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  1. I really love this advert where the foxy chick kicks her heel through the screen.
  2. Golden Axe? The Amazonian 'Tyris' wore red/pink boots in that game - not high heels though.
  3. http://bloody-disgusting.com/videos/3354440/jurassic-park-box-set-gets-hilarious-high-heels-edition/
  4. I absolutely agree. In 2015, the year when 65 year old blokes can apparently change their sex without a single person saying "er, come again, mate?" , it seems insane that men are still ridiculed, their sexuality questioned, etc. if they want to wear footwear with a high heel !!!
  5. They haven't departed, they were banned due to a foolish / mischievous / miscalculated discussion initiated by Dr Shoe. That thread has presumably been deleted now. Shafted "Level headed"? er, that dude gave me a warning notice because my profile photo was of a pair of boots!!! Go figure!!!
  6. The hosts act like that over everything that appears on the show. They are daytime TV presenters. I.e. sycophants & "celebrity" worshipers of the highest order.
  7. Lets be honest, Flip Flops should not be mentioned anywhere on a HIGH HEEL forum. SoleStripper - Get thee hence to a FLIP FLOP forum (if such a dull thing exists)
  8. eh!?! "Rockin' in the Free World" is a song by Neil Young, released on his 1989 album Freedom.
  9. Dress as a member of Kiss (e.g .The Demon - the Gene Simmons outfit) Outlandish high boots are just a standard part of the costume.
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