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  1. RonC, Was this it? *UPDATE* This video no longer available.
  2. Thank You Miss Amanda, I am flattered.
  3. remember this contest? http://hhplace.org/topic/7720-mens-leg-contest-sept-10-oct-17/
  4. Well, that was a total waste of 30 seconds.
  5. Did ThighBootGuy get a new toy? Nice job on the Jeff photos!
  6. More than once lately, I noticed cat or dog toys, in some of the posted pics. So I got to thinking, do many of us have pets at home? I have a recent rescue. Charlie is a Shepherd / Great Pyrenees mix.
  7. I have been browsing the Country Outfitter web site for a few months now. Finally I found a pair of boots I could not resist. A little pricey, but IMHO, Very nice looking. And it turns out they fit real well too! Size 12. About 3.75" heel. And $139.95 with free shipping. http://www.countryoutfitter.com/products/69313-womens-cowboy-bling-boot-black
  8. None? There are a few quick shots. at the beginning, about 30 seconds, 1 minute.... etc
  9. Ana Popovic. Blues guitarist and singer, always in Heels or Boots.
  10. Philadelphia PA area singer/songwriter Sara Spicer. She does like her boots. ----------------------------------------------------------- I did click on an Ad here on HHplace. And I was surprised. UK Size 10. Tory Burch Ankle Boot. A little pricey, but If you have the extra coin... http://www.lindelepalais.com/en-US/product/29244
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