they fit you beautifully , they fit you better than most of the jeans / pants you have got " I said " yes their from the girls section at big W $19" i've been realy impressed with the jeans & i'm going back today to see if they have them in blue denim & also big W had new corduroy skirts as well for $24.95 but only in navy , i really need a black one happy heeling & jeaning & skirting cheers malinheels
  14. yeah it was afun night , and what gets me even when there isn't many people, when your freestyling you can have agrea t night because you are a standout and people want to engage you can't complain about my decision to wear heels etc over all these years !!!
  15. hi Jeffb i was a new comer when you were posting about wearing your heels to work i wasn't sure it was true , but as i now know you are a high heel trail blazer and i have gained confidence due to your early posts and gone on to fullfill alot of my heeling / freestyling dreams and now feel very relaxed when dressed as i wish , unfortunatly for me my emoloyment dosen't allow me to wear what i want all the time but we do what we can don't we congratulations 500 posts Malinheels
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